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Shokugeki no Souma Special : Natsuyasumi no Erina

Natsuyasumi no Erina

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 26, 2013 04:36 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA Bangaihen "Natsuyasumi no Erina"
//Chapter 52.5
//Erina is so damn innocent and cute... Alice too, though...

Yellow Text: Shokugeki-no SOMA Bangaihen
Title: Natsuyasumi no Erina //"Erina in Summer Vacations" alt. "Erina of the Summer Vacations"
Star: A summer vacations arc that couldn't be included in the main story!! As thanks for the great popularity and to commemorate that the novel's release date has been decided we have a center color page and a super extended bangaihen of 31 pages!!
Purple Text: (As she's not participating in the election she has free time)
Orange Text: Erina challenges things for the "first time" this summer vacations"---!! //Erina is written as Queen
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Blue box: The first novel "Shokugeki-no SOMA ~a la carte~" will be on sale on February 4th (Tue)!! For more information go to page 356!!

Cutlery: This happened while everyone was preparing for the election in summer vacations...
Text: August---
Text: Tootsuki Tea Ceremony and Cooking Academy in the middle of summer.
Text: The students' voices that echo in the academy grounds are sparser than usual.
Star: We have a Twitter account => @syokugeki_off
Text: A momentary holiday
Text: That all the cooks spent as they wished.
Box: Nakiri Erina's Private Cooking Building (The 7th Building)
Erina: How are your curry dish experiments looking?
Hisako: Ah...

Hisako: Erina-sama!
Hisako: Thank you for lending me a kitchen...
Erina: It's no problem,
Erina: As one of the elections organizers, I need you to display a good dish.
Hisako: Yes! I'll do everything I can.
SFX: *wander around*
Hisako: ...
Erina: ...Wouldn't it be a good idea to add Kasoori Methi to that mix?
Hisako: Ah...You're right, Erina-sama.
Erina: This recipe might serve you as a reference.
Hisako: Ye...Yes, thank you.
Star: To commemorate the release of JC volume (5), the "J Fresh Power Campaign" is underway!! Check Jump's Homepage => www.shonenjump.com

Erina: Shall I taste it for you?
Hisako: ...U-Umm, ermmm...
Erina: ?
Hisako: If I let Erina-sama lend me her knowledge I will easily pass the preliminaries,
Hisako: But...I want to challenge them with my own means!
Erina: ......Fufu...Just as expected,
Erina: That's exactly the disposition my secretary should have!
Erina: Do the best you can.
Hisako: Thank you very much, Erina-sama!

Erina(thinks): I'm so free.
SFX: *silence*
Erina: The preparations concerning the organization of the election are pretty much done.
Erina: I could go to the summer resort in Karuizawa...No, going alone is a bit...
Erina: Maybe I should also make a new dish-...?
Erina(thinks): How would a normal girl
Erina(thinks): Spend a moment like this?
Maid: Erina-sama!
Maid: There's a call for you---

Erina: What is this place?
Sign: Public Pool
Alice: A public pool, you don't know them?
Alice: And why are you in your uniform, Erina?
Erina: Because you told me to hurry!!
Alice: Good afternoon(music note)
Alice: I'm going to the pool right now, do you want to come with me?
Erina: I was sure that we were going to a private pool owned by the Nakiri...
Alice: Listen, Erina,
Alice: We're slightly unfamiliar with what people call common sense.

Alice: You can't become a great cook like that,
Alice: We must experience many things.
Erina: Then...Why did we have to come here?
Alice: Geez, all you do is complain!
Alice: And here I invited you because I knew you were free.
Erina: It was just today and by chance!!
Erina: I usually have my hands full of tasting jobs and diners!
Erina: I'm going back.
Alice: Geez! You're such a coward.
Alice: Well...I guess this was too much
Alice: For someone ignorant of the ways of the world like Erina.
Erina: I'll go!! All I have to do is go, don't I!?
Aide: Milady Alice and Milady Erina sure get along well.
Alice: How? We're like cats and dogs, you know?
Aide: ...Is that so?
Box: At the same time, in the Polar Star Dorm---

Panel 1 SFXs: *cicadas chirping*
Megumi: Ermmm...All that's left is boil it until it becomes tender and let the taste settle down.
Ryouko: Me...Megumi! There's no pot there, you know!?
Ryouko: But...This heat sure is harsh.
Yuuki: Right? ...I think even my tongue will burn with all these spices.

