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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Last Ranker −Be The Last One− 9


+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Sep 4, 2013 17:28 | Go to Last Ranker −Be The Last One−

-> RTS Page for Last Ranker −Be The Last One− 9

Reserved for Utopia. Don't use without my permission.
Last Ranker -Be The Last One- 9
//I forgot I hadn't posted this yet

Zebrila: At any rate, you sure have been made a fool of,
Zebrila: Sengoku-dono.
Sengoku: ...
Zebrila: To think he'd reject your invitation to the Seven Knights...
Zebrila: However, I still can't believe
Zebrila: That Tylong changed sides to the Anti...
Norma: It was Igorida,
Norma: That woman seduced him!!
Rosa: What will we do with the Tylong settlement?
Yuli: Let's see...It would be bothersome if it turned to be a hotbed for the Anti...
Zebrila: Come to think of it, it seems there's a guy that came from Cantalera in Tylong's place...
Yuli: Hmm, Cantalera...
Yuli: Could you let me in details about that?
Chapter 9: FAZ

Chapter 9: FAZ

Zig: Faz...
Faz: ...
Zig: Yo...
Zig: You were alive...
Faz: ...
Faz: Zig...

Zig: I'm glad,
Zig: I was worried about you all this time.
Faz: Don't come any closer.
Zig: Faz...?
Faz: Aaaaaah!!
Zig: !!

Zig: Faz!!
Zig: What's this about!?
Yuli: Kukuku...
Yuli: Unfortunately, you don't have time to have a moving reunion...
Yuli: I'm sure I told you this is a battle to prove yourselves...
Yuli: Zig, you'll represent Tylong settlement
Yuli: And
Yuli: Faz will represent the association.
Zig: You bastard, why is Faz...
Yuli: Don't you think this is fate?
Yuli: Two people born and raised on the same place
Yuli: Have now to cross swords under the association's name...

Yuli: Now, battle!!
Yuli: To prove your innocence!!
Faz: Haaaaaaaaaah!!
Zig: Stop, Faz!!
Zig: We don't have to fight!!
Faz: Silence, Zig!!
Faz: Whether you want or not to fight
Faz: Doesn't matter!!!

Faz: I'll defeat you right here!!
Faz: That's all that matters!!
SFX: *smile*

Rid: Zig...
Rid: Got defeated!?
Faz: Tch!
Zig: Haa...
Zig: ...Haa
Zig: Haa
Faz: Hmph,
Faz: You dodged it by a hair's breadth, huh.
Zig: ...
Zig(thinks): Faz...

Zig(thinks): Faz is serious!!
Zig(thinks): He's seriously trying to finish me.
Faz: I'll become strong together with you!!
Faz: If I do that we'll be best friends forever!!
Zig(thinks): This Faz isn't the Faz from back then!!
Zig: Haa
Zig: Haa
Zig(thinks): Just what happened to you...!!?
Faz: Ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig!!!
Zig(thinks): No!!
Zig(thinks): Don't think unnecessary things!!
Zig(thinks): Faz is serious!! If I lower my guard I'll get killed---!!

Zig(thinks): I have to fight!!
Zig(thinks): Since the day Cantalera was destroyed---
Zig(thinks): I was always worried about Faz---
Zig(thinks): And even though I finally met him safe and sound...
Zig(thinks): Why do I have to fight him under these circumstances---!!

Zig(thinks): Why!!? Faz!!
Zig: Woooooooh!!
Faz: Gaaaaaah!!
Man: A-Amazing.
Man: That Faz bastard...Just who is him!?
Rid: He's fighting on equal terms with Zig...
Rid: No...Rather...

Rid: He's overwhelming Zig.
Zig(thinks): He-He's strong...
Zig: Haa
Zig: Haa
Zig(thinks): He's like a different man from when he was in Cantalera.
Faz: What's wrong, Zig!!?
Faz: Is this all the strength you sought amounts for!?
Zig: Kuh!
Faz: You don't understand!!
Faz: Why my strength...
Faz: Makes me strong…
Faz: The source of my power.
Zig(thinks): The source of his power!?
Faz: That is...

Faz: My hatred towards youuuuuu!!!
Zig(thinks): Hatred!!
Zig: Gwaaah!!

Man: Zig was knocked down!!
Man: He'll get killed this time for sure.
Zig: Gah!
Faz: I have...
Faz: Never hated someone this much...
Zig(thinks): Fa...
Zig(thinks): Faz...

Faz: Why?
Faz: Zig.
Faz: Why weren't you satisfied by leaving
Faz: And said that Cantalera was starting a revolt...?
Zig: Wha-!!?
Zig: What are you saying,
Zig: Faz?
Yuli: ...
Faz: Silence, I've had enough!!
Faz: If you hadn't betrayed Cantalera---

Zig(thinks): !!
Zig(thinks): Faz!?
Faz: Waaaaaaaah!
Zig: Kuh!

Zig: Haa
Zig: Haa
Faz: Zig...
Man: He got out of that.
Rid: But Zig has some heavy injuries.
Zig: I understand,
Zig: Faz...
Zig: The strength of your hatred towards me...
Zig: And your tenacity of defeating me no matter what...
Zig: You certainly are stronger than me right now!!
Zig: But,
Zig: I can't lose to you no matter what...
Faz: Hmph,
Faz: Now that you're all beaten up...
Zig(thinks): That right, my strength right now is one I gained
Zig(thinks): By meeting, competing, and defeating a lot of different people in Ghandoar...

