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Shokugeki no Souma 39

The Chosen Ones

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Sep 11, 2013 02:06 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use or post anywhere else without my permission.
I'm serious with this, I might stop posting the TLs before the release if people don't comply to this.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 39

"Shokugeki-no SOMA"
SFX: *grin* //x4
Cutlery: A whole-face smile!
Souma: Oh, Tadokoro?
Souma: Why are you grinning so much?
Megumi: Souma-kun! You see...
SFX: *rustle rustle*
SFX: *big smile*
Souma: !?

Megumi: In yesterday's cooking direction class
Megumi: I got an A!
Souma: Wow!
Megumi: I mean, my first A in the high school division was thanks to Souma-kun...
Megumi: This is the first time I got an A by myself!
Megumi: That's why I'm so happy, ehehehehe...
Souma: I see! Great for you.
Souma(thinks): It's my first time seeing Tadokoro in such high spirits.
Ryouko: Anyway, Megumi...You've been working really hard lately,
Ryouko: You are all lively in classes too.
Megumi: Yes...I just feel great.
Megumi: I may have gotten some confidence after surviving the training camp!
Ryouko(thinks): Well, it's only natural that your mind grows stronger after experiencing a Shokugeki against a Tootsuki alumnus...
Satoshi: Fufu...Then, Tadokoro-chan! Now that you're feeling nice
Satoshi: Shall we do...That?

(cutlery) 39 The Chosen Ones
Star: JC Volumes (1)~(4) are on sale with rave reviews!!
Cutlery: Make sure you warm up well before having a serious match!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki

Ryouko: Ei!
Souma: Hoh...
Ryouko: Ahn
Ryouko: Hoh!!
Ryouko: Kyah!
Ryouko: Ah!
Ryouko: Nooooo...I lost.
Souma: It was a nice match!
Yuuki: ...

Souma: But well...To think this dorm even had a Ping-Pong table.
Souma: Come to think of it, how good are you at Ping-Pong, Tadokoro?
Souma: You didn't play even once during the camp.
Megumi: Yes...I mean, if you're wearing a yukata
Megumi: You can't play Ping-Pong for real---
Souma: Ta...Tadokoro...-san?

Souma(thinks): Eeeeeeeeh!?
Souma: Sa...Sakaki! This is...
Ryouko's sd: Huhmm
Ryouko: Megumi started playing Ping-Pong during primary school---
Ryouko: In about half a year she wouldn't lose against kids her age,
Ryouko: After that she won many tournaments.
Ryouko: She was even scouted by a middle school affiliated to the school prestigious for its sports players, Aomori Tamada!
Ryouko: She was nicknamed "Tohoku's Hopping Hare"...I've heard everyone knows her in her home town. //rabbit if you don't like hare
Ryouko: If Megumi hadn't entered Tootsuki...
Ryouko: Her talent for that field might have blossomed---
Souma(thinks): A really unexpected truth!
Voice: Another point for Megumi!
Voice: With this she's 4-0...

Megumi: Alright!
Box: "Shokugeki-no SOMA" is a cooking manga.
Yuuki: And, if there's anyone who can threaten Megumi in the Polar Star dorm
Yuuki: That would be only Isshiki-senpai---
Megumi: Eh...!!
Megumi(thinks): Even though I completely hit it to the other side!?
Megumi(thinks): He read it...!

Souma: Isshiki-senpai...Is amazing!!
Souma: He's making the difference smaller and smaller!
Ryouko: Megumi is a typical swift frontal attacker...
Ryouko: On the other hand, Isshiki-senpai specializes on cuts.
Ryouko: But, he strikes a smash when it counts!
Ryouko: It seems that by intermingling returns with the pimples-out rubber side he's able to shake Megumi.
Megumi: However, Megumi always makes them become neutral again...
Megumi: She hasn't neglected the forehand shots either.
Megumi: As expected from her...
Souma(thinks): Whoa...They're using so much specialized vocabulary that I can't understand a thing. (cd: The polar star dorm had this side!?)
Voice: They're finally tied!
Megumi: ...To think you could force a deuce with that disadvantage,
Megumi: You're as good as ever...Isshiki-senpai...!
Satoshi: Fufu...I never thought I'd hear you say that!
Satoshi(thinks): With that said, at this rate I'll always be on the defensive...Things will only get worse!

Ryouko: They're 11-10 now!
Ryouko: It's Megumi's match point!
Yuuki: Isshiki-senpai has no way out of this...!
Box: Souma finally caught up with the place's mood.
Satoshi(thinks): Kuh...Isn't there anything I can do!?
Satoshi(thinks): Think...! Think!
Satoshi(thinks): An underhanded move that will let me turn around this situation!!
Box: "Shokugeki-no SOMA" is a cooking manga.
Megumi(thinks): The atmosphere around him changed...
Megumi(thinks): Here he comes--------!
Satoshi: I'm going to change the subject,

Satoshi: You were chosen as a member for the "Autumn Election".
Megumi's sd: Eh!
Yuuki: Megumi is...

