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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Kujaku no Kyoushitsu 5

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Sep 16, 2013 00:54 | Go to Kujaku no Kyoushitsu

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Reserved for Simple Scans. Don't use without my permission.
Kujaku no Kyoushitsu 5
//one more of those series I did a chapter of to give them some activity and that I won't necessarily continue doing, it's quite nice actually, if you can, give it a try

Kujaku no Kyoushitsu
Chapter 5

Flashback: "Is it because you're not used to boys?"
Flashback: "Or is it because you can't like me in that way?"
Flashback: "...
Flashback: Both."
Rin: Shitara---
Rin: They said we're done for the day.

Rin: What's up?
Rin: Hey, that's Mariho-chan. (cd: You won't help her?)
Rin: Heeeeeeey.
Shitara: ...It's ok!
SFX: *tap tap* //steps

Rin: ...
Rin: Perhaps,
Rin: The carnivorous male Shitara-kun got heartbroken?
Shitara: Sorry,
Shitara: Just keep quiet.
Rin: ...Oh god.
SFX: *tap tap tap*

Mariho(thinks): Why?
Mariho(thinks): Why did I say "both"?
Mariho(thinks): That's not even true...
Mariho(thinks): I suddenly became ashamed of myself.
Flashback: "A person who doesn't put forth any effort
Flashback: Has no right to be loved by Shitara-kun!!"
Mariho(thinks): I got worried about how Shitara-kun might see me
Mariho(thinks): And I ended up
Mariho(thinks): Rejecting him.
Mariho: Sorry...
Mariho: Sorry!!
Mariho's sd: Hawawawa //some kind of sound made when you're really nervous
SFX: *Shake shake*
Mariho: Someone like me...!!
SFX: *flinch*
Man's sd: Eh, she's talking to herself!?
Man's sd: What's with her?
Mariho(thinks): What should I do...?
Mariho(thinks): What do I want to do?

p7 //no dialog

Woman: Are you looking for something?
Big SFX: *blush*
Small SFX: *jump* //Like from the surprise
Mariho: Ah...I......
Mariho: I'm fine!!
Woman's sd: Thank you very much---
Mariho(thinks): I want to change,
Mariho(thinks): But I don't want them to think bad of me
Mariho(thinks): For trying to get glamorous
Mariho(thinks): By putting makeup I've never used.
Mariho(thinks): Ah, geez, this is no good!!
Mariho(thinks): Let's live quietly.
Voice: Hmm? Mariho-chan isn't here again.
Sign: 2-A Homeroom Teacher Manaka
Voice: She disappears on every break!!
SFX: *serious*

Maasa: It's Shitara's fault.
Maasa: Mariho-chan felt awkward after rejecting Shitara.
Rin: ...Hey, Maasa.
Maasa: What!?
Shitara: I feel awkward too.
Maasa: ...~~~
Maasa: I'll go look for her!!

Mariho(thinks): Lunch break sure feels long like this.
SFX: *suck*
Maasa: (cd: Ah---) You're there,
Maasa: Mariho-chaaaaaan!!
Mariho: !
Mariho: Maasa.
Maasa: So you were passing time alone here,
Maasa: Mariho-chan...
Maasa: It's fine~~~
Maasa: Mariho-chan, you're kind so you were being considerate for Shitara, right?
Maasa: But, it's fine, let's go back to the classroom, ok?

Maasa: !
Mariho: I...
Mariho: ...I'll stay here...
Maasa: It's ok, you can act normally, you know?
Mariho: That's not it...
Mariho: ...I...I get shy
Mariho: Whenever I'm in front of Shitara-kun.
Maasa's sd: Ma-Mariho-chan is in trouble

Rin: ...Hm?
Rin: But you were just fine until just a while ago, right?
Rin: Mariho-chan, do you feel shy when I'm in front of you?
Mariho: ...No?
Rin: Whenever other guys come to you?
Mariho: ...
Mariho: I don't.

