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Shokugeki no Souma 37

Sensual Karaage (3)

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Aug 28, 2013 23:45 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use or post anywhere else without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 37
//the cover/color pages are gorgeous, they're so amazing that I just can't...

Big Text(red): A First-rate manga
Big Text(red): Is ready to be eaten!!
Text(Purple/red): In commemoration of JC volume 4 about to be released and the 1,400,000 copies in print!!
Text(yellow): Lead color pages!!
Text(Black): Shokugeki-no SOMA

(cutlery) 37 Sensual Karaage (3)
Big Text: Karaage
Text: Rising steam, the aroma of spices that tickles your nose,
Text: The chicken meat's soft consistency,
Text: The hot meat juice that goes along your lips...
Text: Using the dish everyone loves and that continues to color Japan's dining tables
Text: As arrows
Text: And as spears,
Text: The decisive battle was about to start---
Text: Sumiredoori Shopping District
Text(red): Now, let the battle begin!
Text(yellow): The summer encampment of Karaage!!
Star: Just before JC Volume 4 is on sale! As thanks for the great popularity and to commemorate the 1,400,000 copies in print, lead color pages!!
"Shokugeki-no SOMA"

Big Text: Let's polish the blade called "will"
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Text(yellow): The Tankoubon have a total of over 1,400,000 copies printed!!
Text(purple): The newest volume 4
Text(purple/Yellow): Will be on sale this Wednesday (September 4th)!!
Asterisk: The design is still on the works
Arrow: The manga starts on page 33

Man: People holding the in-station store's paper bags
Man: Are passing through our shopping district.
Man: I've got used to this scenery already...
Man: Even though this time just before dinner...Was supposed to be our busiest time.
Man: I mean, the locational advantage is too big,
Man: They can appeal to the customers that come to the station from all directions...
(cutlery): The battle between the in-station stores and the shopping district starts!!
Man: Souma-chan said that he would steal the customers back, but...
Man: Can he really do that...?

Souma: What's the tastiest way of eating Karaage?
Ikumi?: ...? Well...
Ikumi?: Of course, they're the best when they're just-made---
Souma: Right?
Souma: But, Mozuya's dishes aren't always like that.
Mayumi: Eh...What do you mean?
Souma: For the customers that take them by train,
Souma: They put it inside tightly-sealed packages so that the smell doesn't leak out, right?
Souma: And you can't just start eating inside that tidy station.
Souma: Those dishes aren't meant to be eaten right away...But when you get home!
Mayumi: You're right...When my mom bought Mozuya's Karaage,
Mayumi: It got cold and we had to reheat it in the microwave...

Souma: You're not bound to that on a shopping district!
Souma: I mean, there's even places that advertise by saying you can eat their food while walking.
Souma: You bite on it when it's just-fried and hot!!
Souma: Karaage really must be like that!
Souma: Moreover, there's a lot of schools, from primary schools to colleges, around here.
Souma: The streets will be full of people wanting to buy and eat at dusk...! //like, buy it and eat it right away
Ikumi: I see! There's no need to make meals you can take home...The so-called "HMR" like them... //HMR = Home Meal Replacement
Ikumi: We have to make use of our local advantage!
Souma: Exactly!
Souma: The keywords are "Karaage you eat while walking!!",
Souma: With this we have a chance of winning, right!?

Yuuya: Wo....Woooooh! I'm on fire!!
Yuuya: Souma-chan! I'll try to make some experiments too!
Souma: Eh?
Yuuya: Little as it may be, I have a Bento shop!
Yuuya: Let's join our forces to defeat Mozuya!
Yuuya: Alright, let's do thiiiiiis!!
Souma: Ye-Yeah...Well, do your best...
Souma: A package to eat it on the spot...
Souma: Add a toothpick...
Souma: I guess something like this!
Souma: And, I made some Karaage with a seasoning that primary and middle school students might like...
Souma: Curry powder,
Souma: And some other covered with grated cheese.

