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Kaette Kita! Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 1

That Policewoman that Came Back - Otonashi Kiruko

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Aug 22, 2013 22:39 | Go to Kaette Kita! Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Kaette Kita! Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 1
//So, I'm continuing with this series, since it's in Jump LIVE I don't think this "serialization" will be really long, but the chapters have been fun so far xD

Voice: Oh, it looks nice!!
Voice: That banner fits perfectly!
Voice: Well, with this the Nagashima station is back to the action!!
Text: It's been a while!!
Old Man: This is great, when it closed I felt let down
Old Man: But now I feel twice as happy!
"Kaette Kita! Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san"
Box: ---This is Hamokawa Police, Nagashima Substation
Kid: Congrats on the renewal!!
Voice: Things will get lively again.
Box: Our workplace which is splendidly back to business after that tragedy which got us all fired.
Box: And the one enjoying it the most is---
Voice: !! Oh, Nagashima Station's face came out!!
Voice: It's a restart, I'm sure she's powered up,
Voice: We're counting on you!!
Kanna: Kirukoooooo!

Box: My junior, Otonashi Kiruko,
Kiruko: Yeeeeees,
Box: An ex-mercenary novice policewoman!!
Kiruko: Leave it to meeeeee!
Box: As you would expect from her career, she's a newbie with monster-like fighting abilities
Voice: You're looking well, Kiruko-chan!
Kiruko: Uuuuuh
Kiruko: Thank you very much!!
Voice: !! Oh, she jumped!!
Box: ---But
Kiruko: !?
Box: That usually useless while on service.

Star: A miraculous revival on "Jump LIVE"! Color and 19 pages for the start of the serialization!!
Hirakata Masahiro
Text: Even if she's strong like a demon she's super quack!!
Text: Everyone's Kiruko is back!!
Kaette Kita! Shimai Fukei Kiruko-san //She's Back! Novice Policewoman Kiruko-san
Chapter 1 That Policewoman that Came Back - Otonashi Kiruko
JC "Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san" Volumes 1-3 are on sale with rave reviews!!

Chiaki: What
Chiaki: Are
Chiaki: You doing...? Kiruko!!
Kiruko: So...Sorry, Chiaki-san...
Chiaki: Like that's enough!
Chiaki: Do you understand the fear felt when someone suddenly falls on the patrol car you're in!?
Chiaki: Even if you're happy for being reinstated, that's too much!
Kiruko: But, but, it's a new beginning, you know!?
Kiruko: Don't you feel like doing it in a cool way!?
Kiruko: I want to do my best as a new novice policewoman!
Chiaki: That sounds like 2-year rice... //ok, lost pun, shinmai can mean novice or new rice, komai is old rice, kokomai is 2-year-old rice, Kiruko says shin shinmai which would be like new new rice if you took that meaning (that word doesn't exist btw)
Chiaki: I mean, if you're going to say so much then you're at least become able to do some actual work, right!?
Kiruko: Na...Naturally---
Haru: Hey, hey, Chiaki...
Chiaki: !?

Haru: Just this time, I'll fill in a petition for a new patrol car!
Chiaki: !?
Haru: We're finally back in action...Having a brand new patrol car would be nice, wouldn't it?
Kiruko: Eh...Re...Really, senpai!?
Haru: In exchange, you have to give it maintenance, ok?
Kiruko: Ye...Yes! Of course!!
Haru: That's about it, it's fine, right, Chief?
Chief: Well, it's ok, that patrol car was pretty run down too.
Chief: But it sure is unusual, to think Haru-kun would go and do something so bothersome by himself!
Bullet: He's right...What's wrong Anjou? Did you go mad?
Haru: Hmph... In times like this, the senpai have to take care of things.
Haru: Wait, "gone mad", old man...
Haru: So, teach me how to do the petition, Chiaki-san.
Chiaki: You're asking me in the end!?
Kiruko: Yay, a new car!!

Box: ---The next day
All: Oooooh!!
Haru: Even a mini patrol car is exciting when it's new!
Kiruko: Right, riiiiight!!!
Kiruko: Turning a new leaf is important! I've been tampering with it all morning.
Kiruko: With this, our range of activities will broaden!!
Kanna: We're counting on you, Kiruko!!
Haru(thinks): Well, well, look at her all merry...I'm glad she's so simple.
Haru(thinks): It seems everything will go according to my plan...!!

Haru(thinks): One of my dreams! "Driving with a big-breasted girl"!!
Box: Kiruko gets interested in the patrol car
Box: Kiruko starts driving it
Box: I take my time watching her breasts from the passenger seat
Box: Everyone's happy
Haru(thinks): Normally, sexual harassment could cost me my life...But Kiruko can't resist like this!!
Haru(thinks): Since she'll be concentrated on driving she shouldn't be able to deal with me.
Haru(thinks): I'll stare at them so much that a hole will open!!
Chief: Ah, Haru-kun, Haru-kun!
Haru: Yes?
Chief: I'm sure you know this but take care of it.
Chief: It's new, if by any chance it gets broken the higher-ups will give us a severe scolding.
Chief's sd: Especially to you
Haru: Haha, what are you saying? I know that much.
Haru: There's no way we'd do things that might get us scolded to the patrol car we just---

Haru: Got!
Haru: ...
Haru: Hey...
Haru: Wait a second, Kiruko...What was that?
Haru: What did you do to the patrol car!?
Kiruko: !? Eh..."What?"...I just customized it a bit.
Haru: Customize!? You mean that dangerous thing we got a glimpse of!!?
Haru: Hey, don't do unnecessary things!! I'm the one who'll need to take responsibility!!
Kiruko: No way...I didn't do anything unnecessary,
Kiruko: Weapons are completely necessary!
Bullet: I helped her by the way, Anjou!
Haru: That's out of the question!!!!