Yuuki: Megumi is in the electiooooon!?
sd: Eeeeeeeeeh!?
Yuuki: Re...Really!?
Satoshi: Yeah!
Satoshi: Out of the 628 first years,
Satoshi: Over one hundred candidates were selected taking in account their results in the training camp and their future prospects.
Satoshi: Out of those, we narrowed them down to forty in the Elite Ten Council.
Satoshi: Inside those forty...There's Ibusaki-kun,
Satoshi: Marui-kun,
Satoshi: And Souma-kun!
Souma: !
Yuuki: Wait, Maruiiiiii!?
Yuuki: I understand Ibusaki being there but...Maruiiiiii!?
Box: Marui Zenji during the training camp.
Ryouko: Wow...To think four polar star members are participating...!!
Souma: We did it, Tadokoro! Let's do our best!
Souma: ...Hm?
Megumi: ...
Megumi(thinks): Cooking in front of the cooking business authorities
Megumi(thinks): Like the academy's board of director and some other VIPs,
Megumi(thinks): A big stage with many responsibilities.
Megumi(thinks): If I make a mistake---
Megumi: Awawawawawawawa
Souma: Ah...She's back to the usual Tadokoro. (cd: Hey, you ok?)

Yuuki: ......I see, I...
Yuuki: Wasn't chosen.
Ryouko: ......Yuuki...
Satoshi: It's too soon to feel dejected, Yoshino-kun!
Satoshi: Sixty people can participate in the election!
Satoshi: The last twenty---
Satoshi: Will be decided in future meetings.
Satoshi: Yoshino-kun and Sakaki-kun,
Satoshi: You both are between the candidates that will fight for the remaining places!
Yuuki: Eh...!
Ryouko: Yuuki! Did you hear that!?
Ryouko: Oh my...It's too early to cry out of joy, you know?
Yuuki: I-I'm not crying!
Yuuki: Hehe...If you're in Tootsuki
Yuuki: You just want to be in the elections...
Yuuki: Megumi...Yukihira, I'll definitely go too
Yuuki: So wait for me!
Souma: Yeah!

Yuuki's sd: Alright, let's do this
Satoshi: Souma-kun,
Satoshi: The Autumn Election is the first foothold to rise up.
Satoshi: On the other hand, if you can't make the best use of this chance
Satoshi: Tootsuki's top will drift far away.
Satoshi: Are you still
Satoshi: Prepared to aim for the top?
Souma: ...Of course!
Souma(thinks): Hm...I think I'm forgetting something... (cd: Well, it's ok)
Box: The Ping-Pong match was left unsettled!
Souma(thinks): The election, huh...
Souma(thinks): I wonder...Will there be a theme or restrictions in the ingredients to use for the dish?
Souma(thinks): Alright...Let's try making a new dish tonight!
Souma: ---?

Souma: ...
Souma: What's up with you?
Guy: You're Yukihira Souma, right?
Guy: Come with us.
Satoshi: You want to know if there will be a theme?
Satoshi: Fufu...I really want to tell you
Satoshi: But I can't leak it to outsiders yet to keep it fair.
Megumi: I...Is that so...?
Satoshi: Besides, we're still going to discuss the specifics for the theme and the outline of the meeting in the Elite Ten Council.
Satoshi: He should be making a draft just now---
Megumi: ...? "He"...?
Guy: ---You're finally here.

Guy: Sumire's Karaage Roll,
Guy: That was a pretty interesting dish.
Souma: !
Guy: I was the one who produced and made the branding for Mozuya's expanding to Tokyo.
Guy: I've heard that you rebuilt the shopping district.
Guy: And
Guy: This is why I called you,
Guy: Work under me,
Guy: If you do that I'll make it so that you never miss a meal. //lose the means for his livelihood
Souma: ...My objective is to succeed my family's restaurant
Souma: So I have no intention to work under anyone else.
Guy: Haa---... //sigh
Guy: Well, I thought you wouldn't join me...However,
Guy: You say that kind of things too, huh.
Souma: ...Huh?
Guy: You're bound to your own little box...
Guy: The kind of cook that is satisfied as long as he can proclaim his true artisan spirit.

Guy: It's only a poor and boring shop, am I wrong?
Guy: Was your will lowered because you were born in such a house? Hey?
Souma: ---That's some comments you're making,
Souma: But aren't you a cook too?
Guy: No.
Guy: I'll subdue every cook---
Guy: The scenery we're looking at is different.
Satoshi: He was already a food consultant when he was in middle school.
Satoshi: He reformed the kitchen of an old ryokan with financial difficulties...And rebuilt it,
Satoshi: He received a request from a high class Japanese restaurant to develop a new dish for them,
Satoshi: He made a Karaage shop in Kyoto receive the golden award in its business' convention, and many other things...
Satoshi: He's worked on over five hundred cases already.

Guy: Sorry for taking your time, you can go back,
Guy: I've decided it already.
Souma: ..."Decided"?
Guy: Yukihira Souma,
Guy: The "Autumn Election"...
Guy: Will mark the end of your "upstart".
Guy: I won't forgive
Guy: Anyone who dirties my career---
Satoshi: People call him

Satoshi: "Alquimista". //Alchemist in Spanish/Portuguese, the furigana reads "arukimista" which is closer to Spanish/Portuguese "Alquimista" or Italian "Alchimista" than to the English word, I went with Spanish as we already have Italian characters
Text: High School Division, Second Year
Big Text: Tootsuki Elite Ten Council 9th Seat
Big Text: Eizan Etsuya
Etsuya: I'll give you a crushing defeat
Etsuya: On the best possible stage...!!
Cutlery: Sticking hostility!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 39/End

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