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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Shokugeki no Souma 35

Sensual Karaage (1)

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Aug 7, 2013 18:22 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use or post anywhere else without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 35

Box: A few weeks after the busy training camp.
Box: June,
Box: Just a little before the rainy season starts.
Box: All of the polar star dorm members
Box: Lived their usual lives---
Souma: We're back~~~
"Shokugeki-no SOMA"
Souma: Why are you so happy...?
Satoshi: Fufu, everyone just looks so brilliant with their summer uniforms.
Cutlery: Stability's Fundoshi
Satoshi: Oh well, I just think it's great everyone came back safely from that training camp.
Souma(thinks): Come to think of it, did I ever see Isshiki-senpai with his winter uniform...?
Satoshi: By the way, Souma-kun,

Satoshi: Do you have any plans for the weekend?
Souma: Weekend?
Satoshi: Several classes are suspended due to events related to the academy's administration around this time,
Satoshi: If you add the weekend you get some sort of consecutive holidays.
Satoshi: That's why a lot of students use it to go on trips or back home.
Satoshi: Look...It seems she's packing already.
Souma: Oh, Tadokoro! Where are you going? A trip?
Megumi: This is part of the Local Cuisine Research Society's activities.
Megumi: The plan is to go to various regions and check out their ingredients and seasonings.
Souma: Hmm! Sounds interesting.

Souma: Isshiki-senpai, what are you going to do?
Satoshi: I have to work on the polar star plantation,
Satoshi: Yoshino-kun will also stay to take care of the animals.
Souma(thinks): Holidays, huh...
Souma(thinks): That's it!
Souma(thinks): I have to ventilate and give some maintenance to Yukihira every once in a while!
Souma(thinks): I haven't gone back ever since I transferred.
Souma(thinks): Alright...It's been a while
Souma(thinks): So let's go back home!

Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 35 Sensual Karaage (1) //Karaage is fried chicken in the form of small balls
Cutlery: Who's this girl that looks up at "Yukihira"...?
Box: Kurase Mayumi (15) High School 1st Year
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Star: There's more than 1,050,000 in print of JC Volumes (1) to (3)!! Volume (4) will be on sale on September 4th!!

Aki: Every single day
Aki: You take a glance when we pass this place.
Mayumi: Eh...!? No-Not really, I...
Aki: That's why I told you to confess while on middle school!
Box: Koganei Aki (15) High School 1st Year
Aki: When we knew he'd go to a different high school…You know!?
Aki: You really have no guts...
Aki: Aaaaah, geez! Sorry!!
Aki: I'm sorry!! Mayu!
Aki: Well, it still isn't too late, is it?
Aki: You can send him mails or call him...Why not take the offensive?
Mayumi: No way...So-Someone like me,
Mayumi: I mean, I'm plain...It's impossible.

Souma: Oh? Isn't it Kurase?
Souma: It's been a while.
All: Yu...
All: Yukihiraaaaaaaaaaaaaa!?

Guy: Hey, It's really been a while!
Guy: You came back!!
Aki: Are you opening Yukihira again!?
Aki: Hmm...But the boss isn't here.
Souma: Ah, no,
Souma: I just came to ventilate the place.
Man: Hmm...?
Man: Aaaaah!! Yukihira is open!?
Voice: Whaaaaat!?
Souma: This is bad...People are gathering...
Man: Yukihiraaaa! Please! Make something!
Man: We just yearn so much for your place's flavor...!
Souma: Hehe...Alright! Wait a bit,
Souma: I'll get some ingredients right away!
Souma: Restaurant Yukihira
Souma: Will reopen for a bit!

Woman: Don't you think Souma-chan
Woman: Has become a bit sturdier?
Man: Yeah...! And it's been just a little more than 2 months.
Mayumi(thinks): Really...Yukihira-kun
Mayumi(thinks): Looks a bit more like an adult.
Mayumi(thinks): It's amazing.
Mayumi(thinks): But somehow...
Mayumi(thinks): It feels he's drifting away from me...
Man: Thanks for the meal!
Souma: Thanks for your patronage.
Souma: ...Hm?

Souma: Aren't there too little people on the street today...?
Souma: It's usually a lot more crowded at this time of the day---
Souma: Hm...What's wrong, young owners of the shopping arcade?
Yuuya: Are...
Yuuya: Are enormous funds something that great!!?
Man: Tomi-chan, calm down!
Souma: !?
Yuuya: Exactly one month ago...
Yuuya: The commercial building of the station opened after its renewal.
Yuuya: Those "In-station Stores".
Box: Bento Shop Tomita 2nd Generation Shopkeeper and Chairman of the Shopping Arcade Tomita Yuuya

