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Kaette Kita! Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 2

The Battle for the Top of Nagashima Primary School!!

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Sep 4, 2013 02:18 | Go to Kaette Kita! Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san

-> RTS Page for Kaette Kita! Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 2

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Kaette Kita! Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 2
//Just a thumbs up, this was only 4 chs long

Sign: Anjou
Text: This time we have a battle between popular characters!!
Haru: Hey, I bought food!
Haru: Jeez, why do I have to...?
Mei: You're laaaate!! What were you doing!?
Mei: You didn't buy any extra things, right!? You parasite!!
"Kaette Kita! Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san"
Haru: Wha...I...I didn't!!
Mei: Really!? We're the ones paying, ok!!?
Magazine: Weekly Erotic Era
Mei?: !! Ah!
Haru: Ah...No...No, that is umm...
Haru: Kids shouldn't be looking at that---
Mei: ...
Mei's sd: Hmph...

Haru: ---And then she laughed scornfully at me!! Isn't that little girl cruel!!?
Kiruko: Well...This happens all the time,
Kiruko: But, what does that say about you as an adult, senpai...?
Kiruko: Leaving that aside, Rai-kun and Mei-chan look well.
Kiruko: They even started attending primary school this week...
Haru: You're right...Seeing them with a backpack is really unbelievable.
Haru: It just feels out of place...I even wonder if it's really ok.
Kiruko: I'm sure they're doing fine! They'll make lots of friends!
Haru: Hmm, I wonder, maybe Rai, but Mei... (cd: Hahaha)
Chief: Heeey, Haru-kun, Kiruko-chan,
Chief: They're calling from the primary school,
Chief: They say it's about Mei-chan!

p3 //so Kanna has orange hair while Mei's pink and Rai's blue, huh...
Kaette Kita! Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 2 The Battle for the Top of Nagashima Primary School!!
Hirakata Masahiro
Star: The outbreak of a battle between (small) women!? The restart of the serialization had a great response, the second chapter with a color page and 17 pages total!!
Big Text: This is a battle where they can't lose!!!

Mei: Everyone
Mei: Stand in a rooooow!!
Mei: We'll begin with the hellish special training "Army-style Tag" again today!!
Kids: Sir, yes sir!!
Mei: I can't heaaaaaar you!!
Kids: Sir, yes sir!!
Old Man: It's not like she hasn't blended in,
Old Man: Rather, she's unified the students by force like that---
Old Man: At this rate, she'll really have a bad influence on them,
Old Man: However, no one can really warn a girl that's walking with Gatling guns on her hands...
Mei: Run, run!
Haru: A reign of terror...? What's is that mercenary girl doing!!? //lost pun, Haru calls her "youjo" which would usually just be "little girl" but he changes the kanji so that the "you" part is the first kanji for "mercenary" ("youhei")
Haru: Hey, Mei!!
Mei: !

Mei: Oh? It's Kiruko and the parasite,
Mei: Why are you at school?
Haru: It's not "Why?” we were called because of you!!
Haru: Stop that dangerous game of tag!! //He actually says it's "realistic" as the Japanese for the game of tag is "onigokko" (lit. Playing demon) and they call "it" a "demon"
Mei: Eh? Why? We're just playing.
Mei: More importantly, look, I have this much friends!
Haru: They're all cowering with fear!!
Haru: Listen, Mei...You can't call them your friends when they are like that, think carefully!
Kiruko: He's right, Mei-chan...
Kiruko: You must treasure your friends...!!
Mei: Eh, is that so? But~~~
Mei: I don't want you two to lecture me.
Mei: I mean, you're a parasite that Mei is giving food to
Mei: And a worthless policewoman that knows less of the world than Mei!
Haru: ---So...
Haru: We couldn't do anything...

