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Shokugeki no Souma 44

An Unforeseen Straight

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Oct 17, 2013 04:34 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use or post anywhere else without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 44

Yuuki: Everyone! Wake uuuup!!
Cutlery: What's going on!?
"Shokugeki-no SOMA"
Yuuki: Big news!
Megumi: Yuuki-chan?
Box: Yoshino just finished taking care of the chickens in the morning.
Yuuki: ...Hmm? Were you doing something?
Megumi: Actually, Souma-kun and Jouichirou-san had a cooking contest...
Yuuki: What!!? Call me too!!
Yuuki: That's not fair!!
Megumi: So...Sorry, Yuuki-chan...
Souma: So...What's the all-important news?
Yuuki: Oh, right! Look at this...

Yuuki: It came this morning!!
Voice: The Autumn Election's...Theme for the dishes of the preliminaries!
Voice: !!
Souma: The theme is---
Paper: Theme: "Curry
Souma: Curry...!!

(Cutlery) 44 An Unforeseen Straight //as in straight punch
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Paper: Theme: "Curry Dish"
Souma: ...Dish...!?
Souma: ...?
Cutlery: Well...?
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki

Souma: Ermmm, so...
Souma: We should just make curry?
Yuuki: But, since it's a curry dish...
Yuuki: It's not just limited to curry rice, right?
Yuuki: There's "Naan" which has genuine Indian curry...
Yuuki: Curry stew, and curry udon too.
Yuuki: Well, making a too ordinary dish might not be a good idea with all those VIP there.
Souma: A "Dish" using "curry", huh...
Souma: Yukihira's menu had no dishes like that,
Souma: And the range of dishes is too great that I actually have no clue of what to make...
Yuuki: By the way, Fumio-san! Can I leave the chickens under your care for a couple of days?
Souma: Hm? Yoshino, are you going somewhere?
Yuuki: Autumn is gibier's season.
Yuuki: I'm going to show up at my hometown's hunting club for a bit!
Yuuki: All so I can get a share of some nice things (star)

Yuuki: Ryouko and Ibusaki said they'd go back home to plan things for the time being.
Souma: I see...Tadokoro, do you have any ideas?
Megumi: No...I've never made curry seriously at home nor at the research society...
Souma: I see, curry...
Souma: Curry, huh...
Jou: ...Come to think of it,
Jou: We had that girl in the polar star...That one that only made curry.
Jou: What's she doing right now?
Fumio: Ah! That girl...
Fumio: Is now a teacher at Tootsuki.
Souma: Eh!! A teacher!?
Fumio: She teaches second year classes...So I guess you haven't meet her.
Fumio: Shiomi Jun!
Fumio: Beside teaching classes, she's a professor at a seminar that researches spices in general.
Fumio: She was one of the members of the Polar Star's golden era.

Fumio: She's the youngest person to be selected as a professor in history.
Jou: Whoa! She sure has gotten high.
Jou: She was my junior in the polar star dorm, she was in first year of middle school when I was in second year of high school.
Jou: I looked after her a lot,
Jou: So if you mention me she's sure to help you out gladly.
Souma: Oh! Really!?
Souma: Then, let's hurry to her place, Tadokoro!
Souma: Alright, let's get dressed.
Jou: Hm? What's wrong, Fumio-san?
Fumio: No...Well...I won't say anything.
Megumi: Anyway...Souma-kun's father
Megumi: Sure is an amazing person!
Megumi: To think he was the second seat
Megumi: Just after Doujima-senpai...
Souma: You're right...

