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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Omamori Himari 71

The Light Beam's Wild Cat

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 24, 2013 00:59 | Go to Omamori Himari

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Reserved for Vortex. Don't use without my permission.
Omamori Himari 71

Text: Yuuto puts everything on one attack in order to reach Himari...!
Yuuto: Ooooooh!!
Omamori Himari

Aiji: What happened?
Aiji: I'm going to head first if you don't come, you know?
Text: Aiji vs Yuuto!! //The kanjis say "The Tsuchimikado Family vs the Amakawa Family"
Omamori Himari
71st Animal "The Light Beam's Wild Cat"
Aiji: ...Well, I'll praise you for being able to read my guardian spirits movements.
Aiji: It seems you've trained a bit.
Yuuto: I became sensitive to danger thanks to you.
Yuuto(thinks): That was close.
Matra Milan

Aiji: I said you only have to land one attack, but there's no time.
Aiji: While we're doing this
Aiji: That cat might be harming your friends.
Box: I know,
Box: But if Himari is still Himari she must be fighting against it somewhere in her heart.
Text: But, that might just be a matter of time too.

Box: I don't have time to think.
Box: I just have to land an attack on him, not to defeat him!
Yuuto(thinks): He's using 5 charms...5 attacks.
Yuuto(thinks): I can somehow close in if I clad myself in the "Light Ferry"!
Yuuto(thinks): I prepared it but I frankly don't want to use it.
Box: That is...You're going to be his prey, Amakawa boy.
Kuesu: !!

Yuuto(thinks): 1
Yuuto(thinks): 2
Yuuto(thinks): 3
Yuuto(thinks): 4
Yuuto(thinks): 5
Yuuto: With this...!

Rinko: ---Himari,
Rinko: It really was you...Just what are you doing here?
Himari: It's a hunt,
Himari: A bloody and fleshy hunting feast.

Rinko: You're planning to hunt the defenseless students!?
Himari: You're bait to bring in the offering.
Himari: The blood you're spilling
Himari: Will bring in my prey.
Rinko(thinks): Blood? Prey...?
Ekou(thinks): Not a single drop of blood has been spilt here,
Ekou(thinks): She's not fully conscious?
Both: ...
Box: The guardian sword's heart is doing her final resistance?
Box: I thought I would give the humans a scare, but, if I provoke her, the blood that will spill might be that of us Ayakashi...

Rinko: ---Prey? What's that about?
Rinko: You can't mean Yuuto?
Rinko: That's all Yuuto is for you...?
Rinko: That's not it, right?
Rinko: Yuuto is your young master,
Rinko: A master with whom you have much more than a master-servant relationship!
Rinko: He's your childhood friend!
Rinko: Your important person!
Himari: ...
Rinko: And the boy you love, isn't he!?

Ekou's sd: Don't provoke her!
Rinko: Then what? You might have lost against the Kyuubi's spirit power
Rinko: Or have been overwhelmed by Kuesu's momentum!
Rinko: But right now you're now more than a dull cat which lost its nerve!!
Rinko: Like hell I'll let someone like that have Yuuto, idiot!
Rinko: Show me the guts of a maiden!!

Himari: Silence!!
Rinko: Aguh!!
Rinko(thinks): You're an idiot...
Rinko(thinks): You got him to care about you more than I did and yet---

Aiji: ---This is my 14th technique, the "5-Flash Dance".
Aiji: It's a guardian spirit
Aiji: That attacks 5 times for each use for a total of 25.
Kuesu(thinks): ---Stand up, Amakawa Yuuto.
Hitsugi(thinks): We tested the Cat God in the boundary and she fell...But,
Hitsugi(thinks): Releasing her is your duty, not his, Amakawa boy.

Aiji: You tried to take advantage on that I said "One attack",
Aiji: An attack won't connect unless you have the backbone to try to win with all you have.
Shido: !
Man: Hmm...
Yuuto: You sure...
Yuuto: Talk big.

Aiji: ---I heard 4 or 5 bones break,
Aiji: Don't overexert yourself.
Yuuto: Guh!!
Box: This much pain is nothing,
Box: Himari, Kuesu, Shizuku, and the others have always endured much more pain!
Box: I...Can't keep worrying about the appearance.
Box: What am I even thinking at this point...?
Yuuto: I'm such a naive brat,
Yuuto: But,

Yuuto: Aiji-san, since you didn't finish me off
Yuuto: You're the same as me.
Shido: Aiji-sama...!
Aiji: !!

Box: The "Light Ferry", huh? My familiars are overreacting...
Aiji: !

p16 //no dialog

Both: ...
Yuuto: Guh
Kuesu: Yuu-chan.
Shido: Aiji-sama!
Man: What...?
Hitsugi: I'm sure I made a report about him too.
Hitsugi: It seems I underestimated him...
Hitsugi: Anyway, it seems you don't have to force yourselves to be the bad guys.

Hitsugi: Well, we also bear part of the responsibility for forcefully cornering the cat god so much.
Yuuto: Haha...I did it.
Box: No, this isn't the end.
Yuuto: !
Kuesu: ...I'll cast healing magic on you.
Yuuto: ...Yeah, I'd appreciate it. (cd: If possible)
Kuesu: What was that pause for!?
Kuesu: I can do that much!
Man: Amakawa-dono,
Man: That was splendid.
Man: I'd like you to make haste to the place as soon as you're healed.

Yuuto: But, Aiji-san is...
Man: There's no need to worry.
Aiji: Amakawa-kun,
Aiji: I'll believe...That your conviction is real,
Aiji: We'll take the rear guard,
Aiji: Go.
Yuuto: Ye-...

Yuuto: Yes!!
Box: Yuu-chan,
Box: Yuu-chan always does his best,
Box: He did it for the cat, for the snake,
Box: And of course, for me too---
Yuuto: Uh...
Kuesu: ---I was the one who told you to accept all good and bad things, wasn't I?
Yuuto: Eh? Yeah.
Kuesu: Anything that results of following that will leave you with no regrets.

Kuesu: Being born as a witch, I never spent normal days,
Kuesu: As I told you before, abnormality was normal for me.
Kuesu: Even so, you drew me in and accepted me.
Kuesu: Even though I was the worst of outsiders for your all-important normal life...
Kuesu: You let me in it---
Kuesu: Right now, the cat is...
Kuesu: Himari is in a critical moment.
Kuesu: She's waiting for you there.

Kuesu: If all of us are indispensable for your life then bring her back,
Kuesu: You're Amakawa Yuuto, the man who saved me, that much should be easy as pie, shouldn't it?
Yuuto: Yeah!

Kuesu: There's no room for mistakes...
Kuesu: I'll wait for you here.
Yuuto: Well, then, I'll be gone for a bit,
Yuuto: Wait for me, Himari!
Diamond: Will he be able to bring Himari back from the depths of madness---

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