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Shokugeki no Souma 38

Sensual Karaage (4)

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Sep 6, 2013 18:18 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use or post anywhere else without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 38

"Shokugeki-no SOMA"
Kinu: Now, now! We're on the middle of the work commuting rush hour!!
Sign: Karaage Specialty Shop Mozuya
Kinu: It's out busiest time of the day!
Woman: Nakamozu-sama...
Woman: This is the consultant fee bill for this period.
Kinu: ...Hmph,
Kinu: Maybe it's time to cut our relationship with that brat.
Kinu: Like we can keep paying that expensive consultant fee.
Kinu(thinks): We're secure as long as we have that secret sauce...
Kinu(thinks): Moreover, we've obtained an impregnable castle!!
Kinu(thinks): The customers that "get down" and "board" trains on this station,
Kinu(thinks): We have the best locational advantage that lets us take hold of both!
Cutlery: An overwhelming difference in potential!!
House: Karaage Specialty Shop Mozuya

Kinu(thinks): Today, I'll stand conspicuously inside the station
Kinu(thinks): And suck all of this town's money!!
Kinu: ?
Kinu: ...What's that thing
Kinu: Those boys are holding?
(cutlery) 38 Sensual Karaage (4)
Kinu: Isn't that Karaage...?
Cutlery: The signal for counterattack...!!
Wrapping: Sumiredoori Shopping District
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki

Box: 2 days later
Kinu: ...! What's going on here...!?
Kinu: People holding Sumire's dish
Kinu: Are bustling inside the station!?
Woman: Na...Nakamozu-sama!
Woman: Mozuya's sales have dropped 20% since yesterday!!
Woman: This is our second drop in two days...
Kinu: ...!
Kinu: You lot! Are you serving the customers properly!!?
Kinu: I'm going to beat you up if you're cutting corners!!
Women: Sorry!
Kinu: Welcome to our shop!

Man: Umm, are these..."Sumire's Karaage"?
Kinu: !!?
Kinu: I...Think
Kinu: You mean...The shopping district in front of the...Station...
Man: Ah, is that so? The shopping district, huh...
Man: Thank you very much, we're taking our leave!
Woman: Should I buy from Mozuya for today's dinner?
Girl: Eh! Let's buy from Sumire!
Woman: Let's see...Ok, let's do that(music note)
Kinu(thinks): The customers are...Just passing by Mozuya!?
Kinu(thinks): What a disgrace...!
Woman: Kinu-sama...! Sho-Shouldn't you report---
Guy: Report immediately if anything happens,
Guy: Ok?
Kinu: ...Like I'll rely on that brat!
Kinu: Anyway,
Kinue: Let's go to Sumiredoori---!

Kinu: !!!
Kinu(thinks): Even though this place was desolated until a few days ago...
Voice: Give me one!
Voice: One here too!
Souma: Thanks!!
Souma: Wait a second!

Souma: We pickle the leg meat that we cut in somewhat large sizes
Souma: During daytime on Nikumi's original "sauce" which is based on soy sauce and cayenne pepper powder.
Ikumi: The coating is done!
Souma: Alright!
Boy: Uwah...The chicken's smell...I can't get enough of it!
Boy: I want to eat it now...
Man: ...!
Souma: And we wrap up the twice-fried Karaage,
Souma: Lettuce leaves, and various different herbs
Souma: Inside a lightly cooked batter!
Kinu: !?
Souma: The flavor's secret is a "special chili sauce" with Nam pla
Souma: And the coarsely ground black pepper added in the end---

Souma: Sorry for the wait!
Souma: Here's your "Sumire Karaage Roll"!!
Wrapping: Sumiredoori Shopping District
Boy: Whoaaaaa, this looks great!!
Boy: You can still hear it boiling!
Boy: Whoa!
Boy(thinks): I can feel just by holding it...
Boy(thinks): That this has an amazing volume!
Boy: I...
Boy: I'm digging in...

Boy: ...
Boy: Wow...!
Boy: The chicken's so soft and juicy!
Boy: The crisply fried part and the damp part dipped in the sauce...
Boy: The meat juice, black pepper, and vegetables...A lot of flavors entangle...
Voice: It's deliciouuuuuuuuus!!
Man: Gi...Give me one too!
Man: Give me two, youngster!
Souma: Tomita-san! Is the batter ready?
Yuuya: Abababa, wa-wait a second!
Souma: Please hurry, you'll be making this Karaage in your shop later on.

Mayumi: Here! Yukihira-kun!
Souma: Thanks, Kurase!
Mayumi(thinks): The time I'll be able to be with Yukihira-kun
Mayumi(thinks): Is almost over...
Mayumi(thinks): That's lonely---
Souma: ...Oh!
Souma: Tomita-san! I leave the fryer to you for a moment!
Yuuya: Eeeeeeeeeh!? Wait, Souma-chaaan!
Kinu: ...
Kinu(thinks): Just what is that batter!?
Kinu(thinks): A crepe? Or maybe something like a Mexican tortilla? //yay, tortillas XD
Kinu(thinks): I've never seen it before!
Souma: Ooooh? Aren't you the people from Mozuya!?

