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Shokugeki no Souma 33

To the People that will Eventually Fight

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jul 24, 2013 18:05 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

-> RTS Page for Shokugeki no Souma 33

Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 33
//Remember I have a blog with more details about Soma chapters

p1 //It's a nice color page but I kinda wanted to see Alice in color
Star(purple): To commemorate the release of the newest JC volume (3) on August 2nd, a center color that includes Restaurant Yukihira's special summer menu!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Blue Text(top right): Tadokoro harvesting is the mark! JC volume (3) will be on sale this Friday (August 2nd)!!
Asterisk: The design is still on the works
Big Blue Text: A small rest. The Don RS' summer vacations...!?
Star(Red): On Jump LIVE, that starts distribution on August 1st, Nikumi is the protagonist(!?) of a bangaihen!! More details about Jump Live on page 3!!
(cutlery) 33 To the People that will Eventually Fight
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
The special recipe is on the next page!!

Sign: Restaurant Yukihira
Big Red Text: Special!!
Big Yellow Text: Get through the summer!
Band: Italian Tomato Soumen
Souma: Eat it while it's cold!

Ingredients (For two)
150g of Soumen
1/2 of a cucumber
1/4 of a carrot
6 pieces of smoked salmon
2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
300cc of Tomato Juice
1 tablespoon of light-brown miso and one of extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon of grated garlic
An adequate amount of black pepper
To finish it:
An adequate amount of smoked salmon and basil

1) Mix the ingredients of [A] in a bowl and cool them in the fridge.
2) Cut the cucumber and the carrot in small pieces and cut the smoked salmon finely.
3) Boil the soumen in hot water then put it in cold water and then remove the moisture
4) Put 2 and 3 in a bowl and dress them with extra virgin olive oil.
5) Put 1's sauce in a container and put 4 on top of it. Roll the smoked salmon up to make it look like roses and garnish it with basil leaves.

Kojirou: Tch! Not bad...
Megumi: Eat them before they grow stale!
Big Yellow Text: And...
Green Text: This Friday's "JumBANG!" will feature "Shokugeki-no SOMA"!!
Ikumi: He got a feature...Hmm....
Box: The Italian Tomato Soumen introduced here and the Mackerel Burger Souma made for the Polar Star Dorm's Entrance Skill Test will appear in "JumBANG!"!! The collaborator, Morisaki Yuki-sensei will perform!! Don't miss the real shokugeki cooking that jump out straight from the manga!!
Band: This is the "Mackerel Burger"!!
Yellow Text: Fumio-san's review!!
Fumio: De-Delicious!
More details about "JumBANG!" on page 446!!

Souma: ...Nakiri
Souma: Alice...
Souma: Nakiri?
Alice: That's right,
Alice: Erina and I are cousins.
Alice: We lived in the same mansion until we were five.
Guy: Milady...
Guy: You were here...What are you doing?
Alice: Oh my, you have perfect timing!
Alice: Now, explain it.
Guy: Huh?
Alice: Give Yukihira Souma-kun an introduction to my personal history!
Guy: Yeah...

Guy: Ermmm...Milady Alice and Milady Erina are cousins and...
Alice: I've said that already!
Alice: Enough! I'll say it!
Alice: My father founded "Nakiri International" with my mother's homeland, Northern Europe...Denmark as its headquarters.
Alice: There they first researched on new cooking techniques based on molecular gastronomy
Alice: And now they also research the mechanisms of the senses of taste and smell and they even include brain physiology in their research...
Alice: It's an integrated research facility for gourmet food!
Asterisk: Molecular Gastronomy: Subdiscipline of the food sciences that analyzes and puts cooking on practice from a chemical point of view.
Alice: I lived there until I was fourteen and then came to Tootsuki.
Alice: All that to defeat Erina
Alice: And stand on the top of Tootsuki...!
Erina: Hmph...
Erina: To a cook that only appreciates new techniques

p5 //chibi Erina and chibi Alice ftw XDDD
Erina: My cooking will never lose.
Alice: Oh my, such hatred! Erina, you're always like that!
Alice: When we were three you took my toy away.
Alice: You said that the cake I baked for your fourth birthday was horrible.
Alice: And I will never forget that when we were five...
Erina: Th...That's unrelated with this!
Alice: And, you too...! Yukihira Souma-kun.
Alice: You sure talked big on the entrance ceremony,
Alice: But the era where artisan skills were highly praised is over.
Alice: You don't have the caliber to stand on Tootsuki's top,
Alice: To prove that...
Alice: You barely finished an assignment that required to make only 200 meals.
Souma: Right!? I panicked a bit there! (cd: Ignorance sure is scary)
Souma: I really failed there.

