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Omamori Himari 69

The Assault Cat's HR

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 19, 2013 23:56 | Go to Omamori Himari

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Omamori Himari 69

Text: The shrine maiden younger sister, Hisuzu, and Himari battle, how will this end!?
Ekou: Kurozakura!!
Kuro: Ekou, this way...
Kuro: They're above this building.
Box: This sinister spirit power...
Box: This is undoubtedly Kyuubi-sama's power...!
Ekou: Kyuubi-sama!!

Omamori Himari
69th Animal "The Assault Cat's HR" //HR for Homeroom? Human Resources?? Idk really...
Text: Toy with the prey you killed---.
Matra Milan

Ekou: Hiken's...Cat?
Kaya's sd: Why is she here...?
Shizuku: ...

Yuuto: ...Why are you here?
Kasuri: "Why?" you ask?
Kasuri: If I stay here I won't get charged with hotel fees.
Shizuku: To think you'd come to a young man's room, what a lewd shrine maiden...Nano.
Aya: So defenseless.
Kaya: Didn't you know? He's the great king of perverts.
Kasuri: ...
Kasuri: If he dares to be insolent...
Kasuri: I will imprison him in a mirror.
Yuuto: I won't do anything!!
Yuuto: I mean, if you're going to worry about that just stay at a hotel!!

Kasuri: ...Leaving that aside.
Kasuri: Amakawa Yuuto, I won't doubt your abilities as a demon slayer anymore.
Yuuto: Well thanks.
Kasuri: However...
Kasuri: It seems that you're way too close with Ayakashi.
Yuuto: ...!
Kasuri: Like this it's only natural that an over-attachment is born.
Kaya: He getting so close that he touches your breasts or looks at you when you're naked is troublesome, though---
Aya's sd: You also looked at me naked
Yuuto: Those were accidents!! (cd: And Aya-san came in by herself!)

Kasuri's sd: Well, well
Kasuri: That's filthy.
Yuuto: ...I got it, I got it,
Yuuto: So, what's your point?
Kasuri: Please leave Himari-san to us.
Kaya: !?
Yuuto: What...?
Kasuri: Would you be able destroy that demon cat if goes beyond the point of no return?
Kasuri: This is what this is about.

Yuuto: ..You guys
Yuuto: Are still planning too---
Kaya: Wh-What are you saying!? I won't let you destroy Himari!!
Shizuku: Demon slayer,
Shizuku: I won't let you eat for free...
Shizuku: Help...Nano.
Kasuri: ...
Tama: Fugyueah!!
Kasuri: Hyah!!

Kasuri: Aah!!
Yuuto?: Gueh
Kasuri: Ow...I stepped on something...
Kasuri: !!
Yuuto: ...Ouch---
Both: !!!

Kasuri: Ee...
Kasuri: Ah...
Kaya: Oh, his lucky pervert skill activated again---
Kaya's sd: I don't like this girl so fondle her as long as you like.
Aya's sd: Oh my
Aya: To think you'd be as bold as to lean on a gentleman by yourself.
Kasuri: Nooooooooooooooooo!!
Kasuri: You beast, you beast, you beaaaast!!
Yuuto: Wait, that was my fault!? (cd: Ouch ouch)
SFX: Ding dong
Shizuku's sd: Nano

Yuuto: Himari wouldn't ring the bell.
Shizuku: Who is it?...Nano
All: !!
Hisuzu: I'm sorry, nee-sama...
Hisuzu: I made...a blunder.

Himari: Gaph...
SFX: *crunch*
SFX: *crunch*
Himari: Hiss
Himari: Hiss
Ekou: She's eating...
Ekou: Raw meat from the supermarket.

Kuro: ...What should we do, Ekou? She's dangerous...
Ekou: Even if you ask me...
Ekou: She's absorbed most of Kyuubi-sama's spirit power,
Ekou: We must use her if we can.
Himari: Hiss
Both: Eek...!
Himari: Gugah...
Kuro: ...
Ekou: ...

Panel 1 Text:{
It hurts
It hurts
It hurts
Panel 3 Text:{
It's black
Pure black
Something is...
I am being...
Panel 4 Text:{
Painted out...
Young mas-...

