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Shokugeki no Souma 42

Wake-Up Kiss

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Oct 3, 2013 12:41 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use or post anywhere else without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 42

Star: SOMA will have a bangaihen in the Jump NEXT that will be on sale on October 15th! On a fat and delicious fish...!?
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Jou: It's been about 3 months since you left home...
Cutlery: Souma challenges the "Polar Star Golden Era"!!
Jou: How much you have grown
Jou: Or how much you haven't,
Jou: Let me see it...Souma!
Souma: ...Heh!
Souma: Just when I thought your return was quite sudden,
Souma: You come up with this, pops...?
Jou: Hm...What's wrong?
Jou: Are we doing this or not?

Souma: Of course,
Souma: We're doing it!

Cutlery: Second servings come one after another!! Volumes 1-4 have now over 1,500,000 copies in print!! //maybe just "Seconds"
Cutlery: He followed him all the way so that he could catch up and overtake him.
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
(cutlery) 42 Wake-Up Kiss

Jou: Well...
Jou: About the theme...
Jou: Judge---
Jou: What do you want to eat now?
Souma: Judge?
Fumio: Fufu...That love for contests runs in the blood?
Fumio: You two really are alike!
Souma: Fumio-san!
Fumio: Jouichirou asked me to do this last night.
Fumio: I'll manage this contest!
Satoshi: Well...This is quite the spectacle.

Fumio's sd: Whoa!
Fumio: Isshiki! Why are you here!!?
Fumio: You surprised me! (cd: When did you get here!?) //hmm, I can't really tell which of these two dialogs goes first...
Satoshi: Fufu...I was on my way back from working on the field
Satoshi: And I just smelled an interesting contest around here!
Souma: Smelled...?
Fumio: He's sharp...
Fumio: Hmph, then just watch, Isshiki,
Fumio: We need an odd number of judges...
Souma: Ta-Tadokoro...?
Megumi: Hmmm...? Souma-kun, good mornin'...
Souma: Uwah, what happened to you!?

Souma: You have some amazing bags!
Megumi: Yes...I just couldn't sleep...
Megumi: I started thinking about the election
Megumi: And got nervous over it...Ehehe...
Souma: Eeeh...There's still one more month left, though...
Souma: What will happen to you if you're like this now...?
Fumio: Ah, but you came just in time Megumi, come here!
Fumio: I'm old,
Fumio: So I won't accept anything heavy first thing in the morning.
Fumio: We also have a girl that's staggering from staying up all night,
Fumio's sd: Hmm...
Fumio: Let's see, the theme is---
Fumio: "A dish that gives you energy to last all day"!! //or more literally "A dish that energizes you first thing in the morning"
Fumio: We'll have you make it for us.

Fumio: You're free to use any ingredient in the kitchen!
Fumio: The time limit is one hour!
Fumio: You may proceed to cook as soon as you decide what you're making!
Fumio: Begin!!
Megumi: Ermmm....Why...
Megumi: Are they having a contest...?
Box: Tadokoro-chan after fully regaining consciousness.
Megumi: Y...Your opponent is a former Elite Ten, you know!? You can't win this!
Souma: Well, but...You see, this was an everyday occurrence in the Yukihira household.
Souma: I first challenged him when I was in 6th year of primary school.
Megumi(thinks): He challenged an adult while being in primary school...
Megumi: T-That's just like Souma-kun...

Megumi: I...It can't be, you have won...
Souma: Now...I don't really remember.
Jou: You haven't, stop putting on airs.
Jou: Souma lost about 500 times.
Souma: I didn't! It was 489 times!!
Jou: You even remember the exact number.
Fumio: ...
Fumio: ---A cooking contest?
Jou: Yeah, and...
Jou: I want you to be the judge.
Fumio: Well...If I can watch Jouichirou in a contest again
Fumio: I'm not really against being a judge, you know!
Fumio: But...Don't go holding back
Fumio: Just because he's your son.
Jou: You don't have to worry about that.
Jou: I have never
Jou: Held back on a contest against Souma...!