Haru: Please help us, Kanna-san!!
Kanna: Haa~~~...
Kanna: Why did you come to me!? Do something yourselves!!
Haru: I...I'm sorry!!
Kiruko: It's no good...We're no good at all!!
Kanna: Well...That woman certainly is causing trouble all around the school,
Kanna: Actually, I've warned her a few times but it was no good!
Haru: Ple...Please do something about that...We can only rely on the school boss, you, Kanna-san!
Haru: I beg you, Kanna-sama, cabinet minister!!
Kanna: It can't be helped...If you say that much I can do it for you...!
Mei: Ahaha, what are you saying, runt!?
Both: !

Kiruko: Mei-chan!!
Mei: Do you plan to pick on a fight with Mei again?
Mei: Well, I can understand that you're jealous about Mei's popularity.
Haru?: Hey!! You can't really call that popularity...
Kanna: ...
Kanna: Listen, listen carefully...
Kanna: What you're doing is only "ruling over them",
Kanna: Since you're using force you can't exactly call that friendship...Do you understand?
Mei: I don't understand!
Mei: Eh? I mean, everyone's so kind with me, this can't be but friendship, right?
Haru: This is...Looks pretty hard even for Kanna-chan...
Kiruko: I...It seems so...!

Rai: Sorry...It seems Mei is causing trouble again...
Haru: !! Whoa, Rai-kun, when did you get behind me!?
Rai: Mei doesn't have an ill will...She just doesn't understand what a friend really is---
Rai: I've warned her too, but every time I did she hit me in the shadows...
Haru: You have it as hard as always...
Kiruko: Mei-chan...This isn't ok, this isn't the battlefield.
Mei: !
Kiruko: Nothing good will come out of using strength to force things to happen.
Kiruko: That's why---
Kiruko: You shouldn't rely on weapons, Mei-chan!!
Kanna: Kiruko, keep quiet,
Kanna: You can't say that.
Mei: Ahahaha, what's with that, Kiruko? It's so funny!!
Haru(thinks): Damn it...She's making light of adults...
Haru(thinks): Hm?
Haru: ...Hey...We're getting nowhere like this,
Kanna: !
Haru: How about this, Kanna-san?

Haru: We'll have a little contest here!
Kanna: !?
Haru: I mean, lecturing Mei won't have any effect
Haru: And we can make it so that the one who loses pulls back quietly!
Kiruko: Se...Senpai!? What are you---
Haru: It's ok, it's not a fight or anything like that...Just leave it to me!
Haru(thinks): Kukuku...That's right, this is education...
Haru(thinks): We'll just use Kiruko again like on that "kick the drum" time---
Haru(thinks): I'll take revenge for laughing scornfully at my porn mags---!!
Haru's sd: Bufufufufu
Mei: Ok, come at me! Well, but there's no way a genius girl like Mei-chan
Mei: Would lose to a bunch of losers like you---!!
Kanna: Phew...Ok, but, Haru, what will that contest be!?
Haru: Hm? Ah,
Haru: Let's see...For example---

Haru: Dodge ball
Haru: ---Maybe!
Mei: You all want to watch how Mei shines, right? Look forward to it!
Kanna: That felt soooo forced!
Haru(thinks): Kuku...Stupid mercenary girl, there's no way we'll lose,
Haru(thinks): We have Kiruko on our side...!!
Mei: Then, let's begin!!
Mei: However, Mei is older and ultra-strong...So I'll give you a 4 vs 1 handicap.
Mei: Three of the runts---And the parasite!
Haru: Eh?

Haru: Eeh, m...Me!?
Haru: Why!? Why me!?
Kiruko: ? Well, if I participated it would be unfair...
Kiruko's sd: I'm the referee.
Kiruko: Senpai, do your best!!
Kiruko: I'm waiting to see how senpai will convince Mei-chan!
Haru: No, no, that's not...Stop saying weird things...
Mei: Alright, here I go,
Mei: I'm going to make you realize Mei's amazingness!!
Mei: Take thiiiiiis!!

