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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Shokugeki no Souma 50

Those Beyond Ordinary

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 4, 2013 04:23 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

-> RTS Page for Shokugeki no Souma 50

Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 50

Logo: J Fresh Power Campaign!!
Star: To commemorate SOMA and Trigger's new JC volumes release, the J Fresh Power Campaign begins with a Big Poster and center color pages!!
Big Text: After overcoming a Summer of trials she heads towards a heated Autumn---!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
(cutlery) 50 Those Beyond Ordinary
Text: Takumi and Isami are the mark!!
Star: A Big Hit!
With over 2 million copies printed!!
JC volume 5 will be on sale December 4th!!

Text: We have an official Twitter! => @syokugeki_off
Cutlery: After the election's members were announced...!?
Miyoko: Shinomiya Kojirou---
Megumi: ...?
Miyoko: He's a cook that took the first seat...During the training camp,
Miyoko: I waited for a chance to measure just how good he really is.
Miyoko: Well...In the end I couldn't do it, though.
Miyoko: Is the rumor that says that you had a cooking contest...
Miyoko: A "Shokugeki" against that Shinomiya true?
Miyoko: Moreover, I heard you tied.
Miyoko: In contrast to your appearance, you're actually...
Megumi: A-Ah...! Ermm...Umm, that's-!
Megumi: I didn't tie with him officially.

Miyoko: It can't be...You won?
Megumi: Awawawah, N-No...Emmm...
Miyoko: What is it!? Speak clearly!
Megumi: Haaaaah, I'm sorry...!
Megumi: Emm,
Megumi: So-Souma-kun was, umm...
Miyoko: Yukihira Souma...That transfer student, huh.
Megumi: It was all thanks to So-So-So-Souma-kun
Megumi: I alone am not good at all...Umm...
Miyoko: ...
Miyoko: ---Oh,
Miyoko: So you just had a man save you in the end?
Miyoko: Sorry for bothering you.

Miyoko: You weren't what I expected---
Megumi: ...Ok!
Megumi: With this, I'm pretty much done preparing the vegetables...
Megumi: Ermm...Next is---
Guy: You know...That dunce is doing a pretty plain job.
Guy: Damn it, this is irritating...
Guy: Someone who was last on the exam to pass to the high school section gets to participate in the election...
Guy: And we're just here watching, I can't just accept it.

Guy: You stick like a sore thumb, country bumpkin!
Guy: Huh? What did you just say...?
Guy: Try saying it again, hey...
Guy: Eeeek!!
Fumio: Stop it! Just leave them alone.
Guy: But Fumio-san!
Guy: They're saying it so that Tadokoro can hear them.
Guy: Now that it's come to this...
Guy: Yeah! Let's K.O. them one by one...
Fumio: It's fine! You guys should go to the A block soon!!
Fumio: You've got to cheer for Ryouko and the others properly!
Guy: Y-Yeah, we got it.
Guy: Then...We're off.
Fumio: ...
Megumi: That's it, I should get that ready soon!

Megumi: Ah...
Miyoko: Do you know what kind of people...Are the most troublesome when they're in the kitchen?
Miyoko: It's the careless ones that don't look at their surroundings!
Megumi: Ho...Houjou...-san.
Megumi: I-I'm sorry, I'll be more careful...
Miyoko: ...Hmph.
Voice: Houjou is putting the spices in now!
Voice: After letting the aroma rise properly she's frying eggs...And rice!
Man: That means...She's making a "Curry Fried Rice" or something similar? //I'm not sure if this should be "curry fried rice" or "Chinese curry rice"...
Man: Good gracious...I'm looking forward to judge this!

Box: One year ago---Yokohama Chinatown
Man: Keh, don't fuck with me!
Man: Even if she's Head Chef Houjou's daughter...
Man: There's no way I'll let a woman take control of our kitchen!!
Man: As soon as she comes I'll torment her
Man: And drive her out...!