Souma: But...
Souma: Now I’ve got the "experience" of failing.
Alice: Mm...
Alice: What a cunning man...
Alice: Anyway! I won't lose to you people, ok!?

Alice: I'm waiting expectantly for the moment I get to defeat you personally (music note)
Souma: Interesting...When that happens
Souma: I'll gladly be your opponent!
Alice: Yes...Let us meet soon---
Erina: ...
Voice: This is a message for those who completed 200 meals!
Voice: The next assignment starts in four hours.
All: !!?
Voice: The time until then is free time.
Guy: Yo...You've got to be kidding me!!
Guy: We can't sleep but three hours at best!
Souma: That's right...
Souma: The training camp

Souma: Isn't over yet---!!

Box: Training Camp Day 5 16:00
Megumi: What can it be...? They suddenly told us to gather in the lobby...
Ryouko: There's nothing written on the guidebook either.
Yuuki: Eh...Wait a sec, this pattern...
Yuuki: It can't be...!!
Yuuki: Just like that assignment...!?

Gin: Before getting to the issue in hand,
Gin: A brief comment...
Gin: Currently, 352 students have dropped out and the remaining student number is
Gin: 628...
Gin: It might seem cruel but the cooking profession isn't but a microcosmos.
Gin: To survive as a chef every single ability and readiness is necessary---
Gin: You must not lose your cool in unknown situations
Gin: And keep interacting with the ingredients.
Gin: As a chef, you'll always be under heavy pressure...
Gin: You must resist the nights where you are tormented by anxiety and hesitation
Gin: And be able to deal with
Gin: And conduct yourself on diverse situations...

Gin: Living as a cook
Gin: Is similar to roaming about alone on the wilderness under a storm...
Gin: The more you master cooking
Gin: The more your feet will tangle and your objective blur.
Gin: There might be people that lose even the way back
Gin: And get stuck on the summit by the time they notice.
Gin: However,
Gin: I don't want you to forget
Gin: That on this place called Tootsuki
Gin: You had comrades that left their footprints together with you on that same wilderness.
Gin: Because it's that fact

Gin: What will encourage you eventually on your lonely travel.
Gin: I wish you
Gin: The best of lucks!
Gin: Well then...
Gin: Let's proceed
Gin: With the final program of this training camp.

Voice: Ugeeeeeeeeeeh, i...It really caaaaaame!!
Voice: I can't do it anymore, it's impossible!
All: !!?
Waiters: Welcome!!

All: Wha...?
All: Th...This is...!?
Gin: This is a message for the 628 students that survived this far...
Gin: Congratulations on clearing all the assignments of this lodging training!!
Gin: The last program is
Gin: A modest banquet to celebrate the completion of this training camp.
Gin: Enjoy it to the fullest...!

All: We did iiiiiiiiiiiit!!
Gin: Now...Everyone, to the tables!
Gin: Starting now we'll have you

Gin: Taste a full course made by the alumni!

Voice: For real!? I can't believe it!!
Voice: This isn't modest at all---!!
Zenji: This is...Something that only we can eat in the whole world!
Zenji: I'm glad to be alive...!
Yuuki: Marui finally went to the other side!!
Tokihiko: Please take a seat.
Erina: Thanks.
Yuuki: Mmmm<3
Yuuki: Dedicious... //this isn’t a typo, she’s crying/moved/etc
Yuuki: E...Euh, Aguh...
Shun: Don't cry, Yoshino...

p18 //no dialog

Flashback: A cooking school?
Flashback: Why now---
Flashback: Hmm...
Flashback: So stupid...
Megumi: ...? Souma-kun, what's wrong?
Souma: Ah...Nothing.
Souma: ---I was just thinking
Souma: This school is more interesting than I first thought.
Megumi: Eh...What? Sorry, I couldn't hear you...
Souma: Nah...I'm just talking to myself.
Souma: Now, let's eat!
Cutlery: The training camp ends with everyone having gained their own experiences!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(Cutlery) 33/ End

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