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Shokugeki no Souma 48

The Known Uknown

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Nov 19, 2013 16:41 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

-> RTS Page for Shokugeki no Souma 48

Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 48

Cover //Souma looks better in this cover than in the last one, and the chibis are great
Big Text: We wrap our great gratitude
Omurice: 1 Year Anniversary
Big Text: And deliver it to you!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Text(blue): Lead Color Pages!!
Text(Pink): Celebrating the first anniversary.

Text(green): With lead color pages to commemorate the first anniversary
"Shokugeki-no SOMA"
Alice: Congratulations
Alice: For one year of serialization (music note) (The actual anniversary is on issue #52, though) //Soma started on issue 2012-52, this chapter came out on issue 2013-51, that's why Alice says this
Souma: Oh, thanks.
Alice: Geez, I wasn't telling that to you!
Erina(thinks): I don't know why is Alice taking control of this...
Alice: That's maybe because...Erina won't show up much in the election?
Erina: Don't read my thoughts!
Erina: ...Eh!? I won't appear!?
Star: An anniversary thanking you for your support!!
Souma: Hey, since we're having color pages
Souma: You should come for the picture too!
All's sd: Yeah
Erina(thinks): I see, this manga also has that kind of meta depictions...
Star: JC volume 5 will be on sale on December 5th (Mon)!!
Souma: Well, with that said
Souma: The Autumn Election Arc has its grand beginning!!
Alice: Make sure you check out the character popularity poll and the other special projects we have after the manga to commemorate the first anniversary, ok? (music note)

(cutlery) 48 The Known Uknown
Star: A meeting of the powerful, the "Autumn Election" opens its curtains!! Lead color pages to commemorate the first year of serialization!!
Big Text: The road to the summit
Big Text: Burns in a bright red---!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Purple Box: The manga continues on page 29!! The first anniversary projects are on page 46!!

Text: There is a product called "Curry Princess"
Text: Ever since Haubii Foodstuff began selling it on 1990 //I don’t know what’s the reference here (or if there’s any)
Subtitle: The flavor of celebrities
Title: Curry Princess
//everything else is hard to distinguish/not really important
Text: It has sold over 70,000,000,000 meals, it's the greatest hit in the packed curry industry.
Text: Printed on their package
Text: Is a picture of a pair of cute twin girls---
Box: A Block Hall
Cutlery: The theme is "Curry dish", in order to win one of the few places in the main tournament, the "Autumn Election's" preliminaries finally start!!
Star: We now have an official twitter => @shokugeki_off //I guess this is a misprint as the official twitter account is "@syokugeki_off", that or they will change the name starting next Monday
"Shokugeki-no SOMA"

Guy: Even though it's only the preliminaries...Everyone's really fired up!
Guy: Yeah! This is the first time I see this place so packed.
Guy: Look, the judge seats...There's some amazing people there...
Guy: ...Hm?
Guy: One chair is still empty...?
Guy: You're right...Just who will seat there---

Etsuya: Welcome,
Etsuya: By the way...
Etsuya: I'm sure I told you the students would begin cooking at 11 A.M....
Natsume: Are you saying that knowing fully how hard it is for us
Natsume: To open even 1 minute in our schedule...?
Natsume: Are you, Eizan-kun?
Head Judge for the Preliminaries’ A Block
Haubii Foodstuff CEO
Sendawara Natsume
Guy: Eeh!! You've got to be kidding me!?
Guy: O...One of those sisters is a judge!!?

Natsume: Good grief...
Natsume: I came here led by Eizan-kun's cajolery, but...
Natsume: Will mere students be able to really please me?
Etsuya: Keh,
Etsuya: You could've just given us money.
Natsume: Did you say something?
Etsuya: No,
Etsuya: Please enjoy this Autumn Election until you're satisfied, Natsume-sama.
Text: The sisters Natsume and Orie are Haubii Foodstuff's founder's grandchildren,
Text: They both entered the curry industry after appearing in the aforementioned company's product's package
Text: And eventually ended up climbing to the top of the company...
Text: They reign over the curry market with an annual income that's said to be of 200,000,000,000 yen,
Text: Which is what led her to be called the "Curry Queen"---
Guy: To think they brought someone like her...
Guy: Tootsuki...No,

Guy: Eizan-senpai...
Etsuya: Some words please.
Natsume: Ok, ok.
Guy: Is too amazing...!!
Natsume: ---Listen well.
Natsume: This country's curry industry went through a great expansion during the post-war period...
Natsume: By now, curry has completely matured and became something loved by all citizens! This current state...
Natsume: Bores me.
Natsume: I'm looking for it! As a manager, as someone who loves curry
Natsume: I'm looking for an idea that will open up Japanese curry's future---
Natsume: Now, show me
Natsume: A curry dish that will make me shudder...

Guy: Th...The bar is way too high...
Guy: Can we actually bring out a dish that will satisfy her!?
Guy: Something that will satisfy a person that knows all kinds of curry...!?
Man: ...Huhmm.
Old Man: Hmm...
Natsume: ---Oh...
Natsume: It looks like we have some courageous kids here.
Ikumi(thinks): It doesn't matter who are the judges...
Ikumi(thinks): I just have to show it!
Ikumi(thinks): My answer
Ikumi(thinks): For this curry dish!!

