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Shokugeki no Souma 43

The Cook that Has Travelled Thousands of Miles

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Oct 9, 2013 02:35 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use or post anywhere else without my permission.
I'm serious about that last thing, there's been some sites that have been posting my TL disregarding this messages (*cough* Mangabird *cough*), frankly, neither I nor the people in Casanova like this, so I will stop posting the TL's before the release starting next week if this kind of sites keep doing this. I feel bad for the people who just love and are impatient to read Soma, but you know, I've been posting this message for a while now...
Anyway, enjoy, it might be the last time this is here early...
Shokugeki-no SOMA 43

Star: Thanks for the great popularity! A center color page to commemorate that the JC volumes have over 1,500,000 copies in print!!
(cutlery) 43 The Cook that Has Travelled Thousands of Miles
Text: Father and Son, a Shokugeki that crosses generations!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Star: SOMA's bangaihen will be published in the Jump NEXT! on sale on October 15th (Tu)!! When you talk about the taste of Autumn...!?

Cutlery: What will he bring out!?
Fumio(thinks): Well...
Fumio(thinks): Next is
Fumio(thinks): The judging of Jouichirou's dish---!
Megumi(thinks): ...The food he made for yesterday's party...All had an amazing degree of completion.
Megumi(thinks): If it comes to a contest...Just what kind of dish will he bring out...?

Satoshi: This is an honor...To think I'd get to watch my great senpai of the Elite Ten in a cooking contest...!
Fumio: Fufu...Jouichirou was well known since his student epoch for attacking using unexpected dishes...
Fumio: Pay close attention.
Jou: Please taste it...
Jou: It's the Joichirou special rich ramen.
All: !?
Souma: Ra...

Souma: Ramen!!?
Megumi: Eeeh!? Ri...Right from the morning!?
Megumi: Uwah...
Megumi: Th...The soup looks dense...
Satoshi(thinks): ---There are some regions that eat ramen in the morning,
Satoshi(thinks): But, of all things, it seems like it's a thick and syrupy seafood soup.
Satoshi(thinks): For the sleep deprived Tadokoro-chan...And Fumio-san who's already old, this dish is a bit---
Fumio: Jouichirou!! There's a limit for how unpredictable you can be!
Fumio: Good grief, you've always been like this!

Fumio: You would nonchalantly bring out new dishes or strange foods on "Shokugekis"!!
Fumio: That's why you lost against opponents who were nothing special!
Jou: Phew...Well, I was a touchy back then.
Fumio: You're no different now!!
Megumi: ...Hmm?
Megumi: The soup looks dense,
Megumi: But somehow I can feel a light and mellow smell...
Fumio: What...? Y-You're right...
Fumio: ...Well,
Fumio: At any rate...Let's judge it!

Megumi: ...
Megumi: ...!!
Megumi: I can...Eat it...?
Megumi: Ah, this noodles...Were knead with Yuzu...?
Fumio: They're this thick
Fumio: But my hands keep moving naturally...
Fumio: ---Rather...

Fumio: They can't stop!!
Fumio: And...The soup was mixed with soy milk and parched flour miso.
Fumio: However...How is the body so deep just with that...?
Jou: I added grated "Imperial Taro Roots" which have a rich flavor and a fine viscosity, //Ebiimo, I'm not exactly sure I got the correct variant, but it is a species of taro
Jou: By doing that, the soup's body becomes creamy.

Megumi: ?... Somehow, my body is getting warm...?
Satoshi: That's the effect of the layou and the grated ginger and garlic, //layou: Chinese red chili oil
Satoshi: The soy milk's mellowness softens that stimulus.
Satoshi: This kindly...And slowly warms up your body...
Fumio: The toppings are also a display of tenderness!
Fumio: The lotus root slices and the burdock were fried crisply and colorfully...
Fumio: The carrots and turnips were grilled on charcoal fire until they were slightly burnt and seasoned with rock salt! This brings out the ingredients' sweetness...
Fumio: Just like garnishes on French food...Every ingredient was prepared suitably which adds depth to the flavor!
Fumio: And the label of this dish
Fumio: Is this "tempeh"!!
Big Text: Tempeh
Text: A fermented food native from Indonesia made from soybeans.
Text: The soybeans are put inside "hibiscus" or "banana leaves" and left to ferment using a fermentation starter which contains fungus spores. //the Japanese mentioned some "tempeh bacteria" which doesn't have an actual translation and refers to the fermentation starter that has some fungus spores
Text: For locals, it's a traditional delicacy that has been made for over 400 years.

Megumi: Mm...
Megumi: Even though it's light...It feels really voluminous! (cd: It's like chashao...) //chashao: the roast pork fillets usually used in ramen
Jou: Since the texture is similar to meat, vegetarians and people on macrobiotic diets like it.
Jou: This time, I added soy sauce and sake to make an aromatic teriyaki of it.
Satoshi: ...Oh? This is---
Satoshi: An ascetic stock...? //maybe "vegetarian stock"? The point is that it doesn't use fish or meat when preparing it so I guess both might work...
Jou: Exactly! It's a stock made from "kombu" and "shiitake mushrooms",
Jou: A so-called "ascetic stock"!
Jou: You see, once, when I was travelling around the world,
Jou: I met a monk who was grieving that he was doing something religious and had to abstain from eating meat and fish,
Jou: All of the dishes I tried making for him became the base for this ramen.
Box: He means the person that appeared on chapter 1.

