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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Omamori Himari Special : Volume 11 Special

The Cats' Free-use Notebook (star) Revenge

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 17, 2013 18:41 | Go to Omamori Himari

Reserved for Vortex. Don't use without my permission.
Omamori Himari 68.5

Himari: I-It's not like I wanted this thing,
Himari: The idea of the first thing the young master bought for me being a collar
Himari's sd: Don't meowsunderstand me!
Himari: Rather than a dress was discarded!
68.5th Animal The Cats' Free-use Notebook (star) Revenge
Rinko: Shizuku, we have guests from another work, could you come with me for a bit? //another manga
Rinko's sd: Try standing next to her
Shizuku: ...Nano?

Seine: ...
Shizuku: ...
Text: {
Shizuku Miyazaki Seine //she's from Hekikai no AiON
-Short green/black hair
-Short //as in height
-Little Breasts
-Snake (Mizuchi and AiON)
-Related to Water
-Loli Hags //Seine is 300 years old
-Revenge Tragedy
Rinko: Yeah, you two really are alike.
Seine: ...I came here for you and you treat me like this?
Seine's sd: Also, I have some breasts
Shizuku: I'm not similar to a character that doesn't end her sentences with "nano"...Nano
Box: Representative
Yuuto's sd: Sorry
Yuuto: Kagesaki-sensei, I'm sorry!!

Seine: ...You should be glad you're a snake, I'd have killed you if you were a mermaid.
Yuuko's sd: Stop it, please
Shizuku: Before that, let me show you to the bottom of the sea you love so much...Nano
Waitress: Here's your assorted dish and your Apple Sour---
Waitress: Welcome!
Rinko: Damn it, you've got to be kidding me.
Rinko: I've been doing my best lately,
Rinko: But Himari and Kuesu are the only ones popular online.
Rinko: All they say about me is that I have a weird face.

Sae: Minors mustn't drink alcohol!!
Rinko: Goph!!
Rinko: I'm not...Drinking, Matra told me to come here if I wanted to complain... //the author
Yuuko: I'm amazed you could even get in here.
Yuuko: I think we'll be held responsible if they find out one of our students was drinking.
Sae: If that happens let's erase her.
Rinko: I told you I'm not drinking...
Sae: ...Well, leaving jokes aside,
Sae: If there's something you want to say then say it.
Rinko: Ermmm, I don't care if the readers tamper with me.
voice: You don't?
Rinko: If they do it with love then it's ok, the problem is-

Rinko: That damn editor M said "The last chapter won't be a Rinko Ending, right? Everyone will be disappointed" and "Only having Rinko convincing Tama-san isn't just enough so let's include a scene with Himari"!!
Rinko: I'll cast a curse that makes your breasts smaller!!
Sae: They say she's an E cup, but, if she loses weight it will be from her breasts.
Yuuko: Her sexual harassment restraint isn't working anymore which is scary...
Yuuko's sd: Sorry
???: ...

Himari: ...Who's that? A new girl?
Liz: Eh, Himari-san, you're his guardian sword and you don't understand?
Liz: It's Yuuto-san.
Yuuto: Why do I...Have to go through this?
Himari: Meowhat!?
Liz: Every harem manga lead
Liz: Has to cross dress at least once.
Sign: False Breasts
Himari: Young Master...I thought the young master would look well as a woman but...
Yuuto: You thought about it!?
Liz: Fufufu
Liz: I designated today as the trap day and so I brought a special guest,
Liz: The cross dresser specialist, Sasa-san. //I didn't know/remember Sasa was a trap OTL
Sasa: Maid maid<3 //I think there's a hidden pun here but I can't understand it...

Liz: Well then, Sasa-san, what is the trick to cross dress successfully?
Sasa: You don't think with your head, you feel it with you womb<3 //dafuq is that!?
Yuuto: You don't!!
Sasa: But, that's what Ageha said.
Himari: That's because she's a bitch (cd: A bitchy bitch)
Arrow: The bitch
Ageha(thinks): ...This doesn't suit me...

Man: ...It's not like I wasn't against the maid uniform Liz designed,
Man: But now it's traps, huh...
Himari: I sympathize with you, boss, but give up.
Himari: The perverted clients are already here.
Class rep's sd: Oh...
Kuesu: Yu-Yuu-chan...Haa haa
Hitsugi's sd: Kuhi...
Hitsugi: Nice there, Amakawa Boy...I feel like I took a peek on a forbidden garden...Kuhihi
Yuuto: Eeeeek!?
Shizuku: ...Let's exchange mails for the time being...Nano
Seine: Ok...
Seine: How? Infrared?
Shizuku: I don't know.
Yuuto?: ...
Yuuto?'s sd: Who's that girl...?
To be Continued

Milan: In the 67th animal, Himari went away from Yuuto.
Milan: She finally went away, she did it at last.
Milan: To begin with, this scene was supposed to happen just after
Milan: Kuesu makes her appearance in volume 3 and Yuuto and Kuesu settle things in volume 4.
Milan: "Finishing in 5 or 6 volumes"---That was scrapped away after the serialization got extended because of the anime adaptation
sd: When the serialization started: "I hope a volume comes out..." After volume (1) was released: "Let's at least release 3 volumes!" Just like that
Milan: But the basic story for the final didn't change.
Person's sd: First Editor: Mr. K-matsu //Maybe K-shou
Note: The main place for our meetings = A maid cafe
Milan: Four years! After more than four years we're finally back on track!!
Milan: Himari disappeared! Yes, she's gone!
Milan: Kurohimari, Meowmeooow!!
Milan: The story was supposed to be short so this manga's characters don't have a marked objective like "Winning the Ayakashi war" or "Finding treasure",
Milan: That's why the enemies I brought up were rather simple, Tama and Shuten.

Milan: However, the last battle I had prepared was done in the anime first, so-
sd: I didn't think of that scene of dying for covering Tama-san until after I watched the anime.
Oni's sd: Roar
Milan: At an Omahima meeting just after the anime was over (LOL):
Milan: The class rep picks up Tama, is controlled by her, and becomes an enemy.
All: Oh
Milan: Rinko gets more airtime to save them.
Board: Boobs Panties
Note: It took more than a year from here for her to pick up Tama...
Milan: A meeting after the final battle started:
Milan: Actually, Kuesu will die.
M: Eh!
Milan: Well, she'll revive just later though.
M: Uh...Well, then...
Arrow: Editor Ms. M Likes happy things
Milan: Anyway, trying to liven things up
Milan: I was desperate.
Box: I never thought this slightly erotic harem romantic comedy series would last so long so in many ways I was
Box: Desperate.
Milan: That Omahima will be finished in the next volume---

This is volume 11 which remains in narrow minds.
Kuesu revived in no time. The pattern in which while dying firmly a character shrewdly comes back to live is something I used in one of my past works, so, to avoid being discovered, I wrote the last afterword in a fully serious mode. With a self-satisfied expression (LOL).
If I just keep saying tits, boobs, and panties all the time my dignity will be in danger.
......The manga is erotic so it changes anything, you say? I see.
But, the one in danger right now is Himari. Next is finally the last book!

2013. 1 Matra Milan
Special Thanks to: Studio Hibari-sama Kagesaki Yuna-sama Saijouhin Hiroshi-sama T-sawa-sama(Ichijinsha) //Idk if this Hiroshi guy's or the T-sawa names are right

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