Yuuya: In-station stores are:
Yuuya: Stores that open inside the stations and target people that are going to and from their schools or jobs.
Yuuya: Our station has clothes stores...And many other shops,
Yuuya: But, after all is said and done, the main attraction are the deli brands!
Yuuya: The "Karaage" that has an especially good reputation
Yuuya: Is part of a chain that has won first place for three consecutive years on the "All-Japan Karaage Convention"!
Yuuya: All the buyers have gone to the in-station stores aiming for that!
Yuuya: As a result
Yuuya: They completely ignore the shopping arcade...
Yuuya: The number of clients just goes down.
Yuuya: My bento shop's sales have been dropping sharply...!!
Yuuya: At this rate, I don't know how long I'll be able to run the shop...Uuh...
Souma: Really...? This isn't time to be eating so carelessly.
Yuuya: Seconds...
Souma: Ok.
Aki: Moreover, there's a karaage boom right now...
Aki: I saw on the TV that the number of shops specialized on Karaage are increasing in Kanto. //Kanto, the area of Japan where Tokyo is

Man: Well...It's just how the times go...
Man: The shopping arcade is already done for...
Souma: Then...
Souma: I'll try to do something about it.
Man: "Something"...?
Souma: You said their main force is Karaage, right?
Souma: We'll make a new Karaage that can counter it in this shopping arcade!
Man: No way...That's reckless, Souma-chan.
Yuuya: The difference in appeal and funds is evident...
Yuuya: The opponent is just too strong.
Souma: It's better than doing nothing,
Souma: And...

Souma: Clients are greedy.
Souma: If it's a really good thing
Souma: They'll definitely find it.
Souma: As part of Yukihira
Souma: I can't let this place become deserted...
Souma: Let's steal the clients back with a new Karaage
Souma: And revive the shopping arcade!
All: Yeaaaah!!

Man: Well said...Souma-chan!!
Man: As expected of Yukihira's heir!
Souma: Alright...! I'll use this holiday to its fullest…
Souma: And make the best dish!
Aki(thinks): I...I want to help Yukihira-kun too,
Aki(thinks): But someone like me won't be any help...
Aki(thinks): But...Uuh...
Aki(thinks): ---That's the face she's making (cd: She's so easily read.)
Aki: Hey, Yukihira, shouldn't you have a taster?
Aki: She isn't in any club so she has free time
Aki: And I'm sure she's a great taster! (probably)
Mayumi: !?
Souma: Oh! Then, sorry, but I'm counting on you, Kurase!

Mayumi: Wh...Wh-Wh...Why!?
Mayumi: I don't know a thing about cooking...!
Aki: It's ok, it's ok! An amateur's opinion might be really necessary.
Mayumi: But, someone like me-
Mayumi: Oguh!
Mayumi: I
Mayumi: I'll do my...Best...!
Souma: Alright...First, we need to check out their dish.
Souma: We'll look for clues for our new dish there!
Mayumi: Yes...!
Souma(thinks): Karaage, huh...
Souma(thinks): I've made it a few times here,
Souma(thinks): But it's like the training camp's buffet assignment,
Souma(thinks): I might need some special knowledge of side dishes.
Souma(thinks): Someone of my acquaintances that might know that...
Souma(thinks): Karaage...
Souma(thinks): Chicken meat
Souma(thinks): Meat...

Butler: Milady,
Butler: There's a call for you.
Ikumi: A call?
Ikumi: ...Just when I'm taking it easy.
Ikumi: Who is it, geez...?
Notebook: Don RS

Souma: Oh, Nikumi? Yukihira here.
Ikumi: !!?
Ikumi: Wh...Why do you know my number...?
Souma: Ah, sorry, sorry, I asked Konishi-san.
Ikumi: S-So...? Why do you...Need me...?
Souma: ---That's what happened, so I need you to teach me a few things about chicken meat.
Souma: Are you busy this holiday?
Ikumi: I...It can't be helped!
Ikumi: I'm really, really busy but...I'll go!

Ikumi: Good grief, it can't be helped, really!
Souma: Ah...If you're busy I'll ask someone else.
Ikumi: I-I'm telling you I'll go!!
Souma: O-Ok...?

Souma: This is my classmate from middle school, Kurase!
Souma: I asked her to taste the dish.
Souma: And she's my classmate from high school,
Souma: Call her Nikumi-
Ikumi: Don't spread that nickname!! I'll kill you!
Ikumi(thinks): I...It's not like
Ikumi(thinks): I imagined
Ikumi(thinks): Thinking a new menu alone with Yu...Yukihira!!
Box: It was different from what she thought.
Mayumi(thinks): Yukihira-kun is friends wi...With such an amazing person...
Mayumi(thinks): It's no wonder he's more like an adult!
Mayumi(thinks): Umm, no, that's not the meaning of being an adult.
Box: Currently confused.
Souma(thinks): Hmmm...
Souma(thinks): They've just met
Souma(thinks): I must play the middle man nicely here!
Box: Hasn't noticed a thing.

Souma: Well...! Now that we have everyone in position,
Souma: Let's go observe the enemy
Souma: For the Karaage battle!
Cutlery: Team "Yukihira" has formed!! Let's go to enemy territory!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 35/End
The Karaage battle starts! Next issue, center color!!
//the preview page for the issue suggests that Souma will be asked by a mysterious person to do something

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