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31 HEROES Oneshot : 31 HEROES


+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Oct 21, 2013 02:43 | Go to 31 HEROES

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
31 HEROES Oneshot
//BB is the baseball guy, CR is the class rep
//Well, this oneshot came out a couple of weeks ago in Jump, it's by Hirakata Masahiro, Kiruko's author, it's quite nice, better than most Kiruko chapters which is pretty nice too, I hope you guys like it

Star: "Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san's" Hirakata Masahiro's new work!!!
Box: That happened last night---
Rokurou: Whoaaaaaaaa, wh-what the hell is this!!?
Rokurou(thinks): H...Hey, is this for real...!!? I was just a middle schooler until just now
Rokurou(thinks): A...And now I unbelievably---
Rokurou(thinks): Have transformed into a super hero!!!!
Box: ---Here begins
Box: My glorious life as a hero...!!
Star: Special Oneshot, with center color and 35 pages!!

Star: A new hero that arrived at Jump with a boom!! A new oneshot with center color and 35 pages!!
Text(yellow): These are selling obnoxiously!!
Text(red): JC "Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san"
Text(green): All 3 volumes are on sale with rave reviews!!
Big Text: Awaken your real power!!!!
Hirakata Masahiro

BB: ...
Kitou: ---Hey
Kitou: What are you looking so triumphant for, Rokurou!?
Rokurou: Eh?
Rokurou: Hmfufu, what is it, civilians?
Kitou: Who's a civilian!!?
BB: You jab too fast, Kitou!
Rokurou: W...Well, it's just that something amazing happened yesterday, civilians...!
BB: Doesn't that hurt?
BB's sd: As sturdy as ever, huh

BB: So? What's that amazing thing? You got a ticket for the Japan Series?
Kitou: You defeated the leader of the neighboring town!!?
Rokurou: Hahaha, no, no! You guys get excited for really small things!!
Kitou: Says the guy that was happy he interrupted some dogs that were copulating!!
Voice: Kitou!!
Rokurou: H...Hmph...The Rokurou you know has been reborn.
Rokurou: If you think I'm the same you're going to end up crying uncle!!
CR: Should I make you say it before...?
All: !
Rokurou: ...Geh,
Rokurou: Class Rep!!
CR: "Geh" you say...That's my line...!!
CR: Here, change the flower vase's water,
CR: It's your turn today, isn't it?
Rokurou: You do it, stripped panties glasses girl.

Rokurou: What are you doing!!?
CR: That's my line!! You're a middle schooler now, you cockroach!!
Rokurou: You shouldn't hit people with vases, if it wasn't me we'd have a corpse here!!
CR: Just die for all I care!!
Takekura: That Rokurou is outrageous...
Scientist: Yeah...It really is outrageous, to think she's using stripped panties...!!
Swimmer: Just as always, huh!!
CR: Hmph...If you find it vexing then score 100 on a test,
CR: I'll cry uncle or whatever you want.
Rokurou(thinks): Th...This woman...
BB: You won't die from that...You really have a cockroach's vitality...!!
Rokurou: Don't call me a cockroach!!
Rokurou(thinks): Damn her...Fufu, but it's ok, they'll be put in place soon,
Rokurou(thinks): I mean, yesterday---
Rokurou(thinks): I became a real hero!!

Box: Last night---
Rokurou: ---T-This...
Rokurou: Means that you were for real!? No way---
Fiona: Fufufu...Will you believe me with this?
Rokurou: !!
Fiona: Believe in the words of a dispatch alien from Planet Justice, Fiona Tes!!
Rokurou: We...Well, I've experienced it now...
Rokurou: To think you were saying the truth! I thought you were just a crazy pervert!
Fiona: Th-This is normal in my planet!!
Rokurou: You know, I believed something like this would happen someday!
Rokurou: The day when I leave everyone dumbfound with my special powers has come!!
Fiona: Hey...Y-You're being too loud! This is a secret!
Fiona: Bu...But well, it's true that you're now special!
Rokurou: !

