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Soutaisei Moteron 4


+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Nov 4, 2013 04:17 | Go to Soutaisei Moteron

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Reserved for Renzokusei. Don't use without my permission.
Soutaisei Moteron 4
//I was forgetting this even existed XD

Soutaisei Moteron
Kazuya: We're really busy today.
Daigo: Okada-sensei called us.
Daigo: It seems she's fired up now that she's our advisor.
Hiroko: Can the nurse really be an advisor?
Text: Kazuya and the rest aren't popular at all yet but...
Daigo: I wonder, for the time being, I sent a mail to the mannequin prez
Daigo: Telling her Okada-sensei became our advisor.
Kazuya: Oh, that was thoughtful of you.
Daigo: She replied with an anger mail saying "That's enough".
TOP Menu
Sender: Mannequin Prez
Date: //I can't really tell what these numbers say...
Subject: Re: About the Advisor
That's enough.

You guys //everything else is unreadable

Kazuya: Hey, she hates us again.
Daigo: I sent it from your phone so I'm fine.
Kazuya: Don't just go and do things like that!
Kazuya: ...Rather, just when did you do that!?
Girl: Kyah
Kazuya: Sorry, are you ok?
Girl: I'm fine...

Hiroko: Are you ok?
Kazuya: My body can't be hurt until I'm popular.
Kazuya's sd: Hahaha
Hiroko: Come to think of it, you're pretty tough.
Daigo: He's like a cyborg.
Kazuya: I don't remember being modified!

Chapter 4 Motechnology
Okada: Mote is science!
Whiteboard: "What is Mote?"
Soutaisei Moteron
The Special Relativity of Mote
Original Work: Tsukiji Toshihiko
Art: Maeda Risou

Kazuya: ...
Okada: With science and logic you can become popular with the opposite sex.
Okada: If you become popular, your future will be secure, your economy will become better, and you'll be able to escape deflation.
Whiteboard: "What is Mote?"
Okada: Mote is technology!
All: ...

Kazuya: Something just began.
Daigo: Mote is technology?
Hiroko's sd: Eh...
Okada: Stop with the gossip, the (Temporary) club must have complete devotion for the sake of Mote. //alt. "[..]of being popular."
Kazuya: What she's saying is correct.
Daigo: But the one who's saying it was rejected by dogs.
Okada's sd: Tch tch
Okada: If you take the horizontal line and the point from the kanji for dog (犬) it becomes a person (人) you know?
Okada: That's just how easy love relationships with people are.
Whiteboard: {
"What is Mote?"
犬 - 一丶 = 人
犬 > 人
Kazuya?: That's some unheard theory.
Daigo?: As expected, the things someone who was rejected by dogs says are different.

Kazuya: ...
Kazuya: What's up?
Hiroko: I lost my student handbook.
Kazuya: You sure lost something troublesome, I'll search with you.
Hiroko: It's ok...It's ok, I'll do it myself.

Daigo: Come to think of it, it seems the number of lost items has increased,
Daigo: It seems there's been a few cases of lost student handbooks...
Kazuya: You asked the prez again?
Daigo: I did it with your phone, I asked her breast size while I was at it
Daigo: And an amazing jeer came back, you better not read it.
Kazuya: Why do you keep doing unnecessary things!
Kazuya: ...By the way, did you find out her breast size!?
Daigo: No, but I told her your size.
Kazuya: Why!?
Okada: If it's lost things, I think I lost something really important to be popular...
Daigo: It seems you haven't found it yet.

Okada: You can search for what you lost later, Hiroko-chan, what's important now is mote.
Hiroko: A student handbook is pretty important too...
Okada: Listen.
Okada: Until now, the (temporary) club has been random and hasn't got any results.
Kazuya: Complete denial, huh.
Daigo: We're in trouble because she's not wrong.
Okada: That's where the heaven-sent child of the mote science who was also called the confession professor of Natsukusa High, I
Okada: Will instruct you on the real ways to become popular.
Kazuya: Wasn't it confession machine?
Hiroko: Maybe it's a daily special?
Daigo: Just like set meals.
Okada: Just like in studies, the basics are important in mote,
Okada: I'll ask this first, why did you create the (temporary) club?

