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Omamori Himari 65

The Stagnant Witch Cat's Juncture

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Sep 4, 2013 17:08 | Go to Omamori Himari

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Omamori Himari 65

65th Animal The Stagnant Witch Cat's Juncture
Rinko: Eh...
Yuuto: Wha...

65th Animal The Stagnant Witch Cat's Juncture

Yuuto: Kuesu-chan, Kuesu-chan, weren't we going to slay the evil demons together?
Box: That's right.
Yuuto: Why can't I fight with you?
Yuuto: Were you lying when you told me to watch your back?
Box: Tha-That's because Yuu-chan was still...
Yuuto: You even promised that you would end it safely...
Yuuto: Why did you die?
Box: Die...? No, Yuu-chan, what are you...
Box: I...
Himari: ---Good grief, you're all talk.

Himari: You just stay dead over there.
Himari: I'll look after the young master.
Himari: Now, young master, now that the bother is out of the way...
Yuuto: Himari...
Kuesu: Uwaaaaaaaaaaah!!

Kuesu: ...Hah...
Kuesu's sd: A dream...?
Kuesu: My...House...
Kuesu: Just what did I...
Kuesu's sd: Ah!
Kuesu(thinks): That severe wound...Is gone?
Hitsugi: Are you awake, Miss Grimoire? (cd: Kuhihi...)
Kuesu: !

Kuesu: Hitsugi, mother.
Hitsugi: Wasn't Giudecca of your liking?
Hitsugi: Or did you have a fight with Karon? Kuhihi
Kuesu: What does this mean, Mother?
Kuesu: And don't joke about me being the third.
Mom: ...
Mom: Kuesu, you certainly died,
Mom: And you won't die ever again.

Yuuto: Kuesu-chan, together...
Yuuto: Kuesu, together...
Box: That's right, for me, that promise is an important---
Yuuto: Ku...esu?

Rinko: ...Lo-Look! Look!
Rinko: I didn't believe it from the beginning! There's no way Kuesu would get defeated so easily!
Yuuto: ...
Hitsugi: Kuhihi, it seems she came back because both heaven and hell are boring.
Kuesu: Boring?
Kuesu: Naturally,
Kuesu: I mean, Yuu-chan isn't there.
Rinko: ...That way of speaking...
Kuesu's sd: Ohoho hohoho
Yuuto: That's undoubtedly the real Kuesu...
Box: But Kuesu really,
Box: Really...

Ekou: Kurozakura, what's happening!?
Ekou: What's releasing that dangerous aura above me!?
Kuesu: Hmmmmm...
Kurozakura: ...!!
Kurozakura: Ekou, run away.
Ekou?: !!
Kuesu: I won't let you<3

SFX: *zwp*
Ekou: Tch!!
Ekou: Ouch!! (cd: I fell again TwT) //lol it had a smiley XDDDD
Kurozakura: ...!!
Yuuto: Don't move!
Yuuto: I don't want to cause a bigger ruckus here.
Yuuto: Don't move, please.
Kuesu: Well, I can't exactly damage school property.
Yuuto: ...

Yuuto: You were Kurozakura
Kurozakura: !
Yuuto: And Ekou, right?
Yuuto: I have the Hakumen Kinmou Kyuubi, Tamamo-no-mae under my custody.
Yuuto: But she's no longer the Kyuubi you used to know.
Ekou: ...
Kurozakura: ...
Ekou: ...What are you saying?
Ekou's sd: "Custody"?
Yuuto: I knew you'd react like that.
Yuuto: Rinko.
Rinko: We have pictures, want to take a look?

Ekou: This is...
Ekou: ...This is some kind of CG or something, right?
Ekou: You used someone just like her
Rinko: Why would we do something so useless? (cd: We don't have the skill.
Ekou: ...Hmph, I guess this is all we'll learn now.
Ekou: ...Kurozakura!

