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Mondlicht -Tsuki no Tsubasa- 23


+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Sep 6, 2013 02:10 | Go to Mondlicht -Tsuki no Tsubasa-

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Mondlicht 23

Mondlicht [Dreiundzwanzig] Truth
Kaguya: How is it?
Shizune: I don't know, it suddenly got quiet though...
Shizune: I wonder if Iori's safe.
Hana: He probably won...
Hana: Had he lost we'd be dead now.

Hana: But that doesn't mean Iori is alive...
Hana: The lunar fruit is a demonic medicine.
Shizune: Don't! It's still dangerous!!
Kaguya: But!!
Shizune: Kaguya!!
Kaguya(thinks): Wait for me, Iori...

F11: This is...
F11: You got your powers back...?
Iori: Grr...

Iori: Guh...
Iori: Gah...
F11: Iori!?
F11: Iori, do you know who I am?
F11: Why did this happen...

Iori: Gaaah
F11: Iori...It's me, F11. //F elf
Iori: Gaaaaaah

Iori: Who are you?
Iori: Your...smell...is the...same...as theirs...
Iori: As the homunculi...
F11: Iori? Don't you know who I am?
F11: I'm F11, Marie.

Iori: F...F11?
Iori: F11...
F11: Gah
Iori: Aaaaaaah
F11(thinks): What a power.
Iori: I remember, homunculus...!!!!
Iori: It was you!!
Iori: You killed nii-san.

F11(thinks): His memories are in chaos?
Kaguya: Stop, Iori!!
Kaguya's sd: Haa haa //pants
F11: Don't...come, Iori is now
F11: A beast.
Kaguya: Iori...

Kaguya: We were attacked by the Ripper...And Iori took a medicine!
Kaguya: It was supposed to give him his powers back...He took the medicine
Kaguya: To protect everyone, even though he could die...
Kaguya: Sorry, Iori.
Kaguya: Thank you.
Kaguya: You already drove the Ripper away, right?
Kaguya: It's ok now.

Kaguya: ...It's...
Kaguya: Enough.
Iori: Aaaah
Kaguya: ...!!

Kaguya: Marie!
F11: ...Kuh
Kaguya: Iori, what are you...
F11: Iori isn't on his senses now.
Iori: You killed...
F11: That's right...
F11: I killed Satoru...

F11: That sin will never disappear.
F11: I must...I must atone for it.
F11: You got power,
F11: Then make it yours.
Iori: Guh...
F11: And, from now on, you'll protect everyone.
F11: You can kill me now...
F11: However, you must protect Kaguya and the others to the end.
Iori: Aaaaaah!!!!
F11: It's a promise.

Iori: Ah...
Kaguya: Iori!?
Kaguya: Iori! Are you ok?

F11: Don't worry, Iori won
F11: In his heart.
Kaguya: Iori.
Hana: ...
SFX: clap //all of the SFX in the last 2 panels
Souichirou: It truly is wonderful, in the end love and trust prevail.

Kaguya: You are...!?
Kaguya: Ah, Hana-san!!
Hana: Souichirou!!
Souichirou: Hey, hey, you don't change, huh.

F11: You are the man from before...!!
Souichirou: Excuse me, I was careless.
Souichirou: I manage a modest net-related company called Frantech
Souichirou: And am the branch chief of the F Agency's Japanese branch.
Souichirou: I'm Karasawa.
F11(thinks): F Agency.
Souichirou: Hahaha, calm down.
Souichirou: I still haven't done the most important self-introduction.

Kaguya: ...
F11: ......I...It can't be......

Souichirou: Yes, just like you...
Souichirou: I'm a Mondlicht.
Souichirou: I'll tell you the details later, but...We at the Japanese branch
Souichirou: Betrayed Dr. Frankenstein
Souichirou: And protect the Mondlicht.
F11: ...
Souichirou: There was a little mistake and the doctor learned about you.
Souichirou: Because of that, you've been through hard things...
Souichirou: I'm terribly sorry.

F11: I understand that you're a mondlicht,
F11: However, that doesn't mean I can trust you.
Souichirou: ...
F11: Why do you reveal your identity now?
Souichirou: The situation changed, that's all...
Hana: You can trust Souichirou.
Hana: He made the lunar fruit with my parents...
Hana: All in order for the proud rulers of the night,
Hana: The mondlicht, to rule over the humans again!
Souichirou: Hana, that's enough, we can talk later.
Souichirou: They'll come to pick us up soon.
F11: Wait.

F11: I haven't given my consent.
Souichirou: Don't say that F...No, Marie of Orléans.
Souichirou: There's someone I want you to meet.
Souichirou: Kamiya...
Justine: Could you let me in that too?
F11: Wha...

F11: Justine!
Justine: Good afternoon.
Kaguya: Who...?
F11: Dr. Frankenstein's close aide.
Souichirou: The number of troubles increased again...
Souichirou's sd: *sigh*

Souichirou: I'm sorry, if you have any business I can see you later,
Souichirou: I'm a little busy right now...
Justine: It won't take long.
Justine: I was vaguely aware of your betrayal...
Justine: But now everything makes sense.
Souichirou: ...
Justine: To exterminate the mondlicht left in Japan
Justine: F11 and F08 were chosen as the vanguard. //f elf, f acht
Justine: That was your suggestion.
Justine: I went with it so that I could know what your objective was,
Justine: But to think F11 would recover her memories and protect the mondlicht...
Justine: Certainly...Even you can't publicly protect the mondlicht,
Justine: That's why you used a sacrifice to awaken F11, that girl must be your accomplice.
Souichirou: Well, that's about it...Though, it's not just my will...

F11: Wait! What are you talking about?
Justine: It's simple,
Justine: Karasawa-sama knew that you were a mondlicht and brought you to Japan.
Justine: He knew the method to dispel the curse placed on you...
Justine: That if you got covered in mondlicht blood you would recover your memories.
Justine: That means that in order to protect his all-important mondlicht, he had to sacrifice one.
Kaguya: And that was Satoru...
Justine: That what it is.

Souichirou: Hmmm, so it's about that...
Souichirou: That was a necessary measure,
Souichirou: There's no need to feel ashamed.
Souichirou: If your business is done...
Souichirou: Then I'll have you let us go.

Souichirou: Now, with this you'll be saved, and the mondlicht will be saved.
Souichirou: Come with me.
Souichirou: Your existence is the key that will open up our future.

Kaguya: Don't screw with us.
Kaguya: Don't fuck with us!! You arbitrarily sacrificed Satoru!!!
Kaguya: Who'd...Go with someone like you!!!!
Souichirou: ...

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