Souma: How are they?
Mayumi: Hmmm, they're tasty...But,
Mayumi: I have the feeling that Mozuya's Karaage was more satisfying
Mayumi: And that this hasn't reached that point yet...
Souma: I see! If we put them in this package so that they can be eaten with a toothpick
Souma: They must be small-sized...
Souma: Like that, we lose against Mozuya's dish' fleshiness.
Ikumi: And the seasoning only stays on the surface like this...
Ikumi: We must let live the ingredients' good points too.
Mayumi: Ah! Why don't we put the Karaage on a skewer?
Mayumi: You can eat it single-handedly like that.
Souma: Hmm...But there's a lot of places that sell Karaage like that,
Souma: So it might not have much impact.
Mayumi: Hmm, I see...

Souma(thinks): The package must be novel and have individuality,
Souma(thinks): And at the same time, we must make the flavor better...
Souma(thinks): An idea that incorporates these two points and that will let us fight against Mozuya---
Souma: ...
Souma: I know! I have a notebook with recipes I tried as a kid,
Souma: I'll go fetch it from my room!
Mayumi(thinks): Yukihira-kun's room...
Ikumi(thinks): Yukihira's room...
SFX: Silence...
Mayumi(thinks): I...I'm alone with her now!
Mayumi(thinks): I-I have to say something...

Mayumi(thinks): Ermmm, ermmm-
Mayumi: U...Umm, Mito-san...
Mayumi: I-Is high school fun?
Ikumi: Huh?
Mayumi(thinks): Aah! That's not it! I wanted to ask how Yukihira-kun is in high school
Mayumi(thinks): But I ended up saying something that could be written on a letter from a middle school teacher...!
Teacher Text:{
Is high school fun?
Sensei is as always
Box: She's confused.
Ikumi: ...
Ikumi(thinks): ---This girl...She knows how Yukihira was on middle school, right?
Ikumi(thinks): A so-called childhood friend?
Ikumi(thinks): !... Why am I so irritated right now?

Mayumi: Mi-Mito-san, you're also amazing.
Mayumi: To think you're in the strictest cooking school in Japan.
Mayumi: I don't have any redeeming features so I think it's amazing...
Ikumi: Not really...It's not that much.
Ikumi: There's a lot of useless people there too.
Ikumi: There's a super incompetent guy close to me! (cd: Just remembering him gets me angry)
Ikumi: He's really unreliable!
Mayumi: O-Ok...
Ikumi: ...Well, but,
Ikumi: O-Only Yukihira
Ikumi: Isn't...So bad.
Mayumi(thinks): Mito-san...
Mayumi(thinks): Is she perhaps...

Mayumi(thinks): In love with Yukihira-kun---
Mayumi: U-
Mayumi: Umm
Souma: Ah...Sorry,
Souma: You ok, Nikumi!?
Ikumi: ...!
Ikumi: What the hell are you doing, Yukihiraaa!
Mayumi(thinks): ...Was it my imagination...?
Souma: The "breast meat" they use on Mozuya
Souma: Is low on calories and light on fat so women like it.
Ikumi: But if you want the flavor to come out good when it's just-fried
Ikumi: Isn't "leg meat" better as it's juicier and more flexible than breast meat?
Souma: Alright! Let's make some tests with that!

Mayumi: !
Mayumi: It's true...! It's juicier than before!
Ikumi: Leg meat is the most popular with the kids by far even on fried chicken restaurants.
Ikumi: This will be a better stimulant for the students' appetite!
Souma: I see... As expected from the Meat Master!
Ikumi: Hehe...Oh stop it, you...
Mayumi: Me...Meat Master?
Souma: What about the ingredients for the sauce we'll rub on the leg meat?
Ikumi: Let's see, first, some soy sauce and cayenne pepper powder---
Ikumi: Let's try using corn starch for the coating next time.
Souma: Ah, I didn't prepare that!
Mayumi: I...I'll go buy it!
Mayumi(thinks): We had nothing in the beginning
Mayumi(thinks): But the ideas keep piling up

Mayumi(thinks): These two...
Mayumi(thinks): Are really amazing---!
Ikumi?: Alright! The flavor is getting there.
Souma: Yeah! Now...
Souma: We have to think how people should eat it---
Yuuya: Souma-chaaaan!
Souma: Chairman?
Yuuya: It's complete!! An innovative dish that concentrates "Bento Shop Tomita"'s wisdom,
Yuuya: It's perfect for the “eat while walking” concept!
Yuuya: Look!
Yuuya: A "Karaage Onigiri"!!
Ikumi: ...That already exists...
Mayumi: Yes...
Mayumi: I've seen them on convenience stores...
Yuuya(thinks): So embarrassing!
Ikumi(thinks): So unreliable...

