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Omamori Himari 68

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Nov 18, 2013 01:54 | Go to Omamori Himari

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Omamori Himari 68

68th Animal A Broken Cat's Shadow on a Clear Mirror
Man: ...I see, I understand the overall situation.
Man: So, how was your diagnosis?
Hitsugi: Even if the Kyuubi looks harmless at first glance, it's not like her negative spirit power has disappeared.
Hitsugi: We need to deal with her somehow...But,
Hitsugi: Our biggest problem is Hiken's Cat God-kun.
Hitsugi: The next generation Kyuubi candidate is going down the abyss.
Hitsugi: She has no collar and her owner can't suppress her.
Hitsugi: She looked like she was enjoying herself after reacting to a simple provocation.
Hitsugi: She is self-aware and in a hurry because of that, but...
Hitsugi: She doesn't have the means to make a breakthrough.

Man: Putting all the responsibility for this on him is too severe,
Man: Depending on the situation I might act.
Hitsugi: Kuhi...
Hitsugi: Won't that really make the Amakawa boy bear a grudge against you?
Man: That's way better than having a lifelong heart wound. //as in a psychological wound I think
Man: You should keep observing them.
Man: ...That's the deal, should something happen in the demon slayer community we will deal with it ourselves.
Kaburagi: I understand,
Kaburagi: I'll try to keep the 4th unit of public peace on hold as much as possible.
Man: Your position will be in danger, Kaburagi-san.
Kaburagi: Don't say it,
Kaburagi: Even if it was temporal, I was driven by my guilty conscience on Lady Jinguuji Kuesu's case.

68th Animal A Broken Cat's Shadow on a Clear Mirror

Box: A few days have passed since Himari disappeared,
Box: Himari had never disappeared before without stating a reason...
Kaya: Wha-wha-wha-what does this mean? What happened with Himari? Why isn't she coming back!?
Aya: Calm down, Kaya-sama.
Kaya: Was it you!? Is it your fault!? Search, search for her!
Kaya: No, I'll search for her!
Box: I don't need Kaya to tell me that,
Box: It is my fault that Himari disappeared.
Box: Even though Himari was clearly acting weird back then---

Box: The black Himari I saw at the Tsuchimikado mansion,
Box: The being that absorbed the Kyuubi's evil spirit power and could be called a cat god---
Box: There's no mistake...
Box: Himari is being absorbed by it.
Box: Where are you...
Box: Himari!?
SFX: Brr brr
Yuuto: !!
Yuuto: Hello...Rinko, huh.
Rinko: "Rinko, huh." My ass, where are you?
Rinko: The cat princess hasn't come all this time either, you aren't skipping school and playing around, are you!?
Yuuto: We're not!! ...Well, truth to be told-

Yuuto(thinks): Dammit...Where did Himari go...?
Rinko: Yuuto!
Yuuto: !
Rinko: Has Himari really not come back?
Yuuto: Yeah, I'm searching for her but I can't find her, I don't think she's left Takamiya, though.
Rinko: Don't you have any clues to where she might be!? ...Wait, you've searched those already, right?
Box: Clues...

Box: Come to think of it, we've been together all this time but I have no idea of where Himari might go.
Box: She always said by my side was her place to be.
Box: To think that even though she was so close...
Box: I know nothing of her once she's gone.
Class rep: Even if she was acting oddly, Noihara-san is Amakawa-kun's guard, right?
Class rep: She must be on a place where she can observe you, we must find her.
Rinko: Class rep...?
Class rep: I feel responsible for this too,
Class rep: I...Was scared of Noihara-san.

Class rep: You both are great, you can accept the truth.
Class rep: But I couldn't do that much.
Class rep: After that happened, I was so scared I kept avoiding Noihara-san.
Class rep: Even though I only had to options, accepting her or rejecting her, I...
Yuuto: Wait, class rep, that's not right.
Rinko: Exactly, we didn't explain it properly.
Class rep: No.
Class rep: But, if I have one more chance...
Class rep: I want to become friends with Noihara-san.
Rinko: Yuu...

Yuuto: ---Yeah, you definitely will!
Yuuto: That's why we have to find her first!!
Class rep: ...Yes.
Rinko: You're right!
Tama: ---Hmmm?
Tama: Amakawa, who are you searching for?
Yuuto: Guh

Both: Ta...
Both: Tama!? (cd: -san!?)
Tama: ---...? Who are you two??
Yuuto: Wh-Why are you outside...?
Yuuto: Where's Shizuku...?