Voice: Oh, Nikumi!
Voice: She's frying the pork belly before boiling it!
Voice: The smell of meat being fried is really too intense...!
Voice: Aah...! The spices' aroma is mixing in too.
Voice: It's stimulating my brain directly!
Sign: Tootsuki Academy Teaching Staff Seats
Chapelle: She's using..."Sichuan Pepper".
Chapelle: It's a spice with a fresh aroma, an almost numbing spiciness, and that serves to remove the meat's bad smell.
Chapelle: Moreover, she stopped milling it when it was "coarsely ground".
Jun: Yes...When you make it into powder, the aroma rises easily but it also gets scattered easily.
Jun: She understands that very well...!
Kanichi: Nikumi...
Kanichi: You've grown up so splendidly...!

Kanichi: Wooooh!! Nikumiii! I'm watching you!
Box: He's like a dad who went to watch her daughter's athletic meet.
Ikumi(thinks): I...Ignore him!
Ikumi(thinks): Now...How are the others doing?
Ikumi(thinks): There are many guys who can't cook properly after getting scared from that speech...
Ikumi(thinks): Hm?
Ikumi(thinks): He was...Nakiri Alice's aide---
Aide: ...Alright,
Aide: I'm overall done with the preliminary arrangements...
//Wait wha...!!!!!? Alice's aide was BANDANA GUY!!!!!!

Ikumi(thinks): Wha...!? What's with him!?
Ikumi(thinks): His facial expression changed completely!

Guy: He's preparing one spiny lobster after another!
Guy: Woooooh, that's some exciting knife technique!!
Ikumi(thinks): Tch...The audience's eyes went to him in a second!
sd: Oooooh
Ikumi(thinks): It's this side now! The kouji user... //kouji: mold grown on rice, etc. as a starter to make sake
Ikumi(thinks): Sakaki Ryouko!
Guy: She's so beautiful.
Guy: Dufuh...Long black hair.
Girl: Ryouko-oneesama...
Box: Ryouko's secret fans.
Ikumi(thinks): The "rice malt" made by fermenting steaming rice with yeast
Ikumi(thinks): Is one of the ingredients of miso, amazake, shiokouji, and other things.
Ikumi(thinks): Sakaki Ryouko's greatest specialty, "shiokouji", is a spice that works on the other ingredients starch and proteins
Ikumi(thinks): And serves to improve the flavor and make the food texture softer.
Ikumi(thinks): It's also usable for curry!
Ikumi(thinks): Just how will she use it---?

Voice: Black!?
Voice: What...? It's not shiokouji!?
Voice: She's bringing out something else!
Voice: Hm...!?
Voice: It can't be, that is---!!
Ryouko: !
Ryouko(thinks): As I though...This preliminaries' real favorite is him...

Voice: Hayama Akira!
Voice: His main ingredient is sea bream...
Voice: ...Only the head!?
Ryouko(thinks): ---I see,
Ryouko(thinks): He's trying to make a "Fish Head Curry"!
Big Text: Fish Head Curry
Text: A curry dish original from Singapore,
Text: It's a dish where by using the entire head of a white flesh fish you can fully enjoy the raw flavor of the fish.

Voice: Next...He's adding baking soda...
Voice: And yogurt to the baking powder he had sieved.
Voice: It's naan!! He's trying to make naan.
Teacher: He's preparing it with naan rather than rice...Well...That's pretty normal.
Teacher: He's professor Shiomi's first disciple...I was expecting a more original dish.
Chapelle: ...
Teacher: Didn't he become confident that he didn't have to use a deliberate display of originality with his dish?
Jun: ...No,
Jun: That naan,
Jun: Maybe---
Akira: !

Akira's sd: Shhhh...
Akira(thinks): It's just what you think, Jun...My cooking
Akira(thinks): Starts here!
Voice: He left the naan fermenting...
Voice: He's back to preparing the curry!
Voice: To bring out the aroma...He added lemongrass!
All: !!?
Voice: Fuhooh... The stinging freshness that mixed with the viscous coconut milk.
Voice: This refreshing feeling stimulates the appetite...!
Voice: Wow...! What's going on here!?
Voice: Even though there's this many spices' aromas filling the place
Voice: I can identify the smell that comes from Hayama's pot in an instant!!
Voice: That's the proof that his exquisite mixture is making the best of the spices' strong points!

Voice: Like this...There's no way Hayama isn't passing as #1---
Thought: Whoa...!?
Thought: This fragrant smoke that tickles my nose...!
Voice: It's Ibusaki!!
Thought: ...That's right! Smoking is also an approach to bring out the "aroma"!!
Thought: He repainted the hall's atmosphere again!
Voice: Each and every one of them are showering at us with their techniques!
Voice: To think only 4 will survive...

Natsume: ......Hmm...
Natsume: Well...It seems like this will be somewhat entertaining.
Natsume: So? Who are you recommending, Eizan-kun?
Etsuya: Hmm...Let's see,
Etsuya: Choosing someone to recommend is hard, but...
Etsuya: There's one man whose real ability I want to find out.
Akira(thinks): ......So...How's he?
Ikumi(thinks): What's he doing!?
Thought: How's Yukihira Souma---?

Ikumi(thinks): He...
Ikumi(thinks): He's asleep? (cd: So skillfully on that chair...)
Souma(thinks): It's here,
Souma(thinks): Now's a good time!!
Cutlery: Are you ok, Souma...!? This pot's content...Shouldn't be normal!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 48/End

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