Souma: Something that's not heavy and easy to eat...Let's see,
Souma: I should also make it so that it's nutritious---
Souma: ...Alright!
Megumi: Souma-kun is starting...!
Megumi(thinks): Even though he's fighting someone so great that he was the 2nd seat of the Elite Ten
Megumi(thinks): He can cook so confidently...
Satoshi(thinks): I see...That's where Souma-kun comes from...
Satoshi(thinks): Souma-kun doesn't run away from a challenge no matter how big the obstacles are,
Satoshi(thinks): And that's to be expected...
Satoshi(thinks): He's been constantly challenging his father
Satoshi(thinks): Who's in a totally different dimension of ability,

Satoshi(thinks): All that even after failing 489 times---!
Fumio: Now...There's only 15 minutes left!
Fumio: Who's going to finish first...?
Souma: Sorry for the wait!!

Fumio: Th...
Fumio: This is...!?
Souma: Here, it's done!
Souma: It's an "Apple Risotto"!!
~Apple Risotto~
Fumio?: A risotto!?
Megumi?: He's right...! I can see apples cut in cubes in it...
Fumio(thinks): To think he'd put fruits in a risotto...
Fumio(thinks): Well, isn't this a surprise!?

Megumi: Waah...It has a bittersweet
Megumi: And really refreshing aroma...
Megumi: It's apple and...Lemon?
Satoshi: Yeah...It has a wonderful freshness.
Satoshi: This smell...Wakes up a heavy stomach and stimulates the appetite!
Satoshi: It even feels like it gets rid of my drowsiness...!
Fumio: Well, then!
Fumio: How about the all-important flavor!?

SFX: *crisp*
Megumi: !!!
Megumi(thinks): Th...
Megumi(thinks): This is...
Megumi(thinks): Crispy apples with a mild sweetness,
Megumi(thinks): Onions boiled until they become thick,
Megumi(thinks): And crunchy fried bacon...
Megumi(thinks): The apples' soft flavor extends all over the risotto---
Megumi(thinks): It's as if my sleeping body
Megumi(thinks): Is slowly being woken up...

Megumi(thinks): By Prince Apple's
Megumi(thinks): Loving Kiss...!

Megumi: It's deliciouuuuus!!
Souma: Add some black pepper to your liking!
Souma: That makes it taste good too.
Fumio: Hmm! Let's see...
Fumio: ...
Fumio(thinks): The apples and the onions' "faint sweetness" and the black pepper's "savory incentive"!
Fumio(thinks): The black pepper flutters down
Fumio(thinks): And generates a contrast between the taste and the appearance...
Fumio(thinks): It's just like a "Black" and "White"
Fumio(thinks): Waltz!!

Megumi: Mmmmmm...!
Megumi: Fuwah...I'm going to melt...!
Megumi: This soaks into my sleep-deprived body...!
Fumio: Yeah... You can get vitamins, lipids, and carbohydrates from it.
Fumio: And since the rice is soft and superbly cooked al dente, it's also gentle with the stomach.
Fumio: It's undoubtedly
Fumio: A dish perfect for when you just wake up!
Satoshi: However...How can this be?
Megumi: ...Isshiki-senpai?
Satoshi: The rice and onions are permeated by the apples' flavor,
Satoshi: But if you boil apples that much time they would normally crumble...

Satoshi: So why are they still so crispy...?
Megumi: You're right...! J-Just why...?
Souma: You see...
Souma: I used this!
Megumi: Eeh...Apple Juice!?
Fumio: Wh...What do you mean!?
Souma: When I was simmering the fried onions and rice
Souma: I let them boil down while adding this juice little by little.
Souma: I added the apple cut in cubes later on and just let them get slightly cooked!
Souma: That's why the texture is still fresh!
Satoshi(thinks): I see...That's a wonderful idea!
Satoshi(thinks): To think that the uniform apple flavor that spread throughout the dish
Satoshi(thinks): Was something that was made using apple juice!

Fumio(thinks): To think that he would come out with such a precise answer for a theme I came up on the spot...
Fumio(thinks): Just how much potential does this kid have!?
Fumio(thinks): "Apple Risotto"
Fumio(thinks): A splendid answer!!
Fumio(thinks): It even makes me think there's no better one---
Fumio: ...

Fumio(thinks): What a fearsome man.
Fumio(thinks): It's in the air...!
Fumio(thinks): ---Even when Yukihira Souma's dish could be given a perfect score
Fumio(thinks): I just feel that he'll exceed it quite easily!!
Jou: Sorry for making you wait...
Jou: Here! Have some---
Cutlery: What will Jouichirou bring out---!? Next issue, Center Color pages!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 42/End

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