Fiona: Starting today you're a super hero,
Fiona: You're a being that might save this planet in the near future!
Fiona: I expect great things from you, Namino Rokurou-kun...No, //Namino is a pun, it's as if your last name was "Normal"
Fiona: Hero No.01 "Normalizer"!!
Fiona: Well then...I'll notify you later on with the details of your activities!
Rokurou: Ok!! Hide your ass, you're going to get arrested!!
Fiona: !?
Rokurou: Woooooooh, I'm doing this!!
Rokurou: Being a hero is the best!!
Fiona: !! I told you, you shouldn't yell it!!

Rokurou(thinks): Kukuku...That's right, I've changed!! Starting today, I have this transform bracelet.
Rokurou(thinks): In the worst of cases, I'll just coolly transform into a hero!!
Rokurou(thinks): Everyone has bullied and laughed at me for not having any real skills
Voice: As expected from Rokurou
Rokurou(thinks): But I'll turn the tables with this amazing ability!!
Rokurou(thinks): I'm going to make you all cry uncle---!!
BB: Oh, the teacher's here.
Rokurou: Whoops,
Rokurou: ---Wait,
Rokurou: !!!?

Rokurou: Wha...
Rokurou: !!?
Fiona: Good afternoon, everyone! Due to unforeseen circumstances, starting today-
Fiona: Auh!!
Fiona: Starting today, I'll be your Homeroom Teacher---
Fiona: My name is Fiona Tes! Nice to meet you!!
Rokurou(thinks): !!? E...Eh, isn't that yesterday's alien!! Why is she here...? Wait, she's the teacher!? What does that mean!!?
Rokurou(thinks): !! Ma...Maybe she's here to watch over me!!? And that's the reason why she infiltrated here---
Fiona: We...Well,
Fiona: It's not like I have to introduce myself again! I mean, I met you all yesterday.
Rokurou(thinks): ...Eh?
Fiona: Well then, everyone
Fiona: Did you bring your transform bracelets?
Rokurou(thinks): Eh?

All: Yeeeeeeees!!
Rokurou: Eeeeeeeeeh!!?
All: ?
Fiona: !...
Rokurou: Eh...What!?
Rokurou: Why do you all...? Eh?
Rokurou: It wasn't just me...
Rokurou: Everyone---
Rokurou: ......!!
Rokurou: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!?

Fiona: !
Rokurou: Hey, wait a second, what's this about, alieeeeen!!
Rokurou: Why does everyone have a transform bracelet...
Rokurou: Did you dare play with a virgin's heart!!?
Fiona: Th-That's not it!! There's a reason for this---
CR: What are you making a ruckus for, Rokurou!?
Rokurou: !!
BB: ? Didn't you receive a bracelet?
Skull: Ah...Did you think you were the only one who got one...?
Rokurou: Eh, n-not really!! There's no way that's true, I mean, my suit is ultra-cool!!
BB: Oh, so you did get one.
BB: But, mine's really cool too, you know?
Kitou: If it comes to that, mine's extremely cool!!
Swimmer: Mine's super cool too! Then, why don't we transform and show them!!?
Rokurou: Eh...?
Voice: Sounds good!!

Voice: Alright, one, two-
Voice: Transform!!
Fiona: !!
Rokurou: !!!!
Rokurou(thinks): What!? The designs are really elaborate!!
Rokurou(thinks): Way more than mine!!!!

BB: Haha, every one of them is really unique.
BB: Rokurou, you transform too!
Rokurou: !!
Rokurou: N...No, the strategy says we shouldn't make this public...
BB: Hm? You have a point there.
Voice: ...
Rokurou: Sensei...You said this yesterday, right? "You're a special being"...
Rokurou: W-h-a-t part of this is special!?
Fiona: So...Sorry, when I went back home
Fiona: I had received a lot of transform bracelets...
Fiona: I made a mistake when I was making the order!!
Fiona: If I didn't give everything away the higher ups would find ou...think that I made a mistake!!
Rokurou: How did that happen!!? Wait, you have superiors!?
Rokurou's sd: A corporation!?
Fiona: Forgive me, if I fail on this I'll get fired,
Fiona: I don't have a boyfriend so I have to earn my living by myself!!
Rokurou: Like I care!!

