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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Omamori Himari 64

The Cat was Looking for a Blue Sky

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Aug 5, 2013 23:04 | Go to Omamori Himari

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Reserved for Vortex. Don't use or post anywhere else without my permission.
Omamori Himari 64

Box: One great battle ended.
Chapter 64 The Cat was Looking for a Blue Sky
Box: It ended leaving various things for many people.
Box: As I wasn't there, I don't know what really happened to Kuesu and I can't exactly ask.
Box: But, we must go back to our normal lives.
Box: I'm worried about the class rep and Himari, but...
Box: What worries me the most is that Yuuto is kind of autistic like before.
Rinko(thinks): As the only normal person around him, I have to stay strong!!

Chapter 64 The Cat was Looking for a Blue Sky

Box: Uh...I feel so heavy, I can't move...And worse, I feel cold...
Box: This has happened before...
Box: This is...
Yuuto: Shizuku, huh...
Shizuku: Good morning......~nano.

Yuuto: ...You know, you flooded my bed again...
Shizuku: Don't worry about small things…...I'll absorb it later…...~nano.
Shizuku's sd: It's your fault for buying this cheap bed...~nano.
Shizuku: More importantly......You promised......We'd do more amazing things once the fight was over.
Yuuto: Ah, that was a promise.
Shizuku: Both the cat and Kuesu are idiots......So I'm the only one here......~nano.
Shizuku: But......Since they're idiots......I......
Yuuto: ...

SFX: *pat*...
Yuuto: You don't have worry about this, Shizuku.
Yuuto: ......
Shizuku: You still have a lot of time......But get ready to go to school......~nano.
Yuuto: You're right, thanks to a certain someone I have to take a morning shower too.

Yuuto: Whoops
Kaburagi: I have prepared you a room on the Takamiya apartment building.
Kaburagi: I can guarantee you there's no bugs or cameras in it.
Yuuto(thinks): Even so, I can't take advantage of his kindness for too long...
Yuuto(thinks): I have to give my custodian's lawyer a call soon... //maybe an administrator rather than his custodian, I don't remember if he even had one...
SFX: *press*

SFX: *grope*
SFX: *grope*
Yuuto: Well, well...
Yuuto's sd: You have some good ones here.
Box: Preparations, complete.
Kaya: Kwoh...
Kaya: Gowaryaaaah!! //What kind of shout is this?
Yuuto: Mogeh! //this isn't any better though
Kaya: M-My breasts!
Kaya: No-Not even Himari had touched them before!!
Kaya: And this dimwit, this dimwit...!!
Yuuto: So-Sorry, Kaya, I'm in the wrong!
Yuuto: ...By the way, umm, I don't see Himari...

Kaya: Like I know! She must be doing her morning training!
Kaya: Like I would tell you, the great king of perverts!
Yuuto's sd: No, you already did...
Box: Even after defeating Kyuubi and the others, Himari is...

Yuuto: ...
Kuesu: Accept all the good and bad things---
Yuuto: ...Like I can do that so easily.
Aya: You can't accept it?
Yuuto: Yeah, I can't.
Aya: ...
Yuuto: ...

Aya: ...You aren't surprised, huh.
Yuuto: How to say it, I got used to this...As long as you don't enter my field of vision it isn't-
Aya: ...
SFX: *boing* //not quite, more like when you press something like a marshmallow
Yuuto: Uhawaah!!
Aya: That's right, even though I hate moisture I'm putting my body on the line, this is a reaction that compensates the effort.
Yuuto: If you're bad with moisture then don't come in!!
Yuuto's sd: Aya-san, I really don't understand you!

Aya: Come on, it's fine, I'll accept it all for you <3
SFX: *boing* //like the one in the previous page
SFX: *boing*
Yuuto: That's not what I meant, that's not it, idioooot!!
Aya: ...My, I can understand that's a feeling difficult to accept, but......
Aya: Then,
Aya: What do you plan to do with her?
Yuuto: !!

