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Omamori Himari 74

In the Ending Cat's World

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jan 1, 2014 00:33 | Go to Omamori Himari

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Omamori Himari 74

Matra Milan
Himari: I sent Grandpa Gen to the other world,
SFXs: crunch
Text: What will Yuuto do after Himari's shocking confession---?
Himari: Can you still forgive me, young master?
Omamori Himari
74th Animal "In the Ending Cat's World" //I'm not sure if this is understandable, the point is that the "cat's world" is "ending"

Box: Grandpa...I knew nothing, didn't I?
Box: No...Himari once said that grandpa was like his father,
Box: They had a bond---
Yuuto: Let me hear...Your reasons.
Yuuto: Didn't grandpa die fighting against Ayakashi?

Himari: Yes, that's it,
Himari: When I headed to him, he was already---
Himari: Grandpa Gen was injured severely, he knew that he was dying.
Himari: I could see that the wound was fatal.
Himari: On grandpa Gen's request, I...
Yuuto: .........
Box: Hey, wait, that means---

Yuuto: Himari, that's called "Assisting a suicide", you did nothing wrong.
Yuuto's sd: Ah, jeez
Himari: Do-Don't take me for a fool,
Himari's sd: Meow
Himari: I know that concept!!
Himari: Whether it was with or without malice!
Himari: It doesn't change the fact that I pierced grandpa Gen with this blade!!
Himari: You wouldn't understand,
Himari: I was the one who gave him the final push!!
Yuuto: It's fine already.

Yuuto: Idiot...You had me scared there,
Yuuto: I almost thought you were a murderer.
Yuuto: However!
Yuuto: You freed grandpa from his suffering, didn't you? I should actually thank you for that.
Yuuto: Thank you for serving grandpa, Himari.
Himari: ...
Himari: I will...serve you.

SFX: pat pat
SFX: grope //not quite, more like the sound of breasts pushing against his chest
Box: Just being like this is pleasant...
Box: I-I'm starting to feel weird.
Box: Himari is...Soft.
Himari: Mm...

Himari: Yo...Young master.
SFX: feel feel
SFX: grab
Himari: ...Mm? Oh?
Himari: These are the depths of my heart!
Himari: I-If you do insolent things I'll curse you directly!!
Yuuto: I-I'm not trying to be insolent...!
Himari: Saying that while touching me in plenty isn't convincing!
Box: ...Anyway, the young master's heartbeat has become intense,
Box: He gets excited even by someone like me.

Himari(thinks): I will also---
Himari: ---Young master, there's something I want to ask of you.
Yuuto: Hm?
Box: It's enough now,
Box: With this...I can do it.

Yuuto: !!
Himari: Kill me.

Yuuto: Wha...
Yuuto: What are you saying so suddenly!?
Himari: You'll do the same I did, young master.
Himari: Please, assist my suicide.
Yuuto: Assist...Your suicide?
Himari: I'm the young master's servant, slave, and one who worships you...
Himari: I mustn't stand in your way.
Himari: Even if my body is filled with malice

Himari: I definitely don't want to
Himari: Destroy your ideal.
Yuuto: But why does that lead to me killing you!?
Yuuto: Stop joking!!
Himari: ...Hey, young master, I'm talking with you normally right now...
Himari: But I don't have much time left.
Himari: You can hear those noises, right?
SFX: crunch
Yuuto: !!

Himari: That's the evil youkai and my instincts mixed together, my inner monster.
Himari: That's the sound of it trying to eat my deepest part.
Himari: If it encroaches this far...I won't be able to go back to how I was.
Himari: It's somehow late but I now know the loli fox's dreadfulness...
Himari: To think she was able to control and keep being herself while having her heart drenched with something like this.
Himari: Frankly, I can't contain it...Then, while I'm still myself,
Himari: I must take this malice to the depths of the hell.
Himari: I can't let it be released in the present world.
Yuuto: What will happen to you!?

Yuuto: You'll come back, won't you!?
Yuuto: You'll go there and come back, won't you!?

Himari: I don't know...
Himari: I've never been to hell, you see.
Himari: Hurry, young master, there's no time.
Yuuto: Don't screw with me!
Yuuto: I won't let you go to a place like that!!
Yuuto: That thing, I'll-!!
Himari: Young master,
Himari: Some might call this a farce, but I like the world where the young master lives.

Himari: I like the world where Rinko, Shizuku, Kuesu, and the others live.
Rinko: Isn't Yuuto---
Rinko: The boy you love?
Himari(thinks): It's just as you say, Rinko,
Himari(thinks): I've long forgotten since when or why, but-
Himari(thinks): I'm in love
Himari(thinks): With the young master.

Himari: ---I beg you, young master, don't let me destroy your world.
Himari: If you destroy that right here, right now, it won't disappear, it'll just scatter.
Himari: That is something, not I...Not even Kagamimori could detach from me.
Yuuto: ~~~!!
Box: "Light Ferry"...!?
Yuuto: I once ordered you, didn't I!? I ordered you to not be defeated on a place where I can't see you!!

Yuuto: Then, where's the place you must be in?
Yuuto: In this world or in the other, there's only one,
Yuuto: It's by my side!
Yuuto: You must come back, come back home,
Yuuto: I'll become your guidepost.
Yuuto: I'll carve myself, Amakawa Yuuto in you so that you won't forget me no matter what
Yuuto: And that even if it's dark, cold, and you can't see what's in front of you, you won't get lost.
Himari: In the depths of my heart...

p18-19 //no dialog, awwww

Himari(thinks): Young master...
Himari(thinks): Young master's kind light is---
Himari(thinks): Sorry, young master...Then, please, carve it deeper,
Himari(thinks): So that I won't cry from loneliness in the dark cold depths of hell...
Yuuto(thinks): Himari has always fought for me...
Yuuto(thinks): Now it's time for me to---

p21 //no dialog

Yuuto(thinks): Come back,
Yuuto(thinks): If you don't I'll go down to hell and pull you out of it.
Himari(thinks): Hahaha, that would make you just like Izanagi. //cultural fact: after Izanami died, Izanagi went to find her at the underworld, ironically, as Izanami had eaten the underworld's food, she could no longer return and that lit the flames of conflict between them
Himari(thinks): Hey, young master...Umm, when I come back...
Himari(thinks): Ca-Can I call you for your name...?
Yuuto(thinks): Hm? ...Yeah, it's ok, it might feel fresh.
Himari(thinks): Thank you, young master---Well then,
Himari(thinks): Take care.

Tama: ...I see,
Tama: Bye bye.

Kasuri: He was able to do it, huh...
Hisuzu: Not bad...
Hisuzu: Good-for-nothing.
Voice: Kaya.

Kaya: Yes...Yes,
Kaya: I see.
Kaya: I'm glad for you...Himari.
Aiji: Maki, Shido, we'll deal with the residual spirit power.
Shido: Yes.
Man: All teams, hurry and get a grasp of the situation.
Box: With that said, I can't feel any of the thick evil spirit power that was there.
Box: What did you do, Amakawa-kun?
Kuro: ...He might be...The real thing.
Ekou: Yeah, good grief...
Ekou: He'll make me have expectations.

Box: Yuu-chan.
Box: Yuuto.
Box: Yuuto...
Diamond: Next issue, "Omahima's" moving finale!!!

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