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Shokugeki no Souma 52

Those who Serve the Best

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 11, 2013 19:29 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use or post anywhere else without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA
//This is a special exception to the "not posting the TL until the chapter is released" rule I was enforcing... unforeseen circumstances are unforeseen XD

"Shokugeki-no SOMA"
Star: We have an official Twitter account! => @syokugeki_off
Box: 2 years ago---
Star: JC Volume 5 is on sale with rave reviews!!
Text: The two girls were deeply related in the past because of things concerning Erina---!!
Guy: This challenge...Is authorized
Guy: By the administration bureau as an official "Shokugeki"!!
Guy: Neither of you has any objections with the terms, am I right!?
Box: Sadatsuka Nao Middle School Division 2nd Year
Nao: If I win,
Nao: You'll give me...The role of being Erina-sama's secretary.
Nao: Is that ok, Arato-san?
Hisako: Of course, Sadatsuka-san,
Hisako: But, if I win, you'll never again---

Shokugeki-no SOMA
Hisako: Come within a 50m radius from Erina-sama!
(Cutlery) 52 Those who Serve the Best //alt. Those who Attend Flowers
Box: Arato Hisako Middle School Division 2nd Year Erina's secretary
Text: ---And now, they head to battle together once more!!
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki

Nao: Being by Erina-sama's side
Nao: And having her abuse me with her words is my unchanging dream...!
Nao: Just by thinking her God's Tongue will start vituperating-
Nao: Hihi...Hihihihi...
Hisako: That has already been settled,
Hisako: Because I won that Shokugeki!
Nao: Yes...Certainly, after that...
Nao: I've only been able to look at her countenance with binoculars
Nao: And send her thirty letters daily.
Hisako(thinks): ...I should have forbidden that too.
Nao: However, if I surpass you in a big stage, such as this Autumn Election,
Nao: Erina-sama might have a change of heart...

Nao: I'm sure she'll want me by her side...!!
Nao: Hihihihihihihihihi...!
Box: Stalker Mentality
Voice: Next is Arato Hisako's dish, huh.
Voice: She's Erina-sama's secretary after all! She'll surely show us an amazing dish.
Hisako: Have some please---
Orie: Hmmm...?
Orie: The roux isn't very viscous but very juicy...
Orie: Maybe it's something close to a curry soup.

Osaji: Among the ingredients we have green onion, carrots, onion, cabbage...
Osaji: And "Mutton Meat"!
Asterisk: Meat from sheep less than a year old is called "Lamb Meat", if the sheep is older it's called "Mutton Meat"
Osaji: The smell of mutton meat is stronger than that of lamb meat,
Osaji: But she's removed that smell properly using spices...Or so it seems.
Orie: ......Bad smell...
Voice: Hmm...?
Voice: Isn't the judges’ reaction a bit too shallow?
Nao(thinks): Hihihi...The aftertaste of my dish still remains in them.
Nao(thinks): With such an stimulating bad smell and taste---
Nao(thinks): The impact was so strong that the following dishes will inevitably be overshadowed by it!!
Star: To commemorate the release of JC volume (5) the "J Fresh Power Campaign" is underway!! Check Jump's Homepage => www.shonenjump.com

Nao(thinks): In other words, this is a "curse"...!
Nao(thinks): A curse directed to you! Arato-san...!!
Osaji: ...Oh well...
Osaji: Let's eat...
Shingo: Th...
Shingo(thinks): This is...!?

Osaji: Andou-sensei? What's wrong?
Shingo: Ho...
Shingo's sd: Hoaaaaaaaaaaaah //LOL
Osaji: Wh...Whaaaaat!?
Osaji: The Andou-sensei that's like a dead tree and always whispers things that aren't understandable is...
Osaji: I don't know why but he's swelled up like a kung fu movie actor!!
Osaji: Wh-Wh-Wh-Wh-What's going on!?
Osaji: This unique aroma...
Osaji: This is...

Shingo: Dong dang gui //Angelica acutiloba
Shingo: Senkyuu //cnidium rhizome
Shingo: Jiou //rehmanniae radix
Shingo: Shakuyaku //paeoniae radix
Shingo: A dish based on "Traditional Chinese Medicine" made by mixing four varieties of plants...
Shingo: "Shimotsu-to"!!
Osaji: Wh...When you say Shimotsu-to...
Osaji: You mean that dish that's said to have revived travelers on the verge of death as soon as they ate it---
Osaji: Ah...I get it now!
Osaji: Back then, she...
Osaji: Was "infusing" the spices!
Alice: Yes...That's her specialty,
Alice: Arato Hisako is---

Alice: A medicinal cooking expert
Box: Medicinal Cooking
Box: A way of cooking based on Oriental Medicine that mixes cuisine with medicine and pharmaceutics.
Box: It develops a systematic dietary regimen by using infused natural remedies and traditional Chinese medicines.
Hisako: Other than the 4 natural remedies I added kyouou, daiuikyou, and shouuikyou //I know these are "Wild Turmeric", "Star Anise" and "Fennel", but for the sake of a latter dialog I left them in their romaji form
Hisako: To make an original "Medicinal Spices Mix".

