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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Soutaisei Moteron 5

Daigo VS Hiroko

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Nov 13, 2013 00:41 | Go to Soutaisei Moteron

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Reserved for Renzokusei. Don't use without my permission.
Soutaisei Moteron 5
//Just a hands up, I've officially dropped this

Chapter 5 Daigo VS Hiroko
Text: Volume one will be on sale on August 27th!
Hiroko: I think you're free to put whatever you want inside your student handbook,
Soutaisei Moteron
The Special Relativity of Mote
Original Work: Tsukiji Toshihiko
Art: Maeda Risou
Hiroko: Be it a bookmark or fried squid.
Okada: Do you like squid?
Hiroko: That's not it, it was just an example.
Hiroko: That's why, I think it's ok to put a picture inside.
Okada: Come to think of it,

Okada: I had one too,
Okada: A picture of me cosplaying.
Okada: I felt like wanted to die when my parents found out,
sd: A cosplay picture!?
Okada: For about thirty minutes.
Okada's sd: I can only die.
Hiroko: That was pretty short.

Okada: But, having a boy's picture is actually quite normal.
Hiroko: I'm normal.
Hiroko: ...But, rather than liking him,
Hiroko: Ermm...I'm just interested in him.
Hiroko: Just about how you'd feel about a thorn in your pinky.
Okada: I pity him for being treated like a thorn.
Okada: But, I think he's more amazing than a thorn, because he speaks...He's a talking thorn.
Text: Thorn
Kazuya-Thorn: Popular
Text: Talking Thorn
Okada: ...

Okada: Don't you really like him?
Hiroko: Ummm...Please don't tell him,
Hiroko: If you do and it becomes awkward,
Hiroko: The (Temporary) club will be out of the question.

Okada: I see, I understand.
Okada: You don't want to say it but show it with your actions, ok, leave it to me.
Hiroko: Umm...That's not it...
Okada: It's time for me to shine again, the second mote mission, Niinuma Hiroko Arc!
Hiroko: Eeh!?
Okada: Hey, you two are late!!
Hiroko: ...

Whiteboard: Mote Mission Part (2)
Kazuya: You'll make me soar through the sky again?
Daigo: Maybe it'll be the space next.
Okada: It's Hiroko-chan's turn this time.
Kazuya: Hiroko's flying!?
Daigo: The objective should be around Mars.
Okada: Non, non! Take a look at this first!
Okada's sd: Fufufu
Kazuya: Where's that coming from?
Voice: ---...?

Title: Love Triangle
Kazuya: A galge? // non-h dating sim
Hiroko: I have a bad feeling about this...
Okada: The galges boys love!
Okada: If you become like one of this games' heroines you'll definitely get popular with the boys!
Kazuya: I see! She has a point.
Daigo: To think you'd take my waifu as an example.
Okada: Look at this girl.

Okada: She's beautiful, has great grades, and is almighty at sports.
Okada: Her hobbies include cooking and watching movies, she's the embodiment of intelligence and beauty!
Hiroko: People like her don't exist!
Kazuya: No,
Kazuya: That's not true!!
Hiroko: Eh...!?

Okada: Hiroko-chan, you should become like this heroine to be popular! If you do that the (temporary) club will be safe too!
Hiroko's sd: Eh!?
Kazuya: I understand that, but why Hiroko?
Okada: That is...We...Well, that doesn't matter, now, let's begin!
Daigo: ...

Daigo: No, wait...I should be the next one.
Okada: Eh?
Daigo: If I, the real president of the (temporary) club, become popular, the club will continue for a hundred years!
Kazuya: Wait, I'm the president!
Daigo: In the end, Kazuya is just something like a president.
Hiroko: What's something like a president!?
Okada: Maybe it's similar to something like a crowbar.

Daigo: So, let's have a popularity showdown, I'll teach you what true popularity is!
sd: ha ha ha ha ha ha
Hiroko: Why!?

Okada: We're having a best of three match in which the winner will be part of the next mote mission!
Both: ...
Okada: First is studying like the students you are!
Okada: Having good grades is indispensable for a popular heroine!
Daigo: Just what I wanted.
Hiroko(thinks): Why should I...?
Hiroko's sd: Uuuh

Okada(thinks): Hiroko-chan should have good grades, this will be easy, fufufu...
Okada: Now, here we go!
Okada: The problems will come from the book I published,
Okada: "The Beautiful Nurse's Problem Guide that will make you Pass even if you Sleep"!
Hiroko: You've published a book!?
Hiroko's sd: Eeeeeeh
Okada: Fufufu, rest assured,
Okada: It sold five copies.
Hiroko: "Five copies"!?

Okada: Ready...
Okada: Go!
Okada: Time's up!

sd: The results are in!!
Okada: Hiroko-chan's score...
Okada: 92!
Kazuya: Oh...Wow!
Hiroko: ...
Okada: Kumazawa-kun's score...
Okada: 100!?
Both: Eh!?

Daigo: It's always been like this, I've never left the first spot in the grade.
Kazuya: Come to think of it he's really intelligent...
Hiroko: ...
Okada's sd: Tch
Okada: Next is cooking! If you capture a man's stomach he's as good as yours!
Okada: Women that are good cooks are popular!