Rokurou: Ah, jeez, and this was my chance to win over everyone!!
Rokurou: Moreover, my suit is the only dull one!!
Fiona: E...Ermm...The suits show the special traits of the person wearing them...umm
Fiona: B-But Rokurou-kun's suit is unique too,
Fiona: It has feelers!!
Rokurou: At least call them antennas!!
Rokurou: Don't go making me sound like a cockroach too!!
Rokurou: I mean, why are you even at school!?
Rokurou: What's your objective!!?
Voice: Well, well, calm down, Rokurou!
BB: Being a cockroach is fine! It's really unique!!
Rokurou: ...Ok, I won't forget this humiliation...!!
Fiona: We...Well, everyone!
Fiona: Thank you for accepting becoming heroes!

Fiona: I'll have you compete with your "grades" as heroes until you graduate---
Fiona: And, in the end, the one that is more fit to be a here will become this planet's "official hero"!
Rokurou: !?
Rokurou: !? We can't continue being heroes forever!?
Fiona: Ah...Th-That's just how things went...
Rokurou: What's with that!?
Fiona: When I was making up excuses for ordering so many bracelets it just ended up like this...
Fiona: Th-That's why I am hidin...Going to be an emergency teacher at this school!!
Rokurou(thinks): Wha...!?
Fiona: Have my best regards!!
Rokurou(thinks): Whoaaa, give me my excitement back!!

Girls: Rokurou got a 0 again!!
Rokurou: This is no show!!
Girl: I don't know how you got to middle school with those grades!
Fiona: Don't get depressed, Rokurou-kun!
Rokurou: Stop calling my name!!
Fiona: I-It's ok, you can get points back at the real thing!
Fiona: Next we'll finally have a "hero aptitude test"!!
Voice: Aptitude test...!?
Fiona: There's "space monsters" around the universe,
Fiona: I'll have you have a practice battle against one of them!
Slime's sd: Are we doing this!?
Arrow: Space Slime
Fiona: With that said, it's your first time so it's a weaaak one, rest assured!!
Kitou: Oh, sounds interesting! Let's go, Rokurou!!
Rokurou: I'm just a guy who scores 0's anyway...!

Rokurou(thinks): A weaaaaak...one!!?
Fiona: !? E...Eh, no way!? I didn't teleport this...
Fiona: I used the wrong ticket!!

Rokurou: Senseiiii, this really is a weak one, right!!?
Rokurou: Its mouth is scary!! It wants to kill us!!
Fiona: I...I'm sorry...I accidentally summoned a high level monster, the "space Man-eater"...
Rokurou: The name's scary too!! It wants to kill us!!
CR: Sensei...You can't return it!?
Fiona: I...I can't...
Fiona's sd: Sorry
Rokurou: Really? Then, does it at least have any weakness!?
Fiona: Inside its mouth.
Rokurou: You want to kill us!!!!?
Takekura: Hmph...Don't panic, we only need to finish it, right?
Guy: Takekura!!
Takekura: Leave it to me!! My "Zantetsuken" can even cut diamonds. //Zantetsuken: lit. sword that cuts iron
Takekura: No matter how much of a monster it is, in front of my sword it's no different to tofu...!!
Takekura: Haah!!

All: Takekuraaaaaa!!
Fiona: U...Umm, I forgot to say this, but...
Fiona: Its teeth are really hard, it can easily eat diamonds.
Fiona: It takes really good care of its teeth so it doesn't even have one cavity!!
Rokurou: No one cares about its cavities!!
Voice: E-Everyone!! Transform, quick, we'll all die!!
All: Transform!!
Voice: Everyone, attaaaaaack!!
Rokurou: Ah, hey...Wai-
Rokurou: Don't leave me behind!!

