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Shokugeki no Souma 47

Battle Memories

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Nov 10, 2013 20:10 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 47

Shokugeki-no SOMA
Souma: Whoa...
Souma: What a big building...
Sign: 43rd Autumn
Cutlery: Soma is in front of a big stage...!
Souma(thinks): This is many times bigger than the hall where I had the Shokugeki against Nikumi...
Souma(thinks): We're really cooking here?

SFX: *chatter*
SFX: *chatter*
Shokugeki-no SOMA
SFX: *chatter*
SFX: *chatter*
SFX: *whisper whisper*
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki

(cutlery) 47 Battle Memories
SFX: *chatter*
SFX: *chatter*
Text: A stage of battle brimming with "energy"---!!
Souma(thinks): Everything
Souma(thinks): Is really different.
Souma(thinks): The venue's scale, the number of guest seats...
Souma(thinks): And it's not only that...
Souma(thinks): The atmosphere here
Souma(thinks): Feels tense---

Megumi: Souma-kun!
Souma: Tadokoro! You were already here?
Souma: How were your vacations?
Megumi: We-Well,
Megumi: I think...I'm well prepared for this.
Yuuki: Megumi! It's been a while!!
Megumi: Wah...Girls!
Rouko: How were you?
Yuuki: You too, Yukihira, how do you feel?
Souma: Oh...Well, not bad I guess.
Akira: Your fingers...
Akira: Are dyed in a faint spice aroma.

Souma: Hayama...!
Akira: ...It seems you've worked quite a bit.
Souma: Yeah,
Souma: I wanted to let you eat an extraordinarily good curry.
Akira: ---Hmph.
Takumi: ...
Box: Takumi is somehow not amused by that.

Takumi: Yu-Yukihira!
Souma: Oh, Takumi! Long time no see.
Takumi: I...I'm going to say it once more!
Takumi: I'm...Your true rival-
Souma: ...No, wait a second,
Souma: Who's that guy next to you?
Takumi: ? "Who?" it's Isami of course.
Souma: You're kidding me!!?
Takumi: Wha...!? What is it...?
Takumi: Isami loses weight when he gets fatigued due to the summer's heat...
Souma: This is because of a summer heat fatigue!!?
Isami: I've stabilized already so it's ok.

Isami: My body goes back to normal through Autumn and Winter.
Megumi: I...It happens every year...
Souma: I'm surprised you don't die from that.
Takumi(thinks): W...We strayed from the subject...!
Takumi: Y-You understood already, right? This is Isami!
Takumi: Well then, let's start anew---
Takumi: Yukihi-
Voice: We'd like to thank all of our attendees for waiting.
Voice: Please pay attention to the stage on the front of the hall.
Souma: Oh! What's that?
Souma: Ah, sorry, can you wait?
Takumi: Eh!! Umm...Hey!
Voice: We'll have an opening greeting
Voice: By the academy's director.

Thought: Nakiri Senzaemon---!
Souma: Oh...It's the grandpa from the opening ceremony.

Senzaemon: Guhm...Cough
Thought: !?
Senzaemon: cough cough...Cough
Voice: D...Director!?
Senzaemon: ...No need to worry, I just choked.
Voice: You're already old, don't overexert yourself.
Senzaemon: ---When I breathe in this place's atmosphere

Senzaemon: I can feel my heart and body being surrounded by vitality.
Voice: But he just had a coughing fit...
Senzaemon: This venue has an alias, "Chandra's Room"... //maybe Candra, I’m not sure what the correct Romanization of that is
Senzaemon: Originally
Senzaemon: It's only used for shokugeki's "between members of the elite ten"!
All: !
Senzaemon: To honor all of the people who have been in possession of the first seat...
Senzaemon: It's our tradition to hang their portraits here.
Souma: ...Whoa! It's true!
Souma: Looking closely, that's Doujima-senpai...
Souma: Shinomiya-senpai is there too! (cd: He was the first seat...?)
Senzaemon: Many great matches
Senzaemon: And many specialties were born here...
Senzaemon: That's exactly why

Senzaemon: --They are lingering here,
Senzaemon: As if they were sediments,
Senzaemon: Memories of battles that continue uninterrupted!
Senzaemon: And the Autumn Election's "Main Tournament"
Senzaemon: Will be hold on here.
Thought: ---In short, only the students who can pass through the preliminaries...
Thought: Will be able to stand on this stage!

Senzaemon: Ladies and Gentlemen,
Senzaemon: You will make history here!!
Senzaemon: Let us meet again in this place---
Senzaemon: Cooks of Tootsuki Academy’s
Senzaemon: 92nd generation!!
Souma: Ah, Takumi, what did you want to say before?
Takumi: ...It's fine already.
Box: Takumi missed the timing to say it completely...

Voice: ---We will now explain the rules of the preliminaries.
Voice: The basic regulations are as written in the letters sent to you:
Voice: The theme is "Curry Dishes".
Voice: You may use the ingredients inside the venue...Otherwise, you might use any ingredients you brought.
Voice: The time limit is three hours...
Voice: And about the number of passing students,
Voice: Out of the 60 participants, the number of students that will advance to the main tournament
Voice: Is a total of eight.

Voice: ---In other words, from each group
Box: A Block
Box: B Block
Voice: Four students will pass.

Voice: Four...!
Voice: Only four!?
Thought: It will be narrowed down that much in one go!
Sign: A Hall
Voice: The participants should promptly proceed to the A or B Hall respectively.
Sign: B Hall
Voice: In about an hour from now...At 11:00
Voice: The preliminaries will start.

Yuuki: Woooh! There's no used being scared!
Shun: Yeah.
Megumi: Ye...Yes!
Takumi: Yukihira!!
Takumi: Let's meet here again---
Takumi: At the main tournament!
Souma: ---Yeah!!

Sign: A Hall

Cutlery: The "Election" starts---!! Next issue, we have cover and lead color pages to commemorate the first anniversary!!
Voice: Begin...
Voice: Cooking!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 47/End

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