Souma: You don't have to be secretive, you can just line up normally. //Souma, you little bastard XD
Kinu: ...Since when were you planning this...?
Souma: Hm? 3 days ago...
Kinu(thinks): What!?
Souma: The hardware store provided the cooking utensils...
Souma: Sumire's mark was made by the sheet metal worker!
Souma: The ingredients come from the greengrocer and the butcher! (Supervised by Nikumi)
Souma: The fliers (whose design was made by Kurase) and the wrappings were printed by the printer! Everything was prepared in this shopping district overnight.
Mayumi: We need more wrappings!
Printer: Roger!
Printer: I'll print like there's no tomorrow!!
Man: Uuuuuuhm! It's delicious!
Man: It would be great if I could have a drink with this dish.
Man: To accompany your Karaage roll

Man: Would you like a beer?
Men: !!?
Man: Wooooh! Beer!!
Man: That's criminal!
Kinu: How could this be!?
Kinu(thinks): With Karaage...No,
Kinu(thinks): With this brat as the starting point
Kinu(thinks): Sumiredoori is reviving as a whole---!
Kinu(thinks): I underestimated him...!
Kinu(thinks): This brat...Is an incredible tactician!!
Kinu(thinks): In a flash, he established
Kinu(thinks): A battle formation to surround Mozuya...!
Kinu(thinks): Just like
Kinu(thinks): A castle built overnight!!

Souma: Mozuya's lady, you said this, right?
Souma: "A place with no 'competitive power' or 'originality' can only die out"...
Souma: Was it?
Souma: It has it.
Souma: Our shopping district
Souma: has
Souma: "Power"!!
Kinu: Shut up...I've had enough of your impertinent talk!
Kinu: So what if you have that Karaage...?
Kinu: Sooner or later you'll be crushed by Mozuya---
Boy: If you're going to say that much...!

Boy: Then eat some too, auntie!
Boy: It's terrific! This is seriously good!
Kinu: Uh...What's with you people? Go away!! (cd: Who's an auntie!?)
Souma: They're right...You let us try some of yours last time,
Souma: So try one of ours too---
Souma: It's done!

Kinu: !!
Kinu: This batter...! It's made of rice flour!!
Kinu: That's it, this was...Something similar to "Bánh xèo"!!
Big Text: Bánh xèo
Text: A Vietnamite flour-based dish.
Text: A batter made of rice flour, water, coconut milk, and other things is lightly cooked
Text: And stuffed with ingredients like pork meat, shrimp, bean sprouts.
Kinu(thinks): I get it know...! This dish' concept is
Kinu(thinks): "Steamy white rice" and "Juicy Karaage"!!

Kinu(thinks): To think they reorganized the golden combination of dining tables,
Kinu(thinks): Made it delicious, put it in a package that makes it easy to eat while walking,
Kinu(thinks): And they even made it look original...!
Kinu: ~~~!!
Kinu(thinks): The students coming back from their clubs,
Kinu(thinks): Mothers hurrying to prepare dinner,
Kinu(thinks): Salary men looking for some rest,
Kinu(thinks): A somewhat heartwarming...Town noise.
Kinu(thinks): This Karaage...This place's atmosphere...Recalls them---
Kinu(thinks): Earnings,
Kinu(thinks): Profit,
Kinu(thinks): This is far more brilliant than those things---
Voice: The pitcher's first ball!
Voice: He's thrown it.

Kinu(thinks): It's the flavor of youth...!

Souma: It wasn't much!!
Souma: Nikumi! You really are amazing. (cd: You really saved me with the meat's seasoning and other things)
Souma: I'll ask you again if something happens in the future.
Ikumi: Y-Yeah...If I'm free I'll do it.
Mayumi(thinks): ...That must be nice...
Souma: Kurase!
Souma: This is only if you want, but...

Souma: Won't you work part time at Tomita-san's shop?
Mayumi: Eeh!?
Souma: I mean, if we want this Karaage to become established we must persist, (cd: But I can't help out normally)
Souma: And Tomita-san doing it alone worries me.
Mayumi: Bu-Bu-Bu-But I...I've never worked part time!
Mayumi: Any other person would be...
Souma: Is that so? I think you're a really responsible person.
Souma: That's why I thought it'd be ok to leave it to you.
Mayumi: ---
Mayumi: ---Eh...?
Souma: You always worked hard until late hours on your committee work on middle school
Souma: And you never failed to water the flowers on primary school when it was your turn.
Souma: I'd be at ease if you did this...
Mayumi(thinks): The Yukihira-kun whom I thought that was really far away from me
Mayumi(thinks): Was looking...At me...?

Souma: Well...I won't force you-
Mayumi: I-
Mayumi: I want to try to do it...!
Souma: Really? That's great.
Souma: I'll come to ventilate Yukihira every now and then
Souma: So come visit me when I do that, I'll treat you to something nice.
Mayumi: Y...Yes!
Mayumi: Tha...nks...
Mayumi(thinks): Yaaaaaaaay!!
Souma: Hmmm....Nikumi, what's up?
Ikumi: Nothing, nothing...
Yuuya(thinks): Fufu...That's youth...For you!
Chart: Sales
Guy: Well...Mozuya owner,
Guy: You owe me an explanation---
Cutlery: Complete Victory!! And...!?
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 38/End

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