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Omamori Himari 75

A Cat, A Girl, And The Place For Tomorrow

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jan 1, 2014 03:18 | Go to Omamori Himari

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Reserved for Vortex. Don't use without my permission.
Omamori Himari 75
//Yay! I got to fulfill my end-of-year purpose, finishing translating this series!! (You'll have to wait for the releases though XD)
//I first watched the anime for this while it aired back on 2010 but I never got to reading its manga until four or five months ago, it was a really pleasant coincidence that I ended up translating this, even if it was just the last two volumes.
//Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I did, the ending is pretty good I should say, it's not the best ever, but what can you expect from a harem series that was extended just because it became more popular than expected? XD

Big Text: Finally, the conclusion!!
Text: After 7 years---Omamori Himari finally concludes!!
Omamori Himari
Matra Milan

Rinko: ...
Diamond: Yuuto saved Himari from the darkness deep inside her, but...!?

Matra Milan
Text: With Yuuto's feelings carved in her body, Himari descended to the depths of hell and---!? "Omahima's" MOVING LAST CHAPTER!!
Omamori Himari
75th Animal "A Cat, A Girl, And The Place For Tomorrow"
Kaya: ...He saved Himari from falling into darkness,
Kaya: Just like he promised.

Kaya: I wanted to say a word of thanks.
Aya: Oh my, you're talking like Yuuto-sama will never wake up again.
Kaya: But!
Kaya: It's been 5 days already!
Liz: Ku-Kuesu-saaaaan, can't you do a "Bababaaaang!" with your special magic and do something about this?
Kuesu: !

Kuesu: ...Amakawa Yuuto said he'll come back with the cat,
Kuesu: Can't you believe in him?
Box: But, Himari is missing...Just what happened?
Box: Back then at that classroom at school, I'm sure Yuuto lend a hand to Himari...
Box: Then, surely-
Rinko: !
Tama: Neither Amakawa nor the cat...
Tama: Will ever come back.

Tama: ...
Tama: ...Just kidding.
Tama: Where's Shizuku? Where's my food...?
Rinko: You little brat...
Kuesu(thinks): Sh-Shouldn't I really do something as his legal wife...?
Box: Yes, to being with, I don't like being made to wait!
Liz(thinks): N-Now's the time for Liz to serve him...!

Shizuku: ---Kagetsuki, what should I do? ...Nano.
Kagetsuki: Hm.
Kagetsuki: ...With you being the one who instigated him this might sound irresponsible, but-
Kagetsuki: I think you should do what you want to do.
Shizuku: I see...
Shizuku: I see, nano.
Ageha: I heard Amakawa Yuuto still hasn't woken up.

Shizuku: The Hinoenma, huh...Nano.
Ageha: If a man won't wake up there's only one thing a woman must do.
Ageha: If you're going to feign innocence and say you can't do it then I can do it for you, you know?
Shizuku: ...
Sasa: You say that, but you just want to do it yourself, right, Ageha?
Ageha: That's not it!
Ageha: I still haven't repaid him for his help on the fight with Tama...
Sasa: Stop repeating yourself
Sasa: And do it.

Kagetsuki's sd: Isn't it fine?
Sasa: ...Just kidding.
Ageha: I...
Ageha: I'll do it!!
Shizuku: I won't let you...Nano.
Box: But...
Box: If it's me...Nano...

Ekou: As an ex-human, I know this,
Ekou: Humans can't be trusted.
Kuro: ...But, Amakawa is
Kuro: Someone we should know...Better.
Yuuto(thinks): Where is...This place?
Yuuto(thinks): I can't...See a thing...
Yuuto(thinks): Where's everyone...?
Yuuto(thinks): Where's Himari...?
Yuuto(thinks): Himari...
Yuuto(thinks): That's right, where's Himari!?

Yuuto(thinks): Himari! Damn it!
Yuuto(thinks): What's going on? I can't see a thing!
Yuuto(thinks): Where is this place!?
Yuuto(thinks): Is Himari here!?
Yuuto(thinks): If you're here, answer me!
Yuuto(thinks): Himari!
Yuuto(thinks): I can't see anything! Where are you!?
Yuuto(thinks): Are you ok!?
Yuuto(thinks): Himari!
Yuuto(thinks): Himari!
Yuuto(thinks): It can't be...Both you and I
Yuuto(thinks): Were absorbed...By the darkness?

Himari: ...ng Master.
Yuuto(thinks): !!!
Yuuto(thinks): Himari!?
Himari: Young master.
Himari: Young master...Where are you...?
Yuuto(thinks): Himari!
Yuuto(thinks): Hey, over here! I'm here!
Himari: Young master, young master.
Himari: I'm sorry, young master, I really lost my way back.
Yuuto(thinks): Can't you see, Himari!?
Himari: Just how many days-...No, there's no feeling of time here...
Himari: I'm tired, Young master.

Himari: I will disappear here, huh...
Himari: That isn't...Bad...Either.
Yuuto(thinks): Don't give up, Himari!
Yuuto(thinks): Himari!
Yuuto(thinks): Damn it!!
Himari: ...
Himari: ...I don't want that.
Himari: I don't want to disappear like this.
Himari: I don't want to be unable to see the young master again!!

Himari: I want to be more with him.
Himari: I want him to touch me, to pet me, to hug me like a cat...
Himari: I don't want to disappear in a place like this!!
Himari: I want to live with the young master!!
Himari: Young master,
Himari: young master!!
Yuuto(thinks): ...