Ekou: ...Come to think of it, Kyuubi-sama said that
Ekou: When you steal and absorb spirit power you also absorb
Ekou: The fear and regrets that Ayakashi had.
Ekou: Since Kyuubi-sama loves negative emotions there were no better nutrients for her,
Ekou: But for Hiken, who was always with humans, it must be a very big burden.
Ekou: She must be fighting hard with it inside...

Kuro: !
Himari: Hunt...
Ekou: Th-This is bad...!
Himari: Blood...
Himari: Death...Smell
Himari: Not...Enough.
Ekou: Please wait!
Ekou: We're neither your enemies nor your prey!!

Ekou: We'll prepare a hunting ground for you,
Ekou: So please wait...!!
Shizuku: It's over...Nano.
Yuuto: !

Shizuku: I closed up her wounds...Nano.
Shizuku: I don't care about the rest...Nano.
Yuuto: Sorry, but as far as I heard it was legitimate self-defense, wasn't it?
Kasuri: You're right...I did give her a warning,
Kasuri: But she's always been hot-blooded.
Kasuri: The only thing in her mind is trying to be useful for me...
Yuuto: I also received a good punch from her, didn't I?
Yuuto: But-

Yuuto: Now I can't leave this to you.
Kasuri: !
Yuuto: You told me to pull out because I'm overly attached, didn't you?
Yuuto: You're the same as me now.
Kasuri: ...
Yuuto: I can't leave Himari to a person that might try to get revenge for her little sister.
Kasuri: I...

Kasuri: ...
Kasuri: ...I understand.
Kasuri: To begin with, you're the one that will be targeted first if she falls into the darkness as you're the one most attached to her,
Kasuri: And that works perfectly for me.
Kasuri: If you're killed---
Kasuri: I will seal the demon cat
Kasuri: Forever.
Yuuto: ...That won't happen.
Kasuri: Why can you assure that?
Yuuto: Miss Shrine maiden, you don't understand a thing about me and Himari, do you?

Yuuto: How many times do you think Himari has saved me until now?
Yuuto: Now it's my turn to do all I can to bring her back to our side!
Kasuri: ...That's not an answer to my question.
Yuuto: Eh?
Yuuto: ...It's ok either way!
Kasuri: Fufufu
Kasuri: However, Amakawa Yuuto,
Kasuri: Tsuchimikado isn't as soft as I am.

Voice: Good morning
Voice: Good morning
Voice: Hey, did you see that yesterday?
Class Rep: Amakawa-kun is absent again?
Class Rep's sd: The teacher asked me too
Rinko: So it seems.
Class Rep: I see...He's searching for her.
Rinko: Yeah, I plan on helping them once classes are over.
Box: Where and what are you doing?
Box: Himari!

Rinko: Ah, geez,
Rinko: She should learn one thing or two from my Ranmaru, that stupid cat!!
Class Rep: Rinko, calm down.
Masaki: Yuuto and Noihara-san are absent again, huh.
Class Rep: Masaki-kun...You're worried too.
Masaki: At this point I can't keep joking about it.
Masaki's sd: Saying things like "Don't monopolize breasts or beautiful girls!"
Masaki: That all-serious Yuuto,
Masaki: I don't want to think of it but maybe he's involved in a serious incident...

Girl: Kyaaah!?
Girl: Wh-What!?
Voice: I-It hurts...
Voice: I feel bad...
Voice: My head is...
Voice: Save...Me.
Masaki: Guh...What is this...!?
Class Rep: It hurts...
Rinko(thinks): This is...
Rinko(thinks): Some kind of spirit power...
Rinko(thinks): ...A barrier?
Rinko(thinks): Yuuto!!
Kuro: ...Ekou, why this place?
Ekou: The school is full with young energy so Hiken-sama shouldn't complain about it,
Ekou: And,
Ekou: If we do it here...That demon slayer is sure to come quickly.

Himari: Fufu...It's a hunt...
Himari: It's a...Banquet
Himari: Of Blood, Meat...And Death.
Text: The spirit energy that fills Himari---.
Himari: Who will be...
Himari: The first to...stand...
Himari: In front

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