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Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 22

22nd Clause

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Aug 28, 2013 23:42 | Go to Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho

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Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 22

Kuon: I'll show you
22nd Clause
Kuon: My power.

22nd Clause

Kyuuki: "I'll show you", you say?
Kyuuki: Hmph, interesting.
Kyuuki: Then, I'll show you my power!
Kuon: Your power?
Kuon: You just have the power of one tail and you brag that much, you really are a fool.
Kyuuki: What!!?
Kuon: Don't you understand after seeing this number of tails?

Shin: Tails?
Shin(thinks): Kuon's tails, 1, 2, 3...8. She certainly has more than Kyuuki,
Shin(thinks): But how is that related...?
Shin: Ah!
Shin(thinks): It can't be!!
Kuon: That's right,
Kuon: Who you're about to fight now has the power of eight of you.
Shin(thinks): And since Kyuuki only has one tail she only has the power of one of her! //Yeah, the original sentence is pretty redundant...

Kuon: Go!!
Kyuuki: !!

Kyuuki: Kuh...
Kuon: Come on, if you don't tear that off it'll eat you.
Shin: Kyuuki!!
Shin(thinks): If I touch it using the grimoire's powers from the side I might be able to get rid of it!
Shin: Owah!
Shin: Damn it...
Shin(thinks): She can bring out another one!?
Kuon: Hey, Shin,
Kuon: Could you not get in the way?
Kuon: I'm fighting this impostor right now.

Kuon: If you get in the way I won't have mercy.
Shin: Wha...
Shin(thinks): She's totally different to has she was just now.
Shin(thinks): The intimidation air she gives is so amazing it can't be compared to that of the other demons I've met so far.

Kyuuki: Don't get...
Kyuuki: Cocky!!
Kyuuki: If you're that curious I'll show it to you!
Kyuuki: My power!!

Shin(thinks): That's
Shin(thinks): What she used when she fought Shax!?
Shin: Stop!! Don't use it here!!
Kyuuki: Shut up!!
Kyuuki: Kagutsuchi

p10 //no dialog

Shin: Cough
Shin: Cough
Shin: Idiot!! You overdid it!!
Kyuuki: Shut up.
Kyuuki: Anyway, with this she...
Kuon: Is that all?
Kuon: I guess that's all an impostor's power amounts to.
Kuon: Such a letdown.

Kyuuki: She's unharmed!?
Shin(thinks): You're kidding me. It might've been a bit weaker than last time since she shot it so suddenly, but...
Shin(thinks): What should we do!?
Shin: Damn it.

Shin(thinks): At any rate, I have to do something about that and silence Kuon!
Shin(thinks): If I use the grimoire's power then...!

Shin(thinks): Now!!
Shin(thinks): If I get rid of this monster with the grimoire's power...!!!
Shin: I'll destroy this...

Shin(thinks): Wh...What's going on!?
Shin(thinks): Forget about nullifying it, I can't even read the flow of mana!?
Shin(thinks): Just why...!?
Shin: Gah!?

Kyuuki: Shin!!
Kuon: I warned you, if you interfere I won't have mercy.
Kyuuki: You idiot, I told you that much to not get involved...
Kuon: And Shin, you no longer can use the grimoire.
Shin: Wha...
Kuon: Originally, to use the grimoire's powers you consume mana, why do you think just a human like you could actually use it?
Kuon: The answer is simple, because I, an infinite supply of magic, was sealed within it.

Shin(thinks): Then, I can't use that power anymore and I'm just a...
Kuon: Now that you understand, it's time to part.
Kuon: Farewell, Shin.

Kyuuki: !!
Kuon: Even if she's not as strong as she claims she certainly is fast escaping.

Kuon: To think that she could escape from me that easily.
Kuon: As expected from someone that has dark powers.
Kuon: Well, there's no need to hurry on their pursue...
Kuon: What...My body suddenly feels...Heavy...
Kuon: It's not like I used that much power, so why?

Kuon: What's this?
Kuon: Kuh,
Kuon: The mana in my body is overreacting...
Kuon: Is this the effect of getting out of the grimoire? Or was it from when Shin used my power...?
Kuon: A-Anyway, if I don't put this mana under control...

Kuon: Haa
Kuon: Haa
Kuon: Fuu
Kuon: Fuu
Kuon: I...It settled down...?
Kuon: Did this happen because I separated from the book while being away from my other half...?
Kuon: But, if that were true, why can Kyuuki be fine...?
Kuon: I don't understand the reason, but if I absorb her and go back to normal I should find the answer.

Kuon: I won't let you go next time...
Kiri: Good grief...
Kiri: This has become a bit troublesome...
22nd Clause/END

Kiri's sd: Things got ugly again.

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