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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Sket Dance 253

Good-looking Sensation

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Aug 28, 2013 03:50 | Go to Sket Dance

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Sket Dance 253
//This is probably the first and last chapter I'll do of this, I only did it since the main translator of it was going to be off for a while, I hope I didn't do a bad job XD

B/W Cover
Jump Comics
Shinohara Kenta
Sket Dance

Chapter 253 Good-looking Sensation 7
Chapter 254 Hollywood Movie Stardust 27
Chapter 255 Fly Clad in Gold 47
Chapter 256 Big Brother - Little Sister 67
Chapter 257 Birdman (Part 1) 87
Chapter 258 Birdman (Part 2) 107
Chapter 259 Let's Go to the Ninja House! 127
Chapter 260 Album of Memories "Athletic Festival" 147
Chapter 261 Quest Dance - Soldier of the Counterattack 167

Tsubaki: You're spending your time in idle amusements again, just what do you do people do in the day? You just eat snacks and read manga, even sloth has its limits, for God's sake! //part of this phrase is cut
Tsubaki: Shouldn't you be using your once-in-a-lifetime high school days for something better!!? If you're going to do club activities then do them, if you're going to study then study, make yourselves clear.
Tsubaki: Phew...
Tsubaki: Enough,
Tsubaki: I give up...
Chapter 253 Good-looking Sensation

Bossun: We have nothing to do so it can't really be helped.
Bossun: Aren't we a club that starts operating when a client comes?
Bossun: To begin with, if no one has things to consult with us that just means everything's peaceful,
Bossun: It's actually a good thing.
Himeko: This guy is seriously uncool.
Himeko: It seems the Pocket Dan is doing quite good.
Bossun: Tch, why is it always them?
Bossun: Let's figure what's different between them and us.
Switch: Yeah.
Bossun: Eh...
Bossun: ...
Bossun: Huh?
Bossun: Wha...
Bossun: Eh, what?
Bossun: Eh? Why are you so quiet?
Bossun: ...Hey,
Bossun: Say something!
Bossun: Why are you looking at me!?
Bossun: What's with those "The answer is the leader's charm" eyes!!?
Bossun: Hey...Stop it already!!

Chuu: Huh!?
Chuu: You want a drug that turns you into a hunk?
Sign: Chemistry Preparation Room
Chuu: What's wrong, Bossun? What happened!!?
Chuu: They bullied you!!?
Chuu: What did you say!?
Himeko: Nothing.
Chuu: It has to be something pretty big for a high school senior to tell his chemistry teacher "Please make a drug to turn me into a hunk"!
Himeko: Well, I just said "If you say you don't have charm then you should just take a drug that turns you into a hunk!"...
Chuu: Why would you say that!?
Chuu: Well, I have it, though.
Himeko: You have it!?
Himeko: Eeeeeh, for real!?
Chuu: I remember making something like that when I made the Personality Alteration drug series.
Switch: The invention of the century gets treated like this.
Himeko: That's some messy way to manage it...

Chuu: This is it,
Chuu: "Pure Refined Refreshing Transparent Sake Resplendent Beauty" //I could make little sense of the name T_T, the original order was "Refined Sake Resplendent Beauty Transparent Refreshing Pure"
Himeko: Oooooooh!
Himeko: That sounds really clean!
Switch: You just said sake, is this ok?
Chuu: Of course, it's not sake, the name and the label were something I put because I was in the mood.
Chuu: If you drink this, your dirty heart will become clean and pure.
Bossun: Wait a second!!
Bossun: I'm not dirty!!
Bossun: No, I mean, the heart doesn't matter!!
Bossun: I just want to get cool quickly so that I can show off to them how people make a fuss over me!!
Himeko: He's really dirty!
Switch: He's far off from his original objective.
Chuu: Idiot!
Chuu: Listen, this isn't exactly what you wanted,
Chuu: But your idea of changing how you look is wrong!
Chuu: What's important is the inside!
Chuu: To begin with, if you polish your mind, it will naturally show on your face!
Chuu: Just drink it (to test it).
Himeko: What he's thinking is showing on his face!!

Bossun: Ok! You're right, the heart comes first!
Bossun: I'll drink it!
Bossun: Ugeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!!
Bossun: Geeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!!
Bossun: Gaaaaaaaaaaah!!
Bossun: Ugyaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!
Switch: He looks like Gokuu when he drank the sacred water.
Chuu: Is that so bad tasting...?
Himeko: You should stop making him go through this already...
Chuu: Oh! It seems his heart purification has ended.
Chuu: With this, he should be a good guy!!
Switch: Bossun is already a good guy, so wouldn't he not change much?
Himeko: That sure is vague.

