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Shokugeki no Souma 40


+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Sep 18, 2013 00:50 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Shokugeki-no SOMA 40

Erina: This student's participation in the election...
Erina: We should deliberate about it again!!
Voice: However...We already approved of him the other day.
Erina: No! There's a problem with his behavior!
Erina: He's not suitable for that honorable gourmet festival!!
Satoshi: Nakiri-kun,
Satoshi: Your opinion about cuisine is always correct...
Satoshi: But, I can't but feel that you start being illogical
Satoshi: When it's about Souma-kun.
Cutlery: Outspoken.
Satoshi: Did something happen between the two of you?
Satoshi: For example...Something personal?
Erina: ...! Not really...
Erina: I just think he isn't qualified...

Erina: Isshiki-san...How about you?
Erina: Aren't you trying to give a preferential treatment to your dorm junior?
Satoshi: Fufu...That's not true at all.
Etsuya: Yukihira Souma...
Etsuya: He looks like an interesting guy.
Etsuya: I support him.
Erina: ...!
Etsuya: He certainly hasn't achieved much in the academy,
Etsuya: It hasn't been long since he entered Tootsuki after all.
Etsuya: But he completed his 200 meals with some last minute cleverness...
Etsuya: He has a high grade for his first day assignment too.
Paper: It was delicious. Hinako
Etsuya: Aren't these unconventional subjects
Etsuya: The perfect thing to liven up the festival?
Etsuya: I don't understand what are you complaining for.

Erina: ...!
Voice: The first years this year...Are quite the individuals, huh.
Voice: Yeah... They certainly are the cream of the crop.
Voice: ---Alright.
Voice: Well then,
Voice: Let's settle with these.
Box: A few days later,
Box: was the closing ceremony---
Box: The first term's report cards were handled
Box: And everyone was thrilled with expectations for the summer vacations.
Box: However, that had another meaning in Tootsuki Academy.
Voice: Hey! Hurry!
Voice: It's finally the announcement!

Cutlery: The latest volume (4) is selling absurdly fast!!
Box: This day...
Box: The participants for the "Autumn Election"
Box: Were officially announced!
Cutlery: Delight and sorrow mixed together...!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 40 Return
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki

Voice: ...! Aaaah...I'm not there...
Voice: It was no good...
Voice: ...!
Sign: Sakaki Ryouko
Sign: Yoshino Yuuki
Yuuki: Aaaaaalriiiight!!
Ryouko: Ouch!
Souma: Oh! You were both chosen, that's amazing.
Shun: With this, we have 6 polar star members participating.

Takumi: Hmph...Before we can even have a Shokugeki
Takumi: We might have a direct confrontation! Yukihira!
Souma: Oh, Nikumi! You're also in the election!?
Ikumi: Yukihira...! Ye-Yeah!
Souma: Ah, Takumi too. (cd: Let's do our best)
Takumi: Do...Don't say it like I'm something extra!
Takumi: Isami, stop laughing!
Sign: Isami Aldini Takumi Aldini
Sign: Mito Ikumi
Sign: Nakiri Alice
Alice: ...Ufufu,
Alice: Well, it's just natural (Music note)

Guy: Ummmmm...
Guy: Ah, my name's there too.
Alice: Of course you are! As my aide, it would be a disgrace if you weren't chosen.
Alice: You can't be eliminated in the first round, ok?
Guy: It's ok, I'm motivated.
Guy: I would seriously try to win
Guy: Even if I have to fight with Milady.
Guy: ...What's with that face?
Alice: What's with you!? Aren't you lacking respect towards me? (cd: Learn from Erina's secretary!)
Guy: ...Don't I respect you all the time?
Alice: More! Respect me more!
Souma: Oh! Nakiri's cousin...
Alice: Oh my...Yukihira Souma-kun! Good afternoon (music note)
Yuuki: Hey...Famous people just keep showing up around Yukihira...
Ryouko: Yukihira-kun sure has great communication skills...
Ryouko: Just when did he meet them?

Yuuki: Oh, right! I have to report to Fumio-san.
Ryouko: She'll surely shout "The golden age is here again!" with great joy.
Souma: ...Hm?
Souma: That "A" and "B"...
Souma: What do they mean?
Urara: Everyone.
Souma: ?
Urara: Hellooooo!
Voice: A crane!?
Voice: There's even smoke!
Urara: I'm going to be the host for the Autumn Election...
Urara: My name's Kawashima Urara<3
All's sd: Whoaaaaa
All: Urara-chan!
Urara: Congratulations to all of those who are participating in the election!

