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Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 19

19th Clause

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jul 10, 2013 05:15 | Go to Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho

-> RTS Page for Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 19

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Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 19
//this was released while I was gone XD

Kyuuki: Heeeey, Shiiiin.
Kyuuki: Over here(music note)
Kyuuki: Woo
Shin: Uwah!?
19th Clause
Kyuuki: What are you doing, won't you come too?
Shin: Hey, don't cling to me.
Shin: !!!
Shin(thinks): Today, for some reason

Shin(thinks): We came to the sea.
19th Clause

p4 //black page

Shin: Jeez...Get off me.
Kyuuki: What a cold guy.
Aoi: Good grief.
Aoi: Why did I have to come here...
SFX: Stare...
Aoi: Wh-What?
Kyuuki: Well, if you're only that big it must be boring.
Aoi: Shut up!!

Aoi: Even if you contributed to prevent the coup d'etat in the organization,
Aoi: Why must I come to guard you...
Kyuuki: You look pretty happy to me though.
Aoi: I'm not happy!!
Shin: Girls, get along well...
Shin's sd: Again...?
Shin(thinks): Well, I should just enjoy my time here!!
Shin: Hmmmm

Shin: However, it's like
Shin: There's no one here.
Kyuuki: Certainly.
Shin: This is a resort, right?
Shin: It wouldn't be odd if it was congested on this epoch.
Kyuuki: ...
Kyuuki: I have a bad feeling about this...
Shax: You guys are late,
Shax: I got tired from waiting!!

Shin: Shax and Aim!?
Shin: Why are you...
Shin: Wait...
Shin: Emmm...
Swimsuit: Aim
Shin: Why are you so unbalanced...?
Shin's sd: I mean, shouldn't you invert who wears which?
Shax: For me this is the standard.
Aim: Shax told me to wear this... //I think Aim is my 2nd or 3rd fav character XD

Aim: Hey, Shin.
Shin: Hm?
Aim: Umm...
Aim: Is mine...Weird...
Shin: I don't...
Shin: Think
Shin: So.
Shin: I think it isn't bad.
Shin's sd: Its destructive power is too great.
Aim: Really!?

Aim: He said it's not bad!
Aim: Just like Shax said!
Shax: Told you. Japanese men
Shax: Are all weak to School Swimsuits.
Shin(thinks): I'm being interpreted on a weird way...
Aim's sd: As expected from you~~~
Shax's sd: Ha ha ha
Shax's sd: Praise me more!!
Kyuuki: Why are you here!!
Shax's sd: Why shouldn't we?
Shax: Hmmmm,
Shax: We came for our reward.
Shin: Reward?
Shax: Huhm. //Fufun

Shax: Lend this human to us for a day.
Shin: Eeeeeeh!!
Both: Wha-!?
Shax: It's a pretty low price to pay for having borrowed a demon's powers, right?
Shin: We-Well...

Kyuuki: Of course we can't lend him!!
Shax: Ah!
Shax: Just one day is fine, isn't it!!?
Shax: We have that right too!!
Kyuuki: You don't, Shin is my personal belonging!!
Shin: I'm not a thing!!
Both: Grrrrr
Both: I challenge you.

Aoi: So...
Aoi: Why beach volleyball?
Shax: Given our positions we can't exactly fight.
Shax: So, we'll show our sportsmanship
Shax: Like demons, fair and square.
Shin: I see.

Kyuuki: Hmph,
Kyuuki: A ball game like this.
Kyuuki: Let's finish this and leave them crying!!
Aoi: ...Yeah.
Shax: Let's go!!
Aim: Huff.

Aoi: Leave it to me!!

Kyuuki: Th...That just now was...
Kyuuki: You just moved the ball with your power,
Kyuuki: That's cheating!!
Shax: I said like demons.
Shax: You take what you want by force,
Shax: That's what being a demon is.
Kyuuki: Fine.
Shax: Huh.

Kyuuki: If you're going to do that I won't
Kyuuki: Hold back either!!

Both: Eh...?
Both: Owaaaaah!!

Shax: Hey, you were serious just now!!
Shax: Aim, are you ok!?
Kyuuki: You cheated first, naturally I would return the favor!!
Kyuuki: And with that your partner must retire.
Kyuuki: Since she can't continue it's our...
Kyuuki: Buh!
Kyuuki: ...
Shax: Oh my~~~My hand slipped.
Shax: Sorry, sorry.
Kyuuki: People like you are...

Kyuuki: I really will finish you now!!
Shax: That's my line, you piece of shit!!
Shin(thinks): Why does it always end like this...
Shin(thinks): Hey, what happened with the beach volleyball?
Aoi: Kamishiro-kun.
Shin: Kurosaki, huh.
Shin: You won't participate?
Aoi: I won't.

Shin: However.
Aoi: ?
Shin: Kyuuki looks like she's having fun.
Kyuuki's sd: Waiiiit!!
Shax's sd: I won't!!
Aoi: Really...?
Shin: She was sealed for almost 800 years it seems.
Shin: I don't think I would be able to endure all that time.
Shin: Ah, but she wasn't alone,
Shin: Kuon was there too.
Aoi: Kuon?
Shin: Well, it's only sometimes but I can go to the world inside the book.
Shin: And there's this girl in there.
Aoi: !?

Shin: ? What's wrong?
Aoi: ---...That's weird.
Aoi: Normally, magic items can only use one demon as a catalyst,
Aoi: If you were to use two the power would be so much it would backlash
Aoi: and the magic item would break.
Shin: ...Eh.

Shin(thinks): What does that mean?
Shin(thinks): I know that naturally, Kyuuki was sealed as a demon...
Shin(thinks): But then
Shin(thinks): The girl in the book's world...
Shin(thinks): Kuon, just who is she?

Kuon: Found it.
19th Clause/END

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