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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Shokugeki no Souma 51

The Witch's Dining Table

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 10, 2013 02:53 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 51

Star: The newest JC volume (5) is on sale with rave reviews!!
Urara: That's enough!
Urara: The judging will now begin <3
Urara: I will be your MC <3 Kawashima Urara!
Cutlery: The "Judgment Time" is here---!! Who will earn the tickets for the main tournament!?
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Cutlery: We now have an official Twitter account!! =>@syokugeki_off
(cutlery) 51 The Witch's Dining Table

Urara: There are five judges!
Urara: Each judge can give 20 points.
Urara: This means the dishes will be evaluated with 100 being the perfect mark!
Urara: The four students who get the best scores will continue to the main tournament!!
Urara: Let's begin with the first student.
Urara: Evaluate it please<3
Star: The "J Fresh Power Campaign" to commemorate the release of JC Volume (5) is ongoing!! For more details go to Jump's homepage => www.shonenjump.com

Fat: Mm, this is good! //yeah, he's the fat judge so I'll call him this, he has a rather kansai old man way of talking but idk how to express that T_T
Fat: This is based on a curry representative from North India...On "Achaari Murg"! //Murg or Murgh, it seems it's the same
Fat: This Chaat Masala has a peculiarly strong sourness and it gives the dish a splendid aroma!
Fat: Moreover, instead of using Tandoori Chicken you used "Chicken Tikka"!
Fat: Unlike Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka has no bones so it can be eaten easily even with a spoon!
Fat: You made a thorough investigation and you also showed consideration for those eating it!
Fat: Just what one would expect from a Tootsuki student!
Guy: ...Thank you very much!
Urara: Well then...Please show the scores!

Guy: Th...
Guy: Thirty Three points...?
Urara: U...Umm...Judges? You can give 20 points, not 10...
Glasses: We know that, of course. //yeah, he's the glasses judge
Guy: 33 points...? M...My dish is worth that!?
Guy: Hey...! What does that mean!?

Fat: Who do you think we are?
Fat: We eat dishes made by experienced professionals on a daily basis.
Fat: Even if we say it's well done, that's considering you're still students...
Fat: Well...You're pretty good considering we gave you any points,
Fat: Let's see, I guess
Fat: Earning a score of 50 would be most satisfactory, wouldn't it?
Takumi(thinks): I see...
Takumi(thinks): That means the Sendawara sisters aren't the only difficult judges, huh.

Big Text: Kita Osaji!
Text: The sponsor of the "Kita Gastronomy Club" who only first-rate cultured people and leaders of the financial world can meet!
Text: A man that fills his dining table with all kinds of delicacies by using his money and influence!!
Big Text: Andou Shingo!
Text: An essayist that writes about cuisine in general!
Text: The paragraphs he writes are said to decide a restaurant's decline!
Text: All five of them
Text: Have devoured every gourmet food in the world.
Text: Their experience in terms of flavor is in a whole other level!!
Urara: 28 points.
Urara: 31 points.
Urara: 6 points!
Megumi(thinks): No way...All of those dishes had a high level of perfection,
Megumi(thinks): And yet not a single one of them has even scored 40 points...

Urara: The incredibly low scores come one after another!
Urara: Now, the next dish is---
Urara: Hgh!?
Orie: I...
Orie: It stinks....!!!
Orie: What is this stench---!?

Nao: Go ahead...
Nao: This is Sadatsuka Nao's special---
Nao: "Jet Black Laksa Curry"...

