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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Omamori Himari 66

The Cat Trigger for an Accidental Discharge

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Sep 28, 2013 20:18 | Go to Omamori Himari

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Reserved for Votex. Don't use without my permission.
Omamori Himari 66

66th Animal The Cat Trigger for an Accidental Discharge
Yuuto: A victory celebration party??
Liz: Yes, exactly.
Liz: I would like to make a celebration for everyone's victory and safe return.
Liz: ...I couldn't help at all during the battle,
Liz: So I would like to at least recognize your efforts (especially Yuuto-san's <3).
Liz: And, it will cost you 3,000 yen each <3
Rinko: You're charging us for it!!?

66th Animal The Cat Trigger for an Accidental Discharge

Himari: ...Haa,
Himari: Haahaa,
Himari: Guh...Haa
Himari: Uh...Gah...
Himari: Hah...
Himari: Guhah...
Himari: Hah...Ah
Himari: Uh...

Himari: Young...master...
Box: Snatch, Snatch, Snatch, Snatch //steal
Himari: Haguh!!
Himari: Wha...What...was I......?

Himari: Kuh...
Shizuku: ...
Rinko?: Himari...
Himari: Ngh...
Himari: ...Uh
Himari: Haa
Himari: Haa...

Liz: Your attention please!
Liz: Ermmm, would you call this a "free and easy party"? //as in a party were your rank/social position doesn't matter
Liz' sd: Like, "Insolent fellow!” just kidding. //lost pun, Bureikou = free and easy party, bureimono = insolent fellow
Liz: Have as much fun as you want as we're celebrating victory.
All: Yeaaaaaaaaaaah!!
Sasa's sd: Food
Aya's sd: Yeah...
Rinko: I invited the class rep. but she said she'll pass this time.
Rinko's sd: She might need some more time.
Yuuto: Well, it can't be helped...
Liz: Ouch!

Himari: Hey, Liz, having a party is ok and everything,
Himari: But why am I a waitress?
Liz: Eh, well, I mean, it would be too much for me to handle, don't you know the saying "I'm so busy I would even welcome the help of a cat"?
Himari: I'm going to smash you.
Liz: Aaahn, Yuuto-saaan save me, Himari-san is...
Rinko: Don't rub your boobs on him, you perverted cup!!

Liz: Anyway, I'm glad you're fine...
SFX: squeeze
Yuuto: Liz...
Liz: Geez, I was really worried, you know?
Liz: But, you came back safe,
Liz: So I'll do my best to serve... (cd: Mmm)
Ageha: Whoops, that's as far as you go, western ayakashi.
Ageha: As long as I'm alive I won't let you just do as you like.
Liz: Nooooo
Ageha: Especially if it's sexual things!!

Ageha: What's with you? You look even more depressing than always.
Yuuto: ... (Always...huh)
Rinko: I have an overall idea of what he's thinking.
Yuuto: Rinko?
Rinko: "Is it ok to celebrate...
Rinko: After winning a do-or-die battle?"...That's it, right?
Ageha: Huh? That?
Ageha's sd: Celebrating after winning is natural, just look at Sasa.
Sasa's: Ageha, you should eat some too, it's yummy.
Yuuto: ...You're sharp, Rinko.
Yuuto: But, I don't have the right to say that.

Yuuto: I should rather be thankful to Himari, Kuesu, and Ageha.
Kaya: Nice...Himari as a waitress is good too!
Himari: D-Don't look at me so much...
Ageha: Hmmmm...
Ageha: Aren't we splendid? ---Is that the face of the Amakawa Family head?
Yuuto: I wasn't useful at all.
Yuuto: Even though I had made my resolve to fight, there's still a part inside me that's hesitating.
Yuuto: Like this, it'll be just like Shuten said, someone will be in danger because of me...!
Rinko: Yuuto...
Ageha: ...
Yuuto: Whoa?

Ageha: Don't brace yourself much, it's bothersome.
Ageha: You aren't sly enough, you can just become like an overconfident brat.
Ageha: Also, what I want as my reward isn't the blood of the Amakawa's Head
Ageha: But your blood.
Ageha: That bakeneko and the "Twilight Moon" are the same, right? //monster cat
Yuuto: Ageha...
Ageha: Whoops, it seems this Ageha-sama said something out of character.
Ageha: I have to drink more!

