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Mangaka-san To Assistant-san To 2 4

A Woman Or A Mangaka

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jan 3, 2014 06:09 | Go to Mangaka-san To Assistant-san To 2

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Reserved for Madman. Don't use without my permission.
Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to 2 4
//This is another of those series I'm just filling in for a chapter (at least for the time being), I don't know if I'll continue translating it or if someone else will continue with it, but I sure wouldn't mind continuing doing it, it's really funny and the chapters are short

Sahoto: We...We're finally done...
Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to 2
Jun: Th...Thanks for your hard work, sensei...
Box: With big news included (star) the fourth chapter!!
Star: She feels relieved after overcoming the deadline's hell...Or she were supposed to, but...!?
Sahoto: So...Sorry, I corrected the name so many times that we ended up pulling many all-nighters...
Jun: Do...Don't be, it was a fantastic work!
Jun: Well then, sensei, see you next month!
SFX: *slam*
Sahoto: I'm so tired...
Aito: Ashisu-saaan, thanks for your hard work.
SFX: *clatter*
Aito: !?

Aito: Th...This room stinks!!!
~~~Serialized once a month~~~
Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to 2
Text: He has zero delicacy.
Chapter 4 A Woman Or A Mangaka
Aito: Wh...What's going on here!!? This room looks horrible!! (cd: You're wearing a jersey too!!)
Sahoto: We were so busy there was no time to clean up...
Aito: Huh,
Aito: I...It can't be...
SFX: *sniff sniff*

Aito: Gy...Gyaaah!!!
Aito: Ashisu-san stinks!!!
Sahoto: Leave me alone!!
Aito: My Ashisu-san who always smelled of shampoo has...
Aito: Ashisu-san has a sour smell!!!
Aito: No matter how busy you get, please, please take a bath!!
Aito: You're a girl!!
Sahoto: Ah, geez!
Sahoto: Now that I became a professional mangaka,
Sahoto: I'm a mangaka before I'm a woman!!
Ichika: Excellent!!

Ichika: It's people like you that become popular authors!!
Box: Konno Ichika (29) Gongon's No. 1 Author
Sahoto: Konno-sensei...!?
Sahoto: Yo...You look worn out.
Ichika: I...I had lots of work this month...
Ichika's sd: Fufufu...
Aito: I...Ichika-sensei is sour too!!
Ichika: This is how female mangaka look when they're fighting!!
Aito: Eeh!?
Ichika: When I was young
Ichika: I spent a whole month without bathing and using a bottle to go to the bathroom!!
Aito: Th...That's too much!!
Ichika: It's just how much I was dedicated to my manga!!
Sahoto: And after that you could create the great hit "Adventure World" is, right!?
Ichika: Exactly!!
Sahoto: The...Then, I have to throw away more of my femininity...
Aito: Hey!!!

Aito: Ashisu-san, you'll die as a girl!!
Sahoto: That's none of your business, sensei.
Aito: Do you manga properly as a girl!!
Ichika: Aito-kun...
Ichika: You can only gain things
Ichika: After losing other things!!
Ichika: Aito-kun, you wish for your manga, panties, and girls equally
Ichika: And as a result everything you do is half-assed!!
Aito: No...No way.
Ichika: I feel that Ashisu-chan has potential!
Sahoto: I...I'll do my best!
Ichika: And, if Ashisu-chan becomes no good as a girl,
Ichika: No guys other than Aito-kun will want to take her and you will profit! //as in marry her, in Japan, women normally marry into their husbands house leaving their own, that’s why “taking” a girl is a way to say that you’ll marry her
Aito: Eh!?
Sahoto: No thank you.
Aito: N...No, but...
Aito: E...Even I...

Aito: Even I would say "no thank you" to that Ashisu-san!!
Sahoto: Wha-!?
Aito: A sour Ashisu-san that died as a girl...
Aito: I wouldn't take her even if I were asked!!
Sahoto: I wouldn't ask you to!!
Aito: I mean, Ichika-sensei, you cry "I'm lonely...I'm lonely" 2 or 3 nights a week!!
Ichika: Wh...Why do you know that!!?
Aito: I heard from the editor in chief!!
Aito: Even if you become a great author by becoming sour and dying as a woman,
Aito: You'll only gain loneliness for when you’re old!!
Ichika: Old!?

Aito: That would be the end for you as a person!!!
Aito: I...If you're still doing it after hearing that...I...Can't...
Sahoto: ...
SFX: *clatter*
SFX: *scrub scrub*
SFX: *scrub scrub*
SFX: *splash...*
SFX: *clatter...*
Sahoto: Don't misunderstand...

Sahoto: It's not that I don't want sensei not taking me...
Sahoto: It's just that it's too much of a humiliation to become a person who even sensei treats like that.
Sahoto: Do you have any complaints?
SFX: *flutter*
Star: Pay great attention to the next page!!
Aito: ...Embrace me<3 //"make love to me <3" if you think this isn't explicit enough
Sahoto: No way.
Aito: Ahn, I love that Ashisu-san!
Ichika: Wh...What...What should I do...?

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