Tama: Ah
Tama: Ah
Both: ...
Box: The Hakumen Kinmou Kyuubi. //Nine tail fox with white face and golden fur
Box: After her mind either collapsed or was eaten by Himari, Tamamo-no-mae lost all of her memories...It's as if she became a baby.
Box: Rinko and the class rep plead to us not to finish her,
Box: But since I couldn't leave her to herself I brought her home.
Box: Not even Shizuku knows if she'll be like this forever or if she'll eventually go back to be a bad fox.
Yuuto: Owowow...
Tama?: Kyahahaha

Box: Shizuku is indignated and says one house doesn't need 2 lolis.
Shizuku's sd: I'll kill her...~nano
Box: What happened with Kuesu, Tamamo-no-mae, and Himari---
Box: Eventually, those people will ask me about it.
Box: Did I make a mistake somewhere?
Box: What should I do?
Yuuto: Haa...
Yuuto: !
Himari: Are you tired, young master?
Himari: Are you worried...? Cheer up.

Teacher: Noihara-san, we're in the middle of class...!

Himari: Don't give me instructions,
Himari: Human.
Teacher: ...Uh.
Yuuto: Himari, this is the classro...
Himari: Is the reason for your depression, Kuesu?
Himari: She was a fool.
Yuuto: What...?
Himari: She did the only thing she mustn't have done,
Himari: Going away from you---

Yuuto: Himari...
Box: She was exactly right, even though I saw it I couldn't believe it yet.
Box: Even though it felt like I had a hole in my heart...
Box: I wasn't trying to confront that.
Yuuto(thinks): I was someone this pitiful, huh.
Himari: ...
Himari: ...It's vexing.
Yuuto: Eh?
Himari: I'm envious of Kuesu for occupying the young master so much.

Yuuto: Mmph
Himari: But I'm here.
Himari: I'm always here for you.
Himari: Even if you were shot with 100 arrows or 1000 enemies came to you...
Himari: I'll protect you from the front, back, left, right, the skies, or the earth. //or just “from all sides”
Himari: So, you should

Himari: Just be there.
Class Rep: That's enough, Noihara-san!!

Class Rep: As the class representative I won't let you be in the way of the class anymore!
Class Rep: Please go back to your seat!
Rinko: Class rep...
Box: Even so, what's Himari trying to do?
Himari: Fufu...
Himari: I can't win against class rep-dono...I understand.

Himari: I lost interest...We'll continue this later, young master.
Yuuto: ...
Teacher: Noihara-san, this is the third floor!!
Guy's sd: Amakawa, you bastard...
Guy's sd: You got hugged by Noihara-san...
Guy's sd: I'm so jealous...
Guy's sd: I won't forgive you for monopolizing those breasts!
Rinko: ...Just what happened with her?
Rinko: Even if Himari is a perverted cat princess, she never took such a daring attitude in front of everyone.
Rinko: I guess she really was affected by that battle the other day.

Yuuto: I guess you're right...
Rinko: ...
Box: This is bad, this is bad!!
Box: What am I doing making him worry more!?
Rinko: No, no, no, it's been a year since Himari came, a lot has happened but we've managed!
Rinko's sd: Yes
Rinko's sd: We can //or in Engrish Iesu Wi Kyan
Rinko: We'll be fine from now on too! We can do it!!
Yuuto: Haha, Rinko is always
Yuuto: So full of energy...
Yuuto: Who's there!?
Rinko: !?
Voice: Hmm...You noticed?

Girl: Then, could you come a bit closer?
Girl: There's little space where I can be on the rooftop so I feel lonely.
Girl: Ok? Amagami-kun.
Rinko: The hanging woman from the other day!?
Girl: Don't give me weird names!!
Yuuto: I wouldn't want to be called a pervert for getting too close again!
Yuuto: !!

Girl: What happened to Kyuubi-sama? Where is she?
Girl: Depending on your answer, Kurozakura might cut this building in pieces
Girl: And I might kill the students.
Yuuto: Tamamo-no-mae? ...She's doing fine. (cd: In a way)
Girl: Hmm...Might we meet her?
Box: 2 on 1...Can I do this? First...
Kuesu: ---Oh my, the cat is absent?
Kuesu: It seems you can't do anything if I'm not here.

Both: !!
Kurozakura: ?
Kuesu: Well, I, Kuesu-sama will use this
Kuesu: As the opening for the next act(music note)
Girl's sd: Kuhihi...

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