Souma: Up 'til now...I planned on getting there,
Souma: The scenery from the "top"
Souma: Not even pops got to see...
Souma: I now really want to see
Souma: What kind of view that is...
Souma: Just like that!
Megumi: Souma-kun,
Souma: Alright! Tadokoro, let's aim for the Elite Ten together.
Megumi: E...Eeeeeh!? Th-That's impossible for me!!
Souma: You can do it!
Souma: Pops! I'm going now,
Souma: To that teacher's place---

Fumio: Jouichirou just left.
Souma: "Left"...? Huh!!? Left!? Now? Why!?
Fumio: I told you he's as selfish as a stray cat.
Souma: He's too free... (cd: Let me at least send you off.)
Fumio: Here, the map to the seminar's room.
Both: Well then, we're off.
Fumio: ...
Fumio: Good grief...You're leaving already? You sure are restless.
Fumio: You could have given him more advice.
Jou: He'll somehow manage through the rest,
Jou: I follow the laissez-faire principle, you know?
Fumio: Hmph...Look who's talking---That contest just now
Fumio: Was meant to encourage him for the election, right?

Jou: ...I wonder. Maybe I just wanted to see
Jou: My son getting frustrated after a while.
Fumio: Huhm...You sure aren't honest,
Fumio: Well, I'll leave it like that.
Jou: Besides...I came back to Tootsuki because I had some business to attend.
Fumio: "Business"?
Jou: It's nothing important.
Jou: See you, Fumio-san,
Jou: Someday---
Jou: I'll come again to make some food.

Fumio: ...Good grief,
Fumio: He keeps being a wanderer no matter how old he gets.
Aide: ---Thanks for the hard work, Erina-sama.
Aide: About your schedule,
Aide: Kishouan's owner and head chef will come to meet you,
Aide: They want you to taste their new dishes.
Aide: At night, you'll have dinner with the executives of Food Executive Co. ---

p11 //no dialog, DAT FACE

Erina: STOP!!
Aide: !?
Aide: ...Erina-sama? Umm...?
Erina: ...No, it's...Nothing.

Souma: ...It seems this is the place!
Souma: Well, it's much more
Souma: Worn out than expected.
Souma: Not like I can say much, coming from the polar star.
Megumi: Is that...Amazing teacher really here...?
Megumi: Wh-What should I do if she's scary like Chapelle-sensei...?

Souma: Hey. //well, not quite, he asks in a way like challenging a dojo, I just can't think of a way to put that in English...
Megumi(thinks): Ah...Right! He doesn't even care about that!
Souma: Shiomi, Shiomi...Oh, it's this room.
Sign: Shiomi Seminar
Souma: Excuse me.
Souma: ...Hmm,
Souma: There's no one here?
Souma: That surprised me...Umm, excuse me,
Souma: About the teacher here---

Jun: ...
Jun: A visitor!!?
Jun: Ermmm, ermmm! Sorry, I'll brew some tea right now!
Souma(thinks): She's so small...Is she a student of this seminar? (cd: A middle schooler?)
Jun: I'm sorry, I wasn't thoughtful enough...
Megumi: No, don't be...Don't bother about us...!

Jun: I...I doze off and get mad at because of that a lot...So, I'm sorry.
Megumi: Awawah, umm...Sorry for intruding so suddenly.
Jun: D-Don't be, it's totally ok, I'm really sorry!
Souma(thinks): They're apologizing because they were apologized to... (cd: It's an infinite loop)
Jun: I'll really brew some tea immediately.
Jun: Aaah, the spices I was mixing!!
Jun: So...Ummm, who are you...?
Souma: Ermm, we want to ask something to the teacher here,
Flashback: If you mention me---
Souma: If you could just tell her "Saiba Jouichirou's" son came...

Box: Camera 1
Box: Camera 2
Box: Camera 3
Megumi: Souma-kuuuuun!?
Megumi: Wh...What are you...!?
Jun: Sa...Saiba Jouichirou's
Jun: Son...?

Jun: Get out of here now!!
Megumi: Eh!? Umm...
Megumi: He lost consciousness because of you so that's a bit impossible...
Jun: I
Jun: Don't even...
Jun: Want to remember Saiba-senpai!!
Text: Tootsuki Academy’s Teacher and Polar Star Dorm's Old Girl
Text: Shiomi Jun

p19 //tanned cool guy is back!! lol
Guy: Hey,
Guy: I bought what you asked me...
Guy: ...Hm?
Megumi: So-
Megumi Sorry for the intrusion...
Cutlery: A sudden fist!! A room full of bewilderment...
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 44/End

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