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Shokugeki no Souma 54

A Recital of Blossoming Individuals

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jan 20, 2014 02:28 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 54
//the real question here is, How come the teachers can be in both halls?

Voice: Alice's aide...Kurokiba Ryou
"Shokugeki-no SOMA"
Voice: Suddenly scored 93 points!?
Voice: Th...The difference with the current 2nd place is amazing.
Cutlery: The hall is in uproar after Kurokiba showed his power!!
Voice: With this he's become a candidate to win!
Makito: Haha...Oh dear,
Box: Executive Producer of the Popular TV Program "Is that a Kitchen?" Minatozaka Makito
Makito: That was surprising.
Box: Gourmet Kouda Shigenoshin //I'm calling him Shige
Shige: Absolutely...There's many years where 70 or 80 is the best grade.
Natsume: ...

Natsume(thinks): H...He took me by surprise just now...
Natsume(thinks): I never thought such an amazing dish would come so suddenly.
Natsume(thinks): Let's calm down a bit---
SFX: *clink*
Shige: Oh...?
Makito: Th...This is...!!
Ikumi: Now...Eat some,
Ikumi: My curry dish is-

(cutlery) 54 A Recital of Blossoming Individuals
Ikumi: A "Dongpo Pork Curry Don"!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Cutlery: This is Nikumi's "Current Style"---!!
Note: Dongpo Pork: Pork belly meat simmered in things like sake, sugar, or soy sauce and then finished. Some say the "Buta no Kakuni" originates from it. //Buta no kakuni: stew made with cubed pieces of pork belly
Makito: Well, yet again...!
Makito?: Look at how beautiful this "Pork belly meat" is!
Makito?: By alternating lean meat and fat meat in three layers the meat became something that could be called a "boned rib".
Makito?: Its brilliant shine is beautiful...
Shige: !!

Shige: The meat jiggles with any light touch to the dish...!
Shige: To think that she made the meat this soft without it falling apart...
Shige: A great feeling for the balance in the heating is needed to accomplish this.
Shige: This is already...Bordering sensuality,
Shige: My tongue is delighted before even eating...!
Ryouko: It seems Mito-san's dish left a good impression.
Souma: Well done, Nikumi!
Sign: Donburi Research Society
Sign: Nikumi!! Congratu
Kanichi: Well, this is worth celebrating!!
Kanichi: To think someone from our Don R.S. would be selected for the election!

Kanichi: You should just use one of your special high-class meat and just go directly to the main tournament, Nikumi!
Kanichi: If you do that, the number of members will increase drastically...
Kanichi: And our budget will skyrocket...
Ikumi: The theme isn't that simple.
Ikumi: I can't just use good meat,
Ikumi: I must make many tests on different combinations of spices
Ikumi: And choose the kind of meat!
Ikumi: My weapons are...Meat dishes!!
Ikumi: I have to make a curry that makes the best use of meat's deliciousness---!
Kanichi: Nikumi...

Kanichi: You're going that far for our Don R.S....!
Sign: Donburi Research Society
Ikumi: I couldn't care less about it!!
Voice: That ultra-thick diced meat
Voice: Must have absorbed plenty of the soup's flavor...
Voice: If I...Could stuff my cheeks with that meat-
Jun: What would happen...?
Natsume(thinks): Wa...Wait...
Natsume(thinks): I still haven't recovered from the shock of that last Spiny Lobster Curry,
Natsume(thinks): If you shower me with this dish just after it...!
Ikumi: What's wrong? Taste it fully,
Ikumi: The superb ecstasy of meat---
Natsume(thinks): Kuh

Natsume: Auhn...
Natsume: It's so syrupy...! When I bite it, the meat juices
Natsume: Overflow like a waterfall...!
Natsume: The characteristic smell of pork belly meat with the skin is erased by using the spices
Natsume: And the only things that remain in my tongue are the fat meat's sweetness and the curry's substance!!
Natsume: What a flavor...!!
Ikumi: After parboiling the belly meat I fragrantly fried its surface
Ikumi: And then I boiled it well with oyster sauce, soy sauce, shaoxingjiu, and other things.
Ikumi: The spices that give it the aroma are star anise, ginger, and Sichuan pepper!

Makito(thinks): But...Why? Why can I eat such a voluminous meat
Makito(thinks): So smoothly...?
Makito: I see...! It's this rice!!
Makito: The rice is mixed with small amounts of rock salt and flavor oil..."Tanjouyu"!! //tanjouyu is one of those oils mixed with spices, this one is apparently mixed with Sichuan pepper
Makito: The way this Tanjouyu "numbs" your tongue and its "refreshing aroma" soften the oily feeling of the fat...
Makito: However, that makes you crave for the fat meat's sweetness again forming a cycle...!
Makito: She made a chain of deliciousness in this donburi!!
Yua: U...Umm...There are other dishes left to judge,
Yua: So eat moderately...
Natsume: ......There's no way...
Yua: Eh...?

