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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Omamori Himari 70

A Prompt Cat Rondo

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 20, 2013 19:45 | Go to Omamori Himari

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Omamori Himari 70

Omamori Himari
Voice: The category 5 spirit power was observed in Takamiya City, Iriya,
Voice: It is thought to be the demon cat which made a move yesterday!
Diamond: Himari finally went berserk, the demon slayers make their move...!?
Voice: Can you see it with your "Bird Eye"?
Voice: The image has synchronized...
Voice: It seems to be...A school.
Shido: There's many collapsed civilians who are thought to be students, it's unknown whether they're dead or alive!
Shido: I think the Kagamimori sisters went there.
Man: This is bad, we must avoid damage to civilians somehow.
Aiji: Let's go to the place,
Aiji: Check on Amakawa-kun's movements, too.

Matra Milan
Text: Hiken, flower off-season.
Omamori Himari
70th Animal "A Prompt Cat Rondo"

Rinko: Uh...

Rinko: Class rep...
Rinko: Masaki-kun...!
Class Rep: Uh...mm
Box: Everyone's fainted...
Rinko: Ahaha, when did this happen? Now I...
Rinko: Have a resistance to spirit power or something?
Rinko: Just what idiot did this...?
Rinko: Shuten and the Kyuubi are both gone, there's no one who'd do this-...
Rinko: ...
Rinko: It can't be...!

Text: Young master
Box: What was that just now...?
Box: Far away, someone-
Box: ...Himari?
Shizuku: Yuuto...

Shizuku: Did you felt...That just now too, nano?
Yuuto: Yeah, that was...
Shizuku: By now, there's no famous great ayakashi in this area...Nano.
Shizuku: My guess is...The cat has been dyed...Nano
Shizuku: What do you plan to do...Nano?
Yuuto: That question's quite foolish for you to make, you know, Shizuku?
Yuuto: What to do is obvious and I must do it.

Shizuku: Right...Nano.
Shizuku: ...Then,
Shizuku: Come back safely together with that spoiled cat...Nano.
Shizuku: If you don't, I'll mess up with the Jibashiri's descendant and become an evil youkai...Nano.
Yuuto: Haha, that would be bad.

Shizuku: You showed me the way I should live...Nano.
Shizuku: Be it in the distant past or in the distant future
Shizuku: That is...An irreplaceable relief...Nano.
Shizuku: Amakawa Yuuto,
Shizuku: May the water's blessings be with you.
Yuuto: ...Thank you, Shizuku.
Shizuku: ...Hmph.
Kaya: Hey, Amakawa idiot.

Yuuto: Kaya...
Kaya: I call for her many times, many times!
Kaya: But,
Kaya: ...My voice can't reach Himari.
Kaya: That's why I'm leaving her to you!
Kaya: It's really frustrating but I'm leaving her to you!
Kaya: Free Himari...
Kaya: From that evil youkai's curse...!!
Yuuto: Kaya, you...
Kaya: Please!

Yuuto: Ok...Wait for me.
SFX: Brrrr Brrrr
Yuuto: Hello...Oh, Hitsugi.
Kaya: ...
Yuuto: Yeah, I know!

Hisuzu: ...It's my fault.
Hisuzu: I caused all this...
Hisuzu: I'm sorry, nee-sama...
Kasuri: ...
Kasuri: ...Don't be.

Kasuri: Let's believe in him a little more,
Kasuri: In Amakawa Yuuto.
Man: It seems Kaburagi-shi's Public Peace 4th Unit has controlled the nearby habitants as well as hid the information. //Mr. Kaburagi
Aiji: He's fast as always.
Aiji: The damage doesn't seem to have become greater after the first attack...
Aiji: But we can't be incautious.
Shido: !

Shido: Aiji-sama.
Aiji: !
Yuuto: You're trying to resolve things without me noticing again?
Yuuto: I won't let you do that twice.
Aiji: ...We've been forced to act because this got out of your hand,
Aiji: You can resent me all you want later.
Yuuto: Aiji-san,
Yuuto: I thought you were a more understanding man.

Aiji: I'm in control of a group of ability users,
Aiji: I must deal strictly with its members carelessness.
Yuuto: Members...huh.
Yuuto: Well, you might think of this as a kid throwing a tantrum, but...
Yuuto: This is something I must do.
Shido: Stand back, brat, you can't do anything anymore...!
Kuesu: Ok, that's as far as you go<3
Shido: Kuesu!?
Kuesu: I don't want so kill a fellow maiden,
Kuesu: So could you please keep quiet?

Man: Shido!?
Hitsugi: Good grief, you guys sure aren't flexible.
Hitsugi: You see, bad endings without the main character
Hitsugi's sd: Kuhihi...
Hitsugi: And endings brought by Deus Ex Machina-like techniques are my favorite.
Man: Yakouin, even you...
Aiji: Very well.
Aiji: Amakawa Yuuto, if you say that you can do something then you don't need to hold back,
Aiji: Show me that by yourself.

Aiji: However, since there's no time, I won't stop either.
Aiji: If you can land even one attack on me then the role is yours.
Yuuto: Oh, I see someone's pretty confident...
Box: That's to be expected,
Box: I'm just a novice and he's the leader of the demon slayers.
Yuuto(thinks): It's only natural he underestimates me...
Yuuto(thinks): But---!
Yuuto: Kuesu!
Yuuto: Hitsugi! Don't do anything.
Hitsugi's sd: Well, I mean, my ability is a bit unfair, kuhihi...

Yuuto: Now is the time for men to do their best.
Aiji: I don't hate those kind of things,
Aiji: Come at me.

Box: Calm down, concentrate.
Box: He won't give you many chances.
Box: Sharpen your senses.
Box: Make the power go around all of your body---
Kuesu(thinks): If you have willpower and determination
Kuesu(thinks): Now is the time to show them, Amakawa Yuuto!
Yuuto: This is where---

Yuuto: I'll carry through with everything!

Diamond: The cat appears from the depths of darkness!!
Rinko: Hi...mari?
Rinko: You...
Rinko: Just what happened to you!!?

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