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Shokugeki no Souma 45

The Accompanist of Aromas and Stimuli

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Oct 27, 2013 15:47 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 45
//For those of you wondering why I didn't post this until now... Well, people just ignored my warning about copy-pasting my TL's outside MH, so starting now, Soma's TL's won't be up until the chapter is released

"Shokugeki-no SOMA"
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Jun: I...I'm Shiomi Jun,
Jun: I hope we get along well.
Cutlery: During the "Polar Star Dorm's Golden Age", one girl knocked the door...!
Guy: She's starting classes on April,
Guy: She passed Fumio-san's entrance skill test in her first try.
Gin: Hm, that sounds promising.
Gin: Best regards, Shiomi-kun!
Jun: Ye...Yes, best regards!
Jou: Mornin'...
Jou: Oh? Gin, who is she?
Gin: Jouichirou...Wear your uniform properly.
(cutlery) 45 The Accompanist of Aromas and Stimuli

Jou: Hmm...A new girl, huh!?
Jou: Alright, welcome on board.
Jun: Wawah...
Jou: That's it! As a token of welcome, do you want to eat my new dish?
Jun: Eh...!! Yes! I'd be glad to!
Box: Like this---
Box: I, who was the youngest in the dorm at the time,
Box: Became Saiba-senpai's guinea pig at every opportunity.
Jun's sd: Kyaaaaaaah
Box: He fiddled around with me---
Jun's sd: Gyaaaaaah
Jun's sd: Nooooo

Jun(thinks): I got emotional scars that will last forever.
Souma: Wait...Stop, stop!
Souma: Your appearance is almost exactly the same!
Box: Shiomi Jun (34)
Jun: We-well...People often tell me "You look so young".
Jun: Maybe it's because I eat food with lots of spices,
Jun: Many of them have esthetic effects.
Souma(thinks): Is that enough of an explanation!?
Souma: Then, pops... Was terrible with his juniors,
Souma: Wasn't he, Tadokoro?
Megumi: ...
Megumi: ---Ermmm, ummm...We're students from the polar star dorm
Megumi: And we wanted you to teach us some things about curry...
Souma: That's right! The Autumn Election Preliminaries' theme was announced and-
SFX: *turn away*
Jun: I don't mind teaching only the girl,
SFX: *turn away*
Jun: But I have nothing to talk about with Saiba-senpai or his relatives.
Megumi(thinks): She's avoiding eye contact with Souma-kun...

p4 //sorry for all those who were expecting him to be Ikumi's brother, but he isn't (it was quite obvious from the beginning though)
Hayama: Sorry...
Hayama: You're visitors and she's being cruel with you.
Hayama: I'm her assistant,
Hayama: A first year from the high school division, the name's Hayama.
Hayama: You guys are also first years, right?
Hayama: I've seen you in some classes.
Megumi: Eh? But, you normally enter seminars until the second year, right...?
Hayama: About that...That woman needs me.
Hayama: She can't do anything but tamper with spices,
Hayama: Right, Jun?
Jun: It's "Professor Shiomi"!! (cd: Don't call me Jun.)
Jun: Ha...Hayama-kun, you're my assistant,
Jun: As such, you should be respectful and-
Hayama: Jun...

Hayama: You forgot to water the plants today.
Jun: Hauh
Hayama: I did it for you.
Jun: Yes...I'm sorry.
Hayama: You forgot about it last week too and your precious spices were about to die, weren't they?
Jun: Yes...It was my fault...
Hayama: And who received the visitors you neglected last month?
Jun: You, Hayama-kun...
Souma(thinks): She's getting even smaller...
Souma: At any rate, you sure have lots of spices.
Souma: ...Ah! This smells a lot like curry!!
Hayama: That's a spice called "Kari Patta",
Hayama: It's also called curry leaf.
Megumi: Eh...!! This...Is a fresh curry leaf!?
Souma: Tadokoro? You know it?
Megumi: The curry leaf sapling is weak to cold weather...
Megumi: Since it withers before winter ends, it's only sold dried in Japan.

Megumi: You can't get fresh leaves easily so how...?
Hayama: That's one of Jun's research subjects:
Hayama: The likelihood of methods for the stable cultivation of spices native from tropical lands in Japan...
Hayama: Other than that, she's discovered long term conservation techniques that make use of refrigeration technologies.
Hayama: She's also succeeded in the extraction of many new flavor compounds.
Souma: Wow...You're more than meets the eye, sensei.
Jun: Ge...Getting praised by you doesn't make me happy at all
Jun: But...That's right, spices have that much hidden potential.
Jun: To begin with, spices
Jun: Are useful to bring out three things:
Jun: "Aroma", "Spiciness", and "Color".
Jun: By mixing them you create a synergy,
Jun: The more varieties you add the more their individual traits get restrained and they become a mild combination that's well received by many people.
Jun: But that doesn't mean more varieties is better, if you mix them indiscreetly they may become bitter...
Jun: The limit is estimated to be 20 varieties! (According to the Shiomi Seminar's research.)

Jun: Also, the use of "fats and oils" is essential if you want to make the best use of spices!
Jun: The spices' aroma stands out when they're heated in oil.
Jun: And fats and oils taste best when they are "emulsified"!
Jun: Ufufufu, emulsion...One of the discoveries made by cooking.
Jun: Amphiphilic agents create surface tension and-
Souma: Hey, hey...She started giving a lecture.
Hayama: Ah~~Ah...She takes a while once she starts.
Jun: HLB Temperature Hydrophilic-lipophilic Balance W/O emulsion Water Phase Dispersion //lol with the back of this dialog saying "Barance" XDDD, also, I'm not really sure about the last of these 4 things...
Hayama: Well...Experiencing it yourself should be faster.
Souma: ?

