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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 23

23rd Clause

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Aug 28, 2013 23:43 | Go to Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho

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Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 23

23rd Clause

Aoi: Who's there!?
Shin: Uwawah!
Aoi: Ka-Kamishiro-kun?
SFX: Doooon
Aoi: Kyah!
Shin: Uwaaah

Shin: Mm...?
Shin: !!
Shin(thinks): Wh-What is this!!?
Shin: Mph
Aoi: Uh....n
Shin(thinks): Anyway, I have to think with all I have how to get out of this!
Shin(thinks): Or else my life will be in danger when Kurosaki regains consciousness!

Both: Eh...
Shin: Wa-Wait, it wasn't on purpose, I was trying to...
Aoi: Ki...
Aoi: Ky...
Aoi: Kyaaaaaaaaaah

Aoi: Kyuuki's other half came out?
Aoi: What happened next?
Shin: Well, we ran away...
Aoi: Even though you were with him...So pathetic.
Kyuuki: Sh-Shut up!
Aoi: Anyway, I'll check with the Church if they're tracking her.
Shin: Kurosaki, wait.
Aoi: What?
Shin: There's another bad news that I have to tell you besides the thing with Kyuuki's other half, Kuon.

Aoi: You can't use the grimoire's power anymore?
Shin: ...
Aoi: Is that true?
Kyuuki: Yes.
Shin: Yeah, there's no mistake...
Shin: Before, just by touching something, information came to my brain and I got to know how to cancel magic in an instant.
Shin: But now I can't feel that anymore.

Shin: Kuon will come again.
Shin(thinks): But when that happens I'll be the only one that will have to hide in the shadows...
Shin(thinks): Damn it...
Kyuuki: ...
Kiri: That's not true.
Kiri: Your power hasn't disappeared.

Shin: You are...Kirihara!
Kiri: It's been a while, we haven't met since the church incident, huh?
Aoi: Before saying things like "It's been a while", that's illegal trespassing...
Kyuuki's sd: That's right, that's right!!
Shin's sd: That's right, that's right
Kiri: Ah, sorry, sorry.
Aoi: Kamishiro-kun? The same goes for you, you know?
Shin: Ah...Ye...Yes ma'am.
Shin's sd: Sorry
Aoi's sd: Haa
Aoi: Well, it's ok.
Aoi's sd: It's not, but anyway

Aoi: So, Kirihara-san, what do you mean that Kamishiro-kun's power isn't lost?
Kiri: To be precise, you lost the infinite amount of mana, you didn't lose the book's knowledge.
Shin: But, back then, nothing...
Kiri: It's natural you can't use it, that grimoire's power requires an incredible amount of mana.
Kiri: If you use it now you could lose your life.
Shin: My life!?
Kiri: Normally, if you don't have enough mana you can't use magic,
Kiri: But, you can compensate for mana with other types of power.
Shin: You don't mean...
Kiri: That's right...

Kiri: Life...No, I should say life force.
Shin(thinks): !?
Kiri: Well, it's ok, just once won't kill you.
Kiri: Probably.
Kiri's sd: Haha
Shin: Hey!
Kiri: But really, just once, if you use it twice or more on a day you really might die.
Kiri: Will you use it knowing that?
Shin(thinks): So I might die if I use it...

Kiri: Well, at any rate, you should hurry, the grimoire will consume her ego soon.
Shin: What!?
Kiri: After she fought with you earlier, I saw her acting weird and I'm now convinced.
Kuon: If I don't put this mana under control...
Kiri: Her body is being wrapped with black mana.
Shin: Black mana?
Kiri: Hmm, how should I explain this?
Kiri: Maybe I should call it the grimoire's security system.
Kiri: When a demon becomes a catalyst and is partitioned somehow it automatically activates and attaches to them like a parasite.

Kiri: The book's darkness slowly eats into her and takes over her personality.
Kiri: In the end, she might become a real demon and become an existence that only lives to destroy.
Kiri: That's why, before it's too late, you have to suppress her and use your power to take her away from it.
Shin: That means I have to do something before the book encroaches completely into her.
Kiri: That's right,
Kiri: You're the only one in the world who can do it.
Kiri: In short,

Kiri: It depends on you.
Shin: It depends...On me...
Aoi: Yes, Kurosaki here.
Aoi: Yes.
Aoi: !?

Shin: What's wrong?
Aoi: Just now, one of the church's squads captured a demon that is thought to be Kuon.
Shin: What!?
Kiri: This is bad, then, we can't avoid battle.
Kiri: If that happens, the grimoire's darkness' encroachment will hasten.
Shin(thinks): If I use the grimoire's power I might die,
Shin(thinks): But!

Shin: Let's go Kyuuki, before it's too late!
Kyuuki: You...
Kyuuki's sd: Hmph
Kyuuki: You're right,
Kyuuki: We can save the chat for later.
Shin: Yeah.

Aoi: Good grief...
Shin: Kurosaki?
Aoi: I'll go too.
Shin: Yeah,
Shin: Sorry.
Kiri: I'll say it again, Kamishiro-kun, try not to forget what I just said.
Kiri: The amount of mana needed to use the grimoire is immense.
Kiri: Just use it once,
Kiri: If you use it more than once you might die.

Shin: Yeah,
Shin: I know.

Kuon(thinks): These people haven't changed at all in all these years.
Kuon: Fools that believe that they're justice.

Kuon: Fine, come at me.
23rd Clause/END

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