Natsume: Even if you tell us that
Natsume: There's no way we can stop, is there!?
Chapelle(thinks): Mito Ikumi---
Chapelle(thinks): Her understanding and sense for meat dishes stood out from the rest ever since she enrolled,
Chapelle(thinks): I was under the impression that her consideration for other ingredients was little...
Chapelle(thinks): But her cooking---
Chapelle(thinks): Has evidently evolved!!
Shige(thinks): The fat meat and the curry roux's thickness are in complete harmony inside my mouth...
Shige(thinks): What an euphoric feeling...!
Shige(thinks): If you're eating pork belly meat with the skin
Shige(thinks): "Maybe there's no better way to prepare it than this."
Shige(thinks): Its destructive power was so great it made me think like that...!!
Shige(thinks): She really is the "Meat Master"...
Shige(thinks): No...She's higher than that---

p10 //Yay with the military cosplays!! I lol'd with Natsume in the back
Shige(thinks): She's the Meat General!!

Voice: 86 points---!!
Voice: It's herrrreeeee! A high grade!!
Voice: She's currently second!!
Ikumi: Damn it...!
Ikumi: I didn't get into the 90's.
Souma: Nikumii! That was amazing, it looked super tasty!
Ikumi: ...This is
Ikumi: Something I learnt from Yukihira.
Souma: ?
Ikumi: Donburi are
Ikumi: "Completed in one bowl"...Right?

Souma: ...Hehe,
Souma: You got it right!
Kanichi: Nikumiiiii!! You did greaaaaaat!
Yua: Th...This finally looks like a competition...
Yua: Let's continue like this! Next is...
Yua: Contestant Sakaki Ryouko!!

Voice: Doesn't it look pretty normal!?
Voice: Its impact is pretty small compared to Nikumi's dish...
Shige: Hmm...A Dal Curry, huh. //http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dal
Shige: Something similar to the Indian curry that uses dal, the "Chana Masala" I guess...
Shige: !!
Shige: Wha...!? This stickiness...

Voice: It's natto!!
Natsume: !!
Natsume(thinks): The stickiness and the deliciousness twine inside my mouth...!
Natsume(thinks): Was natto something this tasty!?
Shige: No...This isn't any ordinary natto!
Shige: It can't be, this is---
Ryouko: That natto was made on "charcoal fire",
Ryouko: "Natto Fermented on Charcoal Fire".

Ryouko: I kept cooking soy beans with bacillus subtilis on charcoal in a basement... //bacillus subtilis var. natto is the bacteria used to ferment natto
Ryouko: And fermented them for dozens of hours while keeping the ideal temperature and humidity level.
Ryouko: I used the summer vacations to prepare it.
Voice: The Carbon Dioxide generated by the charcoal fire slowly fermented the soy beans' proteins...It's a manufacturing method that allows you to give the natto a stronger body.
Voice: It also prevents the death of the bacteria and reduces the ammonia odor!
Voice: D...Did you know that?
Voice: I've heard it once...! They said this method takes a lot of labor and experience.
Voice: She made that natto by herself...!?
Natsume: But...No! That's not all there is to it...
Natsume: What's this!? What's the identity of this bass-like flavor that resounds in my tongue!?
Ryouko: My other secret ingredient
Ryouko: Is "Soy Sauce Kouji".

Big Text: Soy Sauce Kouji
Text: It's a spice made by adding soy sauce to rice kouji, mixing them until the mix is viscous,
Text: And leaving it to ferment over many weeks at a fixed temperature.
Makito(thinks): I see...That black thing was this!
Jun(thinks): Soy Sauce Kouji has 10 times the amount of glutamic acid shiokouji has.
Chapelle(thinks): That's exactly why it doesn't lose to the curry's strong flavor but adds to it.
Text: She made great use of the essential points of fermented food...
Text: To make a splendid curry dish!!

SFX: huff
SFX: huff
Natsume: The thick Japanese-style curry goes well with the natto's stickiness...
Shige: I can't have enough of the finely chopped leek used as a topping.
Makito(thinks): Charcoal fire natto and soy sauce kouji...Both are fermented foodstuffs made with "soy beans"!
Makito(thinks): Is that why they are in such a perfect harmony...!?
Makito(thinks): She subdued and perfectly brought together the power of soy beans!
Makito(thinks): For that I---
Makito(thinks): Want to call her "Nee-san"...No!
Makito(thinks): "Ane-san"!! //Ok, this is kinda hard to explain, both "Nee-san" and "Ane-san" mean "Elder Sister" and both are also used to refer to a leader-like female figure in groups, but "ane-san" gives a more delinquent/gang-ish feeling, not sure if that's understandable though XD
Clothes: Inase //I don’t remember any name/place related to Ryouko called like this so it may be 鯔背 which means gallant/dashing/smart

p18 //matsuri jaaaaa!!!
Text: Fermented Goods Store Main Shop
Mikoshi: Sakaki
Text: The Sakaki Family
Band: Soy Beans
Asterisk: "Soiya!" is a yell used while carrying the mikoshi in festivals. //this isn't a translation, the original note explains to Japs that soy means soy XD, use it to explain the fact about soiya (I don't know if this way of wording it is understandable though XD)

Voice: Eig...86!! They're tieeeed!!
Voice: She's tied with Nikumi!?
Zenji: I guess most of the people in this hall
Zenji: Expect nothing from me.
Guy: Marui-shi! //like, Mr. Marui. I think only manga/anime/game otaku use this suffix nowadays, go watch Steins;Gate to see how Daru uses it
Man: Marui-shiiii!
Girl: Do your best...! Marui-shi!
Zenji: But, I...
Zenji: Will cause a wind--- //I know this doesn't work that well in English, but "wind" might be a key word...
Cutlery: A mysterious big-shot aura...Will the "wind" blow!?
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 54/End
//Yeah Marui, show them who's the boss!!! XD

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