Zig(thinks): I got strong because I had many rivals!!
Zig(thinks): And more than anything, because Faz was there to send me out!!
Zig(thinks): I can't bring everything I've done so far to naught!!
Zig(thinks): That's why,
Zig(thinks): Especially because it's against Faz, I must win!!
Zig(thinks): I'll attack you---
Zig(thinks): With all I've obtained here!!

Faz: ..
Faz: Fufu,
Faz: Hahahaha.
Faz: Bring it oooooon!!
Faz: Ziiiiiiiiig!!
Faz: Apologize by dying...
Faz: To all the citizens that died because of you!!
Zig(thinks): Faz...
Zig(thinks): I certainly didn't plan to go back to Cantalera anymore...

Faz: Take this!
Faz: Double Edge!!
Zig(thinks): But if I ever met you again...
Zig(thinks): The first thing I wanted you to see
SFX: *Whoosh*
Faz: ! He disappeared!
Faz: !!
Zig(thinks): Was how much I've grown...
Zig: Star Bomber

Zig: Ichibanboshiiiiiiiiii!!!
Zig(thinks): Because you're my best friend.

Voice: He did it!! Zig won!!
Zig: Haa
Zig: Haa
Zig: Haa
Men's sd: Oooh
Zig(thinks): Faz...
Zig(thinks): With this I've cleared up the suspicions of me being an Anti, right?
Zig(thinks): Don't interfere with the Tylong settlement anymore...
Zig: Haa
Zig: Haa
Yuli: Hmmmm, I wonder about that.
Yuli: Is the match really over...?
Zig: What!?

Yuli: This is not
Yuli: A ranking battle!!
Zig: !!
Rid: !!
Zig: !!
Zig: Faz!!

Faz: I'll
Faz: Live.
Faz: I'll survive...
Zig(thinks): Faz...
Zig(thinks): You...
Faz: ...
Rid: Zig!!
Faz: Die, Zig!!

Yuli: Stop there!!
Zig's sd: Haa haa
Faz' sd: Haa haa
Yuli: ...Regrettable,
Yuli: It would be regrettable to end this with only one battle...

Yuli: It's fine, isn't it...?
Yuli: I'll use my authority...
Yuli: To do something about Tylong's scandal...
Zig: ...
Yuli: But, there's one condition...That is...
Yuli: That the Tylong family will disband...
Yuli: And must leave the settlement...
Man: Disband!?
Rid: "Leave the settlement", you say!?
Yuli: You have any complaints?
Rid: ...
Yuli: We won and we're letting you off with this small punishment,
Yuli: You should be grateful.

Yuli: Now, Faz,
Yuli: Come...
Yuli: Let's have a nice talk about the things to come...
Zig: Faz.
Faz: ...
Faz: You said you'll become strong and aim for the top, right...?
Faz: Then make your best effort...
Faz: But, I won't forgive you!!
Faz: I'll always continue despising you.

Zig: You're wrong!! Faz!!
Zig: I didn't sell Cantalera!!
Yuli: Hihi,
Yuli: I wonder about that...
Yuli: I mean, before you appeared...
Yuli: Everyone had forgotten about Cantalera...

Yuli(thinks): Kukuku, how sweet...
Yuli(thinks): How joyful...
Yuli(thinks): These friends who were born and raised together
Yuli(thinks): Are trying to kill each other for the place they belong to...
Yuli(thinks): Is there anything
Yuli(thinks): As comical and worth watching as this...?
Yuli(thinks): Faz...
Yuli(thinks): I'll have you work more and more for me.
Yuli(thinks): That's right, I'll prepare a more wonderful stage for you two!!
Yuli(thinks): A cruel stage full of despair and anxiety!!

Man: Stop, Rid!!
Man: Calm down!!
Man: Nothing will come from hitting him.
Rid: Let go!! Let me go!!
Zig: ...
Rid: I won't be satisfied until I hit him once.
Rid: Shit!!
Rid: What's with this!!?
Rid: Why did this happen!!?
Zig: Rid...

Rid: I don't get a thing...
Rid: I don't get anything...
Man: In the end, they're treating us like Anti.
SFX: *clench*
Man: What will happen to us now...?
SFX: *grind*
Man: ...
Man: Fuck!
Man: (cd: *whisper*) There's one here
Man: A pest...
Zig(thinks): Pest...
Rid: Wait, Zig!!

Rid: Fight me!!
Zig: ...
Rid: Guhah!!
Zig: Ha!
Zig: Ha!
Zig: Ha!
Zig: Ha!

Rid: Not yet.
Rid: I haven't lost yet...
Man: Stop already, Rid!!
Man: No matter how many times you stand you can't defeat Zig right now.
Zig: ...
Rid: Shut up!
Rid: I'm Tylong family's No. 2, this guy can't...
Rid: Beat...
Rid: !!
Rid: Haa
Rid: Haa
Rid: Haa
Rid: Haa
Rid: That Faz bastard was your pal when you were in Cantalera, right? Uh...

Rid: Even so, I think you should've properly...
Rid: Put an end to it.
Rid: We all wanted...
Rid: To believe in your resolution.
Zig: ...
Zig(thinks): Sorry...
Zig(thinks): Everyone...

Zig(thinks): In the end...
Zig(thinks): I'm alone again, huh...
Zig(thinks): I haven't betrayed anyone!

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