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Shokugeki no Souma Oneshot : Shokugeki no Soma

Shokugeki no Soma

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jul 16, 2013 14:20 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

Reserved for Utopia. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki no Soma Oneshot
//Well, I translated this over a year ago and it was the whole reason why I decided to TL the weekly serialization, I hope you enjoy this.

Narrator: Babies normally start talking when they have between 1 and 2 years but
Narrator: She spoke once when she was only 3 months old...
Baby: This doesn't have enough body.
Star: Just what is this baby...!?
Title: Shokugeki no Soma //something like "Soma of the Food Spear", don't use the English TL for the name, it's kinda lame and the name will make sense if you read the whole chapter
Narrator: Needless to say her parents were completely astonished.
Parents: Uwooooh. (cd: She spoke!)
Narrator: ---She met that boy
Narrator: In a certain school...

Big characters(right white): "Shounen Shikku"'s Tsukuda Yuuto-sensei and the rumored newcomer joined forces!!
Big characters(right colored): Tsukuda Yuuto X Saeki Shun
Big Characters(middle): This "Hand" makes! This hand opens!! The new possibilities of cooking!!
Star(orange): Two geniuses collide and aim for further heights! Super Fierce Cooking Battles Oneshot, Opening Color 50 pages!!
Title: Shokugeki no Soma
Star(white): The Shounen Soccer Story drawn by Tsukuda Yuuto-sensei!! JC "Shounen Shikku", the two volumes are on sale!!
Red Box: The manga continues on page 23!!

Star: Nervous faces...
Box: Nakiri Erina (16)
Erina: ...

p5 //no dialog

Erina: Horrible!
Thought: Sh-She's got no mercy!! Nakiri-Ojousama...
Thought: As expected from the principal's granddaughter...
Thought: She's a girl with a top class tongue---!
Thought: Nakiri-Ojousama doesn't only feel the taste with her "tongue",
Thought: She can grasp it as an image in her "heart"!!
Thought: That's why she won't let go a mistake in the food preparation.
Thought: She's famous for saying that the breast milk was bad when she was being breast-fed...
Erina: That was a horrible broth soup! It's was a taste as---
Erina: if when you were quietly meditating under a waterfall a jukebox suddenly fell on your head!
Thought: Did you hear...
Thought: Yeah...How many times has it been today...
Erina: You're now---
Erina: Expelled.

Erina: Next!
Guy: Wa...Wait...!
Guy: I have to succeed my family's restaurant!
Guy: What kind of face can I make...If I get expelled now---
Guy: Hey...step down!
Guy: Are you trying to oppose Ojou-sama's decision!
Guy: Drive him out!
Guy: Don't let him talk anymore!
Guy: Throw him to a river.
Erina: Be quiet.
Erina: ---Even if you don't graduate from Tootsuki
Erina: You can become a chef.
Erina: A second-rate chef.

Narrator: "Rather than a chef that has been training for 10 years in 2 star well-known restaurants,"
Narrator: "I want Tootsuki Academy's graduates."
Narrator: Those were the contents of an interview to the owner of 5 restaurants in Ginza.
Narrator: If deemed as second-rate you're immediately expelled.
Narrator: Those who manage to graduate
Narrator: Reign the cooking world for life...that is
Narrator: Tootsuki Tea Ceremony and Cooking Academy
Narrator: On this garden that extends across 7 mountains,
Narrator: Today again the young chefs polish their skills---
SFX: Snap Snap

Souma: ---...
Souma: Haa... This is horrible...!
Souma: They just don't go well...
Souma: Squid tentacles and peanut butter.
Souma: (cd: Kuku...) ...It's funny,
Souma: It's so horrible it's funny...
Voice: Good work leading the practice.
Voice: There's various requests for Erina-sama's cooking.
Voice: "The literary prize party", "The Academy award ceremony", and "The G8 conference".
Voice: What should we do?

Erina: Refuse all of them.
Man: Understood.
Erina: Yes!
Erina: It's perfect!
Erina: This is the course I'll present for my dinner with grandfather.
Erina: He'll probably be satisfied with this!
Man(thinks): Erina-sama's grandfather...In other words
Man(thinks): Tootsuki Academy's principal!
Erina: Rossi-kun! //Rosshi
Erina: I'll give you the privilege of eating this test dishes!!
Rossi: Aah... To me who is only an aide... what a blessing!
Thought: She's without any doubt the best masterpiece in this academy's history.