Rin: Then, doesn't that mean you like Shitara?
Maasa: Is...
Maasa: Is that so? Mariho-chan, you like Shitara?

p14 //no dialog

Maasa: ...
SFX: *growwwwl*
Small SFX: *Rumbllllle*
Mariho's sd: Ah!
Maasa's sd: Ah
Both: !!
Mariho's SFX: Hawawa
Mariho's sd: It's nothing, it's nothing
Mariho's SFX: Hawawawa
Maasa: Mariho-chan, you haven't eaten lunch?
Maasa: Is this all your lunch?
Mariho: ...
Rin: A diet?
Mariho(thinks): He saw through me!!

Rin: I see, you want to look good for Shitara.
Mariho: N...
Mariho: No.
Mariho: No...
Mariho's sd: Uwaaaaah
Mariho: How should I say it?
Mariho: Just,
Mariho: Someone like me
Mariho: Should just quietly...
Maasa: Mariho-chan
Rin: Why do you hide your true feelings?

Rin: A girl wanting to try to get prettier,
Rin: Isn't that perfectly normal?
Rin: Also, you should stop hiding your face with your hair,
Rin: You look gloomy.
Rin: Even though you're small it makes your head look big.
Rin: And that gray sweater makes you look like a mouse.

Rin: Ms. Mouse,
Rin: Will you let me cast some magic on you?

Mariho: ...What is this place?
Rin: An imported clothes shop my mother runs.
Mom: Welcome!
Mom: Oh, Rin!
Mom: Maasa-chan too, welcome.
Mom: Who's that girl?
Mariho: Ah...I'm their classmate, Kiyota, good evening.
Mom: Oh god,
Mom: It's a little mouse.
sd: A mouse eating rice chuu //chuu is the sound mouses make for the Japanese
Mariho's sd: She said the same thing
Rin: Kanoko-san, can she try some clothes?
Mom: As much as she likes. (cd: I'm closing already)

Rin: Come, Mariho-chan,
Rin: Let's begin the fashion show.
Rin: Which one do you like?
Rin: You can try anything here.

Mariho: Eh...
Mariho: But...
Mom: Trying them on is free,
Mom: So why don't you?
Mom: You've already come here.
Maasa: Mariho-chan!!
Maasa: Me too!!
Maasa: If there's anything I can help with...
Mariho(thinks): Maasa...
Mariho: ...
Mariho: Ermm...
Mariho: Then...
Mariho(thinks): So many
Mariho(thinks): Types of clothes,
Mariho(thinks): They're sparkling
Mariho: ...Maybe this one.

Kanji: Black!
Rin: ...
Rin: Rejected!
Rin's sd: Why that?
Rin: Ok, I'll choose the clothes.
Rin: In the meantime, Maasa.
Maasa: ! Yes!!
Rin: Can you make Mariho-chan's hair look cute?
Mariho: Hair!?
Maasa: I tie up my own hair
Maasa: So I'm good at it!!
Mariho: But, I have a lot of hair.
Maasa's sd: I think it's ok~~~ Let's do it, Let's do it
Maasa: Rin's mom, do you have hairpins?
Mom: I have some.

Maasa: Mariho-chan, try untying your braids.
Mariho: ...Yeah.
Maasa: I'll weave your bangs, ok?
Maasa: This is my first time doing it for a friend so it might take time.
Mariho: It's my first time too.
Mariho: I cut my bangs.
Mariho(thinks): ...Come to think of it, mom did it for me when I was little.
Mariho: ...That tickles.

Maasa?: Mariho-chan, you could put it on?
Mom's sd: This sure is pleasant,
Mom's sd: I was like this too once
Mariho: Eh,
Mariho: You wear this?
Mariho: ...This clothes are so fluttery
Mariho: I don't know which is the front and which the back.
Maasa?: Come out once you finish putting it on,
Maasa?: Don't look at the mirror yet.
Mariho(thinks): ...
Mariho(thinks): ...
Mariho(thinks): Eei,
Mariho(thinks): Let's just do it.
Mariho: I...
Mariho: I think I've put it on...For now.
Maasa?: Come out.
SFX: *whoosh*
Mariho: Ye...
Mariho: Yeah.
SFX: *step*

Maasa's sd: Fwaaaaaah
Maasa: You...You're so cute, Mariho-chan!! (cd: How can this be!!?)
Rin: Hmmmmmm,
Maasa: You look too cute!! (cd: Come here)
Rin: Your upper arms are a bit burly.

