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Shokugeki no Souma Special : Volume 1 Omake and Bangaihen

Kurase-san's Diary

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Oct 6, 2013 00:23 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.

Shokugeki-no SOMA Volume 1 Omake and Bangaihen

First Recipe (page 130)
Special Appendix
Yukihira Style
Jellied Meat Broth and Scrambled Eggs Furikake Gohan
~Practical Recipe
Souma: We'll teach you a version of the "Transforming Furikake" where you also add the chicken wings!
Illustration: Tsukuda Yuuto

Ingredients (For 2-3 people)
- Chicken Wings ... 7
-Sesame Oil ... 1 tablespoon
Grated Ginger ... 1 teaspoon
Bonito Broth ... 700cc
Sake, Sugar, Mirin ... 1.5 tablespoons each
Light Soy Sauce ... 50cc
Eggs ... 4
Minced spring onion ... To your liking
Sugar ... 1 tablespoon
Salt ... A bit

1) Heat the sesame oil on a fry pan and fry the chicken wings until they are browned.
2) Put the chicken wings from #1 and the ingredients in (A) in a pot, put that pot on a high flame and when the contents boil skim the scum from the broth.
-> Boil the broth until half of it is gone.
3) Put the broth in a tray or tupper, let it cool down and then refrigerate it.
Take the chicken wings' bones out and cut the meat finely.
4) Scramble eggs in a bowl and mix them with the ingredients in (B).
-> Put the mix on a fry pan on a low flame and stir it quickly using cooking chopsticks, move the eggs to a dish once they're finer. //Hmm, you know, I didn't really know how to word this, the point is that when the scrambled eggs are cooked into this like fine pieces you should move them
5) When #3 hardens, dice it.
Make the cubes about 1cm long.
6) Put the Jellied Meat Broth, the scrambled eggs, the chicken wings, and minced spring onion to your liking on hot rice and it's complete!!

Thanks page before the Bangaihen
Thank you very much for reading "Shokugeki-no SOMA" Volume 1.
A Kakioroshi Bangaihen starts next page.
Well then, let us meet on volume 2.
It wasn't much!
Souma's sd: Here, next is this...
Megumi: Waaaaaahn, nooooo

Bangaihen "Kurase-san's Diary"
Girl: Mayuuuuuu, aren't you going too?
Mayumi: Cooking showdown?
Box: Kurase Mayumi
Girl: It seems he's having a match with the boss so they want you to be the judge,
Girl: You've never gone to Yukihira's place, right?
Girl: You can eat super delicious food, so not going is a waste!
Mayumi(thinks): Yukihira-kun's house, huh...

Souma: Oh! Kurase, you came too?
Mayumi: S-Sorry for intruding.
Souma: Best regards for today.
Mayumi(thinks): I've been together with Yukihira-kun since kindergarten,
Mayumi(thinks): But we've never talked much.
Mayumi(thinks): He made his friends eat the lunches he cooked and they cried a lot.
sd: Byaaah
Souma: Ahahaha, it's bad, right? Try this one now.
Teacher: Hey, Souma-kun!!
Mayumi(thinks): When I noticed, he had blended with the cafeteria ladies.
Souma: Maybe a lighter taste would be better...
Woman: I take off my hat at this kid.
Woman: No, letting a student cook isn't ok!
Mayumi(thinks): I just watched him do amazing things all the time.

Mayumi(thinks): Yukihira-kun's home is a special of the day restaurant
Mayumi(thinks): And it seems he always helps out there.
Mayumi(thinks): From the point of view of a plain girl with no special abilities or hobbies like me
Mayumi(thinks): I can't even imagine that he's already in the professional world.
Mayumi(thinks): I really think
Mayumi(thinks): He's amazing.
Souma: It's done.
Mayumi(thinks): Delicious...!

Box: Some minutes later
Mayumi's sd: Yaaaaah
Voice: It's really closed---
Sign: Closed for a while
Guy: It seems that it's 'cause the boss is abroad and Yukihira entered a dorm.
Guy: He got in the most amazing cooking school in Japan, right?

Girl: Aah...Now that Yukihira is taking a break, just where should we go to eat after club activities end!
Girl: I even miss his new dish gambles now...
Girl: Mayuuuu, let's go.
Mayumi: Wa-Waiiit.
Mayumi: I wanted us to go to the same high school...
Mayumi(thinks): That I was always watching Yukihira-kun
Mayumi(thinks): And that that squid's flavor actually felt a bit good
Mayumi(thinks): Are thing I never said to anyone.
Mayumi(thinks): Am I a weird girl...?

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