Shizuku: ---For once I agree with that Hinoenma...nano
Yuuto: Shizuku.
Rinko: You sure are late.
Shizuku: Since you're overly conscious of your idea of coexistence...
Shizuku's sd: This chair is too tall...nano
Shizuku: You're taking too much time
Shizuku: To acknowledge enemies as such...nano
Shizuku: ...And it's extremely unpleasant for me to make food for our enemy, the Kyuubi...nano
Yuuto's sd: The master is here so don't stick out your snake tongue
Yuuto: Well that's...
Rinko: Th-Thanks for the hard work...
Shizuku: It's the same this time...Since she can't exactly participate in the victory celebration because she lost...
Yuuto: Well, she might just remember something
Shizuku: I fed her with lots of food stuffed with sleeping drugs and she finally fell asleep...nano

Shizuku: ...The stupid witch put her life on the line to defeat Shuten...nano
Shizuku: Then, I'll take care of the Kyuubi...
Yuuto?: ...Ah---Shizuku, you see,
Rinko?: About that stupid witch...
Kuesu: Hoohohoho, what is this? I came because I heard there was a party
Kaya's sd: What's with her?
Ageha: Keh
Sasa: *munch*?
Kuesu: But all I find is a filthy ayakashi hangout!
Kuesu: My dress will get impregnated with ayakashi's stench---

p14 //no dialog

Shizuku: ...How dare you come back...? Nano
Kuesu: As you can see, with this daring beauty of mine.
Kuesu: Hauh
Shizuku: Nano
Himari: Even if this is a free and easy party, quarrels and disputes are forbidden today, you fools.
Both: Yes, we're sorry
Shizuku: Nano
Yuuto's sd: Well done Himari
Yuuto: Good grief...

Box: Everyone had different things on their minds,
Box: But, on that place, the thing I, Rinko, and others look for was present.
Box: Humans and Ayakashi were together in the same place,
Box: A sight that could be called everyday life.
Himari: What is it, Young master?
Himari: You're smiling a lot.

Yuuto: Eh, was I smiling that much?
Box: That was a kind and fun moment and place
Box: That, while being something ordinary, somehow---
Box: It felt ephemeral like an illusion.
Sign: Reserved for today sorry
Sasa: Hey, hey, may I order more?
Liz: That will be an extra charge, though.
Ageha: What!?
Yuuto: ...What do you want to talk to me about, Kuesu?
Kuesu: ...

Kuesu: Don't you have something you want to ask me?
Yuuto: ...Yeah.
Yuuto: But I kept quiet as it may be something you didn't want me to know.
Kuesu: There's nothing I don't want Yuu-chan to know.
Kuesu: ...No, I have some, a maiden's secrets are top secret.
Kuesu: You see, my mother...Someday stopped being fixated on the Amakawa family.
Yuuto: !

Kuesu: Even though she persistently said it was for the family's sake...It seems I don't need it anymore.
Box: That's right, I'm certain that Kuesu's mom wanted the blood of the Amakawas as it is an ability amplifier...
Box: It must really be because, no matter how much time passes, I'm still not mature as a demon slayer...
Kuesu: It isn't Yuu-chan's fault,
Kuesu: I became weird.
Yuuto: Eh?
Yuuto: What does that mean...?

Kuesu: It isn't anything important, I just won't die...
Kuesu: My body now can't die.

Kuesu: I now am a real witch...One that doesn't need the Amakawas' blood's help.
Kuesu: From now on my witch blood will guide me in my eternal travel.
Kuesu: Not even Death will turn around to me anymore.
Kuesu: This is my sin for seeking for power,
Kuesu: My punishment for not reconsidering my superhuman pretensions.
Kuesu: Hahaha...This is so comical,
Kuesu: I can't attain anything anymore.
Yuuto: Kuesu...
Kuesu: My time has stopped.

Kuesu: I can no longer live in the same time as Yuu-chan,
Kuesu: We can't grow old together.
Yuuto: Kuesu!
Kuesu: Ah, I don't even need you to protect my back,
Kuesu: I mean, I won't die!
Kuesu: Like this it's just like...!
Kuesu: Like this I...!!
Yuuto: Kuesu, it's enough, stop!
Kuesu: I'm lower than an Ayakashi!!

Himari: Damn that Liz, she's such a cat driver...

Kuesu: Yuu-chan...
Yuuto?: ...
Himari: Young...Mas...

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