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Shokugeki no Souma 34

The Fate Surrounding Tootsuki

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jul 31, 2013 20:43 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Shokugeki-no SOMA 34
//Don't forget about my blog with the latest chapter spoilers.

"Shokugeki-no SOMA"
Voice: All of the students should pick up their things and gather in front of the parking lot.
Voice: You should return your room keys at the reception.
Cutlery: The training camp with its leaps and bounds is over...
Voice: Make sure you don't forget anything---
Megumi: Even though it was really hard...
Megumi: It felt like everything passed in a second...
Souma: Yeah...
Souma: Alright...
Souma: Let's go back!

Shokugeki-no SOMA
Star: JC Volume (3) is on sale with rave reviews!! And volume (3) will be on sale on September 4th (Wed), two will be published in two consecutive months!!
Cutlery: They all frolic on the last day...!
(cutlery) 34 The Fate Surrounding Tootsuki
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki

Souma: Oh...
Souma: Shinomiya-senpai!
Kojirou: It seems you survived.
Souma: Well, somehow, thanks to you!
Kojirou: Hmph...
Megumi: That suitcase...Yo-You're already going back to France?
Kojirou: Yeah,
Kojirou: I can't keep my restaurant closed forever.
Kojirou: Besides...I've decided my next objective.
Megumi?: ...?

Kojirou: I'll make "SHINO'S" Paris' most famous restaurant
Kojirou: And get three stars. //I think he means on the Michelin Guide
Kojirou: The Purusupooru isn't enough for me now.
Souma: Three stars...
Megumi: Wo...Wow!
Megumi: No Japanese Chef in France has got that before...!
Kojirou: ...
Kojirou: You guys...
Hinako: Waiiiiiiit!!
Kojirou: Tch
Hinako: I won't let you steal a march on us, Shinomiya-senpai...
Kojirou: I don't understand what you mean.

Fuyumi: Yukihira Souma...Aren't you interested on Italian cuisine?
Souma: Eh?
Hitoshi: I think your talent will be best used on a sushi restaurant.
Hinako: No! I'll take good care of Megumi-chan...
Megumi: Wh...What...!?
Gin: Phew...To think they're already calling out for students who are still enrolled,
Gin: I guess they have recognized their skills.
Megumi: Chef Doujima! Wh-What is this...?
Hiromi: For the sake of coming to this training camp
Hiromi: They have closed their restaurants temporarily or left them to their sous-chef.
Hiromi: Doing that much for free wouldn't really be worth it, right?
Souma: You have a point...
Hiromi: Ultimately, this training camp
Hiromi: Also serves to look for potential recruits before they graduate.

Hiromi: A cook gets more training as he moves from one restaurant to another,
Hiromi: Depending on your talent you'll move to new stages...
Hiromi: That's precisely why for an owner chef getting trainees is a matter of the highest priority---
Hiromi: How hard getting the "right stuff" needed on a kitchen is
Hiromi: Is something that the alumni know best.
Hiromi: That's why they come to evaluate Tootsuki's enrolled students,
Hiromi: This training camp is beneficial for both the academy and the alumni.
Souma: Hmm...I see~~~
Box: Tadokoro-chan being unable to catch on to that she was recognized by star chefs.
Hiromi: Yukihira-kun...You could prove successful even on Tootsuki Resort,
Hiromi: You're always welcome to come here.
Souma: ...That sounds pretty nice,
Souma: But I have "Yukihira".

Gin: Right...Your home is a restaurant.
Souma: Yes,
Souma: It's the restaurant my old man and I managed...
Souma: I don't know where he is or what he's doing now though.
Souma(thinks): Someday I'll definitely make him approve of me
Souma(thinks): And I'll become the cook that supports Yukihira.
Hinako: ...So, you're aiming for three stars?
Kojirou: You heard me...
Hinako: Then, should I go help you?
Hinako's sd: Nihihi
Kojirou: Hah...Let's see, I'll hire you as a servant then.
Hinako's sd: Whaaaaaat

Hiromi: Doujima-san...? Is something wrong?
Gin: Hm,
Gin: No...
Gin: ...
Souma: Hm...?