Guy: !!!
Voice: Ugeeeeeeeh, it stinks!!
Voice: What is this!!?
Voice: It's as if you concentrated the smell of a sewer ten times...!
Urara: Pandemonium! This is Pandemonium!!
Urara: You wouldn't think this is a hall where a gourmet food festival is being held!!
Urara: This is a scene of hell!
Shingo: Laksa...Noodles from Southeast Asia which are characteristic for their slippery texture,
Shingo: And it seems the roux blackness comes from squid ink.
Osaji: This strong stench that crooks the nose...
Osaji: It can't be---

Nao: It's "Kusaya"...!
Osaji: Just as I thought!!
Osaji: Why are you using that for a curry!!?
Box: Kusaya
Box: A type of dried fish that's the Izu Islands' Specialty.
Box: It's made by pickling sardine or other blueback fish in a liquid called "Kusaya Juice" and then letting it dry in the sun.
Box: It really stinks.
Osaji: This would guarantee you complaints from all the neighborhood just by grilling it a bit!!
Voice: Nuh...By boiling it you get an amazingly bad smell...
Nao: Additionally, this is my special Kusaya...
Nao: It's made from flying fish and mahi-mahi.
Nao: I also used the Kusaya juice I brought up really carefully...!
sd: It stinks gyaaaaaah
Alice: I'm glad I prepared one of the newest gas masks in case this kind of thing happened...

Osaji: 0 points, 0 points I say!
Osaji: I've eaten all kinds of delicacies, but...This isn't something edible for humans!
Osaji: !! Lady Orie...! You're eating it!?
Orie: I'm just fulfilling my role as one of the election's sponsor.
Orie: Uweeeeeh...
Orie: The astringent acidity and the raw smell are mixing...
Orie: It smells like a toilet that hasn't been cleaned...

Orie: I...
Orie: It's delicious...?
Orie: But...It stinks! It stinks...
Orie: Aah, but, but...
Orie: It's delicious!

Orie: Even though it stiiinks!!
Megumi: Wh-Wh-Wh...What's happening!?
Yuuki: She keeps saying it stinks but she keeps eating it!
Orie(thinks): This is...An idea similar to "Kapi", a spice made from fermented shrimp...
Orie(thinks): By using Kusaya, which is way more peculiar than Kapi, the flavor becomes deeper,
Orie(thinks): Since the stock for Laksa is made from fish, its affinity is exceptional, it all makes sense...!
Osaji: ...!!
Osaji: The seafood's deliciousness is spreading inside my mouth...What a taste!
Osaji: The more I eat the more the smell becomes rather a good thing...
Shingo: The flavor extends due to the effect of coconut milk and spices like lemongrass,
Shingo: By using "Kusaya" as the main ingredient...

Shingo: The curry's deliciousness becomes many times bigger!
Nao's sd: Hihihi...
Box: Sadatsuka Nao's specialty are boiled dishes.
Box: She's also has a deep knowledge about rather peculiar ingredients like dried fish.
Box: The kitchen she uses is so sinister children run away in tears from it.
Box: She, who often causes uproars due to bad smells...
Box: "Boiling Witch"
Box: That's the alias people fear her for---

p15 //Nao looks particularly good on this page
Nao: Cooking that puts on airs by looking pretty
Nao: Doesn't hold true beauty.
Nao: The true meaning of gourmet food lies beyond repulsiveness...!!
Osaji(thinks): What an idea...She made curry more delicious by using Kusaya!
Shingo(thinks): This dish will definitely...Write a new page on curry's history...!
Orie(thinks): Even though I hate it!
Orie(thinks): Even though it stinks!
Orie(thinks): I can't stop eating---!!

p16-17 //I lol'd so hard at this foodgasm...Oh god
Orie(thinks): Aahn...I'm becoming
Orie(thinks): This stench's slave...<3
Urara: It's here...! The score is-!

Urara: 84 points!!
Voice: Wooooooh!!! She's in the 80's---!
Voice: The first score over 50 points...Sadatsuka scored it!!
Voice: She's the current first place!!
Nao: Ah...Someday, I want
Nao: Erina-sama to eat this curry...
Urara: Now...I'll continue being the MC while we ventilate the hall.
Urara: The next student! Please, show us your dish!

Nao: I was waiting eagerly for this day...
Nao: For the day
Nao: I get to thoroughly defeat you in public---
Cutlery: Dignified beauty--- Just how good is Erina's secretary (Her name is still unknown)---!!!???
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 51/End

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