Hisako: I left the spices infusing about one hour to extract the medicinal components---
Hisako: Then, I put vegetables and the mutton meat in it and boiled them until they had a mellow tenderness.
Hisako: I finished the dish with shaoxingjiu and coriander to heighten the aroma.
Osaji: Hah----...! Come to think of it, the medicinal components of medicinal cooking are really similar to curry!
Osaji: Kyouou is "Wild turmeric"! Daiuikyou and Shouuikyou are "Star Anise" and "Fennel"...
Osaji: All of them are spices needed to make curry!
Orie: She noticed this and combined medicinal cooking and curry...
Orie: This is a dish no one but her can make...!
Hisako: This is my medicinal curry...
Hisako: The "Mutton Meat Shimotsu-to Curry".

Osaji: It's true...! It's going around me...!!
Osaji: The medicinal cooking's energy is going around my body!!
Orie: Delicious...! The mutton meat's strong body is made even better by the spices,
Orie: The vegetables' sweetness blends into the roux and gives it a mild flavor...!
Osaji: My body gets warm as soon as I eat the shimotsu-to!
Orie: Yes...Medicinal cooking is said to warm up the body, fill up the spirit...And
Orie: Cleanse body and mind!
Nao: ...

Osaji: The way the aroma rises, the flavor balance...What a degree of perfection!! This isn't a dish a student can make, you know!?
Osaji: After eating this curry
Osaji: It feels like the previous dish was only about the impact!
Nao(thinks): N-No...No way!
Nao(thinks): All the judges were supposed to be my curry's slaves!
Nao: !?
Hisako: This is for you.
Hisako: You'll understand after you eat it...
Hisako: The difference in pride between you and me!

Nao: ...
SFX: Munch
Nao(thinks): Stagnation,
Nao(thinks): Chaos,
Nao(thinks): Those were the origins of my cooking, but...
Nao: Mmmmmm....!
Nao(thinks): They are being washed away
Nao: Uwaaaah! Stop...
Nao(thinks): And cleansed---
Nao: Stooooooop!!

Box: Sadatsuka Nao (White) //She's like Ryouko 2.0, not that I mind though
Box: Is born.
Box: And finished.
Nao: Huff huff...!!
Nao: Guuuuh...!
Hisako: The Arato family---
Hisako: Is an ancient lineage of doctors of Chinese medicine,
Hisako: I sublimated all of its knowledge into cooking.
Hisako: I've been working hard since I was very young on it, all for Erina-sama.
Hisako: This is my "Medicinal Cooking".

Hisako: ---It seems that on the ancient Chinese Imperial Courts
Hisako: The emperor had a "dietist" which provided him with medicinal cooking.
Hisako: In my case the "emperor" is Erina-sama.
Hisako: Sadatsuka Nao...Your cooking is "self-centered",
Hisako: You are not qualified to serve Erina-sama.
Urara: Now, what is Arato Hisako's score!?
Hisako: You're an eyesore,
Hisako: Step back.

Urara: 92 points!!!
Voice: Uwoooh, she's in the 90's!!
Voice: She surpassed Sadatsuka's score like it was nothing!
Voice: As expected from a cook approved by Erina-sama!

Nao: Hihi
Nao: Hihi...Hihihihi...
Nao: Hi-...
Nao: Hisako-onee-sama...<3 // LOL, Nao is the best stalker ever XDD
Hisako: ?
//all SFX's in the last three panels are *shudder*
Box: At the same time---
Sign: A Hall

Box: A Block's Hall.
Voice: For real...!?
Voice: It's impossible...!
Voice: Nakiri Alice's Aide...
Voice: Scored 93 points!?
Cutlery: Not yet known veterans show their fangs one after another---!! The tournament heats up! Furthermore, we have a big announcement next issue!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 52/End
Next issue, a special winter break bangaihen with Center Color pages and extended 31 pages!!

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#1. by Unnamed ()
Posted on Dec 24, 2013
Eru13, thank you for posting all these translations!

I know, that you stopped posting the chapters on the day of release due to people copying on other sites.

But i have a question, as you may know. Casanova is since probably 4 or 6 weeks ago, have been taken, longer than usual time to release the chapters.

I could, understand not posting the chapter before, when they released it just 2 or 3 days after release. But that's not the case anymore.

And those that have seen the RAWS of chapter 53, know that they will take some extra time to release it.

Not everyone that visit this site, posts on other forums. Don't you think, it may be a good idea to posts the chapter translation early, but only if the chapter takes a while to release, like now?

Of course, that's up to you. Thanks! And thank you for posting the translation of all these series!

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