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Shokugeki no Souma 46

The Dragon Lies Down and Then Ascends to the Sky

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Nov 2, 2013 17:43 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 46
//I forgot to post this ^^U

(cutlery) 46 The Dragon Lies Down and Then Ascends to the Sky
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Text: Boys using all their strength---
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Cutlery: We now have an official Twitter account!! => @syokugeki_off

Akira: You say...
Akira: You're going to defeat me with your curry's flavor?
Cutlery: He challenges the aroma specialist!!
Akira: ...You
Akira: Didn't think about something after eating my curries?
Souma: I did,
Souma: They were terrific.
Akira: Huh?
Souma: There's someone who can make something I can't...
Souma: That---

Souma: Makes me green with envy.
Souma: Thanks for everything!
Souma: Let's meet again at the preliminari-bueh
Jun: Heeeeey!! Why did you leave without saying a word!?
Jun: I was in the middle of my lecture!
Jun: Aah!? Sorry...
Souma: ...My belly...
Souma: Was stuck...By the doorknob...
Akira: ---Yukihira Souma,
Akira: Facing curry means facing spices...
Akira: Facing "aromas".

Akira: Moreover, my nose is special,
Akira: You don't have
Akira: Any chance to win.
Souma: Uuh...Which should I start with...?
Souma: There's an amazing amount just in Asia...
Souma: And there's also Occidental Curry.
Megumi: You see...I learned in class that
Megumi: The word spice has many different definitions.
Megumi: If you go by its broader meaning, even garlic is counted as one.
Megumi: And, there's a real wide variety of curry dishes.

Megumi: For example, if you finish up Nikujaga with spices,
Megumi: That already makes it a "Nikujaga Curry"...
Megumi: But, doing just that only gives it a simple curry flavor...
Megumi: It seems that truly making good use of spices is really difficult---
Souma: I see now...
Souma: A superficial "curry flavor" is no good...
Souma: Then I just have to make a "Curry dish"
Souma: Which properly shows the spices' good points!
Souma: Ermm, let's see... "Normal curries make use of around 40 different spices,
Souma: You choose between 10-20 of them and blend them"...
Megumi(thinks): I think that's already over 100 million different combinations...
Souma: Using the spices whole, as a powder, or fresh...
Souma: Choosing the cooking method and the oil to bring out the aroma.
Souma: It seems you can also roast or ferment them.

Souma: On top of that, you should also test the affinity with the ingredients you're using.
Megumi: ...To add more, Souma-kun,
Megumi: You have to compete with that amazing person on the same block...
Megumi: We...We must study about spices far enough to be able to face Hayama-kun...!
Megumi: Awawawah...But, we only have one month...
Megumi: In such a brief time...
Megumi: We'll never catch up with him...!
Souma: ...
Souma: On our restaurant back home,

Souma: After watching pops work from close, whether I wanted or not, I noticed---
Souma: That "I'm lacking too many things".
Megumi: ...?
Souma: Even though...One day he told me this:
Jou: I'm leaving one of the dishes for the next month to you.
Souma: !?
Souma: At first I was in a real hurry!
Souma: You see, at the time I was around 6th year of primary school.
Megumi(thinks): If it was me I wouldn't be able to handle the pressure...!
Souma: But you know,
Souma: If I got scared about what I lacked
Souma: I would've never been able to create a dish.

Souma: For me,
Souma: Losing at this point of time
Souma: Isn't a problem at all.
Megumi(thinks): ---Ah...I see,
Megumi(thinks): That time of the Shokugeki against Mito-san was the same---
Flashback: That Shokugeki,
Flashback: Can you leave it to me?
Flashback: I'm thinking about that now.
Souma: Whether it's working at our restaurant...Or a cooking contest,
Souma: If I just can't back off
Souma: Then I can't but give up on that and push forward, right?

Megumi: Yes...Yes!
Souma: And you know, for this theme...
Souma: Of course, the spices are important,
Souma: But I don't think that's all there's to it.
Paper: Theme "Curry Di
Calendar: August 3rd (Saturday)
Calendar: August 7th (Wednesday)
Calendar: August 10th (Saturday)
Calendar: August 12th (Monday)
Souma: I see, Tadokoro, you too are going back home starting today.
Megumi: Yes!
Megumi: I was planning to return for O-Bon to begin with
Megumi: And I also want to test how the ingredients I can find back home go with some spices.

Megumi: Souma-kun, you'll be the only first year in the dorm for a while...
Souma: Yup...But, I don't have to worry about getting bored!
Megumi: See you, Souma-kun.
Megumi: Let's meet again on Autumn!
Megumi: Let's do our best!
Souma: ---Yeah!
Souma: Bring me some souvenirs!
Calendar: August 16th (Friday)

p11-12 //no dialog

Calendar: August 25th (Sunday)
Satoshi: Oh...?
Satoshi: Souma-kun,
Satoshi: You were up working all night?
Souma: Ah...Mornin' Isshiki-senpai.
Satoshi: Fufu...You made so much test dishes...

Satoshi: ...Interesting.
Satoshi: Yes, this is really interesting, Souma-kun!
Souma: No...I'm just getting started,
Souma: I'm going---
Souma: To make it even bet-guh
Jun: ---Hayama-kun,
Jun: Were you up all night again...?

Akira: Yeah...I'm almost finished.
Akira: My secret weapon, my mixed spices are almost ready...!
Jun: Y-You're going to hurt yourself if you push yourself so hard!
Akira: Like you can talk, Jun, you stay up all night all the time, too.
Jun: Don't call me Jun.
Akira: You should also fix your habit of sleeping on the floor,
Akira: You might be small but you're pretty heavy.
Box: Jun being carried to the sofa.
sd: She won't wake up
Jun: E-Even though I worried about you...!
Jun: Hayama-kun, I hope you lose!
Akira: I won't lose.

Akira(thinks): It doesn't matter who the opponent is,
Akira(thinks): I'll prove that Jun and I are the best pair---
Box: ---Like this,
Calendar: August 26th (Monday)
Box: The month of the 60 participants of the election
Calendar: August 31st (Saturday)
Box: Passed in the blink of an eye.

p17 //no dialog

Box: Clear autumnal weather,
Box: The sky is high,

Box: And a big stage
Box: Opens its curtains---
Sign1: 43rd Autumn
Sign2: Election Cooking
Cutlery: With their respective prides and ambitions on their hearts---They head for the decisive battle's stage!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(Cutlery) 46/End

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