Yuuki: I want to have a change of pace for a bit...
Yuuki: That's it! We have that!
Ryouko: ......It can't be...
Yuuki: A Vinyl Pool!
Yuuki: And look, we even have pool chairs! //Idk if that's the proper way of calling those chairs
Yuuki: With all these we can feel like on vacations!
Ryouko: Hmmmmm...I wonder about that...
Megumi: Bu-But...we can't slacken until the election comes~~~
Ryouko: Ok...Let's leave that spatula aside for the time being.
Yuuki: Look, Megumi's already on her limit!

Yuuki: With that said, let's change into our swimsuits.
Yuuki: Let's recover some energy in looks for the election!!
Box: Women’s Locker Room
Alice: Erina...I'll lend you this!
Erina: ?
Erina: ...? What is this?
Alice: Ufufu...You don't even know that?
Alice: By using that you can hide your body while you're changing.

Erina: Oh...Is that so?
Erina: Li-Like this...?
Alice: Oh Erina, you look so foolish!
Erina: What's wrong with you? Geeeez!!
Slider's sd: Kyah
Guy's sd: Hahaha
Guy: Whoa...

p12 //no dialog

Alice: Now, hurry and set the parasol!
Alice: This will be our base for today.
Aide: Yes, yes...
Alice: Erina! How long are you going to keep your jacket on?
Alice: You can't swim like that.
Erina: I...I know...
Erina: ...
Erina(thinks): I've never swum but in private beaches
Erina(thinks): So it feels weird to wear a swimsuit in a place with so much people...

Alice: Now, let's enjoy this, Erina!
Erina: Wa...Wait a second.

Box: In charge of the bags

Erina: Fufu...
Erina: It's cold and it feels good...
Alice: Oh right, I forgot to tell you,
Alice: In this kind of pools, a thing called "Hitting on Women" happens.
Alice: Erina, you shouldn't go with them, ok?
Erina: There's no way I would do that.
SFX: *whisper whisper*

Guy: Hey...Go get them!
Guy: Both are absurdly cute! //I agree XD
Guy: That's impossible...!! There's no way they'll even listen to me!
Guy: And...
Box: Bodyguard
Box: Bodyguard
Erina: Besides, it doesn't even happen.
Alice: I guess today's just a day where all the men here are herbivorous. //that they aren't as interested in sex and money as the stereotype of a man is
Box: Dangerous Look
Guy: I feel like something horrible will happen if I call out for them...

Erina: At any rate, I'm not interested in vulgar and fickle love affairs like those.
Erina: Boys are all childish.
Alice: Oh? Erina...It can't be-
Alice: You're in high school and you haven't had a single crush yet?
Alice: You're such a child!
Erina: Mmh...
Erina: E-Even I...
Erina: Have at least someone I admire.
Erina: Hey! What's with that recorder!?
Alice: I just thought it was a perfect chance to get hold of one of your weakness...
Erina: Put it away.
Alice: Who is he?
Alice: Does your heart flutter when you think about him...?
Erina: I...It does!

Erina: His use of the knife is just like a flow...His perfect seasoning.
Erina: His dishes was really close to my ideal of cooking.
Erina: Just by thinking about it my heart skips a beat.
Erina: He's just the kind of cook I aim to be!
Alice: ...
Alice: ......Have you ever thought of wanting to have a date with him...
Erina: Date? Why would I have to do that?
Alice: ...
Alice: Geez! You have no idea of what love is!
Alice: You really are no good, Erina!
Erina: Ho...How about you, Alice!? You're talking big but how is it!?
Alice: I’m perfectly prepared, of course,
Alice: I've already studied all of love's subtleties!
Erina: I...Is that so...?
Aide(thinks): She's just watched many romantic movies...
Aide(thinks): And she fell asleep in the middle of them.