All: !!
All: ?
Shizuku: Yuuto,
Shizuku: Things have gotten bad! ...Nano
Yuuto: Shizuku!?
Yuuto: What happened!?
Shizuku: Ah...They aren't bad for me...nano
Shizuku: They came and umm, and if they'll dispose of the stupid fox I couldn't ask for more...nano
Yuuto: "They"...?
Kasuri: Thanks for your work on the subjugation of the Hakumen Kinmou Kyuubi and Shuten Douji.

Kasuri: Even if you were cooperating with Jinguuji Kuesu, I never thought you'd be able to do so much,
Kasuri: Amakawa Yuuto.
Yuuto: Kagamimori...
Yuuto: Kasuri.

Class rep's sd: Uwah
Class rep: A shrine maiden... (cd: And her eyes have different colors!)
Rinko: Yuuto, it can't be, this person too...
Yuuto: She's the rank 3...Demon slayer.
Rinko: Wha-What...?
Rinko(thinks): They're enormous!!
Kasuri: ?
Box: ...What's with that? All the demon slayers have them big!!
Yuuto: ...What kind of business would a shrine maiden of the Mikagami seal have in this kind of place? //Mikagami = God's Mirror
Shizuku: Nano

Kasuri: Don't be so on guard.
Yuuto: How could I not be after what you did to Himari on the meeting.
Kasuri: I'm sorry for our rudeness back then.
Kasuri: However, today...I came to talk about that Kyuubi
Kasuri: You're having troubles to deal with.
Class rep: About Tama-san?
Tama: Hyoh?
Rinko: Wait a second, I mean, she's a bad fox but now she's just a little girl with no cares in the world, you know?
Rinko: Yuuto!?
Yuuto: So, you came here with authority...
Yuuto: Then I won't get in your way for this.

Yuuto: This isn't the same as picking up a dog or a cat, Rinko,
Yuuto: In the remote case that something happened...Something that really can't be undone might happen.
Shizuku: Philanthropy without responsibility isn't kindness but a sin...nano
Rinko: Uguh...
Yuuto: I don't understand quite well, but are you doing one of your special seals or something?
Kasuri: Let's see, that's something
Kasuri: This mirror will decide.

Kasuri: ...
Kasuri: ...!?

Kasuri: This is...
Yuuto: What's wrong?
Kasuri: This Kyuubi doesn't have enough malice nor spirit power for her to need to be sealed in the Mikagami.
Tama: ?
Kasuri: She really is Tamamo-no-mae...Right?
Shizuku: Well, residues are still a type of scum...nano
Kasuri: It really is as Yakouin Hitsugi said...
Yuuto: !
Yuuto: What did she say?
Kasuri: ...Nothing special.

Yuuto: !
Yuuto: This is...
Yuuto's sd: A mirror
Kasuri: Leave it on a place where it stands out in your home.
Kasuri: Make the Kyuubi reflect herself on it at least thrice a day.
Kasuri: You should be able to suppress her greatly with that.
Shizuku: Hey, huge-breasted shrine maiden! If he leaves that inside my powers will weaken...nano
Shizuku: Rather, don't hold back and get rid of the Kyuubi!
Shizuku: Are those humongous breasts just a decoration!? Nano!!
Kasuri: Wha...?
Kasuri: Wh-What's wrong with this rude little snake girl!?
Kasuri: Amakawa Yuuto! Just how many Ayakashi do you possess...!
Yuuto: ...

Rinko: ...I don't quite get it, but, it seems she won't
Class rep: Disappear for the time being?
Rinko: Y-You sure have the devils luck...
Tama's sd: I don't get it
Tama: ???
Yuuto: Hey,
Yuuto: You didn't really come for this
Yuuto: But for Himari, right?

Himari: Guh...Uh
Himari: Ow...
Box: Hate, hate, hate, kill, kill, kill

Box: This is bad...It feels as if my body is being torn apart...I...
Himari: Haa
Himari: Haa...
Box: I will...Stop being myself...
Himari(thinks): Young...master
Himari: Aguh
Hisuzu: ...Oh my, I can't keep looking at this, the worthless cat is really worthless.
Himari's sd: Haa haa

Hisuzu: Isn't it flourishing quite nicely?
Hisuzu: Worthless cat.
Himari: Kagamimori's...Follower.
Himari: What are you here for?
Himari's sd: You said it three times. //she means she was called worthless 3 times

Himari: I see...There's no way you're alone here...
Himari: Is she also here...?
Hisuzu: Well, yeah,
Hisuzu: Nee-sama went to check how the Kyuubi is.
Himari: Will the young master...
Himari: Receive some kind of punishment?
Hisuzu: Hmm,
Hisuzu: You worry about him even in this kind of situation?
Hisuzu: How admirable.

Hisuzu: Rest assured,
Hisuzu: You're the one getting punished.

Omamori Himari

Rinko(thinks): They're enormous!!

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