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Omamori Himari 73

Phantasmagoria in White Cat

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 31, 2013 04:50 | Go to Omamori Himari

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Omamori Himari 73

Matra Milan
Himari: ---Finally.
Yuuto: Yeah, "finally" is the right word.
Omamori Himari
73rd Animal "Phantasmagoria in White Cat"

Yuuto: I finally get to see you,
Yuuto: Himari.
Yuuto: I wonder why, it's only been a few days,
Yuuto: But this feels really nostalgic.
Yuuto: Even when it didn't feel like this when we met again after many years.
Yuuto: Why do you think I feel like this?

Himari: Cut up meat, make blood sprinkle...
Himari: Trying to buy time with the dirty mud of entrails is useless...
Yuuto: ...I don't understand a single thing of what you're saying. //me neither Yuuto...
SFX: *smirk*

Himari: Myself...I...
Himari: Eat...Become one...
Flashback: The first Ayakashi you will kill will be---
Yuuto: ---Do you really think I would kill you?
Yuuto: Hey you,

Yuuto: Don't think you'll be able to
Yuuto: Keep doing evil things inside Himari's body!!
Himari: !?

Yuuto: Let's continue from where we were!
Yuuto: Why do you think I feel so nostalgic after not seeing you for a few days!?
Yuuto: It's because you became someone that important for me!!
Yuuto: It's because you became someone that would always be by my side!!

Yuuto: Even if you think I'm selfish!
Yuuto: I won't let you go!!

Himari(thinks): Young...Mas...
Himari: Gih...
Himari: Giaaaaaah
Yuuto: Himari?
Yuuto: Bear with it, Himari, get a grip!
Himari: Gah...
Himari: AaaAaaah!!

Kuesu: The barrier has dis...No, it hasn't disappeared.
Hitsugi: Affirmative, it just shrank.
Hitsugi: It has fixed down on a single room in the first floor of the west building,
Hitsugi: The Amakawa boy has really gotten inside, it seems.

Kuesu: At any rate, all we can do is believe
Kuesu: In Yuu-chan.

Yuuto: This is...Noihara?
Yuuto: Why...?
Yuuto: Hi...mari?

Yuuto: He...y?
Yuuto: !
Yuuto: ---What?
Box: There's no way this is the real Noihara.

Box: All I can think of is that this is an illusion inside Himari's barrier...
Box: That or a memory.
Box: I've been getting this feeling that I'm being watched...But I guess it's Himari.
Box: No one other than Himari is supposed to be here.
Box: Kaya...?
Yuuto: Kaya...Is that you?
Box: No.

Kaya: ---...ay
Kaya: Go away.
SFXs: //either crunches or scratches
Box: What is this sound---!?

Yuuto: !
Yuuto: Grandpa and...
Yuuto: Grandma?
Grandpa: We must kill the Ayakashi that inflict harm on humans,
Grandpa: No matter what they look like.
Box: This is how grandpa looked to Himari, huh...?

Box: I think that's where the lake is...
Panel 4 SFXs: //same as before
Box: ...She's there,
Box: At the lake,
Box: Himari is-!

Himari: ---So you came this far, young master.
Yuuto: So this really was your world,

Yuuto: Himari.
Himari: These are the depths of my heart,
Himari: What people call the deep psyche.

Himari: It's odd for me to say it,
Himari: But, Noihara is my roots.
Yuuto: Anyway, I'm glad this Himari is ok.
Yuuto: You really could bear it.
Himari: Don't touch me.
Yuuto: !
Himari: I've already made many mistakes.
Himari: I've tainted your ideal of coexistence between humans and ayakashi.

Yuuto: Hey...
Yuuto: What are you saying? I mean, everyone fainted but...
Yuuto: But you've yet to...!
Himari: Frustrating as it may be, what Kaburagi said was correct.
Himari: No matter how much you might wish for it, evil ayakashi still exist.
Himari: And you can't change their essence.
Yuuto: ...
Himari: Could you forgive it?
Himari: For example, your parents,
Himari: They apparently died in an accident you don't know much of,

Himari: ---But is that really true?
Himari: Weren't they just killed by Ayakashi?
Yuuto: !!
Himari: You were attacked as soon as the charm lost its effect,
Himari: It's not that unlikely.
Yuuto(thinks): No way...
Yuuto(thinks): No, I didn't even think about that possibility.
Himari: You can't say...That I'm innocent either //as in not guilty of anything

p22 //the sfx are the same as on the previous times
Himari: Until now,
Himari: Until now, I couldn't say it,
Himari: I-
Yuuto: Hey...
Himari: Killed a human once.

p23 //same SFXs
Yuuto: Yo...You must be lying.
Himari: It's no lie, my hands are---
Box: Stop, I don't want to hear it.
Yuuto(thinks): Only Himari,
Yuuto(thinks): Himari, you are-
Himari: I'm sorry, young master, I'm really sorry.

Himari: The one who I sent to the other side of river Styx was one of your relatives,
Himari: Grandpa Gen. //old man Gen
Himari: Would you still forgive me?
Himari: Young master?
Diamond: Himari's shocking past---. "Omahima" heads to its climax, it's a must read!!

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