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Shokugeki no Souma 41

The Man that was Called an "Asura"

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Sep 25, 2013 17:14 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use or post anywhere else without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 41
//Jou seriously is the coolest character I’ve seen in a while

Souma: The announcement of the election's participants is done...
Souma: And it's finally summer vacations, huh.
Ikumi: Well...We can't exactly rest calmly though.
Souma: Hm? Why?
Takumi: Because for the participants...This month is a period of training.
Takumi: Trying new dishes, pitching camp,
Takumi: Everyone polishes their skills towards the real thing.
Takumi: Next September...A big stage waits for us!
Cutlery: With the "Election" as their goal, it's time to move!!
Takumi: Let's meet on the Autumn Election!
Text: There's more than 1,500,000 copies of the volumes in print!!
"Shokugeki-no SOMA"

Satoshi: Welcome back, everyone!
Satoshi: Fumio-san says... That today we'll have an anticipated party!
Satoshi: Now, go to the dining hall!
Yuuki's sd: Yahoooooo
Souma: Isshiki-senpai! Umm...
Souma: What kind of person...Is Eizan-senpai from the Elite Ten?
Satoshi: ...Eizan-kun?
Satoshi: He's a Yankee. //delinquent, use whatever you want
Souma: A Yankee?
Satoshi: He's had a famous armed group since his days in the middle school section.
Satoshi: He forces those who lose to him to obey, and so he kept increasing in followers.
Satoshi: By the time he entered high school, he already had one of the most influential groups in the whole academy.
Souma(thinks): Wow...This certainly is like a Yankee manga...
Satoshi: However, his abilities are sound and solid...He's the exact definition of an intellectual-type yakuza, //gangster if you want
Satoshi: And he is merciless to those who go against him...

Satoshi: ...But, why are you asking about him?
Souma: No real reason! It's nothing important.
Souma: Whoa, the banner...Is huge!
Satoshi: Fumio-san...Is in the kitchen?
Jou: Oh, Souma! You're back? Help out a bit.
Souma: Yeah, ok.
Jou: Prepare this for me,
Jou: I've already taken the dashi. //soup stock
Souma: Ok!

Souma: Wait, I just started helping just like in Yukihira, but...!!
Souma: What are you doing here!!?
Fumio: What? You know him?
Megumi: W...Who is he?
Fumio: Tootsuki Academy and the Polar Star Dorm's old boy.
Souma: Tootsuki's old boy!!?
Fumio: Is this because of the generation gap...? To think you don't know the 2nd seat of the Elite Ten, Saiba Jouichirou. //so close, this is the real reading
Yuuki: The (Ex) 2nd seat of the Elite Ten!!?
Souma: Sa...Saiba?
Jou: Ah, the rice should be done soon, Souma.
Souma: Shuddup!
Souma: Just explain this, pops!! //I'm changing the way Souma calls him as this sounds more familiar...
All: They're father and child!!!!?

Shokugeki-no SOMA
Big Text: The stars that once congregated under the moon---!! //a play of words of Tootsuki (distant moon) and the polar star
(cutlery) 41 The Man that was Called an "Asura"
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki

Souma: Pops is one of Tootsuki's old boys, he was in the Polar Star dorm,
Souma: And he was in the Elite Ten too...
Souma: I'll really need...Some more energy to take all of this in at once...
Yuuki: Oh...Yukihira is unrest for once...
Ryouko: Should I say...As expected from Yukihira-kun's father?
Satoshi: "Jouichirou Saiba"... //for some reason he says it like it's a foreign name
Jou: Hmm...You know me?
Satoshi: Yes...I once saw your name in past documents.
Satoshi: The "Wandering Chef" that used his skills on many different famous restaurants around the world!
Satoshi: He was so important that his name wasn't absent in any cooking magazine from the time.
Satoshi: However, he suddenly disappeared from the business' frontlines.
Satoshi: For those who know him, he's a legend...

Satoshi: I'm Isshiki Satoshi, I'm the current 7th seat of the Elite Ten.
Satoshi: It's an honor meeting you, chef Saiba.
Jou: Yeah...I currently go by the last name of Yukihira,
Jou: So, just call me Jouichirou.
Ryouko(thinks): He isn't perturbed at all by Isshiki-senpai's appearance.
Yuuki(thinks): As expected from the 2nd seat of the Elite Ten...
Yuuki: Yukihira! You didn't know anything about this!?
Souma: Well...I just recently found out that he was working overseas.
Souma: Ah, but, come to think of it, when I was little...
Souma: We sometimes received calls from people talking in foreign languages
Souma: And there was a time a lot of pictures of him with foreign people came out...
Yuuki(thinks): Get a hint!!
Jou: Now! The food will come one after another,
Jou: Let's have a toast!

Yuuki(thinks): Dishes made by an ex-elite ten...
Megumi(thinks): To think Souma-kun's father was such an amazing person.
Megumi(thinks): I...I'm getting nervous...
Jou: Here---
Jou: Have some.
Yuuki(thinks): Aaaaaaah, I can see them!!
Yuuki(thinks): Sights of countries I've never been too just come to my mind!!