Yuuya: A...And I thought this could work...
Yuuya: I mean, Karaage and rice are the strongest combination...
Souma(thinks): Novelty and impact
Souma(thinks): Easy to carry...
Souma(thinks): And with a great flavor---
Yuuya: ---Souma-chan! That idea is amazing!!
Yuuya: We must do that!

Yuuya: Alright...! Let's start a large-scale campaign with the sale of the Karaage!
Yuuya: I must make some banners and fliers! Let's see...
Yuuya: I might be done in about a week!
Yuuya: We're getting busy!
Souma: No...We're starting
Souma: Tomorrow's evening!
Yuuya: !!?
Yuuya: Hey, printer!
Yuuya: Open up please!
Man: Oh, shut up!! What hour do you think it is? I'll beat you up, chairman!
Yuuya: Eeeek! Sorry! U-Umm...
Yuuya: There's something I would like you to print as soon as possible!!
Man: Huh?
Ikumi: That's right! Chicken legs!!
Ikumi: I'll send you a list of the other necessary ingredients.
Ikumi: Deliver them to the address I sent you!

Ikumi: They must arrive at 5 A.M. tomorrow!!
Voice: No way! Ikumi-ojousama, I can't do that from one day to another...
Ikumi: Huh!? You have enough time if you arrange it right now!
Ikumi: If you are even one second late...
Ikumi: You know what'll happen, ok?
Voice: Ye-Yeees!!
Hiro: You just came back and you're rattling around...
Hiro: What are you doing, Nee-chan...?
Mayumi: Ah! Hiro-kun! Please, help me out...!
Hiro: Eh?
Mayumi(thinks): I too...
Mayumi(thinks): Have to help in anything I can!
Souma: It's a "surprise attack"!!
Souma: Before dinner...Is the time of the day where the side dish war reaches its peak,
Souma: We won't let them counterattack

Souma: And attack the enemy's stronghold at once!
Box: The next day, early in the morning---
Voice: ---So,
Voice: What happened with that issue?
Kinu: There were no problems!
Kinu: You're there to back us up so this is to be expected.
Voice: Don't lower your guard.
Guy: Seeing through the market trends and continuing to take the best measures quickly...
Guy: It's one of business' iron rules.
Kinu: You're too young to worry that much, everything's going perfectly!
Kinu: If anything, it seems a brat from the shopping district is making a move...
Guy: Brat...?
Kinu: Well, it's a trivial thing! It's not even worth reporting.

Kinu: Anyway! Business is roaring as always!!
Kinu: It's a matter of time before this town is dyed with Mozuya's color!
Guy: ...Investigate him just to be sure,
Guy: Report immediately if anything happens,
Guy: Ok?
Kinu(thinks): ---Tch...
Kinu(thinks): That smartass is overthinking it...
Guy: ...
Guy: Hey, what are you doing? It's time.
Guy: Shut up...I know.
Guy: What was today's agenda?
Guy: You didn't read the notification...?

Guy: The "Autumn Election",
Guy: We're narrowing down the first years that will participate in it.
Guy: Tch...What a pain in the ass.
Guy: Why do we have to do that on holidays?
Guy: Phew...It can't be helped.
Text: Tenth Seat Nakiri Erina

Satoshi: This is also an important duty.
Text: Seventh Seat Isshiki Satoshi

Satoshi: One we, Tootsuki's Elite Ten must do---
Cutlery: The elite ten's shadow is behind Mozuya...Next issue, the decisive battle---!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 37/End

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