Hayama: Eat something before you go,
Hayama: I'll show you the depth of Spices.
Sign: Kitchen
Hayama: Here's the first dish---
Hayama: Chicken meat "Kolivartha curry".

Hayama: This is a typical dish from south India,
Hayama: The curry leaves from before are used to give it its aroma.
Souma: Oh! It looks really good!
Souma's sd: Aaaahn
Souma(thinks): Wha...!
Souma(thinks): What is this!?
Souma(thinks): At first, the curry leaf's strong aroma penetrated my nose...
Souma(thinks): And as if following after it, the cayenne chili peppers and the onions' stinging flavor spreads inside my mouth!
Souma(thinks): I've never eaten curry like this!!
Hayama: That's the power of fresh spices,
Hayama: Fresh leaves give off more than ten times the scent dry leaves give---

Hayama: Alright...The next dish.
Hayama: A curry that uses white flesh fish like swordfish or salmon, "Goan Fish Curry"!
Megumi: Hmm...? There's two of the same curry?
Hayama: The ingredients and spices used on both are exactly the same,
Hayama: Taste and compare them.
Souma: !!
Megumi: The second one is...More delicious!?

Hayama: That one has coriander and red pepper that were roasted on a frying pan...
Hayama: I other words, I used "roast" spices.
Megumi: Eh...!! Such a small change makes such a big difference!?
Megumi: The aroma is totally different...
Souma(thinks): I now understand what that teacher was saying.
Souma(thinks): With the roasted spices as their core...All the other ingredients are combining perfectly!
Hayama: Last is this one.
Megumi: ...?
Megumi: It looks exactly the same as the Kolivartha curry we ate at first...
Souma: !

Souma: No...It's different! The curry leaf aroma is
Souma: Way stronger than before!!
Souma: !?
Megumi: ~~~!!
Megumi: It's true...!
Megumi: The vigor of the spiciness that spreads in my mouth is totally different!!
Megumi: How to say it... It's a more distinct flavor...
Hayama: I didn't add anything to this either.
Megumi: That means...This also has roast spices?
Hayama: No...

Hayama: For this curry, instead of doing it in soup stock
Hayama: I boiled it in plain "water".
Both: Water!?
Hayama: I applied what Jun teaches in her lectures.
Hayama: The individual flavor of each ingredient losses strength the more varieties you add.
Hayama: This is the exact opposite...By removing the stock's flavor
Hayama: The curry's spices strength gets sharpened.
Megumi(thinks): He didn't use soup stock...? If you do that the flavor would normally leave you unsatisfied!
Megumi(thinks): But...
Megumi(thinks): This strong aroma that seems to be disagreeing with me

Megumi(thinks): Is going to pierce meeee!!
Megumi(thinks): To think that by changing the use of spices just a bit
Megumi(thinks): The dish would change so dramatically...!

Megumi: ...Souma-kun? What's wrong?
Souma: ---That guy,
Souma: While he was cooking,
Souma: He never looked inside the pot---
Megumi: ...Eh?
Hayama: The fennel's aroma is strong enough...It's done heating.
Hayama: There's 40 seconds left before the coconuts and the peanuts flavor combine---
Megumi(thinks): Just by the rising smell of the ingredients and spices
Megumi(thinks): He can grasp the state of the food inside the pot perfectly...!?

Hayama: I told you, didn't I?
Hayama: That woman needs me.
Hayama: Sublimating the theories Jun comes up with into real dishes---
Jun: ...Eh!? Everyone's gone!!
Jun: When did that happen?
Hayama: That's my work here.
Hayama: The scientist that comes up with "Theories"
Hayama: And the cook that puts them to "Practice"...!
Hayama: I honestly laughed when I saw the theme for the preliminaries!
Hayama: For it to be a curry dish of all things.
Souma: You're also in the Autumn Election?
Hayama: I'm in the A Block with you,
Hayama: Yukihira Souma.

Souma: Wait...Did I ever mention my name?
Hayama: Hey, hey, everyone knows your name,
Hayama: At least every first year who went to the entrance ceremony.
Hayama: ---Your dishes are amusing,
Hayama: You come up with ideas even under limiting situations,
Hayama: However,
Hayama: That isn't enough to get to the top here.
Hayama: The thing that reaches you before the taste and the looks,
Hayama: The thing that lingers even after chewing and swallowing,
Hayama: That is the "aroma".
Hayama: One who is in control of cooking is in control of the aroma...
Hayama: In other words,

Hayama: The one who will take Tootsuki's top
Hayama: Is Hayama Akira---
Hayama: None other than me.

Souma: Well, thanks for the feast,
Souma: Your curry was really good!
Souma: I'll thank you for it later.
Hayama: ...Later?
Souma: A curry even better than yours,
Cutlery: He gets stirred up against a strong enemy...!!
Souma: I'll let you taste it during the election.
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 45/End

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#1. by Spectrum ()
Posted on Oct 27, 2013
It's a shame that some people don't respect the work of others. Too bad for us 'cause we won't be able to read ur tl before the releases anymore.

Anyway, ty for the hard work ^^'

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