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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 26

26th Clause

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Sep 20, 2013 11:58 | Go to Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho

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Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 26

26th Clause

Shin: Kyuuki...
Shin: Damn it!
Shin: !?
Shin: Geeh!

Aoi: Kamishiro-kun!?
Aoi: It can't be...The recoil for using the grimoire!?
Shin(thinks): Wh...What's this? A cerebral concussion...? No, it's way harder than that, it feels like the blood in my whole body is flowing backwards...
Shin(thinks): Damn...Forget about standing, my consciousness is...
Shin(thinks): To think the recoil for using the grimoire was this big...

Chief: You used your trump card which was the grimoire's power but it was neutralized by a similar power and there's nothing else you can do, that's about it, right?
Kiri: Oh well...
Kiri: Is this ok? Isn't the church
Kiri: In a situation where you can't afford to be loafing around?
Chief: I wanted to see what will happen to the grimoire that played a role on that coup d’état,
Chief: However...
Chief: There's no way to break out from that situation.
Kiri: I wonder about that.

Kiri: If you don't see it through you won't know how it will end.
Shin(thinks): No good...My body is...
Shin: Kuh...

Aoi: Kamishiro-kun!?
Shin(thinks): I'll get killed!?
Kuon: !!

Kuon: New threat confirmed.
Shax: Geez, you sure are troublesome.
Shin: Shax, Aim!?

Shax: Well, we heard the overall situation from that shitty bastard of an informant,
Shax: That there's a stupid fox that got manipulated by the grimoire.
Shax: But it's outrageous...
Shax: That's some huge amount of mana...
Shin: Wait, she absorbed Kyuuki.
Shax: What!?
Shin: Moreover, the grimoire's power doesn't work on her, the most likely reason would be that she can counterbalance it with the same power since it's the grimoire itself what's controlling her.
Shin: That would mean she can tear off Aim's armor...

Shin: But Kyuuki will definitely do something.
Shin: I beg you, just resist until then!
Shax: You sure ask impossible things, damn brat...
Shax: That's how it is, Aim, let's go!
Aim: Ok.

Kyuuki: Mm...
Kyuuki: Hmm...
Kyuuki: It seems I haven't been assimilated.
Kyuuki: More importantly, I have to hurry...
Kyuuki: Hm?

Kyuuki: Hmph, for someone who acted so big, look at you now.
Kyuuki: In the end, you're just a brat.
Kuon: What do you want to say?

Kyuuki: You don't have memories of the past, right?
Kuon: Th-That's not...!
Kyuuki: Aren't those actually knowledge that could be called history that was stored in the grimoire rather than your own memories?
Kuon: ...
Kyuuki: Looks like I'm right.
Kyuuki: I found it weird that another me that had memories of the past existed.
Kyuuki: However, you're not really an impostor, it seems you really are another soul that separated from mine.

Kuon: It wasn't in my calculations.
Kuon: I never thought the grimoire would have a security system.
Kuon: And it's just as you say.
Kuon: When I woke up I was already inside that book's world, I probably was there since you were sealed.
Kuon: ...There wasn't anything.

Kuon: No, if anything, there were books, in order to not get bored I read all the time.
Kuon: But then came a turning point.
Kuon: Kamishiro Shin.
Kuon: Ever since he linked with the book I started thinking I maybe could get out the book.
Kuon: And so started my frenzy search of a way to get out of this world.
Kuon: I thought that it surely was in this world as every book related to magic is in here.
Kuon: ...The rest is just as you know.

Kuon: The book's trap activated and my body got completely under its control.
Kuon: There's nothing that can be done now.
Kuon: Everything is over.

Kyuuki: So, you'll give up and stay imprisoned?
Kuon: But, this late, just how...!?
Kyuuki: We can do it!
Kyuuki: If we combine our powers, Shin and the others outside will do something!
Kyuuki: The rest depends on you.
Kyuuki: Not on my other half or anyone else, on you yourself!
Kyuuki: How about it!?

Kuon: I want to go out...
Kuon: I want to...Go out too...!
Kuon: I want to go out and interact with others...
Kyuuki: Then it's decided,

Kyuuki: Let's go, Kuon,
Kyuuki: To the world outside.

Kuon: Yes...

Shax: Aim!!
Shax: Tch!

Shax: No matter how much we strengthen things with mana, just by touching her everything gets cancelled, we can't hold her back.
Shin(thinks): Is this it...!?

Kuon: !?
Shin: !?
Shin(thinks): Her tail went berserk...No, it's revolting against her!?
Shin: It can't be!
Shin: Kyuuki, is that Kyuuki!?

Kyuuki: Finish this
Kyuuki: With your power.
Shin(thinks): Kyuuki.
Shin(thinks): Kyuuki, you...Can't be...

Shin(thinks): I don't care if my body stops moving!
Shin(thinks): This is a chance Kyuuki made for me!
Shin(thinks): Moveeeeeeeee!!
Shin: Oooooooooh!

Shin: Aaaaah
Shin(thinks): This is the end!!

Shin(thinks): Kyuuki!?
Shin(thinks): Eh...
Shin(thinks): Kyuu...
26th Clause/END

The End!

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