Okada: Ok, Tachibana-kun!
Kazuya: Well, because I want to be popular.
Okada: Kumazawa-kun!
Daigo: Because Kazuya was doing something interesting.
Okada: Hiroko-chan!
Hiroko: ...
Hiroko: I...Ummm...Somehow or another.
Okada: This is no good, your thoughts are all apart.
Okada: Especially Hiroko-chan, somehow or another is very far away from mote!
Hiroko: Leave me alone.
Okada: That's why, Tachibana-kun---...

Okada: Starting today you're the club president!
Kazuya: I?
Okada: It's a club to become popular,
Okada: It's natural that the unity of purpose is built around the person who wants to become popular the most, you're the perfect president, Tachibana-kun.
Kazuya: Women are weak against titles! With this I'm a step closer to being popular!
Background: Title //n times
Okada: That's right!
Okada: However, being a club president still isn't enough,
Okada: When Tachibana-kun becomes a truly popular person the ambitions of the (Temporary) club will be achieved! On that---

SFX: Bahbaaam
(1) Title (2) Kindness (3) Money (4) Being Flashy
Getting Popular!
Okada: We have the...
Okada: Making Tachibana Kazuya Super Popular Mission!
Daigo: At first glance, it looks correct.
Okada: If you fulfill all these you'll definitely become popular!
Kazuya: I see!
Hiroko: This smells dangerous.
Okada: These are some of the best ways there are, when I was a student I shouted loudly just beside the guy I had in mind,
Okada: I also came to school cosplayed as a popular anime character.
Okada's sd: Uhooooh
Daigo: She definitely isn't popular.
Hiroko: Everyone's deceived by her looks.
Kazuya: ...No.
Hiroko?: ...?

Kazuya: As expected from our advisor.
Kazuya: You haven't grown old for nothing, well done, middle-aged woman!
Hiroko: There's someone who's being deceived here!
Okada: We'll start with the mission now!
Okada: ---...Wait, who's middle-aged!!?
Daigo: Your reaction was late. //Slowpoke XD

Kazuya: Wait a second, why the pool?
Okada: This is rescue training, a kind guy that saves a drowning girl, this makes you popular.
Okada: This will be the drowning girl!
Daigo: She looks like she will curse you if you save her.
Hiroko: Isn't it better to let her drown?
Okada: 1, 2...

Okada: Now, rescue her!
Kazuya: Even if today's cold?
Okada: Come on, Drowny is waiting for you to save her.
Kazuya?: That's not a name that might get her saved!! //in the original pun the dummy was called "Dozae", this after "Dozaemon" a word commonly used to described drowned bodies that comes from "Narusegawa Dozaemon" an ancient sumo wrestler who apparently had a pallid look
Okada: You won't get cold if you jump with your clothes on.
Daigo: This might get you popular.
Kazuya: Don't go blabbering irresponsible things!
Okada: Just go save her.
Kazuya: Dowah

Daigo: ...He isn't coming out.
Okada: Well, it's hard for beginners to swim with their clothes on.
Hiroko: Kazuyaaaa!
Kazuya: Buhah
Kazuya: That was horrible.
Daigo: You sure are tough, as expected from a cyborg.
Okada: If you dived for a bit longer you'd become popular.
Kazuya: I haven't been modified so I'll die!

Kazuya: ...
Kazuya: That girl from before?
Okada: Let's go do the next thing.

Okada: Now we'll make you rich.
Kazuya: How can I get rich here?
Okada: We'll dig up oil!
Okada: If you become a resourceful oil king you'll definitely become popular!
Kazuya: Can you dig up oil with shovels!?
Oval: Oil
Daigo: A cyborg can.
Kazuya: I'm telling you I haven't been modified!
Okada: Now, let's all help Tachibana-kun.

Kazuya's sd: Why am I doing this...
Kazuya: ?
Kazuya: Hey, why are you sending it back from above!!
Kazuya: Buheh
Okada: The principal will get mad at us for opening a hole on the school grounds.
Daigo: A cyborg would be fine.
Kazuya: Gyaaah!
Kazuya: Get me out! Middle-aged woman!
Okada: Don't call me middle-aged or I'll make it so you can't get out again!
Hiroko: ...