Thought: The Nakiri Family has led this academy since it was founded.
Thought: Erina, who inherited that blood,
Thought: Has received gifted education in cooking since she was very young.
Thought: While still being a student
Thought: She was chosen to be the "Top Responsible" for cooking instruction
Thought: At the same time
Thought: That meant that she would inherit the position of "Next Principal"!
Rossi: Buono! This is buono Erina-sama!
Rossi: The "best ingredients" cooked by the owner of the "best tongue"... There's nothing that tastes better than this!
Erina: Exactly! I have both
Erina: The "Skills" and the "Authority"!

Erina(thinks): A real queen!
Erina(thinks): Everyone serves me!
Souma: 'Ello~~
Box: Yukihira Souma (16)
Erina(thinks): A squid tentacle?
Erina(thinks) Rather, who is he?
Souma: ..The cooking practice for the first years
Souma: Is hold in this room?
Erina: That practice ended long ago.
Souma: Ah~~~ As I thought.
Souma: I see...

Souma's sd: *Sigh* //haa~~~

Souma: Sorry for the intrusion,
Souma: Nakiri-sensei.
Erina(thinks): Wait!
Erina: You over there!
Erina: Didn't a man eating a squid tentacle come here?
Guy: Wah, Nakiri-ojousama!
Guy: Over here!
Guy: But it's no longer a squid tentacle, for some reason---

Guy: He's grilling dried sardines that have strawberry jam on them...
Erina: What with this offensive smell!?
Souma: Eh... You have some business with me?
Erina: And it tastes bad too!?
Erina: Hey you, come here!
Erina: ...I won't ask why you were frying that this time.
Souma: Well... It was unimaginably bad.
Erina: Stop laughing!
Rossi: Yukihira Souma.
Rossi: Transferred last month.
Rossi: Lives in the school dorm.
Rossi: His family runs a restaurant on Shitamachi...

Rossi: He's really a first year student.
Erina: Why don't I know him then?
Rossi: That's because this man...
Rossi: Has never attended to Erina-sama's practices.
Erina: !?
Erina(thinks): He hasn't come!? To my classes!?
Erina(thinks): To my classes that are equal to divine revelations!?
Souma: But I went properly today.
Erina: Four hours late!
Souma: Ah~~ I was fighting with peanut butter for a bit.
Erina: Eh!? What...Aah!!?
Erina(thinks): I see, a transfer student...
Erina(thinks): That must be the reason for his lack of manners towards me, the head of the instructors...

Guy: Nakiri-ojousama... You're beautiful today too.
Guy: Who's that rascal?
Erina: !
Erina(thinks): If I keep being with this
Erina(thinks): My nobility will decrease...
Erina(thinks): I don't have to deal with this personally...
Erina: You may leave... In exchange,
Erina: Don't leave empty seats in my practices.
Souma: No... That’s a bit.
Erina: You want me to expel you just now!?
Erina: Who do you think I am...
Souma: But, your cooking---
Erina(thinks): ----?
Erina: What...

Souma: Your cooking
Souma: Is boring.

Guys: Wha...!?
Souma: !
Rossi: Realize that...
Rossi: Just now you---

Rossi: Said a blasphemy to the goddess of food!!
Guy: Don't let him escape...Kill
Guy: That fucker!!
Erina: Wait!
Erina: If you're going to say that much,
Erina: Let us see...Your ability.

Erina: Are you prepared to be expelled
Erina: If you can't...satisfy my tongue---?
Narrator: There's only one way in which two chefs can settle things in this academy.
Narrator: A one-on-one...food battle!!
Rossi: ---Erina-sama,
Rossi: Leave this to me.
Erina: Rossi-kun!

Rossi: There's no need for Erina-sama to go.
Rossi: I'll drive him out from this academy!
Rossi: I challenge you! Transfer student!
Souma: Ah---...
Souma: If you'll forgive me if I win
Souma: Then it's ok, let's do it.
Erina: Alright! Then
Erina: Open the third cooking building!
Erina: The Cooking Contest Hall
Erina: Alias---
Voice: The Shokugeki Room, open it!! //ok, shokugeki is literally "Food spear/halberd", but that's kinda lame so let's leave it as shokugeki

Voice: Hey you
Voice: Transfer student
Voice: Die--!!
Narrator: The theme is
Screen: Eggs
Narrator: "Cooking using eggs"
Narrator: Yukihira vs Rossi
Buttons: East West //the "west" one can't be really seen...