Bossun: Yo!
Himeko: He's a real hunk!!
Himeko: What happened?
Himeko: Heeey!! That old man said he shouldn't change on the outside but his face changed a big deal!!
Switch: He's so much of a hunk that it's even unnatural.
Bossun: No way...
Bossun: I'm no hunk,
Bossun: Don't flatter me.
Himeko: He's a hunk!

Himeko: Eh!? Even his heart is that of a hunk!
Switch: I see
Switch: This really is a drug that cleanses your heart and makes it more charming and, just as Chuu-san said, it also has the effect of having the inner beauty show on the outside.
Himeko: What's up with that invincible drug!!?
Himeko: That's no good! If you make him a hunk in body and heart he's just a popular guy! That's just not Bossun!
Switch: You're casually saying something rather rude.
Bossun: Himeko.
Himeko: Wh...What is it?
Bossun: Your cute face will get ruined if you get so mad.
Bossun's sd: Ahaha
Himeko: He's a hunk!
Himeko: Heeeeey!!! What's up with you? Don't just say that so suddenly, you surprised me!
Himeko: But, that makes me happy, thanks!
Bossun: I should be the one thanking you, I'm normally too embarrassed to say it, but I'm really happy that you're always by my side.
Himeko: He's a hunk!!
Bossun: Whoa, I first have to thank God for letting me meet someone as cute as you, really, thanks.
Himeko: He's a...
Himeko: What's wrong with you!!?

Himeko: Really, just, stop it!
Himeko: Why are you saying so much compliments!!?
Bossun: Compli...Ments?
Himeko: He's a hunk!
Himeko: Uwaaaaaaah, stop it!!
Himeko: Hey, I beg you, just keep quiet!!
Switch: She doesn't get praised usually so she's really confused, huh.
Himeko: I'm going to get weird like this,
Himeko: Let's make some tea.
Bossun: Here, Chamomille tea.
Himeko: He's a hunk!
Himeko: It's fine already!! Why are you so kind and sensitive?
Himeko: Put a limit on your delicacy!!
Switch: Even when getting slapped unreasonably he's a hunk.

Yabasawa: Oh, it smells nice here,
Yabasawa: Can I have some tea too?
Himeko: Oh, Yabasawa-san.
Bossun: Hm,
Bossun: What?
Bossun: This is weird.
Bossun: Is this a national beauty contest hall?
Yabasawa: Oh gosh //Yabasu, I don't remember how this was translated before
Yabasawa: Eeeeeeh!!? What!? Didn't he just say something really hunk-ish!?
Himeko: ...
Bossun: Oh, I thought it was a potential idol but it's Yabasawa-san.
Bossun: That wasn't necessarily a mistake, though.
Yabasawa: Oh gosh
Bossun: Ahah, I want that angelical voice to wake me up every morning.
Yabasawa: Gosh
Bossun: Here, it's organic chai.
Yabasawa: Yaba...
Yabasawa: What is this!!?
Himeko: Well, a lot happened...
Yabasawa: I have to tell everyone!!

Tsubaki: Th...This is...!!
Girl: And I think I might be a natural airhead,
Girl: The guys in my class have told me I'm a weird girl.
Girl: What should I do?
Bossun: Puh
Bossun: Ahahahaha.
Bossun: You're a funny girl.
Bossun's sd: Ahaha
Tsubaki: He's a hunk!

Bossun: But, doesn't that mean you're just yourself?
Bossun: I don't dislike girls like that!!
Girl: Kyaaaaaaaah!!
Girl: Thank you very much.
Himeko: The next one please.
Tsubaki: What in the world is this!!?
Switch: I'll explain it with three lines: Leader Doping, Becoming a Hunk, Big Success.
Tsubaki: I didn't understand a thing!!
Tsubaki: Just what's going on here!!?
Bossun: Oh, isn't it Sasuke?
Tsubaki: Haa!?
Bossun: Everyone, let me introduce him to you, he's my cute lil' brother, Sasuke.
Tsubaki: Huuuuh!!?
Girls: Twins!
Girls: Hunk twins!
Himeko: They're liking it a lot!
Tsubaki: What are you trying to do, Fujisaki!!?
Bossun: "What?"...Well...Aren't we twin brothers?
Tsubaki: Eh?
Tsubaki: Yes...Well, that's true...
Tsubaki: Hmm? What's this feeling?

Kiri: Is something wrong, president?
Tsubaki: Kiri.
Girls: Kyaah, it's Kiri-kun.
Enigman: What's this commotion about?
Girl: I-
Girl: It's Akkun
Girl: Hey...
Girl: Wait...
Girl: Isn't this amazing?
Girl: It's Kaimei's 5 hunks!!
Himeko: The one in the middle is too much of an upstart!
Himeko: What's up with this!?
Takako: Scoop, scoop.
Takako: Let's make an article about this titled "KAIMEI 5" for the newspaper, Rumi-chan!
Rumi: Yes! I've got mixed feelings about this, though.
Yagi: KAIMEI 5...

