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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Shokugeki no Souma 53

The Man Who Came From A Cold Country

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 31, 2013 04:49 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 53

Alice: ---Ufufu,
Alice: You're just like a mad dog...
Alice: You don't know it yet,
Alice: The vast world of gourmet food...
Alice: I'll show it to you.
"Shokugeki-no SOMA"
Cutlery: It all began in a foreign town where snow falls...

Alice: Well, I'll do it if you come with me.
Guy: Oh! It's here, it's here!
Guy: A Block's Hall!!
Guy: The judging might have begun already.
Guy: Yeah! I'm sure everyone's all fired up here too...

(Cutlery) 53 The Man Who Came From A Cold Country
SFX: Silence...
All: !?
Cutlery: They're all fired up...!?
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Star: We have an official Twitter account => @syokugeki_off
Natsume: Ok, it's no good.
Natsume: You're telling me to give this dish any points?
Yua: U...Umm...
Yua: Wh...What's the score...?
Box: A Block's Host Sasaki Yua
Star: JC Volume 6 and the novel will be on sale on February 4th!!

Natsume: Didn't you hear me?
Natsume: I said it was "No good".
Yua: Higuh...
Thought: Only the sounds of the judges tableware can be heard...
Thought: I...It feels so awkward!
Box: The hall just cools down more and more.
Etsuya: Lady Natsume...You can be more tactful with your comments, you know?
Etsuya: Don't you have any service mentality to try to heat up the place?
Natsume: Eizan-kun, you be quiet.
Man: Hahahaha! Natsume-kun is the same as always...
Natsume: I just won't compromise in terms of curry.

Yua: Th...The score is...!
Yua: 19 points...
Yua: ...Yes.
Shun: Sendawara Natsume gave 0 points again, huh...
Ryouko: It's amazing...She's judged around 10 people
Ryouko: And she's yet to give a single point...
Souma: And every dish looked pretty good.
Guy: Wh...What's with this bizarre atmosphere!?
Guy: Isn't it that this hall is way stricter...?
Yua: Then...Th...The next person,

Yua: Contestant Kurokiba Ryou, please go ahead. //nice name
Voice: Nakiri Alice's aide...Just what did he make?
Voice: I've only seen the dishes he makes in class.
Natsume(thinks): The kid that used spiny lobsters...?
Natsume(thinks): But he looks like a completely different person from when he was cooking---

Man: Oh...
Man: The lobster's burning red,
Man: Its contrast with the saffron rice's vivid yellow is beautiful...!
Man: It was finished perfectly without damaging the legs or the whiskers...
Man: This sensitive and elegant arrangement
Man: Isn't something you would have expected after seeing that exciting preparation!
Natsume: ......Hmph...
Natsume: There's hundreds of places which prepare spiny lobster curry,
Natsume: A seafood curry isn't even worth conside---

Natsume(thinks): A forest...
Natsume(thinks): A deep forest.
Natsume's sd: Ah
Natsume(thinks): What was that!?
Natsume(thinks): What's...The identity of that aroma just now---

Natsume: Kuh...!!
Voice: Oooooh!!
Voice: Natsume-sama had a second bite for the first time!!
Voice: What about...
Voice: The flavor!?
Natsume: Funyaaaaaah...

Natsume: ...The base is made of "American Sauce"!
Natsume: A French sauce made using the shells of crustaceans...!
Natsume: And this deep tree aroma...!
Natsume: The identity of this aroma is...
Natsume: Cognac!!
Asterisk: Cognac: Brandy made in the commune of Cognac in western France. For a brandy to be acknowledged as cognac it must follow rigorous standards.
Man: I see...!! The barrel's aroma permeates into the brandy while it's fermenting!
Man: That's exactly why this curry also has the deep fragrance
Man: Of trees like cedar and sandalwood!
Ryou: That's it...
Ryou: By the way...I also tried using a high-class cognac...
Ryou: A "Napoleon Class" cognac to add a greater depth to the aroma.
Text: Cognac is classified depending on the degree of fermentation, the "Napoleon Class" is the highest class.

Man: To think that cognac's aroma would improve curry this much...
Man: This is a splendid "French Spiny Lobster Curry"!
Voice: Oh...The judges finally show a reaction!
Voice: He really was an amazing guy!!
Alice: It's been a while, Erina!
Alice: Let me introduce you, I also have an aide now,
Alice: Look, it's him(music note)
Alice: I picked him up in Northern Europe.
Erina: Don't say it like you picked up a dog!
Erina(thinks): ...This is the first time I see him cook,
Erina(thinks): But it seems he has enough skills for Alice to trust him...

Ikumi: Hmm...It seems a dish really worth grading finally came out.
Ikumi: He isn't Alice's follower for nothing, huh.
Souma: .....But you know...
Souma: That dish,
Souma: Is it really over now...?
Ikumi: Eh?
Natsume: We...Well, it wasn't bad,
Natsume: I might...Give it some points.
Natsume: Well then, let's proceed with the grading---
Ryou: Ah...
Natsume: ?
Ryou: Ermm,
Ryou: Huh...
Ryou: Ah...It was here.

Ryou: Not yet...!! It's too early to finish sampling my dish...!
Natsume: Did you really have to do that?
Man: Hm...? Droppers?
Man: It seems...They're filled with cognac.
Ryou: There's a part you haven't eaten yet, isn't there?
Ryou: The insides of the spiny lobster's head...
Ryou: The lobster's brain.

Ryou: You put a few drops of this inside the shell
Ryou: And slurp the brains from it.
Ryou: That's the most delicious way of eating it.
Natsume: You're telling us to..."slurp" it...?
Natsume: There's no way...I can do something so vulgar!
Natsume: Y...You should at least crack open the shell before giving it to us.
Ryou: What are you blabbing out?
Natsume: ...What!?
Ryou: I can tell just by looking at you...
Ryou: Show me your true colors,
Ryou: You actually want to jump into the fray right now, don't you?

Ryou: Try stuffing your cheeks once more with the roux and the saffron rice
Ryou: After slurping this cognac and lobster brains...
Ryou: Its flavor is so good it can't even be compared with what you tasted just now...!
Natsume(thinks): Mo...
Natsume(thinks): More than before...!?

Natsume: Aaaaaaaah!!
Natsume(thinks): The surging seafood’s deliciousness and the trees' deep fragrance
Natsume(thinks): Blend with each other...

Natsume(thinks): My consciousness
Natsume(thinks): Is flying away!!!

Yua: Contestant Kurokiba
Yua: Scored 93 points......!!
Erina: ......
Voice: Eh...And here I thought
Voice: That Hayama Akira would dominate A Block...
Voice: But an outrageous dark horse came out!!
Ryou: For as long as I can remember...I was already thrown in there,
Ryou: In food's battlefield.
Ryou: This place is...Lenient!!!

Voice: Will anyone be able to surpass
Cutlery: Kurokiba's imposing strong arm holds down the judges!!
Voice: His 93 points!?
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 53/End

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