Yuuto(thinks): Amakawa Yuuto...
Yuuto(thinks): The one who inherited the Amakawa blood...
Yuuto(thinks): Just what am I?
Yuuto(thinks): I was lionized as a demon slayer, as someone with an ability...
Yuuto(thinks): But I can't save a single girl in front of me?
Yuuto(thinks): She always thought of me the most
Yuuto(thinks): And fought for me no matter what...
Yuuto(thinks): Even though Himari is crying...What am I doing not saving her!?
Yuuto(thinks): Himari must be there for the coexistence between human and ayakashi, doesn't she!?

Yuuto: There no meaning for anything if I don't extend a hand for her now!
Yuuto: What's the "Light Ferry" for
Yuuto: If I don't give her light to show her the way now that she's crying!!!
Yuuto: Himari, I am here!!

Himari: ---Oh,
Himari: You were there.
Himari: Young master.
Yuuto: Sorry, I was a bit late.
Himari: Do-Don't be, I would've been fine alo...

Himari: Ah...!
Himari: It can't be, you were watching this from beginning to end...Or something like that?
Yuuto: Eh, ah, no, well, umm...
Himari: N-No, I! I didn't cry at all...I didn't.
Yuuto: Himari...
Himari: I didn't!
Yuuto: It's fine already, I would cry too if Himari disappeared.
Himari: Ah.
Himari: Young master...
Yuuto: Look, everyone's waiting.

Yuuto: Let's go back.
Himari: ...Yes, you won't let go of my hand, will you?
Yuuto: Of course I won't!

Box: Not until we get to the other side,
Box: No, from now on, forever...
Box: I won't let go of this han...
SFX: *grope*
Box: ...*grope*?
Box: What's this...? What's happening, Himari?
Box: Himari's hand feels really round and soft...
Kuesu: Ahn...
Box: !!??

Kuesu: Mm...
Kuesu: Ah...<3
Yuuto: !!!
Yuuto(thinks): Wha...
Yuuto(thinks): What is this!?

Box: Ku...Kuesu?
Kuesu: Uuhm...
Kuesu: *zzz*...
Box: Wh-why is she naked...!?
Shizuku: ...Oh, you're awake, Yuuto...Nano.
Yuuto: !
Yuuto: Shi-Shizuku!? Why are you naked...too!?
Shizuku: "Why?" you ask...
Shizuku: You want a little girl to say it? ...Nano
Shizuku: We had some fun last night<3...Nano.
Yuuto: Wha-Wha-Wha-Wha-Wha-What!!?
Shizuku: Shh...
Shizuku: If you're not quiet they'll all wake up at once...Nano
Yuuto: Eh?

p23-24 //no dialog, damn that harem end

Yuuto: ...Please explain.
Shizuku: You wouldn't wake up no matter how much time passed so Kuesu got tired of waiting and stole a march on us...Nano.
Shizuku: Even though she knows nothing of the arts of lovemaking she was doing what she could, but as she had so many openings
Kuesu: Uhmmm
Shizuku: I put her to sleep...Nano. (cd: It was a piece of cake...Nano)
Shizuku: After that, in order,
Liz's sd: Dehehe, Yuuto-saan...
Shizuku: We deliciously ate you...Nano.
Yuuto: Aya-san and...Why even them!?
Shizuku: I don't know...They said things like "We want to know him better." and
Shizuku: "I died before experiencing it!"...Nano

Rinko: G’morning, Shizuku, Kuesu, are you awake?
Class rep: Good morning.
Voice: O-Owah, girls!
Rinko: Morning, Kaya-chan, what's wrong? You seem like you're in a hurry.
Kaya: I-I wouldn't recommend you to go in there now. Don't do it!
Rinko: It's ok, we just came to see how Yuuto is...
Voice: Uhmm...
Kuesu: Yuu-chaaan...
Shizuku's sd: "V"
Liz: Yuuto-saaan, not theeere...Munyah
Yuuto: Ah...

Box: I was hit by Rinko and the class rep for about an hour until I could no longer stand
Yuuto: ...I'm telling you I don't remember
Yuuto's sd: I don't know what's what
Yuuto: Not a thing.
Rinko: You're the worst, the worst---
Class rep: That's...Filthy.
Kuesu's sd: That's only natural as his legal wife <3
Box: It seems that there was a dramatic change just before I woke up...
Box: But my consciousness was somewhere else.
Tama's sd: Oh, you're back, Amakawa---

Ageha's sd: Well, that was great, thanks for the meal<3
Kaya's sd: Put some clothes on! You damn maniac!
Box: There's no meaning in sacrificing something to protect something else,
Shizuku's sd: Everything’s all right...Nano
Box: Because in this important world
Box: Everyone is needed!
Box: Now I can tell,
Box: She's somewhere below this same sky.

Box: From now on, I'll live my life as a student
Box: As well as my life as a demon slayer.
Box: But, that isn't complicated at all,
Box: As it means to live together with both my human and ayakashi friends.
Rinko: Hey, we're going to be late if we don't hurry---!
Yuuto: Yeah, yeah.

Box: That's why, I am here today as well,
Box: And you too---
Himari: Young mas-...No,
Yuuto: ...Welcome back.

Himari: I'm back,
Himari: Yuuto.
Text: Thank you for all your support! Look forward for Matra-sensei's next work!!

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