Big Characters: Shokugeki
Big Characters: Start
Rossi: Please look, Erina-sama,
Rossi: This is the dish my amore flames interweaved!

Rossi: By mixing eggs with high grade roast beef...
Rossi: I'll make a frittata!
Rossi: I'm using silkie eggs!
Rossi: This eggs have a body that won't lose to the roast and will bring out the meat's deliciousness...
Rossi: Meraviglioso!
Erina(thinks): Julio Rossi Saotome.
Erina: ...
Erina(thinks): The top student of the academy's ranking in "Italian Cuisine"---
Erina(thinks): The committee composed by the top students of every cuisine
Erina(thinks): Alias "Tootsuki's Top Ten".
Erina(thinks): He's hold that status for two years already.
Erina(thinks): A delicate cooking that doesn't match his big build is his distinctive flavor.

Erina(thinks): I have him as my aide because I recognize that!
Erina(thinks): Now...What is the transfer student doing...?
Erina(thinks): ...It seems he's cooking rice in an earthenware pot...
Erina(thinks): Somehow...He isn't moving...
Erina: Yukihira-kun...What dish are you making?
Souma: Tamagokake Gohan. //A raw egg mixed with white rice
Erina: Eh...What...
Souma: No...I told you
Souma: Tamagokake Gohan.
Souma: Ah~~... It's ok,
Souma: I'm coming up with something.
Souma: It won't be just a Tamagokake gohan.

Crowd: Against Rossi's genuine Italian
Crowd: Tamagokake...?
Crowd: Maybe he prepared eggs of an even better quality than Rossi's?
Crowd: But even Silkie eggs, 1 pack at 3000 yen is trivial.
Crowd: !
Crowd: Hey...he's taking them out!
Crowd: The eggs the transfer student will use...Just what kind----
Anyway it's cheap!!
Bargain super

Egg box:{
SEN DAI JIRUSHI //something like sendai brand
Limited to two packs per person
88 Yen
Crowd: !?
Crowd: Don't screw with us.
Crowd: Are you making light of us!
Crowd: You want to defile this match!
Souma: Well, they were just having a special sale. I was lucky.
Crowd: Why are you laughing!
sd: Heeeey
sd: Idiooot

Rossi: ---I'm disappointed at you...
Rossi: I'll finish this!
Crowd: It came!
Crowd: The move Rossi himself calls...the fry turn over "rondo"!
Rossi: Haa---!
Crowd: It's turned over---!
Crowd: Look at that beautiful color...
Crowd: Rossi's frittata... is complete!

Souma: !
Erina: What are you trying to do?
Erina: Bringing that cheap eggs.
Erina: ...You want to "Invalidate the match"...using the difference in the ingredients as an excuse?
Erina: If that's so
Erina: You won't only be driven out of the academy...
Erina: You won't ever be able
Erina: to work as a chef.

Souma: That's why you're boring.
Erina: Wha...
Erina: Then tell me!
Erina: What part of my godly cooking is boring!
Souma: Your cooking is boring---
Souma: Because you don't make mistakes.
Erina: Huh?
Erina: Wh...What do you mean!
Souma: The best ingredients,
Souma: a perfect preparation.
Souma: To me those are
Souma: Just like dead ends.

Souma: When trying new things,
Souma: And when failing too,
Souma: That's where the pleasure of cooking lies.
Souma: I think
Souma: That people for whom there's only one "correct answer"
Souma: Can't become
Souma: "The most amazing"---

SFX: click
Erina(thinks): On high flame...? I see!
Erina(thinks): The heat to cook the rice by steam... and to make burnt rice!
Erina: !?

p34-35 //no dialog

Erina(thinks): !?

