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Shokugeki no Souma 55

A Hole Drilled with Knowledge

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Feb 3, 2014 10:31 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 55

Yua: Well then, on to the next contestant! Display your dish---
Yua: !?
Star: The latest JC volume (6) and the novel will be on sale on February 4th!!
Yua: White...!?
Yua: The roux, the ingredients...Everything is white!!
"Shokugeki-no SOMA"
Makito: This noodles...Are Udon!
Makito: And they were kneaded with the curry spice, "cumin"!
Makito: In short, this is...
Makito: Your own unique "curry udon", isn't it?
Star: White curry!?

(cutlery) 55 A Hole Drilled with Knowledge
Zenji: Yes,
Zenji: "It's a white potage curry udon".
Cutlery: Marui Zenji, one of the Polar Star Dorm's residents, what's his real ability!?
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Shige: Hmm...This dish is quite beautiful,
Shige: If Kurokiba-kun's dish was a color torrent,
Shige: This would be a quiet pond...

Natsume: Well then---
Voice: Well...I guess he won't get much points.
Voice: That guy Marui...
Voice: All I remember of him was that he was dog-tired during the training camp.
All: !!?
Yua: U...Umm, could anyone give us some comments...
Yua: D...Don't ignore meeeee!

Voice: Whaaaaat!?
Voice: They're all engrossed eating!?
SFX: *munch*
SFX: *munch*
Makito: This chewy poached eggs, the creamy mashed potatoes...
Makito: This topping of hot cheese!
Makito: And the roux, finished up like "Vichyssoise"!!
Big Text: "Vichyssoise"
Text: A cold potage made by adding fresh cream and other things to the product of sieving boiled potatoes.
Text: This invention of this dish is credited to Louis Diat, when he was the head chef of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in 1917.
Asterisk: Potage: A term in French cuisine used to refer to soups
Voice: It looks thick and heavy at first glance but my chopsticks move smoothly in it!
Natsume: It's all thanks to the smooth light udon and the "coriander powder"...
Text: This spice is unique for its mildness that reminds you of citrus fruits and its faint spiciness!
Text: Its affinity with the noodles’ cumin is great, they help each other rise their aroma...
Asterisk: Coriander: A spice used since ancient times which is the seed of the herb you must use in Thai cuisine, "phakchi"

Natsume: Such an unbelievable feeling of satisfaction...!
Zenji: I've also used "dill" which is a must for a Vichyssoise topping.
Zenji: By roasting a mix of dill seeds and cumin seeds, I finished up a fragrant soup.
Shige: You made us eat a mix of plump noodles and a thick roux...This dish has a feeling close to that of "tsukemen"!! //cold Chinese noodles accompanied by soup for dipping
Shige: To think that this is based on a dish made 100 years ago!
Shige: It's a wonderful dish!!
All: ...

Guy: Marui-shiii!!
Girl: As expected from Marui-shi!
Takao: ...Yes, yes.
Takao: I couldn't have asked for a better unveiling,
Takao: One for the gifted "Marui Zenji"...
Box: Miyazato Takao Miyazato Seminar's Professor
Takao: "The Physiology of Taste: Meditations on Transcendental Gastronomy",
Takao: Auguste Escoffier's work, "Le Guide Culinaire", and others are just the beginning.
Takao: The Miyazato Seminar specializes on the research and analysis of classical literature about gourmet food.
Takao: In that group, Marui Zenji
Takao: Is our ace while being only a first year!!

Text: I don't have an outstanding cooking sense
Text: And my physical strength is below average.
Text: That's exactly why I have a strong desire for "knowledge",
Text: All so that an ordinary man like me can fight against all of the geniuses!
Takao: I wonder just how much knowledge is in his brain.
Takao: We call him like this---
Takao: Flavor's Walking Dictionary!! //literally “Flavor's Well-informed Doctor” but that sounds bad and lame
//Just remove the last dialog, as it's useless

1st Kurokiba Ryou 93
2nd Marui Zenji 88
3rd Mito Ikumi 86
3rd Sakaki Ryouko 86
Yua: 88 points!!
Girl: ...!
Girl: Professor! Marui-shi...Is in 2nd place!
Girl: Look, look, professor!
Takao: Fufu...You're right...
Yua: We have a chain of high scores!
Yua: Will this impetus continue on---?

Yua: Ah...?
Natsume(thinks): If we were judging only the strength of the aroma this might have won...
Natsume: This smoking...Aroma...Is unbearable!!
Yua: Contestant Ibusaki Shun!!
Shun: It's my "Special Smoked Curry"...Enjoy it.