Man: ---Delicious!! Miyoko-san's dish...This isn't a flavor a middle schooler can make!!
Man: Yeah! This level of perfection...Isn't she already at the division chief's level?
Man: ...No! If he isn't careful, she might best him...!
Man: ...!
Miyoko: Division chief!
Miyoko: In three years...When I graduate from Tootsuki, I'll be under your care in this kitchen.
Miyoko: Best regards,
Miyoko: Senpai!
Miyoko(thinks): I'll eventually enter a battlefield full of brawny men...
Miyoko(thinks): I need prestige,
Miyoko(thinks): Enough to avoid being made light of for being a woman.
Miyoko(thinks): I need the absolute "prestige" as a cook---

Miyoko(thinks): Tootsuki Elite Ten's First Seat.
Miyoko(thinks): Even in Tootsuki's long history...There isn't but a few female students that have shone as the first seat.
Miyoko(thinks): That's precisely why
Miyoko(thinks): I'll definitely get that seat!!
Miyoko(thinks): ...Tadokoro Megumi,
Miyoko(thinks): When I heard the rumors of your Shokugeki against Shinomiya
Miyoko(thinks): I overestimated you and thought that you were strong enough to fight on equal terms against men.
Miyoko(thinks): But you were just the weakling you seem to be, huh.
Miyoko: ...?
Voice: Hey, look at that...!!
Voice: Whaaat...!?

Voice: A goosefish---!?
Voice: On top of that...She's going to "cut it while it's hanging"!!
Box: Hanging and Cutting
Box: A traditional way of cutting up a goosefish. The reason why this method was chosen is because the goosefish's body surface is wrapped in a slimy gelatin which makes it difficult to cut on a chopping board.
Box: It is cut after hanging it from its lower jaw with a hook.
Voice: This way of preparing it requires lots of skill as you must cut the fish on an unstable position...
Voice: While it's hanging in midair.
Voice: No one on its mind would choose such a difficult to prepare fish on this big stage!
Guy: Hah...There's no way that dunce can do this.
Guy: There's a limit to how little you can know your place!!
Guy: ......Hm...?

Guy: What is...She doing?
Megumi(thinks): I've always been saved by Souma-kun
Megumi(thinks): And the way he faces anything positively.
Megumi(thinks): Today, he's not here to save me like on those times...
Megumi(thinks): But he's also fighting right now.

Megumi(thinks): I don't know if I'll be able to do it properly by myself, but-
Megumi(thinks): Souma-kun, today...
Megumi(thinks): Just lend me some courage---!!
Souma: It's a trick I once learned at home that eases the tension,
Souma: It's only fault is you can't do it alone.

p13 //no dialog

Megumi: Alright...

p15-16 //no dialog

Voice: Sh-
Voice: She cut it up...

Orie(thinks): That girl...Just what kind of dish is she trying to make!?
Orie(thinks): I must analyze it more closely...!
Man: O...Orie-sama!?
Man: We can't have you go down before the judging begins...!
Orie: Is that...
Orie: No matter what...?
Man: Yo...You can't!
Man: Now, please go to your seat...
Orie(thinks): This is so frustrating...!
Orie(thinks): To think not even I can predict what she'll do...
Voice: To begin with...Do goosefish and curry even go well together!?
Voice: Li...Like I know that...

Voice: Anyway, she must have had some random idea.
Voice: Bu...But,
Voice: Cutting that fish while it was hanging...Was pretty amazing, wasn't it...?
Voice: ...
Voice: Tadokoro Megumi...Somehow...
Voice: Feels completely different than before, doesn't she?
Voice: What's going on...?
Voice: Wasn't she supposed to be just a dunce...?

Fumio: That's it...That's the way.
Text: Fight---!! To show your own value.
Fumio: You're a student from the Polar Star Dorm
Fumio: That this Daimidou Fumio admitted...!
Voice: The judging will begin soon,
Voice: Please begin arranging your dishes!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 50/End

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