Fumio(thinks): I see...By putting kombu and shiitake mushroom's flavor components together their deliciousness multiplies!
Fumio(thinks): Like that, even without using bonito or other fish, the flavor would---
Fumio: !? Wait...That means, this ramen...
Fumio: Has this deep flavor...
Fumio: Without even using meat or fish!?
Jou: Deliciousness and body are easily obtained by using ingredients that come from animals...
Jou: However,
Jou: A "Rich Ramen with no Meat or Fish"!
Jou: That way it's more interesting, right?
Fumio(thinks): What a guy...! By intensifying the flavor of soybeans and vegetables
Fumio(thinks): He created such a satisfying dish!

Fumio(thinks): Just how many ideas
Fumio(thinks): Are crammed inside this bowl---?
Fumio(thinks): This is the condensed life itself
Fumio(thinks): Of a man who travelled around the world!!
Megumi: Even though it has a great impact, I just keep eating...!
Satoshi: This superb spiciness is pleasant for the tongue!
Satoshi: It makes me feel my body's full of energy!!
Fumio: Yes...The insides of my body are hot...!
Fumio: My cells...Are rejuvenating.
Text: I'm going back...
Text: I'm going back!
Text: I'm going baaaaack!!

Fumio's sd: Uhoh? //how's an ape supposed to sound?
Text: Thanks for the food //Well, it's supposed to be this, but in a childish way, idk how would that be though...
Souma(thinks): You went far too back!!!

Fumio: Well then, we'll start with the verdict!!
Souma: Great!! That was just an image!
Souma: ...Ah! But she looks a bit younger! (cd: She looks kinda glossy!)
Fumio: Yukihira Souma and Jouichirou...
Fumio: Put forward the tableware of whichever you think was more delicious!!
Megumi: ~~~!!
Fumio: It's unanimous...

Fumio: The winner is
Fumio: Jouichirou!!!
Jou: It wasn't much. //great to see this also runs in the blood

Souma: ...
Satoshi: Souma-kun...Your dish was truly delicious too,
Satoshi: However...
Satoshi: I was also left a bit unsatisfied by it...
Souma: ...!
Satoshi: Even if it's morning, I just finished working on the field,
Satoshi: I wanted a firm dish.
Satoshi: Jouichirou-san's dish was just perfect for that...

Souma(thinks): I see...!
Souma(thinks): My dish was just barely not away from their demands...
Souma(thinks): But pops,
Souma(thinks): He was also thinking of how to get all of them more satisfied---!!
Fumio(thinks): Both dishes were unexpected, surprising...And had a kind consideration for how the body is in the morning, I have no complains on that.
Fumio: ...
Fumio(thinks): However, after eating this vitalizing ramen
Fumio(thinks): Yukihira's dish looks pale in comparison...
Fumio(thinks): It's Jouichirou's...Complete victory!
Souma: ...
Jou: But well...
Jou: Haven't you grown a bit?
Jou: "Apple Risotto",
Jou: That was quite an interesting dish.

Jou: I heard you're participating in the Autumn Election.
Souma: !
Jou: It will be somewhat different to anything you've faced before,
Jou: It's a great stage where talented people compete ruthlessly.
Jou: Listen well, Souma,
Jou: Don't go losing to anyone
Jou: Until you lose against me again...!
Fumio(thinks): Fufu...I guess that's Jouichirou's way of encouraging him.
Fumio(thinks): So they speak with their dishes...Huh?
Fumio(thinks): Good grief,
Fumio(thinks): They sure are alike---

Jou: Leaving that aside.
Souma: Huh?
Jou: With this you've lost 490 times,
Jou: Souma!
Souma: ~~~!!
Megumi: ?
Jou: It's my win again...
Jou: Not having even one loss is somehow insipid too.
Souma: Shuddup...! I'm winning next time for sure.
Megumi(thinks): They're keeping record of it...Maybe they’ve done this every single time?
Fumio(thinks): They sure are methodical on weird things...
Megumi(thinks): ...Souma-kun has always had challenges like this.
Megumi(thinks): Even though...He's experienced so many frustrating things,
Megumi(thinks): He doesn't give up---
Megumi: Souma-kun, I...I'm going to give my best at the Autumn Election too!

Megumi: I'm scared...But I'll challenge it with all I have!
Souma: ...Yeah!
Souma: Let's get fired up!
Megumi: Yes!
Letter: {
//the first part can't really be read, there's too much missing
Important documents regarding the Autumn Election.
Tootsuki Academy Tea Ceremony Executive Office
Cutlery: They prepare themselves for the battlefield!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 43/End

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#1. by ant ()
Posted on Oct 11, 2013
thanks for the translation...
but the word "tempeh", should not have character "h", if it really Indonesian food...
#2. by Eru13 ()
Posted on Oct 11, 2013
Well, that's how the dish's name was spelled in wiki...
#3. by ant ()
Posted on Oct 11, 2013
lol it becomes weird now, since no way it's spelled with "h"

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