Himeko?: An introductory video for the school?
Yagi: The broadcasting club will make one to show it to potential new students, I want to film students having a fun school life,
Yagi: So I'd like KAIMEI 5 to appear in it.
Bossun: No problem.
Himeko: He doesn't stop!!
Himeko: He keeps rising up! What's with him!?
Yagi: Then, the filming will be after school tomorrow,
Yagi: Switch-kun, I'm counting on you too.
Switch: Roger that.
Bossun: The time before we meet again tomorrow will feel like an eternity.
Himeko: Yagi-chan completely ignored that, as expected of her!
Himeko: Hey, Bossun, let's stop this,
Himeko: Acting like a hunk doesn't suit you.
Bossun: Aah?
Himeko: Hmm?
Himeko: Eh...What?
Himeko: Aren't you...Less radiant?
Switch: Hmm, it seems the drug is losing effect.
Bossun: Eeh!?

Bossun: I'll go get more from Chuu-san.
Switch: That's useless.
Chuu: If you take too much of that drug, the recoil when it loses its effect is worse.
Switch: He said you shouldn't drink more as it’s dangerous.
Himeko: If it's that dangerous don't make him take it!
Bossun: Th...Then...
Switch: Yeah.
Switch: You'll have to be natural for the filming.
Bossun: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!!
Himeko: Puh
Himeko: Ah, I laughed.
Bossun: ...
Bossun: ...

Switch: The filming ended safely.
Switch: This is a rough edited DVD.
Himeko: Oh!
Himeko: ...
Himeko: Hmm?
Himeko: Where's Bossun?
Switch: ...
Himeko: Eh?
Himeko: What!?
Himeko: Hey, hey, what happened!?
Himeko: Did he run away?
Switch: No, he went to the filming
Switch: But he said he wanted to be alone once it was over and left.
Himeko: That's exactly what you do when you know you've done it!!
Switch: For the time being, just watch the footage.
Himeko: Poor guy.
Himeko: It started.
Switch: By the way, it doesn't have sound for now.
Himeko: Oh, here you are!

Switch: It's a scene where we were chatting on the corridors.
Himeko: Eni is a hunk when he's not speaking.
Himeko: Why are you acting like you're chatting!?
Himeko: Eeh!?
Himeko: Hmm...Bossun?
Himeko: He's a hunk!
Himeko: Didn't the drug lose its effect!?
Himeko: What are you blending in for!
Switch: It seems he sneaked inside the chemistry prep room and took it.
Himeko: Is he a kid!?

Himeko: What's with him!?
Himeko: We...Well, it's better than ruining it with a nervous face,
Himeko: Ok, just keep being a hunk.
Himeko: ...
Himeko: ...Hm?
Himeko: What?
Himeko: ...Hey...
Himeko: Eh...
Himeko: Isn't his face getting thicker!?
Himeko: Why!?
Switch: It seems he went and drank the whole bottle.
Himeko: What's he doing!!?
Himeko: Eeeeh!? What's going on!!? The drug took way to much effect!!?
Switch: It's a drug that has that cleansing effect with just one cup, drink one bottle and...
Switch: And your heart will be extremely purified.
Himeko: What's that? It's scary!!?
Himeko: Isn't he glowing!!?

Himeko: Bossuuuuuuuuuuun!!!
Himeko: Noooooooooooooo!!
Switch: The cleanness of his heart overflowed to his face and he became like Buddha.
Himeko: That's no longer a hunk!!
Bossun: I've thrown away my worldly desires and realized that such thing as a hunk isn't but a deception.
Himeko: He reached enlightenment!!!
Switch: The squirrels and rabbits came near!
Himeko: That's too much charm!!
Himeko: What's this!?
Himeko: What's with this situation!!?
Himeko: This is an introductory video for the school!?

Himeko: This got really crazy!
Himeko: Where's Bossun!!?
Switch: I think he's on the rooftop.
Himeko: Bossuuuuun!!
Himeko: He's here!!
Switch: This is bad, he's going to Nirvana!
Himeko: What are you doing, Bossun?
Himeko: You've become to clean, come baaaack!!
Bossun: Tch, that damn clerk, he went and did a sloppy job, I'll call to complain a lot of times to get him fired.
Bossun: To begin with, that slope is too hard, well, I saw an apple a hag dropped rolling and I rolled on the floor laughing, though.
Switch: Well, the drug's recoil turned him into a garbage.
Bossun: Ah-ah, won't all the other guys except me just die?
Himeko: He's horrible!!

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