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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Omamori Himari 72

Phantasmagoria in Cat

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 26, 2013 04:37 | Go to Omamori Himari

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Omamori Himari 72

Omamori Himari
Text: After defeating Tsuchimikado, Yuuto headed to save Himari...!
Man: ...To think Amakawa and Hiken would end up fighting.
Ageha: He wished for coexistence all this time and the result is this...
Ageha: Will he be ok?
Liz: He'll be just fine, Yuuto-san will somehow handle it!
Shizuku: ...Nano.

Matra Milan
Himari: He's here...He's here...
Himari: My prey...My prey.
Himari: The last dance...Is beginning.
Text: The prey Himari pursues is the young master she was supposed to love---
Omamori Himari
72nd Animal "Phantasmagoria in Cat"

Yuuto(thinks): I didn't feel any real resistance.
Yuuto: Hitsugi, Kuesu...Hitsugi!
Hitsugi: We can hear you, it seems you infiltrated successfully.
Hitsugi: You could enter easily but the barrier is still going strong, we can no longer see you.
Hitsugi: As we expected, we can't monitor things in there unless we use you as an intermediary.

Hitsugi: Anything other than you will be inhibited somehow...On the other hand, we could say that you're a special being.
Hitsugi: I think you should be able to use your "Light Ferry" without a problem.
Hitsugi: It really seems she's only designated you.
Kuesu: One more thing,
Kuesu: I tried to interfere using my magic
Kuesu: And this barrier is as powerful as it is unstable.
Yuuto: What do you mean?
Kuesu: If we intervene with it forcefully in the worst cases it may "collapse".
Kuesu: Even if I prepare a retreat path just in case, keeping it open for a long time would be dangerous...That's what it means.

Yuuto: It will be fine,
Yuuto: I'll have Himari dispel the barrier by herself.
Yuuto: !
Box: Even if they're only unconscious,
Box: Is this all Himari's doing...?
Box: Where are Rinko and the others...?

Yuuto: !
Yuuto: Hitsugi...
Yuuto: Hitsugi!
Hitsugi: I know, we're analyzing it.

Hitsugi: ---It's a meta-energy body with no mass...An automata made of spirit power.
Hitsugi: It's not her main body so you can destroy it.
Yuuto: Destroy?
Yuuto: Even if she's made only of spirit power, that's Himari, you know?
Yuuto: There's no way I can attack-
Yuuto: Uwah!?

Yuuto: Ow!
Yuuto: Hey you! Who said it didn't have mass!!?
Kuesu: It's only your brain that's perceiving her like that.
Himari: If you're going to keep saying stupid things like you won't fight her then just head to where the real Himari is.

Himari: It's a hunt...
Himari: A hunt, a hunt.
Himari: A hunt.
Himari: Hunt, hunt, hunt
Himari: ...Why?
Himari: Why...Am I...
Himari: Attacking the young master...?

Himari: Hu...nt
Himari: ...
Box: If it's not the real her then,
Box: Forgive me, Himari!

Yuuto: !
Yuuto: Hi...
Yuuto: Wah!!

Yuuto: She...Disappeared?
Class rep: Masaki-kun...Everyone.
Masaki: Ugh...
Masaki: Uh, I feel terrible...What's going on...?
Class rep: I don't know...Where's Rinko?
Yuuto: Taizou! Class rep! Are you alright!?
Class rep: Amakawa...-kun?

Masaki: Eh, Yuuto...What were you...Uh
Yuuto: Hang in there! Rinko didn't come to school?
Class rep: She came...But she went somewhere while we were unconscious.
Ekou: With Rinko you mean this girl?
Ekou: She's got some guts to talk like that to the bakeneko.
Masaki: A-A girl in a stylish yet painful cosplay is growing from the ceiling!?
Masaki's sd: She's really to my liking but it's still gross!
Yuuto: Ekou!? What did you do to Rinko!?
Yuuto: Ubuh

Ekou: It wasn't me,
Ekou's sd: You don't think it's "stylish"?
Ekou: And you're being rude, I even brought her to you!
SFX: *jump*
Rinko: Uh...Huh, Yuu...to?
Yuuto(thinks): Uh, I'm glad I got them to heal me...
Rinko: Yuuto! Himari is-!!
Yuuto: I know, I came here because of that.
Rinko: I see...
Rinko: Of course.

Rinko: On the separate building's first floor,
Rinko: In the unused classroom just after you go down the stairs.
Rinko: Take care,
Rinko: I'll always be waiting for you!
Yuuto: Thanks, Rinko.
Box: I'm always making you take care of me.

Masaki: Yuuto, you...
Yuuto: ...
Masaki: In the time I haven't seen you you've gotten all cool, are you trying to become popular alone?
Masaki: Teach me one thing or two next time.
Yuuto: ...Yeah, sorry.
Yuuto: Thanks, Taizou.
Yuuto: Kuesu and the others are outside the barrier, you can communicate with them using this so ask them for instructions.
Class rep: Yes, understood.
Masaki's sd: Wake up
Student's sd: Uh...
Ekou: Amakawa Yuuto,

Ekou: Do you seriously
Ekou: Think that ayakashi and humans can coexist...?
Kuro: ...Humans kill my brethren just because they think they're gross.
Ekou: I was killed by a stalker and my body is still inside a refrigerator in an attic...
Ekou: Not the police nor anyone else did anything to save me,
Ekou: Humans are-
Yuuto: That's exactly why,
Yuuto: Humans are far from being perfect,
Yuuto: That's why I want to make an effort.

Box: Exactly,
Box: What I'm saying is nothing but an ideal.
Box: But, if you just laugh off ideals as ideals, nothing will ever change.
Box: Ever since I reunited with Himari a year ago, I learned and remembered many things.
Box: How we two were in Noihara is exactly what I should aim for.
Box: I'm sure grandpa didn't want to exterminate all ayakashi.

Yuuto(thinks): Shizuku,
Yuuto(thinks): Liz,
Yuuto(thinks): Kaya,
Yuuto(thinks): Aya,
Yuuto(thinks): Kagetsuki,
Yuuto(thinks): Ageha,
Yuuto(thinks): Sasa,
Yuuto(thinks): Kofuyu.
Yuuto(thinks): There's many ayakashi I could reach an understanding with.
Man: Are you trying to be a king that stands between both?
Box: That's not it...This isn't a problem that can be solved by having a king.
Box: Every individual's conscience is part of the problem,
Box: That's why, Himari, you too---!!
Yuuto: Himari!!

Himari: Kiki...
Yuuto: !
Himari: You finally
Text: At last, will Himari bewitch him with her boisterous dance---!?
Himari: Came...

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