Hiroko: ...
Okada(thinks): If you think about it, normally girls are better at cooking!
Okada's sd: Ufufu
Okada(thinks): I'm counting on you, Hiroko-chan.
Hiroko(thinks): I wonder how good of a cook Daigo is---...
Daigo: Come at me with whatever dish!
Hiroko: Wha-!
Okada: If you talk about handmade food, Nikujaga is a must. //meat and potatoes stew
Okada: The one who makes a better Nikujaga wins! Start!

Hiroko: ...
Hiroko(thinks): E...
Hiroko(thinks): Even I can do it if I try.
Kazuya: Ah-ah, I'm out of this.
Okada: ...?

Okada: ...
Okada: What has Hiroko-chan been doing all this while?
Kazuya: Cooking, Hiroko isn't a very good cook.
Hiroko's sd: Kyaaaah
Okada: That's not just not very good.
Kazuya's sd: Hmmm
Daigo's sd: Now, eat.
Paper: Daigo's dish

Kazuya: De-Delicious...!
Kazuya: The mellow fragrance spreads inside my mouth the moment it comes in.
Okada: This makes me lose confidence as a woman.
Daigo: My older sister is a chef, being able to do this much is natural.
Daigo's sd: It's simple
Okada: Just what are you?
Hiroko: Uh...
Okada: Th-Then...Let's try Hiroko-chan's dish too...
Kazuya: ...
Okada: ...
Hiroko: Yo-You don't have to eat it!
Paper: Hiroko's dish

Okada: ...Then, it’s Kumazawa-kun's win.
Okada: Those were just the preliminaries,
Okada: This is the real deal! The one who wins this match wins everything!

Daigo: What were those matches until now?
Kazuya: Well, it's getting good so it's ok, isn't it?
Okada: Girls mean love! Love means confessions!
Okada: And confessions are the true charm of galges!
Okada: So...Tachibana-kun.
Kazuya: ?

Okada: You must confess to Tachibana-kun! The one who makes him waver the most wins!
Kanji: Tachibana
SFX: *waver*
Kazuya: That sounds quite right but why me.
Okada: It's your punishment.
Kazuya: It's a punishment!?
Okada: A confession on the school at dusk,
Okada: I would like it to be under a legendary tree, but...
Hiroko: We don't have any tree like that.
Okada: Now, Hiroko-chan! It's your comeback chance! Let's go!
Hiroko: ...

Hiroko: ...
Hiroko(thinks): Ah, geez...I've got to prepare my heart, you know?
Hiroko(thinks): It doesn't have to be now!
Hiroko(thinks): It can be next month or on the next life!

Hiroko(thinks): Calm down, calm down, Hiroko.
Hiroko(thinks): This is just acting.
Hiroko(thinks): If you get rejected it doesn't count!
Hiroko: Yo...
Hiroko: You see, Kazuya, I...
Hiroko: Ermmm...L...
Hiroko: Lo...

Hiroko: Ah...
Hiroko: Wah...
Hiroko: ...
Hiroko: ...Eh!?
Hiroko: Wait, what!?
Okada: Tachibana-kun!!

Okada: He's...Fainted...
Hiroko: M...My Nikujaga!?
Daigo: This is...
Daigo: That one where he says "I'm starving to death"
Daigo: And eats this toxic-jaga and dies.
Hiroko: Wha...!? Gi...Give me my nervousness back!
Hiroko: And what's a toxic-jaga!?

Hiroko(thinks): He took consideration and ate it...
Kazuya: Uh...
Daigo: Kazuya---...
Kazuya: Daigo, huh...
Daigo: Sorry, it seems I didn't make it in time...
Kazuya: Yeah...

Kazuya: I thought it would be fine but it was more toxic than I imagined...
Daigo: I'll follow after you soon, I won't let you go alone...
Kazuya: Thank you, Daigo...
Hiroko: Waiiiiiiiiiit!! //lol with the BL scene...

Hiroko: Don't play with others' food!
Daigo: That was food?
Kazuya: Well, that was exciting.
Hiroko: That was good in my opinion.
Hiroko: It wasn't!
Daigo: Come to think of it,
Daigo: What happens to the match?
Okada: ...
Okada: Let's see...

Okada: For now, it's my win!
Hiroko: Sensei's win!?
Okada: Mote is too difficult for high schoolers to understand.
Okada: It means that it takes time to learn my Mote Theory, you should buy and study my next book
Okada: "The Beautiful Nurse's Confession Techiques that will make you Succeed even if you Die"!
Kazuya: Who'd buy that!?
Daigo: That won't sell.
Okada: It will sell three copies if you buy it!
Kazuya: We won't!

Okada: That was a shame, Hiroko-chan.
Hiroko: No...Thank you.
Okada: ?
Hiroko: You did a lot for me...
Okada: ...

Hiroko: Okada-sensei...If the time comes
Hiroko: I want to say it on my own.
Okada: Ok, I understand.
Okada: Hey, Kumazawa-kun.
Daigo: What is it?

Okada: It was originally to help Hiroko-chan but it all became a mess.
Daigo: Well, I think it's your fault, sensei.
Okada: If you hadn't suddenly said you want to become popular
Okada: It wouldn't have turned like this, didn't you interfere on purpose?
Okada: Why?
Daigo: ...
Okada: Perhaps...You like Hiroko-chan...

Okada(thinks): It can't be...
Top: Kazu //Kazuya
Left: Hi //Hiroko
Right: Dai //Daigo
Daigo: Now...
Daigo: I wonder...
Okada: !!
Okada: It's a love triangle, ah, youth!
Text: What's Daigo's real intention...?

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