Rokurou: I got a bit flustered before...But I was the very first one to be chosen!
Rokurou: Even if I look like that I should have some power!!
Rokurou(thinks): I'll take the good part now---
Rokurou(thinks): And show everyone how amazing I am!!
Rokurou: Transform!!
Rokurou: Gwaaaah!!
CR: What are you playing for, Rokurou!!? You're in the way!!
BB: "Pitching Cannon"!!
Guy: "Megaton Thrust"!!

All: !!!!
Girl: ...
Ninja: Di...Did we defeat it!?
Voice: !! Aah, it was no good! It didn't work at all!
Voice: It's checking if it's not dirty with a mirror!! It's way too composed!!
Rokurou: Guh...Damn that class rep...
Voice: It's counterattacking!!
Rokurou: Eh?
Rokurou: !! Obuuuuuh!!
Voice: Uwah, Rokurou was sent flying!!
Voice: Well, he should be fine!
Voice: Kitou! It went your way.
Kitou: Hmph

Kitou: My pompadour won't lose to some pile of grass!!
Rokurou: Care about me, Kitouuuuu!!
Rokurou: Gweeh!!
Swimmer: Uwah, Rokurou, are you ok!?
Rokurou: Da...Damn it, why won't anything happen...?
Rokurou: There should be something---
Rokurou: Come to me, my abilityyyyy!!
Swimmer: ...I don't hate that you're so positive...
Fiona: Everyone, do your best!! Sensei is rooting for you!!
Rokurou: You idiot, go search for a way to send this plant back!!

BB: Damn it...This is my last ball!!
BB?: Hey, things are getting worse and worse, class rep!!
Voice: I'm also out of energy...Many of the others have already transformed back---
CR: E-Even if you tell me that, I don't know what to do either!!
Swimmer: I mean...Aren't we actually in trouble?
CR: As I thought, as long as we don't attack its weak point inside its mouth...
Girl: But, there is no one with enough energy left
Girl: To pass through all those fangs and ivies...

BB: Well yeah...There's no way we have someone that tough---
Rokurou: Nooooo!!
Rokurou: This is bad, I can't go on with this!!
Rokurou: Saaaaaaave meeeee, heroooooo!!
BB: !? Hey, what are you doing, Rokurou!? You're a hero too!!
Rokurou: Even if you tell me that, my ability just won't activate,
Rokurou: If I get hit it hurts and I'm not any stronger either.
Rokurou: I don't want this anymore!!
BB: ...Hmm...Well, I think we can leave him alone.
CR: You're right...If he has that much energy---
Rokurou: You guys-gyaaaaaaaaah!!
BB?: Hmm?
Rokurou: ...
Rokurou: ...I...

Rokurou: It huuuuuuurts, jeeeeeeez!!
Rokurou: Fuck this shiiiiiiit!! //yeah, I think it's ok to escalate this far if he's so desperate XDDD
CR: !!!!
CR: Hey...Rokurou has been receiving quite a few attacks all this time, right...?
Girl: Y...Yes, if you include our chance blows, he should have...
BB: Isn't he too energetic for that?
BB: Even if that's Rokurou inside---
Guy: ...
Box: The suits show the special traits of the person wearing them...
All: !!!!

Thought: Perhaps...This is Rokurou's---
Rokurou: Aaaaaah, my nose is bleeding now!!
BB: Rokurou, that's it! That's your ability!!
Rokurou: !?
Rokurou: Which? Which!?
Swimmer: That, that!!
Rokurou: ---Wha...
Rokurou: Resilience!!?
BB: Umm, the point is you can't die easily.
BB: Like, you would be alive no matter how much you get squashed!!
Rokurou: Don't say it like I'm a cockroach!!
Rokurou: I mean, what's with that!? There's no real use for it!!
Rokurou's sd: It's like this again?
CR: ...
CR: ...No.