Haru: Pair of idiots, turn it back to normal! This is a crime!!
Kiruko: !? Eh...Wh...Which part of it!?
Haru: !? "Which part?"...This is why soldiers are...!!
Haru: Haa...At any rate, take that dangerous things off!
Haru: Jeez, for once, I'm glad this is Nagashima!
Haru: There's no real need to use patrol cars---
Chiaki: ...
Haru: Huh...?
Haru: Eeeh, what was that!? That was obviously above the speed limit!!
Haru: Wh...Why with this timing!?
Kiruko: Senpai!
Haru: !

Kiruko: Now, get on, quick!!
Kiruko: We'll catch them with this "Kill Patrol"!!
Haru(thinks): It ends up like this again!!
Kanna: Alright, go, Kiruko!
Kanna: It's the first battle!!
Kiruko: Thank you! I'll live to your expectations.
Kiruko: Let's hurry, senpai!!
Haru: Noooo
Kanna: Do your best, Kiruko!!
Man: Uhaha, amazing!! I never thought there was such a barren place in Japan,
Man: You can speed at will!!
Man: See? It's just like the rumors said, isn't it?
Man: ---Hm?
Man: Whoa, it's the cops!!
Man: Wh...What do we do!?
Man: Huh?
Man: Hey, hey, calm down, it's just one mini patrol car.
Man: If I get serious they'll never catch up to us.
Man: It's nothing to get scared of...

Man: From...
Kiruko: Sports car
Kiruko: Stop right there.
Kiruko: Ah!!
Kiruko: They ran away, Senpai! They ignored my warning.
Haru: Of course they did!
Haru: Even a tank would run away from this car!!

Haru: The equipment is even worse than I expected! Don't shoot them, ok, that's a crime!!
Haru: Let's finish this quick, speed up!
Kiruko: Ah...
Kiruko: Yo...You see, senpai...
Kiruko: The weapons are so heavy it won't speed up further!
Haru: You've got your priorities wrong!!
Kiruko: Bu...But there's no problem, senpai!
Kiruko: I properly installed nitro!!
Haru: !! Noooooooo!!
Man: Ah, that scared me...What was with that patrol car...?
Man: Hm?

Man: Deeeeeh!!
Man: Huh!? Why did that light car catch up with this 200HP sports car!!?
Man: I...It's kinda scary!!
Haru: Gyaaaaah, stop, if we get in an accident we'll definitely die!!
Kiruko: Don't worry, senpai! I've mastered driving fighter aircrafts!!
Haru: Waah...That sure is trustworthy...
Kiruko: Right!? Now, let's answer to everyone's expectations!!
Kiruko: ! Hm...?
Haru: ?
Haru: Kiruko?

Kiruko: ...The steering wheel won't budge...!!
Haru(thinks): We're done for!!
Kiruko: It seems nitro was really a bit too much for a mini patrol car...
Haru: Ah, jeez, I was wrong for giving Kiruko a patrol car!!
Haru: I at least will burn into my eyes those big breasts---
Kiruko: !? What's wrong, senpai!?
Haru: No...That's not it...
Haru: What I longed for was more...
Man: He...Hey, that patrol car is staggering.
Man: A...Alright, it's our chance!
Man: We'll make them crash on that curve!!

Haru: Gyaaah, it's over, we'll crash!!
Kiruko: I...I won't let it end like this! Because everyone in town---
Kiruko: Is expecting great things from me!!
Haru: !?
Kiruko: Haaaaaaaaah!!
Man: Huh!? Wh...What's with that policewoman!!?
Man: She's forcing the car to turn by kicking the wall!
Man: That's impossible!!

Kiruko: Now, I'll finish this here!
Kiruko: I'll show them that I'm no longer a novice now that I came back,
Kiruko: With this new special attack, "Kiruko Patrol Storm"!!
Haru: That naming sense...!!
Man: Wha...
Kiruko: Haaaaah!!

Kiruko: Fly awaaaaaaaay!!
Haru?: !!!!

Haru: ...!!
Kiruko: Ahaha, how was that, senpai!!?
Haru: !?
Kiruko: With this I've powered up once more!!
Kiruko: I'll answer to everyone's expectations more than ever!!
Haru: He...Hey, Kiruko!
Haru: This isn't time to be saying that...Loo-!
Kiruko: Eh?
Haru: Look to the frooooont!!

Box: Novice policewoman, Kiruko-san,
Box: Her outstanding fighting abilities help her on duty---
Haru: You...I...I'll have to write an apology again...!!
Kiruko: E...Everyone...Everyone's...Expectations...
Box: No, not really...!!
Mei: Ahahaha, just as expected, Kiruko!
Kiruko: !
Old Man: Yes, yes, this is what makes Kiruko-chan herself.
Kiruko: !!
Danna: It gives the feeling that she's back!!
Kiruko: !!!!
Kiruko: Eh...
Haru: ? What's up, Kiruko?
Kiruko: No...No, everyone, umm...What do you mean "Just as expected"---?
Kiruko: ...
Kiruko: Ah...
Kiruko: I...I'll do my best like this from now on!!
Haru: In the end it's just like always!
Text: Best regards once again!!
Box: Just like this, Kiruko-san starts working again!
Kaette Kita! Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 1/End

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