Yuuto: !
Ekou: I'll lick you beyond repair next time, demon slayer! (cd: Ahaha---)
Ekou: Ah!
Kuesu: I've heard the overall story from Hitsugi,
Kuesu's sd: I'm the only one who can lick Yuu-chan.
Kuesu: But you have the Kyuubi under your custody?

Rinko: Is it really a bad idea?
Hitsugi: Kuhi, it certainly isn't a good one.
Hitsugi: It's like carrying a bomb, and it might not be seen with good eyes by other people.
Hitsugi: You should follow Tsuchimikado's instructions soon...
Hitsugi: Kuhi, but, taming and training her is quite amusing too.
Rinko: Which one is it?
Rinko's sd: Geez
Yuuto: More importantly!
Yuuto: You really are Kuesu, right?
Yuuto: Back then...
Yuuto: Back then, you disappeared from my arms...

Kuesu: Geez, I'm not a ghost, you know?
Kuesu: I still have my beautiful legs
Kuesu: That's it, if you hug me tightly you'll understand
Kuesu: Immediately...

Yuuto: I'm glad...!

Kuesu: Yuu-chan...?
Yuuto: I'm really
Yuuto: Glad...!
Hitsugi: Oh my, are we in the way of your moving reunion? Kuhihi...
Rinko's sd: Grrr...
Rinko(thinks): Bear with it, read the mood, it can't be helped this time, he thought she had died...

p18 //no dialog

Kuesu: ...Yuu-chan, you make me happy, but...This is slightly painful.
Yuuto: I-It's your punishment for making me worry!
Kuesu: ...I see,
Kuesu: Then it can't be helped.
Kuesu: ---What do you mean...?
Hitsugi: You know why magicians leave grimoires, right?

Hitsugi: They do it to pass their knowledge to the next generation of magicians...No, not quite.
Kuesu: Of course, that's not true.
Kuesu: Magicians aren't the kind of people who like to teach their knowledge and techniques to others.
Kuesu: However, if they don't teach it to anyone,
Kuesu: All of the knowledge, techniques, and secrets they earned through their investigations would be lost forever...
Kuesu: That would mean their existence would vanish.
Kuesu: So, they leave grimoires as proof of their existence.
Mom: ...
Mom: Then you should know that the Book of Truth you came in contact with in the United Kingdom
Mom: Was burnt many times and that the spell cast on that grimoire could even be called a curse that forces a severe strain on those who try to read it

Kuesu: It can't be...
Mom: The Jinguuji seal all of the Jinguuji women get checked periodically...
Mom: When you came back from the United Kingdom, I checked yours
Mom: And noticed an anomaly in your body.
Kuesu: Wait...Mother...
Mom: For that mad sage, the grimoire must had continued to exist.
Mom: An amount of information so enormous it could kill someone that got to know it...If there was someone who could read and understand it that would be a second "he".
Mom: Someone that could stand on the same place he did, someone who could become his proof of existence.
Mom: Most likely, that someone is equal to the grimoire and must be protected---

Mom: Kuesu, you are a proof that can't be lost, as the second Book of Truth
Mom: You became an existence that isn't allowed to grow old or die.
Kuesu: Haha...That's impossible, this isn't alchemy...
Kuesu: That kind of curse...

Hitsugi: I told you before that you had lost something.
Hitsugi: I didn't only mean a loving heart that can love anyone other than that boy.
Hitsugi: You lost
Hitsugi: Your life as a human being.
Hitsugi: Kuesu, you've overcome humanity, isn't that wonderful? Kuhihi...
Kuesu(thinks): When I died back then
Kuesu(thinks): That activated---

Kuesu: ...
Yuuto: Kuesu?
Rinko: Geez! How long are you going to do that!?
Rinko's sd: That's unfair
Hitsugi: Maybe you shouldn't have read the mood?
Hitsugi's sd: Kuhihi...
Box: Yuu-chan, I---

Kuesu's sd: I'm the only one who can lick Yuu-chan.

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