CR: It's not like...It's useless...!!
Rokurou: !?
CR: That plant's weak point is inside its mouth, right...?
CR: If you won't die and prepare yourself for the damage, you can get inside it.
CR: And once you're inside, you can destroy it from there...
CR: !! Ah...No...
CR: That was, ummm, if it was me I would think of doing that,
CR: I'm not telling you to do it, ok!!?
CR: It's a bit too much...!!
Rokurou: ...
CR: ...?
CR: Rokurou...?
Rokurou(thinks): ---I...
Rokurou(thinks): I could've done that!!

Rokurou: Class rep, you're amazing!! As expected from someone who's always reading!!
Rokurou's sd: You're so smart!!
CR: !?
CR: N...No, like I said, I'm not telling you to do it!!
Rokurou: Idiot!! This is the beginning of my era!!
Rokurou: Let me do it!! I'll show you my toughness!!
CR: But, you'll feel the pain normally, right!!?
CR: I think you know this, but if that thing bites you it will hurt a lot, ok!!?
Rokurou: !...
Voice: She's right Rokurou, it'll hurt like hell, you know!!?
Rokurou: Wh...What about it!? If I pull back here I'm no man!!
Rokurou: That thing isn't but a pile of grass!!
CR: ...
Swimmer: Rokurou...
Rokurou: You guys just wait and see,
Rokurou: This is my real power!!!!
All: !!

CR: ...It can't be helped,
CR: Let's go too!!
CR: Open a path for Rokurou!!
Kitou: Aren't you manly now, Rokurou!!?
Kitou: Get on!!
Rokurou: !! Kitou!
BB: Rokurou, use this,
Rokurou: !
BB: It's the last one!!
Rokurou: Gu...Guys...
Rokurou: Alright, I'm doing thiS!!
Rokurou: Look,
Rokurou: This is my real

Rokurou: Pow-
All: !!
CR: He's inside!
Swimmer: Alright!!
Rokurou: Gah
Rokurou: Ouch,
Rokurou: Owowow!!!!
Rokurou: Wait, no, this is far more-
Rokurou: Ah!!
All: ...
CR: ...E...Eh?
CR: Wait...It can't be---

Rokurou: My real poweeeeer!!!!
All: !!!!
BB: ...Oh...
BB: oooh, you really did it, Rokurouuuuu!!
Voice: Wo-Wooooow!!
BB: You're incredible!! How could you do it?
Rokurou: Don't touch me!!
BB: !?
Rokurou: If you touch me now it'll hurt like hell...!!
Rokurou: Well...I might have been a bit too rash...!!
All: ...

Rokurou: Fu...Fufu, more importantly, how was it...?
Rokurou: With this you'll see me in a new light, right!?
BB: Eh? Ye...Yeah, well-
Fiona: Of course we will!!
Rokurou: !
Rokurou: Ah, sensei!
Rokurou's sd: I forgot about you
Fiona: Auuuh!! You all did really great!!
Fiona: But Rokurou-kun was definitely the most amazing one.
Fiona: To think he put his body on the line to defeat the enemy!
Fiona: The most important thing for a hero is courage!
Fiona: In this Test, Rokurou-kun
Fiona: Scored 100 points!!
Sign: Namino Rokurou 100 points
All: !!!!

Rokurou: !? For real!?
Rokurou: It's here, I got a 100!!
BB: !! Ooooh!!
Kitou: Well done, Rokurou!!
BB: I won't lose next time!!
Rokurou: Ouch!!
CR: !
CR: Uh...
CR: ---Well...
CR: This time you actually made an effort,
CR: For your standards...
Rokurou: Wahaha, cry uncle, unc-
CR: Uncle!!
Fiona: Rokurou-kun, I'm expecting great things from you next time!
Rokurou: Yeah!! Leave it to the hero!!
Card: {
Hero Report Card
Namino Rokurou
(flower) 100 points
Fiona: You worked hard <3
Left side: First term (something unreadable)
Voice: Hahaha, we're counting on you to be the decoy!!
Rokurou: !? Don't call me a decoy!!
Star: Shine bright, hero!!
Box: Like this, my glorious hero life began...Or not?
Next issue, Araki-sensei's long-awaited special oneshot "Mitsuryou Kaigan" comes in with center color pages!!

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