Urara: You'll receive official notice later on,
Urara: But I'll explain the competition format briefly!
Urara: It should be obvious if you see the board,
Urara: The 60 chosen people are divided in two blocks, A and B.
Urara: For the "election", we'll first have a preliminary for each block,
Box: A Block Preliminary 30 people
Box: B Block Preliminary 30 people
Urara: Those who get the highest rank on each block...
Urara: Will earn the right to participate in the main tournament!!
All's sd: Oooooooooh
Urara: Ermmm, then,
Urara: I'll give you a message from Eizan-senpai of the executive committee.

Urara: For the election, many VIP...The leaders of the cooking business will come as guests.
Urara: It's the perfect chance to demonstrate your skills,
Urara: However,
All: ?
Urara: Shall you display an unsightly dish
Urara: Your future as a cook might be as good as over.
Urara: Well, do the best you can...
Urara: That's it<3
Guy: I...I've got to do this!
Guy: I'll use all my skills to win everything!
Erina: ---Congratulations on participating in the election,
Erina: It was inevitable that someone with your skills got in.
Girl: Yes! I'll get results suitable for your aide.
Girl: And...Rest assured,
Girl: I'll bring judgment to Yukihira Souma!

Erina: ~~~~~~!
Flashback: You won't be chosen for that election after all.
Flashback: I'm telling you there's no way someone like you will be chosen!!
Text: From Chapter 34 "The Fate Surrounding Tootsuki"
Girl: ...Ah! I-I'm truly sorry!! (cd: I said something unnecessary...)
Erina(thinks): ...Don't get conceited, Yukihira-kun.
Erina(thinks): Nakiri Erina is way above you!
Souma: Nakiri won't participate in the election?
Alice: Yes,
Alice: The Tootsuki Elite Ten is in charge of the "Autumn Election" every year...
Alice: In summary, Erina is on the organizers side of this festival.
Souma: ---...!
Alice: Ah-ah...It will be a while before I can confront Erina...
Guy: Wow...Look there...
Guy: Yeah...
Guy: People who were chosen for the election are lined up there...Hm?
Sign: Tadokoro Megumi

Box: Tadokoro Megumi B Block
Voice: ...Hey? What's that?
Voice: Why was that dunce chosen!?
Megumi(thinks): Auuuh, as I thought...Being selected is something so extravagant
Megumi(thinks): That only I feel really out of place!!
Guy: I've got better grades than her in both theoretical and practical classes, you know...?
Guy: What's going on here? Isn't that really weird?
Megumi: ...
Miyoko: Silence!!
Guy: !?
Miyoko: You're such damp guys...To think you're backbiting sneakily.

Miyoko: Listen well, the election participants aren't chosen just for their grades.
Box: Houjou Miyoko B Block
Megumi's sd: So big...
Miyoko: Their individuality and future prospects as a cook...They were evaluated from many points of view.
Miyoko: People that are satisfied just with their test grades
Miyoko: Weren't going to be chosen in the first place...
Thought: Eeeeeeh...!?
Thought: I...It caved in so deep!!
Megumi: ...U-Umm, thanks.
Miyoko: Tadokoro Megumi...Right?
Miyoko: I'm interested in you...
Megumi: ---!?

Nao: Ah...Erina-sama.
Nao: You look beautiful today.
Nao: With those noble eyes...And words
Nao: I want you to scorn me...!
Box: Sadatsuka Nao B Block
Nao: Aaaah...Detestable......! That woman...
Nao: Even though,
Nao: I'm more suitable for Erina-sama...!

Nao: If I defeat that hindrance
Nao: Erina-sama should notice...
Nao: My love for her...!!!
Nao: Hihi
Nao: Hihihihihi...
Police: ...Chief! Umm...
Chief: Let's say we didn't see that...!
Guy: ...

Man: It's about time...The members are announced...
Man: Marui-kun!
Alice: Yukihira-kun,
Alice: Do you remember...What I said as I left after the 200 meals?
Flashback: I'm waiting expectantly for the moment I get to defeat you personally (music note)
Souma: ---Yeah!
Alice: Then it's ok.

Alice: Did you know this, Yukihira-kun...?
Alice: Almost every single of the current Elite Ten members
Alice: Participated on the "main tournament" of the election.
Alice: In summary---
Alice: The next generation of the Elite Ten
Alice: Will be born from between these people...!

Alice: ...Of course, nothing will begin if we don't win here.
Alice: I hope the day comes
Alice: When you, Erina, and I fight over the Elite Ten.
Sign: Congratulations on your participation in the Autumn Election
Fumio: It's the comeback of the golden age---!!
Fumio: We must celebrate in advance tonight!
Fumio: ...
Fumio: ---If you're coming back,
Fumio: Why not at least make a call!?
Fumio: You have
Fumio: As little common sense as always!

Jou: You haven't changed either, Fumio-san...
Jou: And well,
Jou: I was in the vicinity, you see.
Jou: I'm back home.
Cutlery: The old man returns
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 40/End
//This chapter was so full of awesome moments that I just can't...

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