Haru: !! Gweeeeh!!
Kiruko: On the face, safe!!
Mei: Ah, geez, parasite, you're in the way!!
Kanna: Alright, nicely done, Haru!!
Kanna: Just understand it already! Friendship
Kanna: Is something that begins when both begin to understand each other's pain!!
Mei: Hmm, then,
Mei: That means I can be rougher---!?
Kanna: Were you even listening!!?

Kanna: Ah, geez, maybe she isn't getting the message!?
Kiruko: On the face, safe!!
Kanna: I mean, if you know that much, then stop bringing Gatling guns to school!
Mei: Why? If I were hiding them, people would be wary of me!
Mei: Well, Mei is popular because she's frank about that!
Kanna: This will never end!!
Mei: I'm telling you that's a deviant attitude!!
Mei: And that you're proud about it makes you nastier than Kiruko!!
Mei: Eh, aren't you weirder then, runt?
Mei: Mei doesn't like jealousy---!
Thought: Do your best, Kanna-chan!!
Kiruko: On the face, safe!!
Kanna: Guh...This is getting tiresome...Isn't that woman an ex-mercenary like Kiruko!?
Kanna: Why did you challenge her to a physical strength match, lowlife!!
Haru: So...Sorry...!!

Kanna: What should we do? This is endless...And bothersome.
Kanna: But, Kiruko asked me to do it...
Kanna: And even this woman is my schoolmate...I must be the mature one---
Mei: Hey, why don't you just give up?
Mei: Saying that friendship is this or that, mind your own business, seriously---
Mei: Isn't it like this? Kanna-chan is really meddlesome,
Mei: But isn't that what an old lady would do!?
Kanna: !!
Mei: I mean, you're fussy,
Mei: Isn't that a bit bad for someone in 3rd year!?
Mei's sd: Ahahaha
Kanna(thinks): ...Huh?
Kanna: ...Hey,
Mei: !?
Kanna: What did you say about the superiorly cute and in-the-peak-of-her-beauty
Kanna: Mikura Kanna...?

Kanna: Enough is enough,
Kanna: Misunderstanding pigtails woman...!!
Mei: Eh...
Mei: Wh...What's wrong with you...?
Kiruko: Ka...Kanna-cha...
Kanna: You idiot...And here I was thinking on being the mature one...
Kanna: I'll explain it in a way even a mercenary will understand...!!
Mei: ...!?
Kanna: Let's say...You didn't want to threaten them...
Kanna: Then, isn't it weird that they're obeying you...!?
Mei: ? I...I'm telling you that's because Mei is cute
Kanna: Huh!?

Kanna: Like hell that's true, you're in 6th grade
Kanna: And you still seriously think acting the cutesy girl will make you populaaaaar!!
Mei: !!!!
Mei: ...
Mei: Wha...
Mei: Wha...Wha-Wha-What are you saying...? Mei doesn't understand what you mean by acting.
Kanna: Oh, shut up!! For your information, you're pretty painful to look at!
Kanna: The two-faced little girls trend ended long ago, you idiot!!
Mei: A...Auh, that's not...
Mei: Stop it, that's not important right now!!
Kanna: No, it is...The fact that you think that works
Kanna: Already makes you a deviant good-for-nothing from society's point of view...!!
Mei: !!

Mei: Wait...What!? That's a lie, right!? Mei's personality isn't painful to look at, right!?
All: ...
Mei: Gu...Guys!?
Kanna: So you finally realized how odd you are...
Mei: !!
Kanna: Then, throw completely away that battlefield logic---
Kanna: And start learning communication skills from zero!!
Mei: Higiiii!!
Mei: Uwaaaan, sorry, Mei was in the wrong!!
Kanna: Yes...Yes, now you understand, you were about to become a horrible adult like the lowlife, you know?
Mei: Spare me from that alone!!
Kiruko: Wh...What a heartwarming scene...
Kiruko: You knew this would happen, right, senpai!!?
Text: Oh, next chapter is a romcom chapter!?
Kaette Kita! Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 2/End

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