Voice: The toppings are smoked bacon, smoked potato...And smoked egg!?
Voice: You can't just smoke everything!
Voice: But...Damn it, I want to have some!!
Natsume(thinks): Th...The theme is curry!
Natsume(thinks): If he killed the spices' aroma by smoking blindly---
Natsume: mmmmmm!!

Makito: This savory smell almost gives me a heartache...
Makito: The spices that give the finishing touch are cinnamon, cumin, cardamom, and clove, all coarsely ground!
Shige: And yet...He also used smoked chips and "apple"!!
Shige: Compared to cherries and other fruits, apples give a mellower and sweeter aroma...!
Makito: I see...That's the spices' aroma isn't overwhelmed but made better!
Shige: Yes...He used the chips that make the best use of the coarsely ground spices...!!
Shun: I put the coarsely ground spices in "Saumur Juice", too, //maybe liquid instead of juice... Also, Saumur was the only romanization I could find for Somyu-ru, I think not even Japanese know where this word really comes from...
Shun: That should let you taste the curry's flavor in the other ingredients.
Asterisk: Saumur Juice: A liquid used to "pickle in salt" something before smoking it. It helps to give the ingredients a uniform saltiness.

SFX: *melt...*
Shige: There's no mistakes in the topping either...!
Shige: The egg's deliciousness is tightly condensed! The soft-boiled egg yolk is like jelly and it's melting...
Shige(thinks): No...But, wait...
Shige(thinks): All the ingredients form a perfect harmony instead of being all around the place,
Shige(thinks): But how could he create such a sense of unity...?
Shige: !!
Shige: I see! I understand it now!!
Shige: The "salt" added to the mixed spices was also smoked!!
Voice: E...Even the salt is smoked!?
Voice: But...Does that change the flavor so much!?
Shun: By the way...I didn't use normal salt-

Shun: But "Moshio".
Shun: It's a salt made by burning seaweed that contains great amounts of salt, dissolving it in water...And boiling the clear top of the resulting water.
Shun: Sea salt, rock salt...I tried smoking many types of salt this summer,
Shun: But I thought moshio was the best for this curry.
Natsume(thinks): Moshio...! That's why this has such a mild taste!!
Natsume(thinks): To think he gave harmony to this curry using the power of smoked salt...!
Makito(thinks): What a fearsome boy...
Shige(thinks): He has a perfect grasp of the flavor smoked food should have!!
Thought: At such a young age you possess the ability to control smoke at your will!
Thought: You are the---

Thought: Prince of smoke!!
Yua: 88 Points!!!
Yua: He's tied in 2nd place!!
Souma: Oh! Both of them were amazing!
Ryouko: Marui-kun was an amazing guy too, huh...!
Ryouko: He's just a friendly person at the polar star dorm, though.

Shun: ...You finally showed your true self in front of everyone, huh.
Zenji: Fufu...Look who's talking.
Zenji: You're also a secretive man.
Voice: It looks like lady Natsume can no longer stand by herself!
Guy: Wow...! There's 3 of the polar star members in the top 5!!
Guy: ...Huh? Wait a sec.
Guy: Sakaki is tied with Nikumi...
Guy: But only 4 people can go to the main tournament, right!?
Guy: What will happen if things stay like this?
Eizan: If that happens we'll hold a final vote.

Eizan: Each of the 5 judges will choose the dish they thought was better.
Eizan: It's a voting system close to that of a "shokugeki"...
Chapelle: However...That final voting isn't likely to happen,
Chapelle: He is still waiting.

Akira: I made...A portion of curry for you too.
Souma: Oh...What a coincidence, I did the same.
Akira: Let's compare the tastes.
Souma: You're on.
Urara: Now!
Urara: Dear spectators of the B Block!!
Urara: Look at the ranking!

B Hall Ranking:{
1st Arato Hisako 92
2nd Houjou Miyoko 87
3rd Yoshino Yuuki 86
4th Sadatsuka Nao 84
5th //no one important
Urara: The current standings
Urara: Are as you can see!
Urara: Our next contestants are---
Isami: Nii-chan...
Isami: Today, I think
Isami: I really want to win against you, nii-chan.
Takumi: Hmph...

Takumi: I shall serve as your practice partner,
Takumi: Brother.
Cutlery: Italian cuisine and Curry, what kind of dishes were born from this fascinating combination---!?
Urara: The Aldini brothers!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 55/End
Next Issue, to commemorate that the release of the newest volume and the novel is close and with the announcement of the popularity poll results, we'll have Center color pages and an extended total of 23 pages!!

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