Voice: It's delicious!
Voice: Amazing! It's extremely good!!
Megumi: What is this paste...That's smeared on the lamb meat?
Jou: That's "Harissa"...It's an all-purpose seasoning made from chili peppers and other things native to North Africa. //Tunisia to be more precise, but the Japanese says North Africa
Jou: With Middle Eastern traditional cooking as a base...This time I tried adding parsley and garam masala. //http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garam_masala
Guy: Jo...Jouichirou-san! Wh-What is this...?
Jou: That's a Liguria style seafood soup in which... //Liguria is a region in North Italy
Megumi: He just...Gives this "Man!" feeling...
Ryouko: Yes...He has a mature sex appeal.
Ryouko: Aren't the boys charmed too...?
Yuuki(thinks): Will Yukihira become like this in the future...?
Souma: ...Ah? What is it...?
Thought: They were somewhat reserved
Thought: But, as soon as they ate it, their hearts opened...
Thought: It was as if the personality of the man who made this food
Thought: Overflowed into them...!

Guy: Wow! Everything is ultra-good!
Zenji: How's this dish?
Zenji: Horribleeeeee!!
Jou: Oh! That! I tried making a snake dish I ate last month!
Jou: This is really bad! I sliced it while it still had the scales---
Souma: Uhah, pops, this is seriously bad!!
Jou: Right? It's so bad it can enter the historical best ten.
Box: Quarantine Space for the Yukihira father and son
Yuuki: That's right...He's Yukihira's father to the end.
Shun?: If it's bad wouldn't it be the worst ten?
Fumio: ...
Fumio: Well...Leaving the strange combinations of food aside---
Fumio: Jouichirou.
Fumio: Fufu...The man that was once called an "Asura"...
Souma: ?

Fumio: You now make...
Fumio: Food with kindness, huh.
Jou: ...Yeah.
Fumio: Let Gin eat some sometime.
Jou: ...Sure enough.
Souma: Gin? "Gin"? It can't be...
Yuuki: Ugyaaah! They look so young!
Megumi: Chef Doujima was from the Polar Star dorm...!
Fumio: That picture is from when they were in second year of high school.

Fumio: Doujima Gin,
Fumio: Saiba Jouichirou.
Fumio: These two were the central pillars that brought upon the Polar Star's Golden Era.
Fumio: They took over land with Shokugeki and increased the lot size...
Fumio: You see, we had to cover the kitchen equipment costs by ourselves.
Asterisk: Image
Fumio: Eventually, the polar star dorm became financially independent...
Jou: By then it was like an independent nation.
Souma(thinks): Was that why no one in the office knew about the place!?
Asterisk: From chapter 6
Fumio: Anyway...Even though Gin never misses to send New Year's Cards and Bon gifts,
Fumio: Jouichirou! How about you send at least a letter!?
Jou: That's why I come every once in a while here, don't I?
Fumio: Give me a break! You just come suddenly and then go away whenever you want...
Text: Stray Cat Faithful Dog

Satoshi: The exact definition of a legendary alumnus...Right!?
Jou: Well...I never graduated though.
Yuuki: Eh? Is that so?
Souma: ...
Jou: Haaaa...That was so much fun...
Jou: It's about time to finish, huh.
Souma: Pops, will you sleep in my room?
Jou: Hmm...Hm?
Jou: Haha...! Souma! You're in room 303?
Souma: Eh? Yeah, I am.
Jou: Around the center of the room...There's remains of a burn caused by a falling pot, right?

Jou: That's the room I lived in.
Jou: Fumio-san, lend me some open room.
Fumio: Alright.

Souma(thinks): In this room
Souma(thinks): Pops---
Souma(thinks): I might know almost nothing
Souma(thinks): About that chef
Souma(thinks): ---...

Jou: ---Souma.
Jou: Souma.
Souma: Uh....?
Jou: Are you awake? I'm in the kitchen right now,
Jou: Take your knife and come downstairs.
Souma: Yeah...Ok...
Souma: 5:30...
Souma: We're preparing breakfast?
Souma: Up we go...
Souma's sd: Yawn...

Souma(thinks): Come to think of it...
Souma(thinks): In the end, why is pops back from overseas?
Souma: Maybe he had some work to do in Japan?
Jou: Oh, you're here.
Jou: Is your knife sharpened?
Souma: Of course,
Souma: I did it last night so that the grindstone smell fell off...
Jou: That's perfect, then, I'm sorry for being so sudden, but---
Jou: Show me how much
Jou: You have grown.

Text: Asura

Jou: It's been a long time since we last did it,
Cutlery: A challenge from the man that was called an "Asura"---!!
Jou: Let's have a cooking contest,
Jou: Souma...
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 41/End
The outbreak of a confrontation between new and old Polar Star members! How will the battle go...!?

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#1. by ukimix ()
Posted on Sep 27, 2013
Thanks for the good job. Please, I have a question. What's the meaning of 'Yankee' in this chapter (pg 2)? Could you explain it? Thanks in advance.
#2. by Eru13 ()
Posted on Sep 27, 2013
It's a word Japanese like to use to refer to juvenile delinquents, there's a lot of manga about this subject

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