Kazuya: That was tough...
Daigo: You're actually pretty amazing.
Okada: You better have found oil.
Kazuya: There's no way I have!
Kazuya: ...
Kazuya's sd: Ah, that girl again!
Daigo: What's with her?
Kazuya: She came before too, is she a stalker?
Daigo: Having a stalker is proof of your popularity, you're getting results.
Kazuya: The results of my popular mission are showing!
Kazuya: With this, I'll become popular!
Hiroko: There's no way that's true!
Okada?: Now, the next mission!!

Kazuya: Wha...
Kazuya: What the hell is this!?
Guy: What is he doing?
Guy: A human bird?
Okada: The last phase of the popular mission, "Being Flashy", in short, you'll stand out if you fly through the sky!

Daigo: That makes sense.
Kazuya: The leap was too big! I'll die if I fall!
Okada: Eh? What? (cd: You're so far I can't hear you.)
Daigo: By the way, I made those,
Daigo: If you use that Chicken-kun #1 you can fly to Hawaii.
Kazuya: Chicken's don't fly!
Daigo: Eh? What?
Kazuya: You're hearing me, right!!?
Okada: You can fly if you have mote power,
Okada: Come on, everyone's watching!
Girl's sd: ?
Girl's sd: What's that?
Hiroko: Hey, why don't you stop overexerting yourself?
Kazuya: ...
Kazuya(thinks): This really is dangerous...
Kazuya(thinks): Should I stop? Hmmmm!?

Kazuya(thinks): That is...!
Kazuya(thinks): The stalker girl.
Kazuya(thinks): That reaction...She's completely
Kazuya(thinks): Fallen for me!!
Text: (1) Title (2) Kindness (3) Money
Kazuya(thinks): I have obtained many things.
Kazuya(thinks): All that's left is...
Text: (4) Being Flashy = Flying!!
Kazuya: I can do it! I can fly now!!
Kazuya: I feel like I'm floating already.
Hiroko?: You're just elated!

Daigo: He wants to jump now.
Okada: Boys sure are simple.
Hiroko: Sensei, you told him to do it, right...?
Kazuya: I'll do it!
Kazuya: Woryaaaaaaaaaah

Kazuya: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Kazuya: ...
Kazuya: Owowowowow
Daigo: Just scratches, huh, you really are tough.
Okada: That's weird, to think my perfect mote theory was mistaken.
Hiroko: ...
Kazuya: Even though I felt I could fly to the ozone layer...
Kazuya: ...Hm?

Kazuya: What's this...A student handbook?
Hiroko: Wait, that might be the one I lost...!
Kazuya: Whose handbook is it?
Hiroko: Wah!!
Girl: Umm...

Hiroko(thinks): The stalker!!?
Girl: I...
Hiroko(thinks): ...It can be,
Hiroko(thinks): A confession!!?
Hiroko(thinks): No way...To think that there's a girl that actually likes Kazuya.
Hiroko: Ah...
Hiroko: Wai...t.
Kazuya(thinks): Finally...I'm popular---
Girl: ...

Girl: That handbook...
Girl: It's mine...
All: What...?
Kazuya: 3-D, Hosokawa Miharu---...
Miharu: Yes.
Okada: I see,
Okada: That girl was looking for her handbook.

Daigo: No wonder we saw her a lot of times, I guess she couldn't ask us since she found Kazuya's eccentricities scary... (cd: Poor girl)
Kazuya: So you knew those were eccentricities!!
Hiroko: Well,
Hiroko: I thought as much.
Hiroko: There's no way Kazuya will be popular.
Hiroko: Kazuya is just a bit smart chimpanzee-shaped cyborg that wears clothes.
Kazuya: That's rude!
Daigo: He's right, at least remove the cyborg.
Kazuya: I'm just a monkey!!?
Hiroko(thinks): Anyway, my handbook... (cd: Where is it?)
Kazuya: What's up?
Hiroko: No...Nothing.

Okada: Hiroko-chan...This.
Hiroko: That's mine!
Okada: I just picked it up.
Hiroko: Thank yo...
Hiroko: Umm...!
Hiroko: Give it back!
Hiroko: Please.
Okada: Perhaps...

Okada: This is the reason you entered the (temporary) club?
Hiroko: U...
Hiroko: Umm,
Hiroko: Ermmm...
Kazuya: Hiroko, let's go.
Square: The way Hiroko's flustering...Just what was inside her student handbook!?

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