Souma: I'm done!
Erina: B...Both sides have finished!
Erina: The tasting...
Erina: will begin!
Erina(thinks): ...
Erina(thinks): What did he
Erina(thinks): do just now?
Erina(thinks): It was the first time...
Erina(thinks): I got an image
Erina(thinks): without even tasting it...
Voice: We'll begin with the east side... Julio Rossi Saotome's dish.
Sign: East

Voice: Roast Beef Frittata!
SFX: Bite
SFX: Sizzle
Erina(thinks): By roasting the beef without cutting it,
Erina(thinks): It creates three different food textures
Erina(thinks): (1) A crispy burnt texture
Erina(thinks): (2) A texture that overflows with meat juice
Erina(thinks): and
Erina(thinks): (3) A fluffy egg texture!
Erina(thinks): It's like being in the middle of a carnival.
Erina(thinks): A lively and vivid flavor...!

Rossi: How's that transfer student!
Rossi: It seems that this is farewell!
Souma: Hey! There's no more.
Erina: He's eating it on his own!
Thought: Hmph...! Try your best to keep composure.
Voice: Next is the west side...
Voice: The tasting of...
Voice: Yukihira Souma's dish
Voice: Tamagokake gohan.
Erina(thinks): ---?
Erina(thinks): Wha...!?
Erina(thinks): From the raw eggs... Comes a smell as if
Erina(thinks): they were cooked with garlic and soy sauce!
Erina(thinks): But...the eggs are still raw
Erina(thinks): Just why...
Erina(thinks): ----!
Crowd: On the heated oil...
Crowd: By moving the fry pan as if making the eggs run through it
Crowd: He enclosed the seasonings' flavor on the raw eggs...!?
Crowd: !?
Crowd: Can you...do that?
Crowd: That's impossible...! If I were a bit slow
Crowd: They'd become half-cooked scrambled eggs.

Souma: To place the seasonings' flavor in a second
Souma: Plain eggs are better than high grade eggs that have a strong body.
Souma: Can you imagine it?
Souma: A dish where the flavor and fragrance of
Souma: "Garlic", "Sesame oil", and "Burnt Soy Sauce" is inside syrupy eggs.
Souma: Well...at any rate
Souma: You'll know if you eat it!
Souma: Before it gets cold----
Souma: Please eat it!

Erina: !
Erina(thinks): The smell of onion and garlic so dense
Erina(thinks): That I might choke over it.
Erina(thinks): The syrupy egg brushes gently on my tongue.
Erina(thinks): On every bite...
Erina(thinks): The burnt soy sauce and the rice intertwine.
Erina(thinks): The hot raw eggs climb
Erina(thinks): inside my throat---

Erina(thinks): This is the best-----!
Erina: ...?
Erina(thinks): !?

Erina: St-
Erina: Stop it, don't come!!
Erina: It's scaryyyyyyy!!
Erina: Hey...really.
Erina: Ahn!
Erina: Uah!
Erina: Nooooooo.
Erina(thinks): Even though it's tamagokake gohan!
Erina(thinks): Even though they're ingredients from a bargain super!
Erina(thinks): Even though the egg pack costs 88 yen!
Erina(thinks): And even worse
Erina(thinks): The one who cooked is the man who insulted me!!!

Button: West
Voice: It's Yukihira!
Voice: The winner is...
Voice: Yukihira Souma.

Voice: This cooking match
Voice: is
Voice: Over!

Erina: Wait!
Erina: You might have won today but
Erina: Listen!
Erina: Don't think that you won against me with only that!
Souma: ...What are you saying? My opponent today was that Amore guy...
Souma: Sensei has nothing to do with it, right?
Erina: Eh...Ah...
Erina: A! Anyway!!
Erina: Just look...I'll proof it to you someday!
Erina: That Tootsuki's...
Erina: That my cooking is the ultimate cooking!

Souma: Yeah, yeah.
Erina: What's with that attitude!
Souma: No...I'm in a hurry.
Souma: Unlimited ingredients and
Souma: Unlimited ways of cooking them.
Souma: I want to try them all,
Souma: I want to consume every cooking there is!
Souma: To do that, surely---
Souma: Hurrying up
Souma: Won't be just enough...

Box: The girl that aims for the "Top" and
Souma: Well,
Souma: I'll go to sensei's classes
Souma: Sometimes, ok.
Box: The boy that looks for "infinity".
Box: Their meeting
Star: New history starts here--!!
Souma: By the way, I'll try dressing dried sardines with fresh cream, do you want some?
Erina: I don't!
Box: Eventually will change the cooking world greatly---.
Shokugeki no Soma...End

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