Maasa: Come here, look at the mirror.
SFX: *stagger*
Mariho: Wait, the heels are too high...
Mariho: I can't walk well...
SFX: *burn* //she's burning red
Mariho: Who's that?
Mariho's sd: Uwaaaaah
Mariho: Who's that theeeere!?
Maasa: It's you, Mariho-chan.
SFX: *loose balance*
SFX: *bonk*

Mariho: ...~~~
Maasa: Are you ok, Mariho-chaaaaaaan?
Mariho(thinks): Cutely tied up bangs,
Mariho(thinks): A white one piece with laces,
Mariho(thinks): And even this adult-like high-heels.
Mariho(thinks): If I was alone
Mariho(thinks): I would never have tried this.
Mariho(thinks): There's a me I've never seen before.
Rin: After wearing it,
Rin: What do you think?

Mariho: Thank you.

Mariho: This gave me courage!!
Mariho: Maasa,
Mariho: Rin-kun's mom too,
Mariho: Really, thank you.
Voice: You could've tried many others.

Mariho: Eh!?
Mariho: That's more than enough, I could wear something that cute.
Rin: The magic got dispelled, huh.
Mariho: ...Eh?
Rin: We have rental outfits too,
Rin: The ones used for shows and magazines can't be sold anyway.
Rin: The one Maasa is wearing is one of those.
Maasa?: I see---
Mariho: Is that so...?
Mariho: But, I
Mariho: ...Umm

Mariho: I want to try doing it by myself next time.
Mariho: When I try talking with Shitara-kun I get really nervous.
Mariho: That's why, I want to polish myself
Mariho: So that I can properly
Mariho: Face Shitara-kun and talk with him.

Rin: Did you want to show Shitara
Rin: How you looked with that one piece?
SFX: *ba-dump*
Mariho: ......
Mariho: ...A little.
SFX: *spaced out*
Mariho: What's wrong, Maasa!?
Maasa: I'm...Hungry...
SFX: *Rumblllllle*
SFX: *growwwwwwl*
Mariho's sd: Ah
SFX: *rumblllllle*
Rin: ...
SFX: *growwwwwwl*
SFX: *rumblllllle*

Rin: Is this an instrumental ensemble of stomach growls,
Rin: One by girls.
SFX: *growwwwl*
Mariho: Rin-kun, you aren't hungry? (cd: It's 9:30, you know...?)
Sign: Drugs
Mariho: Ah...
Mariho: The one from last time...
Woman: Are you looking for something?
SFX: *ba-dump*
SFX: *ba-dump*
Mariho: ...
Mariho: Some face lotion and milky lotion
Mariho: That suit my skin
Mariho: And one sunscreen please.

Paper: Your first skin care
Mariho(thinks): There's something I found out
Mariho(thinks): Maybe all girls
Mariho(thinks): Dress up nice

Mariho(thinks): To gather courage
Paper: Hair Catalog

Voice: Did you see the white team's panel?
Voice: I haven't.
Sign: 36th Athletic Festival
Voice: What are you participating on?
Guy: I? I'm on the scavenger hunt...
Guy: Hmm? Was there a girl like that?
Guy: That's Kiyota!! (cd: This girl)
Guy: For real?
Guy: That's some image change, isn't she cute?

Rin: ...---
Rin: Good morning, Mariho-chan.
Rin's sd: Today's the athletic festival.
Mariho: Ah, good morning, Rin-kun.
Rin: You cut your hair, it looks good, it sure looks lighter.
Mariho: Really?
Mariho: I'm glad--- (cd: I have so much hair it was really troublesome cutting it)
Rin: ...Hm?
Rin: You put on makeup?

Mariho: I didn't, I didn't,
Mariho: I wouldn't---
Mariho: I just put face lotion and my face started looking better.
Mariho: Maybe it had some dirt?

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