Ryouko: Mm...
Ryouko: Hmmmmm...
Panel 3 SFXs: *burning* //as in the sun burning your skin

Ryouko: It's hot...
Megumi: It's hot... //she uses her dialect for this but it's such a simple phrase it's difficult to express
Yuuki: I...I'll sprinkle water!
Yuuki: If we do it, it will get cool and pleasant...
Yuuki: Whoa!! The water evaporated in an instant and now it's like a sauna!
Ryouko: Now it's even more uncomfortable!!

Megumi: Yay...That pool looks like it feels good...
Ryouko: Megumi! There's nothing but bushes there, you know!?
Yuuki: Po...Pool! Let's get in the vinyl pool!
Ryouko: It's so cramped...
Megumi: The water got lukewarm in a second...
Yuuki: ...
Yuuki: Th...That's weird, it's way different to what I expected?
Ryouko: I had a feeling it would turn out like this...
Yuuki: What!? It's all because Ryouko's breasts take a lot of space!!
Ryouko: Calm down!!

Yuuki: Kuh...! Now that it's turn to this...
Yuuki: I'll put all of my anger into cooking!!
Ryouko: This vacations sure were short...
Megumi: Yuuki-chan!
Megumi: Umm...Thanks! I think it was a nice breather...
Megumi: I feel like I can keep doing my best from tomorrow.
Thought: An angel...
Thought: There's an angel here.

Yuuki: Hehe...Well then, let's continue...
Ryouko: Yes!
Yuuki: And do our best for the elections!
Megumi: Yeaaah!!
Sign: Public Pool
Erina: Good grief...To think they don't even have hair dryers.
Erina: I can't believe this place.

Erina: It was a terrible holiday.
Alice: You think so?
Alice: I enjoyed it(music note)
Alice: I mean, I could see Erina looking foolish with a towel wrapped around her.
Erina: Eh!? It can't be that you called me just so that you could do that!?
Erina(thinks): As usual, I can't understand what Alice is thinking...
Alice: It's me,
Alice: Yes, we're done changing.
Alice: Bring the car.

Erina: ...So trivial.
Erina: I wonder what's so fun about that.

Hisako: With Milady Alice!?
Hisako: To the Public Pool!?
Hisako: Are you alright!? Did anyone do anything to you!?
Hisako: Did she look down upon you unreasonably!?
Erina: I...It's ok! I'm fine.
Asterisk: She was look down upon a bit.
Erina: I'll rest for today,
Erina: There's no changes for my work tomorrow, are they?
Hisako: N...No, you have to taste dishes and teach cooking at a restaurant in Shirogane.
Hisako: And, in the afternoon, you have to go to the opening party of a new restaurant.

Hisako: But...Erina-sama, aren't you tired?
Hisako: Shouldn't you take a long holiday...?
Erina: No! There's no problems at all.
Erina: I'll do all of my jobs.
Erina(thinks): I don't have time to dedicate to anything other than cooking.
Erina(thinks): I'll just climb to the top!

Box: Nakirir Erina
Box: 16 Years Old
Box: She was born into the Nakiri Family, a family that everyone in the cooking world knows.
Man: Milady! Good morning. //Ojou-sama
Man: Good morning!
Man: Please, this way.
Box: During her early childhood. she was found to have the best palate of our era
Box: And she was raised to be the one who carries the Nakiris future.

Erina: ---Now,
Erina: Let's begin.

Box: While having the God's Tongue
Text: ---When will the queen that has the God's Tongue get to know "that flavor"...!?
Box: She still doesn't know the flavor of love---
Natsuyasumi no Erina
Next issue, in the combined 6-7 issue the Autumn Election resumes!!

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