Souma(thinks): Ah...!
Souma(thinks): My towel...I left it drying in the room!!
Souma: This is bad...!
Girl: Eh...? You forgot...Something?
Girl: We're about to leave! I'll go...
Erina: I...It's ok! I'll go!
Erina: I'll go back to the academy on another car---
Souma: Phew...Great, I could find it.
Souma: Whoops...
Old person: Oh well, Tootsuki resort was great!
Old person: I can't wait for next year!
Souma: !?
Box: When there's a lot of highway buses together they're really easily mistaken,
Box: Let's always remember the position of the bus or its number when we move away from them, ok?

Old man: Oh! You're the soufflé omelette lad!
Souma: Ah...Chicken's egg's...
Old man: That was pretty well done.
Souma: Umm...
Souma: Sorry for...
Souma: Wasting all those eggs!
Old man: ...
Old man: Let's see...
Old man: I'll let you go if you become a regular customer of Tokuzou eggs,
Old man: Someday, when you have your own restaurant...Ok!?
Souma: ...!
Souma: Yeah...!

Old man: Don't forget about my string beans too!
Old woman: Boy, want some rice cookies?
Old woman: Take some cough drops too.
Souma: Ah, thanks,
Souma: Wait, I don't have time for this!!
Souma(thinks): They left me behind.
Souma: The training camp's already over so why am I in this such a trouble...?

Erina: Wh...Wh...Why are you here...!?
Woman: Nakiri-ojousama! (or Milady Erina, your pick)
Woman: The car is ready.
Woman: There's just one car we could prepare...
Woman: ...Is he also a student that got left behind?

SFX: *silence*...
SFX: Brooom
Souma: ...Want some rice cookies?
Erina: ...No.
Souma: Come to think of it, you said that you were looking forward to see on which day I would drop out,
Souma: But I survived, any comments on that?
Erina: Kuh...I can picture your triumphant look...!

Erina: Hmph...You should just continue struggling on the base like that,
Erina: You won't be chosen for that election after all.
Souma: ...Election?
Erina: ...You don't even know that?
Erina: Tootsuki's Traditional "Fall Election"! //Autumn
Erina: A gourmet festival where select first years display their ability and compete with each other!!
Erina: For the students, it's their first chance to show their skills outside the school
Erina: As they get to perform in front of food's authorities...Like the academy's board of directors and investors, all of them gathered in a single building...
Erina: The selection has already started.
Erina: Didn't you notice?
Erina: Since the training camp's third day the selection committee members went in and out of the assignment halls.
Souma: ...Ah! That group with suits!

Erina: In short, this training camp...Wasn't just to eliminate students
Erina: Its true aim was to probe which students should be promoted...!
Souma: A festival, huh...! Sounds interesting!
Souma: It just has this something that gets you excited.
Erina: I'm telling you there's no way someone like you will be chosen!!
Erina: To begin with, what's with you...!? "I got the experience of failing"?
Erina: That's nothing more than a lame excuse...
Erina: A cook isn't allowed to fail!
Souma: Is that so?
Erina: That's exactly it!
Erina: The people on the tables always yearn for the perfect dish,
Erina: The ultimate gourmet food is accomplished like that!

Erina: ---Just like that person's food.
Souma: Hmm? Did you say something?
Erina: Nothing.
Souma: ...Come to think of it, why were you late, Nakiri?
Erina: ...I don't have to tell you that.
Souma: ...Ok.
SFX: *silence*...
Souma(thinks): ...I guess this is what they call
Souma(thinks): An awkward situation.
Souma's sd: *yawn*~~~
Souma(thinks): Let's sleep a bit...

Erina: It's here...!
Erina: I'm glad---

Gin: ......I see...
Gin: Yukihira Souma is...Your son, huh.

Gin: Jouichirou---
First Seat: Doujima Gin
Second Seat: Saiha Jouichirou //I'm not sure about his last name so it's subject to change when we get the official reading
Cutlery: Fate entangles in Tootsuki!! Next issue, just as Souma gets back to the polar star dorm, a new development!?
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 34/End
Next issue, a new development and a special super big poster of jump's heroines drawn by Saeki-sensei!!
//the issue preview says "In his way back with Erina, Souma learns a shocking truth...!?" also, it mentions that the poster will be in swimsuits

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